Venus Retrograde: A Change Of Heart

red heart, Venus retrogradeLove planet Venus leaves Leo tomorrow, Saturday 18th July, where she’s taken up residence for the summer. Venus enters Virgo but only for two weeks as she turns retrograde on July 25th, i.e. she’s on go slow, in reversal, moving backwards through the zodiac.

In reality, this is an illusion but it’s a powerful phenomenon in astrology and one that’s already generated lots of interest.

This isn’t surprising as like most astrologers I receive more questions about love than anything else. So what does Venus retrograde mean for you, what do you need to avoid and how can you make the most of Venus’ change of direction?

The Data

  • Venus turns retrograde on July 25th 2015 at 0 Virgo 46.
  • Venus moves back into Leo on July 31st 2015.
  • Venus turns direct on September 6th 2015 at 14 Leo 23.
  • If you have planets/angles within 2 degrees of 0 Virgo and 14 Leo, this Venus retrograde is personal.
  • Last Venus retrograde phase: December 21st 2013 until January 31st 2014 [29 – 13 Capricorn]

Venusian Pleasures

Venus rules love and relating but also money, beauty, art and pleasure. Venus is the feminine principle and represents women.

Retrograde Venus

When a planet turns retrograde, its energy is weakened. Therefore the next six weeks are not the best time to pursue Venus-related matters avidly (see Venusian Pleasures above) but instead turn your attention inward. This is the time for reflection rather than out-and-out action.

Venus retrograde can be a time when you’re contemplating love, what it means to you, whether you’re in the right relationship, what sort of relationship you want, etc.

Sometimes a lover goes absent or quiet on you or alternatively you’re the one who retreats. As with all retrograde phases, Venus retrograde connects you to the past and you hear from an ex or a childhood sweetheart. If you still have fond feelings for someone in your own past, then this is the time to get back in touch.

Venus retrograde can be an ideal time to reassess what you value in life, where your desires lie and to recognise who or what’s important to you. You benefit from a slower pace, so be more sensual, languid even. Use this retrograde period to alter your perspective, to gain insight into your needs and to learn more about what you truly love and desire.

The most intense dates during this whole phase are the start and end of the retrograde period when Venus’ energy is most concentrated. Notice what happens in your own life when Venus switches direction on or around July 25th and apply what you’ve learned during the retrograde phase once Venus turns direct on September 6th.

What not to do during Venus Retrograde

Traditionally, Venus retrograde is not the time to marry, have expensive beauty treatments or make major purchases but there are always exceptions. If you have already arranged some form of Venusian pleasure during the retrograde phase, there are certain dates which remain gorgeous for love & money and other dates which are perhaps best avoided. Yet once you know that Venus is on go slow, bear this in mind if you get cold feet, you crave extravagance, etc.

Some astrologers suggest that if you fall in love during Venus retrograde, it won’t last. Again it’s not so black and white. It might mean that a relationship takes longer to get off the ground or you both have doubts at first or the timing’s not quite right. A retrograde phase invokes the fable of the tortoise and hare. There’s no need to rush, take your time and be patient.

If you’re in a rocky relationship, this might be the time when you realise that your relationship is going backwards instead of forwards and you want to call the whole thing off. Yet astrological advice would be to wait until Venus turns direct to make up your mind. Venus retrograde can symbolise a change of heart but once Venus turns back to direct motion you view your relationship from a fresh perspective.

What It Means For You

On a personal level, Venus retrograde will fall in a particular sector of your solar chart and it can be helpful to know which specific areas of life are under the Venusian spotlight. This is where you might need to be more reflective in your own life and where you can gain deeper insight. Remember the pace is marked slow rather fast.

As Leo is the sign of the summer (winter in the southern hemisphere) and Venus retrograde spends more time in Leo than Virgo, I’ve focused on the relevant areas for your individual star sign related to Leo.

If you want to find out what areas of life Virgo represents in your solar chart, then read the previous sign (i.e. if you’re Aries, read Pisces; if you’re Taurus read Aries.)

  • Aries: Your creativity; your children; fun & entertainment; your love affairs
  • Taurus: Your home & property matters; your family; your past & where you come from
  • Gemini: All forms of communication; your local community; your siblings & neighbours
  • Cancer: Your money & personal possessions; what you value in life
  • Leo: Your physical energy; your image & appearance; your personal goals
  • Virgo: Your inner journey & your spiritual path; your inner vitality
  • Libra: Your friendships & groups; your involvement with the wider world
  • Scorpio: Your career & vocation; your status; your role in the public eye
  • Sagittarius: Your education; travel & new experiences; where you find meaning in life
  • Capricorn: Your joint finances, e.g. with institutions and/or exes; your sex life
  • Aquarius: Your relationships, personal & professional; all your 1-to-1’s
  • Pisces: Your job & everyday lifestyle; your health; how you serve other people


Do let me and others know what this Venus retrograde phase means for you and please either email me or leave your stories in the comments section below.


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