Jupiter Opposite Uranus: Flying Away

hot air balloons

Jupiter Libra opposite Uranus Aries

– September 28 2017 (04:25 GMT)

Breaking Free

The third and final Jupiter-Uranus opposition takes place this week. I can’t help thinking of these two planets facing off without hearing the words ‘flying away’ pop into my head. Jupiter’s the big planet, linked to travel and new horizons and Uranus is spontaneous and unpredictable. Both planets represent space and freedom.

Add to this the fact that Jupiter is in Libra, an air sign, and Uranus is in Aries, a fire sign and that’s a lot of hot (fire) air (air!), which leads me to think about a ‘hot air’ balloon trip and before you know it, I’m flying away!

Certainly, the hot air balloon ride is a potent symbol for a Jupiter-Uranus connection and as there’s no earth element in sight, you’re heading off without an anchor and who knows where you might land! The tethers have broken free and you’re off.

There’s excitement and adventure around this duo and if you’re on the verge of doing something wild and crazy or you want to run away and keep running, you’re probably picking up on this week’s major planetary energy. Big leaps of faith and risk-taking ventures also encapsulate the Jupiter-Uranus theme.

Last Chance

Finding these two major planets at opposite sides of the zodiac is a rare occurence and, therefore, a big deal.¬†This is the third opposition between the two so whatever is happening now in your life is connected to events/thoughts/ideas at the end of 2016 when they first clashed. Here’s the pattern:

  • Jupiter 20 Libra opposite Uranus R 20 Aries – December 26 2016
  • Jupiter R 22 Libra opposite Uranus 22 Aries – March 3 2017
  • Jupiter 27 Libra opposite Uranus R 27 Aries – September 28 2017

Think back to your New Year resolutions, your big plans for 2017. Have they taken off, did you do what you dreamed of? Maybe events are continuing to unfold or the opportunities that came your way still require you to take action?

This opposition feels like one last chance to move your life in a new direction, if that’s what’s calling you. This will feel particularly strong if you have planets/angles at 27 degrees, the degree of the final opposition.

Note too this picks up the theme of the Solar Eclipse on August 21st which took place at 28 degrees Leo, so 27/28 degrees of the zodiac is the hot spot.

Sturm Und Drang/Storm & Stress

Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and has been in Libra, highlighting relationships, fashion, equality, peace and harmony since September 9th 2016 and next month on October 10th 2017, Jupiter leaves Libra.

It’s not been a smooth run for the big planet through the sign of partnership. In fact, Jupiter has encountered both Uranus and Pluto since it entered Libra. The Libra scales have been crashing around wildly rarely finding a place of equilibrium. Even impartial Libra will have struggled to consider both sides of the coin fairly with so much ‘Sturm und Drang’ raging.

Double or Quits

You might be at the end of your tether now with your own situation, and breaking free or flying away could seem like the best possible course of action. One thing’s for sure, when Jupiter and Uranus clash, tensions build and you have to do something.

Whether you travel solo or you head off with the right person by your side, this week’s astrology offers you a chance to take a leap of faith and seek new horizons in your life.

It’s only when you’re willing to play big that you set the wheels of change in motion. The Jupiter-Uranus clash is potentially a ‘risk all’ combination, a double or quits opportunity, but that hot air balloon is ready and waiting for you to climb in.



3 thoughts on “Jupiter Opposite Uranus: Flying Away”

  1. Thank you Sally.

    What does it mean if it happens on your birthday?

    Leading up to this date I have adrenalin rush. It was an arranged marriage. I came to Australia to live with my husband – i found out he has very tense behavior and was gambling . Later became an addiction. After quitting nine years of gambling, he got depression which lead to violent behavior sometimes. He gave death threats, etc.

    I am a working woman with 3 children finding every excuse to stay as a family. I want to leave him but has no guts to do it. Typical libra..sitting on the fence. Divorce is a taboo in our culture. Mum said .. i expect you to manage and stay together.

    I really want to leave. Just last month he mentioned a few wife murder cases to threaten me. I really got sick. I was kind to him because of the depression he might do something stupid if I leave him.
    Born 27/9/2017 @8:47pm Jaffna. Sri Lanka

    Will i be better of as a single mother? What the universe has for me?

    Thank you kindly

    1. I really think that you need to seek help from elsewhere other than astrology right now. My heart goes out to you in your situation. You must feel very scared. Take good care of yourself and find people who can help you close to where you live. Maybe that is the promise of the Jupiter-Uranus for you, to start seeking a way to a better situation for you and your children? No-one deserves to live under threat. Sending best wishes.

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