Mercury Aquarius: Websites and Astrologers

Mercury Aquarius, dancersI’ve been a practising astrologer for over 25 years and the symbolism and timing of astrology still continues to delight me, catch me by surprise.

Here’s what I’ve discovered over the last few days:

Good Intentions

On January 2nd 2016, communication planet Mercury entered Aquarius. As many people did at the beginning of the year, I made a list of things I wanted to crack on with in 2016.

Two items on the list were 1) attend more astrology talks 2) update my website.

Mercury rules list-making and Aquarius is the sign linked to astrology, technology and the New Age so my ‘wish list’ perfectly mirrored the astrology of the moment. Yet what happened next astrologically halted any immediate plans. Trickster planet Mercury turned retrograde on January 5th 2016 and three days later, Mercury moved back into Capricorn.

As if on cue, I put my 2016 wish list to one side and promptly forgot about it.

Action Stations

Then last week something shifted and I spent Saturday 13th February at a one-day astrology workshop in Trinity College, Oxford and two days later, I attended a talk by a financial astrologer at the Astrological Lodge in London.

About the same time, I shot into action with all things techy. An hour’s tutorial in the Apple shop got me up to speed with my new iPad, an unexpected Christmas present, now synced beautifully with my lovely macbook.

Plus I found a website designer I liked and in a few weeks time I’ll be launching a new look website. It will remain very similar to the old one but will be modern and mobile responsive and look gorgeous. This was the kick-start I needed to sort out lots of little website tweaks that I’ve been ‘meaning to do’ for ages.

All this activity and it finally clicks that Mercury re-entered Aquarius on… February 13th, the day everything started to get moving and my 2016 resolutions suddenly became reality.

Mercury in Aquarius: a match made in heaven

Communication planet Mercury loves Aquarius and in modern times, this planet/sign combination is thought of as a match made in heaven. Traditionally Mercury is exalted (i.e. happy) in Virgo but modern astrology allocates the technological, new age sign of Aquarius to Mercury. Aquarius is an air sign, the element of social interaction and Mercury rules all forms of communication. Perfect.

2016 Resolutions: check

No wonder it’s been a fast-moving 10 days and I’ve started to tick off some of my New Year resolutions. Are you dancing to a similar tune?

Mercury is back in action this week as it connects with Saturn and Uranus on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th February respectively.

These are lively planetary aspects which can help you get things done (Saturn) and be innovative (Uranus). Jump to it if you also have 2016 resolutions you’re now ready to tick off your list.

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