Mars Sagittarius: Brad Pitt, New Face Of Chanel no. 5

Check out this YouTube clip of Brad Pitt, the new face of Chanel no. 5. How fabulous that it launches on the day when Mars (the male planet) dominates in Sagittarius and is trine the planet of all things risky and daring, Uranus in Aries, as this is the first time the iconic perfume has been endorsed by a male celebrity.

What’s more, Brad is a Sun Sagittarius (b. Dec 18 1963, 6:31 am, Shawnee, USA) and with a Sagittarius Ascendant, this means his ruling planet is Jupiter in Aries, making him the perfect choice for today’s groundbreaking campaign and making me wonder who Chanel’s astrologer is?

Jupiter/Sagittarius themes are about pushing boundaries, the bigger vision and searching for meaning in life and the advert fits these themes beautifully. It’s very sultry and a little pretentious with additional mini adverts asking mystery questions such as:

“Do you feel lucky? Why?”; “Are you going somewhere? Where?”

A perfect fit for today’s cosmic astrology.

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