Libra Horoscope September 2022

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Inner Work

As September begins, the Sun is in earth sign Virgo and is joined by your ruling planet Venus on the 5th. Venus remains in Virgo until the 29th, for most of the month.

Traditionally, when the Sun is in this sector of your horoscope, it’s a time for rest and retreat. Inner work is recommended and you may be undergoing a phase where you’re caring for yourself or other people more than usual.  

Or, perhaps you’re preparing for a new stage in life and this is causing you some worry or concern, because you’re heading into the unknown. If you find you’re becoming overly anxious, it’s wise to find a way to stop and slow down, to quieten your mind. Nature is one way of restoring calm and balance, ensuring you take regular exercise or you head out into the countryside. 

You may be studying this month or be busy with research or planning. Virgo is one of the studious signs of the zodiac ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind. You could be squirrelled away getting ready for a busy project or being out in the public eye.

This fits the theme of action planet Mars in your fellow air sign Gemini where it remains for an unusually long time until March 2023. Gemini is your travel and study sector so you may be planning a sabbatical or be embarking on a course of study either for pleasure or to gain new qualifications.

The peak of this industrious Virgo activity takes place on the 10th, the day of the Full Moon. Full Moons can be a time of release and letting go and this may be an emotional period in the month.

Mercury Retrograde

Plus, there’s another reason why this is potentially a dramatic Full Moon. This is because talk planet Mercury turns retrograde on the same day, the 10th. And, communicator Mercury switches direction in your star sign Libra.

Mercury’s going to be heading back through your star sign until the 23rd, turn direct in Virgo on October 2nd and return to Libra on October 10th.

This may mean that you’re feeling unusually decisive this month. Mercury retrograde is a classic time to review your situation, revise your options and change your mind if necessary. You might be heading off in one direction only to find that Mercury retrograde means you have to reorient your compass and rethink what next.

This may also involve another person in your life, perhaps your other half, a close friend or a teacher. This is because Mercury switches direction opposite big planet Jupiter in Aries and your relationship sector. Therefore, it’s not just up to you what happens right now.

You may be influenced by someone else or decide to reach out to a coach, expert or adviser to guide you. The key dates are the 3rd and 18th. Be aware that here too, you’re likely to be chopping and changing your mind.

Restoring Balance

Being a Libra, you fare best when life is balanced and harmonious. You may find that your spirits lift as the Sun enters your star sign Libra on the 23rd. The Sun represents vitality and warmth and its move through your star sign not only heralds your birthday month but adds confidence and energy to your personal tool box. 

It’s your signal to get back out in the world if you’ve been tucked away. Show off your talents and skills and let other people see what you have to offer. Be true to who you are and win over other people with your charm and diplomacy.

The Sun’s move into Libra is the day of the Equinox and a change of season. It’s an important event in astrology.

Plus, not long after the Equinox, there’s a New Moon in Libra on the 25th, a symbol of new beginnings. This is the ideal date to set your intentions, not only for the month ahead but the year ahead as well. It’s your personal astrological New Year.

Admittedly, you may have to wait a while for things to fall into place with Mercury retrograde but don’t let that stop you sowing seeds.

Finally this month, your planet Venus enters Libra on the 29th. When Venus is in your star sign, you’re often more popular or the star of the show.

It would be an ideal time to consider your appearance or think about the way you come across to others. If you’re getting ready to start a new job or role in life, how do you want to look, how do you want to be seen?

As September continues, it’s important that you put yourself first and do more of what you love. If you’re a true Libra, sometimes you put other people’s needs before your own when one of your life lessons is learning to say no and do what you want instead.

Mercury Retrograde Do’s & Don’ts

Remember the Mercury retrograde mantra – put off the big decisions & major investments between September 10th to October 2nd. Here are some more tips:

  • be flexible, have plans B, C & D up your sleeve
  • take a step back, do less not more
  • double-check everything, read the small print
  • chase up old contacts, revisit the past
  • use all the re-words – revise, rework, review, reconsider
  • rest & retreat when you can
  • do your research & explore your options ready to act when Mercury turns direct

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