New Moon Cancer: Home Comforts

welcome mat, CancerThis month’s New Moon takes place on Thursday 16th July 2015.

During a New Moon, the Sun and Moon sit side by side in the same sign at the same degree.

This month it’s the Moon that’s strong in her sign of dignity, Cancer. The Moon is the significator for women and the mother in astrology and Cancer is the nurturing, maternal sign. This is a fertile Moon ripe with potential.

Cancer is the sign that pulls you back to your roots, draws your attention to your home and your family. You seek out comfort, somewhere to nest so you feel safe and secure.

Wherever the New Moon falls in your own chart, this is where you feel the urge to retreat, to be in your comfort zone, to make everything nice and cosy.

New Moon Intentions

I’ve been feeling the pull of this New Moon for some time now. In the UK, it coincides with the school year coming to an end and a six week summer holiday beckons when ideally families spend time together collecting happy memories to nurture them throughout the rest of the year. I can feel myself wanting to slow down my business, take some time out to be with my family and to nurture myself in the process.

I’ve also created numerous projects in my head for the summer break that relate to domestic activities: a desire to blitz clean the kitchen and utility room, wanting to scan all my photos so I can either store away all the photo albums or let them go, a guide pinned to my wall that’s entitled ’31 Days Of Decluttering’, curtains to wash, pillows to clean, etc.

The New Moon in Cancer is the perfect time to set your intentions for the month ahead, especially in the areas of home, family, your past and where you come from. It’s initiating a new cycle and is prime time to start afresh, to organise family events, to focus on your home and anything else that gives you comfort in your own life.

New Moon Challenges

It’s perhaps worth noting that this week’s New Moon isn’t all sweetness and light as the Sun and Moon square Uranus (change) in the heavens and Mercury (communication) and Mars (anger/action) both in Cancer are opposed by Pluto (annihilation).

Cancer’s link to the home spreads out to individual countries and their fight to protect their people. Issues around money, security, national pride are evident in Greece’s current crisis and other countries around the world.

On a personal level, this might mean a fight to hold on to comfort and nurture against strong opposition and for some families, this week’s astrology symbolises a battleground. The song ‘Two Tribes Go To War’ springs to mind with the current lively planetary set-up.

You want to protect the ones you love, you want to hold on to your home, you want what belongs to you but you can’t help comparing your own family to the ‘perfect’ family down the road or on the TV which leaves you feeling inadequate 🙁

So as you go about your life at home, bear the astrology in mind. Wherever or however you’re seeking out home comforts, there’ll be a sense of urgency. That decluttering session which started off with one cupboard could turn out to be a total purge.

Sending you New Moon blessings.

May your New Moon experience be filled with love and light.

New Moon Data

23 Cancer 14
London: July 16 2015 – 02:24
New York: July 15 2015 – 21:24
Sydney: July 16 2015 – 11:24

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