Jupiter And The North Node: What’s Your Karma?

guardian angelThe Lunar Nodes are the points where the Moon’s path crosses the ecliptic, the Sun’s path in the sky.

Karmic points in astrology, the Nodes are also called the Dragon’s Head and Tail or in Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu. The nodes often add an extra level of insight in an astrology consultation.

Holding back – South Node

Whichever sign and house you find the North Node in, the South Node will be in the opposite sign and house. The South Node is said to be where you retreat to, your comfort zone and in traditional astrology it can indicate your downfall and what’s not good for you.

Moving forward – North Node

The North Node on the other hand is what you’re striving or aiming for in this lifetime. It’s your life lesson, your destiny and your major area of learning. You will have to step out of your comfort zone to reach your North Node destination but it’s worth doing. If you believe in past lives, it’s thought that you’re stuck in your South Node destiny until you can break free, stop repeating the same patterns and move on.

Jupiter & The North Node

The Nodes change signs every 18 months or so and the north node is currently in the sign of Virgo. What’s especially interesting this year is that Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and good fortune, is also in Virgo and for the first half of 2016, Jupiter and the north node are in conjunction, i.e. side-by-side.

They were close in the heavens in January 2016 and they will be exactly conjunct on June 24th 2016 [16 Virgo]. This combination feels lucky because Jupiter rules luck and good fortune and the north node is linked to your destiny. It’s your own guardian angel watching down on you. It can also help guide you in which areas of life you’re being called to give or serve.

What does this mean for you personally?

Here’s a quick guide to what the nodal combination in Virgo/Pisces means for you during this period whilst Jupiter and the north node are conjunct. Read your Sun sign first, followed by your Ascendant.


The North Node falls in your 6th house ruling your work, service and your health. This is about dealing with the practical aspects of life. The more efficient your routine and the more you factor in exercise and diet to create a healthy lifestyle, the smoother your life flows. Your default mode is to lose yourself in spiritual pondering but your destiny lies in finding a way to serve others and recognising that your everyday skills can make a difference in the world.


The North Node falls in your 5th house ruling your creativity, children, entertainment and love affairs. It’s your turn to have fun and to find ways to express yourself and show off your unique skills and talents. You’re at your best when you’re creative for your own sake rather than helping others discover their creativity. Your default mode is to disappear into the crowd but your destiny lies in declaring your heart and following your passion. For some, this includes having a baby or taking centre stage.


The North Node falls in your 4th house ruling your home, family and where you come from. It’s the people cl0sest to you who will matter the most in 2016. You may be starting a family or taking a break from work to be at home. Your default mode is to be outwardly ambitious but your destiny lies in creating a safe place you can call home and caring for the people you love.


The North Node falls in your 3rd house ruling communication, transport, siblings, neighbours and your local community. You’re the messenger and gathering knowledge and passing on ideas becomes more urgent. You discover your voice and how to use your words to make a difference. Your default mode is to retreat into your ivory tower and develop your ideas on your own but your destiny lies in connecting with others locally and online to share ideas and make the wheels of your chosen industry run smoother.


The North Node falls in your 2nd house ruling your personal money, your possessions and what you value. You can learn many lessons about money now, what it means to you, how to attract money into your life and how to make your money go further. Your default mode may be to rely on others for your financial well-being but your destiny lies in learning about your own money mindset and realising that when it comes to cash and being rich or poor, you’re in charge.


The North Node falls in your 1st house ruling your physical body, your appearance and your personal goals and ambitions. This is an interesting experience for you as it’s about learning to put yourself and your own needs first and enjoying a relationship without losing your own identity within it. Your default mode is to rely on a partner to make decisions, either in your personal or professional life, but your destiny lies in focusing on what you want in life and developing a strong sense of personal identity.


The North Node falls in your 12th house ruling retreat, solitude and inner quiet. When life gets too busy and too noisy, you can’t hear the call of the universe and you lose your way and your natural intuition. This is about finding a balance between work & service to others and enjoying and appreciating time alone for you. Your default mode is to take on too many obligations but your destiny lies in developing your spiritual path and leading a slower pace of life.


The North Node falls in your 11th house ruling friendship and your involvement with a group, club or society. You benefit from networking and teamwork and recognising that when you forge alliances you can make more of a difference in what you do. Your default mode is to have fun, be creative and enjoy a playful approach to life but your destiny lies in developing a strong sense of group consciousness and putting your creative talents to good use in a community setting or a social organisation.


The North Node falls in your 10th house ruling your career and vocation and where you’re heading in life. This is a powerful placing for you and it’s about finding your personal mountain to climb and creating ambitions and goals that are bold and help you make progress in your life. Your default mode is to stay at home and keep safe within the comfort of your family but your destiny lies in fulfilling your ambitions, taking on new status and achieving your career goals.


The North Node falls in your 9th house ruling travel, higher education and your personal philosophy on life. This is about expanding your horions and widening your vision for what you want in life rather than getting too caught up on the ideas without also embracing the experience. Your default mode is to talk about what you want to do or read books endlessly but your destiny lies in taking action, seeing the world or moving abroad, studying for new qualifications and taking your learning to the next level.


The North Node falls in your 8th house ruling joint finances, the hidden mysteries of the world and taboo topics, such as sex, money, death & rebirth. You may be interested in exploring unknown realms and looking at what lies beyond the ordinary and everyday. Your default mode is to hold on tight to what you have but your destiny lies in realising that money is more than just a commodity and joining forces with others raises money to a powerful force that can help transform your own and other peoples’ lives.


The North Node falls in your 7th house of relationships. This is a powerful placing for you as it means the big area of learning is in your 1-to-1’s.  You will experience many lessons now around giving and receiving and how to function effectively as one half of a couple. Your default mode is to retreat into yourself when things go wrong but your destiny lies in creating a powerful union both in love and at work.


10 thoughts on “Jupiter And The North Node: What’s Your Karma?”

    1. hi Kim, that’s a really interesting question. I think for you it’s about letting go of anything that doesn’t work for you in life connected to Virgo. This might include unhealthy habits, being overly perfectionist, critical, etc. Break free from routine, don’t limit yourself or become too constrained. Instead learn to go with the flow in life, have faith, use your creative and spiritual source in the world around you, go beyond the everyday. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  1. I cannot find an answer for this anywhere. Both Jupiter and my south node lie in the seventh house. I fear this means something potentially bad about ever finding a lasting relationship as the south node is the past life that I must let go of. Anyone’s interpretation of this is welcomed, thank you :3

    1. hi Gab, I’d need to see your whole chart for a full interpretation of Jupiter in the 7th but the nodal combination you have means that relationships are your biggest learning in your lifetime. In fact, they are your comfort zone with the south node there. The bigger challenge is to step into your own identity outside of a relationship, so build your self-confidence and find happiness on your own first, then you can find happiness in a relationship. It has to be that way round for you. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  2. Hello, apologies for my late comment. My nodes confuse me. I have Scorpio North node-Taurus South node. That means I have to let go of Taurean habits and gravitate towards Scorpio spiritualism. Since I have Venus and Jupiter conjunct North node natally, what does it mean?

    1. Hi Yonela, it also depends what houses, i.e. what area of your life the nodes fall in. Yet you are spot on with what you say. It’s easy to fall back into self-gratification, habitual behaviour when you have Taurus south node. Earthly pleasures take over, you can become lazy. Yet when you work on self-transformation, explore beyond the everyday you find your bliss. That’s especially true for you with a Venus/Jupiter conjunction next to the North Node in Scorpio! Scorpio is the sign of the healer. You could also experience this through love – whether for a soul-mate or spiritual love. Certainly you need to find a purpose, a destiny beyond the everyday. Hope that helps.

  3. Jupi quincunx Node Be careful of judging people incorrectly, before you have all the facts available. There may be a great deal of confusion around having many partners around you and what your real needs are. This is to be considered an eased time in the process of separating from others or parting ways. Viewpoints on religious, educational and cultural ideas are out of harmony with the rest of the world and support will be difficult to find from others. Disharmony, lack of social niceties, looking out for oneself, materialistic approaches to helping others, antisocial behavior, craving after the “pleasures” of life, disharmony with groups of people, quarrelsome behavior….please what does it mean

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I don’t know what it means for you. It’s a general description so use the symbolism and apply it to your own life. Personally, it’s not a transit I would see as important, if that’s what it’s referring to.

    1. It doesn’t mean anything on its own – it depends what houses Jupiter rules and what other aspects it makes. So more to consider. In general terms, it emphasises the importance of relationships in your life, your family and clan.

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