Venus Opposite Mars: Bring Back Our Girls

Bring Back Our Girls. ChangeMost of you will have read about or seen on the news the tragic story concerning almost 300 schoolgirls who were abducted from their school in Nigeria by an Islamist terrorist group on April 14th 2014.

The group who are called Boko Haram Islamists believe that Western education is sinful and the leader of the organisation is threatening to sell the girls for $12 each at market and God knows how they’ve been treated in the last 3 and a half weeks.

It’s a horrific story and it beggars belief that it’s taken so long for leaders and the government to act and hopefully intervene so the girls can be released.

Pluto, God of the Underworld

Astrologically, the planets tell a story that coincides with this tragedy as on the day of their kidnap, Pluto, God of the Underworld, and the planet most closely linked with terrorism and violence turned retrograde. When a planet turns retrograde, it moves from forward motion to reverse motion and it’s effectively slowing down and changing direction.

The symbolism is glaringly obvious for as Pluto turns it’s back and disappears, the terrorists abduct the girls and take them to a hidden destination. Pluto turned retrograde on April 14th 2014 at 23:48 GMT, plus the following day there was a powerful lunar eclipse in the heavens in the feminine sign of Libra, exact at 07:42 GMT. The eclipse symbolism again shows clearly as the girls were effectively ‘eclipsed’ and hidden away from their families.

Venus in Aries

I don’t know about you but I feel as if this story has really picked up pace over the last week or so which coincides with Venus’ move into Aries on May 3rd 2014. Venus rules women in astrology and the mothers of the girls and women worldwide are the ones who are driving the case forward, including high profile political figures and celebrities.

Traditionally Venus is in detriment in Aries because forthright, militant Aries is not how Venus, planet of relating and compromise, wants to do business. And yet, this is perfect symbolism for women (Venus) demanding action (Aries). The planetary symbol is brought to life in the fighting spirit that women everywhere have embraced, united in their wish that these girls are found and delivered home safely.

Venus opposite Mars

The astrology this coming week is the key to further developments as this weekend Venus opposes Mars in the heavens exact on Sunday 11th May 2014 at 09:27 GMT. Could there be a more obvious symbolic aspect for this whole episode? Women (Venus) v. men (Mars).

Women around the world are pushing more and more for something to be done to bring these men (the terrorists) to justice and galvanising people in high positions and in government, often men, not to allow this outrageous violation of humanity to continue. Women (Venus) want action (Aries) and they want it fast…

The rest of the astrology continues like this:
Venus square Pluto – Wednesday 14th May 2014 (17:50 GMT)
Venus conjunct Uranus – Thursday 15th May 2014 (23:54 GMT)
Venus square Jupiter – Sunday 18th May 2014 (15:31 GMT)

– Venus is running the gauntlet of the Cardinal Grand Cross, depicting the crisis situation.

Mars turns direct in Libra – Tuesday 20th May 2014 (01:31 GMT)

– The turning point must come by this date surely when Mars (men) turns direct, life gets back up to speed and hopefully the men are brought to justice, they do the right thing (Libra) and the girls are released.

This is the best case scenario but Venus has a way to go first. Plus a Full Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday 14th May 2014 promises to make the whole situation more emotional. Passions are rising: Bring Back Our Girls.

If you feel strongly about this situation and haven’t yet signed a petition demanding that action is taken and fast, here’s the link to the petition.

[This article appeared in my weekly newsletter which was also sent out today but I felt it was so important that I decided to reprint it on my blog]

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