Leo Year Ahead 2018

LeoEvery year I write a popular and comprehensive annual eBook which is your guide to the year ahead.

It includes horoscopes for each of the 12 star signs and an extensive overview of the year’s astrology (over 170 pages in total).

It’s a must-have read and will help you plan ahead and get ahead in 2018. Below is a summary of what’s in store for Leo.

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Your love life continues to be exciting and dramatic as the eclipses light up your star sign Leo and Aquarius, your relationship sector. This year feels particularly intense for your 1-to-1’s, and you can expect more passion, but potentially more arguments too. Be clear about your relationship needs and, at the same time, know that impulsive and spontaneous decisions are called for.

There could be conflict between your personal and professional life, whether you work with someone you’re in love with or changes at work have a knock-on effect at home. This year calls for big and bold moves on your part, especially as there will be times when outside events come thick and fast.

This year represents the start of a new wave for your career or vocation. This might be linked to technology or a desire to tap into all things new and modern.

Home and family are a source of pleasure for you this year and if you’re on the move or your family is expanding, you’re in tune with your stars. You might be considering moving abroad or community living and a big family celebration will be a highlight of the year.

As events are likely to move quickly in 2018, it’s important you learn to slow down and nurture your inner well-being. Move forward with purpose and look after your mind, body and spirit. Adopt a soulful approach to life and balance life’s dramas with relaxation, rest and retreat.

This year, you’re learning to trust your intuition and to access your inner voice. Find stillness and quiet amongst the noise and develop an inner strength that will help you take advantage of the new opportunities coming your way.

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