How To Make Mercury Retrograde Work For You

Winged Mercury
Winged Mercury

I am in the middle of a Saturn transit this summer and doing my best to go with it.

If Saturn brings a setback or delay, I’m trying to accept it and see what lessons can be learned. If Saturn brings periods of sadness or solitude, I’m leaning in to those moments, to fully experience life’s depths, it’s shadow side.

Saturn is slow and steady so I’m dealing with essentials, purposely paring back, living the slow life. I like the idea of working with the planets, trying to understand and learn from them.

So what can we learn when Mercury’s retrograde and how can you make Mercury retrograde work for you? Collectively we are halfway through three weeks of Mercury on go slow (July 15th-August 8th 2012). Mercury, planet of communication, has a bad press when it’s retrograde, i.e. giving the illusion of moving backwards in the heavens, as this often coincides with delays or frustration.

This time around I have heard numerous stories of stuff breaking down, plans going awry. Just yesterday, the door to our microwave broke, the stairgate collapsed and my computer screen faded. Mercury’s often retrograde when transport or appliances go on the blink. No surprise then that in mythology Mercury’s known as the trickster.

Astrology recommends not to plan major trips during Mercury retrograde or if you do, ensure you have plan B, C and D up your sleeve. It’s not the best time to make major decisions or major purchases (especially transport, technology and electrics). The reason being that when Mercury turns direct, information which has been hidden comes to light so avoid finalising anything important beforehand.

I agree with these modes of ‘non-doing’ but I love using Mercury retrograde for all the re-words, e.g. review, reenvision, reconsider, revise, reflect, reconnect, redo, when you can actively engage with any or all of these activities. Mercury retrograde is the perfect time for second chances and chasing up old contacts, friends or even ex lovers.

A friend told me last week how she wrote to an editor asking if she wanted a feature for the summer. She did this partly because she used to have a regular column with them and the editor said they might start it again at some point. The editor responded immediately and although declining the feature idea, said she would like to start the column again and that she would be back in touch on her return from holiday on August 6th. This is a brilliant example of how to use Mercury retrograde and as Mercury starts to turn and move towards direct motion, my friend can firm up details for the column.

I have been sending off proposals to ex-editors too and from my personal experience when Mercury’s retrograde, it’s the perfect time to send things out into the universe as you often receive a reply on or near the date Mercury turns direct. If there’s something you really want to make happen or someone you really want to hear back from, do it a day or two before Mercury turns, i.e. Monday 6th August. Mercury’s energy is at its strongest then and experience shows it’s a brilliant time to communicate, negotiate and push to complete a deal.

This all ties in with one of the major benefits of astrology, learning to know when to act, how to act or when to wait and do nothing. It’s not just about luck, it’s about timing and using your knowledge of the planets’ movements in the heavens to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

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