X Factor and the Emotional Factor

I recently wrote a blog on Cancerian star sign sisters, Cheryl Cole and Nicole Scherzinger, and the dramatic events symbolised by the recent eclipse in Cancer. Cheryl has done something of a disappearing act since being dropped from X Factor USA whilst lucky Nicole has stepped in to her shoes and effectively been promoted from presenter to judge. Eclipse symbolism often mirrors triangular situations in love or one person being “eclipsed” (in this case, Cheryl) allows another person (Nicole) to take advantage of the situation.

photo of Tulisa, N-Dubz and X Factor
Tulisa, Cancerian and X Factor judge

The new girl on the block at X Factor UK is Tulisa Contostavlos (born July 13 1988), the lead singer of N-Dubz, which makes her another Cancerian. X Factor judges are primarily air signs, Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Danni Minogue, all Librans; Louis Walsh, Paula Abdul and L.A. Reid, all Geminis and the other new girl, Kelly Rowland, an Aquarius.

Air signs are brilliant communicators, great at social interaction and have a lively and interested vibe. Gary Barlow is the only exception this X Factor season being a Capricorn and an earth sign and he brings his wealth of experience and musical expertise to the table.

Cancer is a water sign and with both Tulisa and Nicole Scherzinger playing key roles in X Factor on both sides of the Atlantic, it seems timely to mention the emotional factor. Cancerians are notoriously sensitive and sentimental and enjoy a good weep and what would X Factor be without its sob stories and outpouring of emotion. Virgin Media described the X Factor in these words, “With more tears than a 3 year old’s birthday party the show can tug at the heart strings. Whatever the occasion, winning, losing, the sun rising in the morning, those tear ducts work overtime.” It’s the perfect work environment for a softy Cancerian and the Cancer girls add a vital emotional factor to the X Factor panel.

[photo courtesy of mirror.co.uk]


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