Mars Sagittarius: Felix Baumgartner, Daredevil Skydiver

Felix BaumgartnerIf you’ve not heard of Felix Baumgartner by the time you read this, where’ve you been?

The Austrian skydiver and basejumper has smashed a new world record with his amazingly daring leap through space, breaking the sound barrier in the process. Covering approximately 24 miles and travelling at over 800mph dressed in a spacesuit – incredible and perhaps a little crazy.

This of course coincided astrologically with the male planet Mars in long-distance Sagittarius trine the planet of crazy stunts and recklessness, Uranus in me-first Aries. An ideal symbol for the daredevil skydiver.

A quick glance at his chart shows that he’s born on the Aries/Taurus cusp but he might be a Sun Aries, at least if he’s born before 7:30am on April 20th 1969 (the time is unknown). Unsurprisingly his own action planet Mars is in Sagittarius and his Sun is conjunct Saturn in Aries. As Saturn rules boundaries, this is lovely symbolism for breaking sound barriers.

His surname Baumgartner literally translated into English means ‘Tree Gardener’ so perhaps he is a Taurus, a man of the earth. Either way, what an awesome experience and an amazing view of earth and the perfect day to carry out his world breaking jump. In his own words: “Sometimes you have to go really high to see how small you are”.

Felix Baumgartner Astrology Chart
Felix Baumgartner, April 20 1969, time unknown, Salzburg, Austria

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