Jupiter Trine Uranus: You’re Off To Great Places

Jupiter [2 Capricorn 56] trine Uranus [2 Taurus 56]

December 15, 2019 (19:01 GMT)

The last time that big planet Jupiter made a stunning trine aspect to change planet Uranus was when Jupiter was in Leo and Uranus was in Aries back in 2015. 

This weekend, they meet again in a positive connection but, this time around, they are both in earth signs. Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus.

This doesn’t have the same ‘fly high’ feel as it did in inspirational, spontaneous fire but it still links Jupiter, representing opportunity, expansion and luck with Uranus, representing change, spontaneity and impulsive action.

Your One Opportunity

Also, this is a one-off connection. Usually these major aspects connect three times but this happens only once – don’t waste it.

Together these two planets symbolise the entrepreneur, the risk-taker extraordinaire, the person who dares to be different. They represent breaking out, breakthroughs and genius potential.

Jupiter and Uranus share similarities as they are both planets that favour space and freedom urging you to leap out of bed and get on with life.

In mythology, both Jupiter and Uranus were Gods of the Sky so look upward, reach out and expand your horizons. Jupiter rules foreign connections; go global, book your dream holiday or make a decision to emigrate.

Publishing, the media & truth are also Jupiter themes so get your book published, stand up for what you believe in and make a name for yourself. Jupiter was God of Thunder. Bring noise and colour into your life: a fanfare, trumpets blowing, having a ball.

Uranus in Aries is the individual, the maverick of the planetary pantheon. Standing next to Jupiter, there’s an underlying theme that together we’re bigger and better. Align yourself  with people of like minds and be true to who you are.

This is the combination that helps you make the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. Hop into your hot air balloon and cast off the ropes. Where in life are you ready to break free?

General Election/Full Moon Hangover

It’s strange writing this article after a General Election in the UK that did not go the way I had hoped. I feel bleak about the future of our country. Which is why, this weekend, it’s even more important to sow some seeds and fire arrows high in to the air to see where they land.

If ever there was a time to take a risk and expand your horizons, it’s now. Also, when something new does land and set you on a new path, then you can finally drop that burden, responsibility, fear, load you’ve been carrying. That will be possible mid-January 2020. Get the opportunities lined up now – you know you want to.

Also, if you are feeling flat after this week’s General Election/Full Moon Gemini combination, respond to any disillusion/disappointment by saying Yes to life.

Focus on the possibilities, the ways in life you can make a difference and be true to who you are. The message of the Jupiter-Uranus trine is onwards & upwards; focus on the future and bring yourself to it 100%.

Areas of your life to break through and go to new places:

Aries: Career & vocation; money & self-worth

Taurus: Travel, study, wide open spaces; personal goals & aims

Gemini: Debt, investments, sex; retreat, spirituality, responsibilities

Cancer: Relationships – personal & work; friendship, groups, society

Leo: Work & health; career & vocation

Virgo: Creativity, children, lovers; travel, study, wide open spaces

Libra: Home & family; debt, investments, sex

Scorpio: Communication & neighbourhood; relationships – personal & work

Sagittarius: Money & self-worth; work & health

Capricorn: Personal goals & aims; creativity, children, lovers

Aquarius: Retreat, spirituality, responsibilities; home & family

Pisces: Friendship, groups, society; communication & neighbourhood

13 thoughts on “Jupiter Trine Uranus: You’re Off To Great Places”

  1. Hi Sally,

    I am not sure as I have 2 degree Pluto in Libra in squee aspect to Jupiter and quincunx to uranus. How is it going to be? Sun at 4 Libra.

    Thank you for any insights

    1. It’s difficult to say, Saru. It doesn’t make a great aspect to your Sun/Pluto conjunction. It’s best for the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

  2. Well I will certainly be that iconoclastic high flyer this weekend! My sun is at 2 Taurus, my Jupiter is at 4 Virgo and my North Node is at 3 Capricorn. My lovely grand earth trine is getting woken up by this Jupiter-Uranus trine! I’m expecting something fun to happen! I’ve also natally got my Jupiter-Uranus midpoint trine my ascendant!

    1. Wow! I hope things take off for you. Sending best wishes. If that’s your nick-name, you’re halfway there already 🙂

  3. Hi Sally – we all need some positivity after the last few weeks and their conclusion, so thank you for bringing me a glimmer of hope. It must be most frustrating for you as an astrologer when you potentially see these things coming!

    Recent events have strengthened my feelings of being a fish out of water, and my long-held desire to move abroad (my son is living in Spain and as a linguist it’s something I’ve always hoped for). I share your disappointment, and wondered whether this latest challenge to my life/mood was also connected with my imminent second Saturn Return (Saturn at 25’10” Capricorn and Jupiter 25’11”!)? The past two years have been a struggle, with my elder sister’s death leaving me solely responsible for my 93-year old mum, who has had various health challenges, and is the main reason I’ve not left yet (I think moving her with me would be difficult for her, even though she says she’d quite like it!)😊

    Anyway, let’s put our energies into making things more positive in the future, and to hoping that there’s a silver lining somewhere…and thank you once again for all your great blogposts, which are both informative and beautifully expressed.

    1. Hi Rachel, I’m sorry to hear about your sister – that must have been tough. Yes, I think the second Saturn Return is the ideal time to reassess your situation – it’s the start of the ‘3rd chapter’ in your life. Thank you for your kind words too. Sending best wishes.

      1. Thanks for your reply and your encouragement – let’s hope I have the courage to write that chapter myself, and not have it written for me! I hope 2020 will bring you better things than 2019 did, and that you manage to have a lovely festive season. Funny that either way you look at it, from my Sun sign or my ascendant (Libra), I have a period of both reflection and change ahead of me, and all to do with my home and family. Your comments in the main piece are most apposite! 😊

  4. Hi again-forgot to say I’m an Aquarian (29’58”3), so I suppose Jupiter related to Uranus has to be a good thing for me and those of my ilk! As I said before, silver linings….!

    1. Rachel –

      I, too, am an Aquarian and my SAT return is coming up in 2020 (SAT@ 2Aq). This JUP-URA trine is squaring my SAT. I’m hoping to move to a new place within the first quarter of 2020. I’ve been in a “sketchy” situation for a long time and I’m desperate to go to somewhere more stable and responsible.

      1. Interesting synchronicity. Your Saturn Return will also pull in lucky Jupiter late 2020 so I definitely think it’s a new chapter in your life.

      2. Hi CRYS
        Thanks for your show of solidarity! Ice to feel that someone understands where I’m coming from. I wish you all the best for your eventual move and hope you have a really good 2020.
        Best wishes

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