In Sync with the Sun in Cancer

a family photo
Happy Families, Happy Memories

A friend sent me some photos this week taken 10 years ago when I was on holiday in Greece with my partner and daughter. I posted them on Facebook under the title, “Happy families, happy memories”, which made me realise I have recently spent a considerable amount of time reminiscing about the past.

Just last week I busied myself with a project to scan family photos, some over 100 years old, to send to a cousin in Canada who I’ve never met and who didn’t know about our side of the family. My daughter loved seeing all the old photos, especially of my Mum and Dad, her grandparents, when they were a young couple.  She never knew them as they died before she was born.

This all made me think I’m in sync with the Sun in Cancer, the sign that rules home and family, our roots, ancestors and the connection with the past. Cancer is a nostalgic, sentimental sign. Cancerian birthdays fall between 21 June-22 July, so the perfect time to take a trip down memory lane and reconnect with long-lost friends and absent family.

Are we naturally drawn to activities that mirror and reflect the current star sign? Other Cancerian activities are redesigning or redecorating your home, growing or buying fresh food to take home and cook for friends and family and building a life of comfort, safety and ease. Most important, however, is being with loved ones and creating quality time to enjoy together to produce more happy memories.


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