Natalie Merchant Scorpio Soul Sister

Natalie Merchant TigerlilyI love a little synchronicity and this Bank Holiday weekend I have rediscovered one of my all-time favourite albums: Tigerlily by Natalie Merchant which was released in 1995.

It’s been sitting in my CD pile for ages without me having played it but having played it back-to-back 3 times today I realise there’s not a track on it that I dislike.

I then checked out Natalie Merchant’s star sign and she’s a Scorpio, same sign as me. In fact, she’s born one day before me on October 26th, the year after my own birth.

It seems so obvious to know she’s a Scorpio as the tone of the songs and the lyrics are deeply emotional. They touch you on a soul level. What I also love about the album is that it provides you with the written lyrics and they’re poetic and that’s a bonus to me. I love reading poetic lyrics as you connect a little deeper with each song.

My two favourite tracks are “My Beloved Wife” and “River”, both of which are about loss and death (Scorpio themes). River is about River Phoenix who died young, age 23, and My Beloved Wife about a husband whose wife dies after 50 years together and he’s not sure if he wants to live. Today I decided that this is a song I want played at my funeral (weird but true). It’s so beautiful I think you need to hear it (check out the YouTube clip below).

Apart from the synchronicity of discovering that Natalie Merchant’s birthday was the day before mine making her a Scorpio Soul Sister, it turns out that her first album in four years is due out tomorrow, May 5 2014 entitled simply Natalie Merchant. What perfect timing and obviously I’m meant to buy it which I’m about to do right now.

Done! Don’t you just love synchronicity… Enjoy!


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