Leo Horoscope February 2023

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Aquarius Themes

Love is foreground this month as your ruler the Sun is in Aquarius and your relationship sector until the 18th. This puts the focus on all forms of partnership in your life.

The 5th could be a stand-out date for you. This is when there’s a Full Moon in your star sign Leo, a powerful time to trust your intuition around your one-to-one’s and ensure your needs are being met. 

This is potentially romantic but dramatic too. Full Moons tend to heighten emotions and this Full Moon pulls in erratic Uranus, one of your partner planets. Both the Sun and Moon are square to Uranus during the Full Moon phase.

This may mean that you’re not the one in control early in the month. Someone else may have the upper hand and it’s their decisions that mean your life has to change.

This month’s astrology suggests that your love life could be going through a significant period of transformation. Therefore, feel your feelings and re-open the lines of communication on or after the 11th. This is when talk planet Mercury moves into Aquarius.

People are going to matter to you more than usual. This is about your intimate one-to-one’s, also your business partnerships and joint ventures. In fact, all significant others in your life, e.g. a coach, physical trainer, accountant or adviser.

Look out for people who can help you or support you. Be expansive in your dealings with others and think big. Be around people who open up your life in a good way. This is especially significant on or around the 18th.

Uranus is one of your partner planets and your other partner planet is Saturn. The Sun-Uranus square happens on the 4th and there’s a Sun/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on the 16th. Whatever falls apart at the beginning of the month could prove decisive or be firmed up again mid-month.

Perhaps, you’re waiting for someone in your life to commit or get serious. If you’re in a relationship or married, it could be events in your partner’s life that are the reason why you may have to reorient your compass regarding your future path. 

Pisces Season

Your ruler the Sun is on a different journey once it enters emotional, sentimental Pisces on the 18th. You may be dealing with what’s hidden and be focused more on your inner self than the world outside. In fact, this is a positive period to engage in healing or reflect on your past.

Pisces’ energy is strong all month as the planet of relating Venus is here until the 20th. If you’re taking a trip down memory lane, engage with your emotions. This could be a time of release. Enjoy your close relationships with the ones you love, a spiritual or divine connection. 

This is especially true of the Venus-Neptune conjunction on the 15th and the New Moon in Pisces on the 20th. Lose yourself, in a good way.

February’s astrology is encouraging you to move away from the ego, whether you’re prioritising other people or you’re seeking a deeper purpose and meaning in your own life. 

This theme runs throughout a lot of the month. You may be on a quest or be keen to broaden your horizons, improve your knowledge and seek beauty in the world.

Sometimes, however, you have to return to the past before you can step into the future. Apply this to your own life and see how it makes sense to you.

Money is significant too, as Pisces is the star sign which represents joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope. Finances could be an emotional issue, whether this concerns an inheritance, you’re splitting finances with someone close in order to move on or there’s another personal reason. 

Aim to make the right financial moves, not only to sort out your money situation but to consider how you can help others or team up with people close to you. You could be involved in fundraising or charity work. The New Moon in Pisces may open the door in this respect.

Venus & Mars

Finally, action planet Mars is picking up speed in Gemini and your friendship and group sector. This is where things could happen fast whether you’re planning a trip with friends or you’re keen to join someone else on their adventures.

There’s a lot happening in the world right now and it may feel important to have your voice. Yet, don’t put yourself in a situation where tempers flare easily. Ensure that any debates or discussions take place in a measured way.

Love planet Venus enters your fellow fire sign Aries on the 20th. This combines love and foreign connections. You may have a sense that your love life is about to take a passionate turn as February comes to a close.

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