Pluto Turns Retrograde: Society Falling Apart

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Pluto Aquarius

We’ve been talking a lot about Pluto’s move into Aquarius which has been ongoing since March 2023. What will it mean when the planet of power moves into the star sign of technology and the collective? Will it mean power to the people or the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence)? Well, yes and both, and more.

Pluto is the slowest-moving planet which means it only completes its move in and out of Aquarius in November 2024. We’re already seeing the rise of AI, its possibility of transformative power, also its dangers. And, 2024 is turning out to be the biggest year of elections ever.

Global dissatisfaction is rising as Pluto leaves earth sign Capricorn, the star sign of big business, the governments and the establishment, where it’s been since 2008, and moves into Aquarius, the star sign linked to society and equality.

Pluto Turns Retrograde

Back to Pluto in Aquarius. Last week, Pluto turned retrograde at 2° Aquarius on May 2nd. I did wonder what it might bring as Pluto is getting dangerously close to a square aspect to my Sun at 3° Scorpio. As it turns out, the symbolism was uncanny, on a societal level, at least.

Pluto represents all things underground and Aquarius is the water bearer. What happened? There was a burst water pipe close to where I live which meant that over 32,000 homes and businesses were without water over the weekend. Some homes are still without water today, May 6th, four days and counting, even though the pipe was fixed at the weekend. Apparently, the system now needs time to adapt…

Although, I have to say I was fortunate as water started being pumped directly into the system just around the corner from my flat to supply a care home across the road, which meant I benefitted too, from May 4th onwards. I was only without water for 36 hours!

Water Companies

The water companies aren’t exactly the peoples’ favourite right now here in the UK, as they are more interested in profit than being a public service. Our rivers and waterways are being ruined thanks to sewage being pumped into them and the regulators are not able to regulate as their hands are tied by our shoddy government. And, if you want to swim in the sea, you have to check a sewage app first, to check whether it’s clean – or not!

So, it wasn’t without a hint of irony that May 2nd was also the day of local elections in the UK. Unsurprisingly, there was a massive swing away from the Tory government, a huge vote of no confidence. Will they survive the next General Election? Let’s hope not. Here in Hastings, where I live by the sea, the Green Party stormed to victory. Here’s hoping that environmental concerns are going to move higher up the agenda.

The knock-on effect of the water shortage meant that we have had thousands of plastic bottles of water transported into our town. Yes, it was necessary – and thank you for all the workers who spent their weekend helping us – but it means we’re drowning under plastic – ugh.

Pluto Square Sun

Did I have a personal showing for Pluto in Aquarius turning retrograde in close square aspect to my Sun? Well yes, because two social events were cancelled over the weekend due to the water shortage. And, on the day we usually celebrate a big Jack in the Green festival here in Hastings, May Bank Holiday, it rained…

So, that curtailed my social life as well, to some extent at least. Pluto negates what it touches and, in Aquarius, and square to my Sun, it was effectively saying ‘you will not have a social weekend, you will stay home alone’ or words to that effect. And yes, I was a little bit lonely. At least it meant I could crack on with some work and write this blog post – silver linings and all 🙂

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