Mercury Retrograde: Zzzzzz

fox, Mercury retrograde
The wily fox is a Mercury archetype

Yes, it’s that time of year again as communication planet, Mercury, prepares to turn retrograde, i.e. retrace its steps through the zodiac. Here’s the data:

  • Mercury retrograde [4 degrees Leo 27] – July 8, 2019 (00:14 GMT+1)
  • Mercury direct [23 Cancer 57] – August 1, 2019 (04:57 GMT+1)

I have started to plan around Mercury retrograde and use it to take a step back and do less not more. In fact, this year, I’m heading off on retreat while Mercury turns retrograde, although it’s not a silent retreat – shame!

Mercury retrograde is great for unplugging, unwinding, relaxing, rethinking. In fact, Mercury retrograde is great for all the re-words; revise, rework, re-do, reconsider, retry, reconnect, etc.

Yet, it can also be a time of communication chaos. And, if you’re like me, it’s been a crazy run up to this Mercury retrograde phase. I loved that Facebook was down yesterday – communication issues! – and in place of the images all you could see were the tags that had been added to your photos. Mercury retrograde often exposes what’s hidden underneath.

The Mars Factor

Also, I doubt that this Mercury retrograde is going to be time for a long snooze, at least not until it retreats in to Cancer on July 19th. For now, Mercury is in fiery Leo and the day Mercury turns retrograde, on July 8th, it runs back into Mars in Leo – crash!

This feels volatile, argumentative. In my own life, I’ve been witness to one too many unexpected altercations recently. Fortunately, not affecting me personally but never easy to watch.

So, for now, proceed with caution. If you can press the snooze button for a while, do it. If not, take the pace slow. This is not the time to rush through life as that’s when accidents can happen.

A Different Vibe

Do let me know how you’re getting on during this Mercury retrograde phase. I shall be back in touch once it’s in Cancer and teams up with the Sun and Venus. The period from the 19th to the 31st July looks totally different, calm even. Here’s hoping!

And remember, Mercury retrograde is not the time to make the big decisions. All is not as it seems while Mercury is in its trickster phase.

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