Virgo Horoscope February 2023

Virgo horoscope, sunset

Your ruling planet Mercury is completing its journey through your fellow earth sign Capricorn as the month begins. Mercury was retrograde here from the end of December 2022 to January 18th.

Plus, as Mercury gets ready to leave Capricorn, it makes a powerful conjunction to Pluto on the 10th. Therefore, it’s wise to ask what’s coming to an end in your life. Alternatively, where you want to issue an ultimatum or step into your power.

Capricorn represents children and pregnancy, love affairs, creativity, entertainment and fun in your horoscope, all the things in life that you ‘give birth to’. Be decisive and resolute and make the right moves.

Aquarius Themes

Also, this month sees the rise of the star sign Aquarius which rules your work and health sector. Your planet Mercury moves here on the 11th and joins the Sun which remains in Aquarius until the 18th.

Aquarius is about the things you do in life on a daily basis, being practical and getting organised. Aquarius is the star sign linked to technology and all things modern. Therefore, you could be creating new systems to help yourself or other people.

If you’re a typical Sun Virgo, you like to take good care of your body and you often prioritise your health, fitness and well-being. You may be making a decision to work in these key areas moving forward.

Lucky Jupiter is in action this month on the 18th, when it teams up with your ruling planet Mercury. This could bring new opportunities your way as Jupiter favours risk-taking and expansion. If you want or need to apply for a new job, position or role, use Jupiter’s luck. It’s currently in your joint finance sector, an ideal date to ask for a pay rise or promotion.

Plus, there’s an important Full Moon which highlights the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac on the 5th. This is about being of service, whether to other people or a higher purpose. The Full Moon could light the way and help you see where fulfilment lies. 

Yet, this Full Moon clashes with unpredictable Uranus in your fellow earth sign Taurus. This combination can bring about an unexpected twist or turn, a new chapter to your story. You might want to be impulsive and go travelling or sign up to a study course.

Before leaping in, ensure that you engage both your heart and your head. When Uranus is square to the Sun and the Moon, spontaneity can work against you.

Multi-Tasking & Ambition

Action planet Mars indicates that you’re wise to focus on your work and career this month. Mars is moving forward again in Gemini, the star sign at the peak of your horoscope. This is a clear statement that now is a time to be ambitious and focus on your career and vocational goals.

Mars in Gemini is great for all forms of communication, networking, brainstorming and sharing ideas. It could be a symbol of two jobs or adding a new string to your bow.

Keep your options and the lines of communication open. This is what may benefit you moving forwards. Be willing to retrain or learn something new that could help your prospects over the coming months.

Pisces Season

It’s not all about work and business, however, as love is potentially in the air throughout February. Whether your love life is exhilarating, bewildering or simply a fantasy, it’s a good time to indulge the romantic side of your nature.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, love planet Venus is in Pisces and your relationship sector until the 20th, a symbol of unconditional love. Plus, the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th.

Therefore, this could be a stunning month for you when it comes to love and relationships, whether you meet someone new or you experience a soul-mate connection with someone close.

The 15th is a potentially blissful date when romantic Neptune comes together with Venus in Pisces. Plus, there’s a stunning New Moon in Pisces on the 20th, which could bring more beauty into your life.

It may be a love relationship that brings sweetness your way. Or, perhaps this New Moon taps into your giving nature and your natural inclination to want to help other people.

At its best, this can be blissful & transcendent, whether you’re in love or on a spiritual quest. There may be someone who’s playing a unique role in your life and you love what they have to offer you.

Pisces rules all one-to-ones in your horoscope, both personal and professional. It could be a coach, a teacher, an expert or adviser who helps you connect on a deeper level with your own emotions and your purpose in life.

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