Sally Ride R.I.P. America’s First Female Astronaut

Astronaut Sally Ride
Astronaut Sally Ride

I hadn’t heard of Sally Ride before two days ago but I was immediately intrigued when I read about her, sadly after her passing.

She has a fabulous name too, sharing a superior first name with myself of course, but also what a great name for an astronaut, Sally Ride. Going into space must be the ride of your life.

I imagine she must have grown a little tired of people singing along to Mustang Sally and its lyric¬†‘Ride Sally Ride’, but maybe she loved it. Who knows?

So not having heard of Sally Ride but wondering about a woman who becomes America’s first female astronaut, I started to speculate about her horoscope. What would you expect to see in the chart of a woman who wants to fly into space?

My first thoughts were that air signs would figure (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and you’d guess Uranus would dominate, as in mythology, Uranus was the sky god. Here’s Sally’s chart:

Astrology chart of Astronaut Sally Ride
Sally Ride, May 26 1951, 8:11am PDT, Los Angeles, CA

I love this astronaut’s chart! Primarily, planets on angles shout out “look at me” and what do we find but Uranus conjunct the Ascendant, the angle that rules the person and how they come across to the world: I am a sky God, an astronaut. Brilliant.

Secondly, this female astronaut is an air sign, Sun in Gemini, plus her ruling planet, the Moon is in Aquarius, another air sign, and this is the sign of the zodiac ruled by Uranus. If you’re born with the Moon in Aquarius as your ruling planet, you want to go into space (or the equivalent!). [This mimics my daughter’s chart so I’m intrigued for her.]

Additional ‘in-yer-face’ astrology: what planet rules space rockets? Why Mars of course, all that fire and speed. Mars is conjunct the Sun in Gemini, plus in her vocation house we find Jupiter, the planet of travel in Aries, the traditional sign ruled by Mars and the sign of speed. Fantastic.

When astrology works, it’s not complicated. In fact, it’s the complete opposite, it’s obvious and it’s simple. This is why I love this chart. It shows astrology in action. Was Sally Ride born to be the first woman in space? Looking at her birth chart, you’d have to say that she was going to be pretty extraordinary in her lifetime and that science or technology would play a big part, plus she’d prove herself more than capable of competing in a “mans” world. You’ve impressed me, Sally Ride and I do hope you rest in peace.

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[nb. The angles of the chart play such a powerful role in our interaction with the outside world and to know the angles, you need to know what time you are born. If you don’t know, find out as much additional information as you can about your birth, e.g. it was dark, it was early morning, it was night-time. Rectification of astrology charts is a complicated and often time-consuming exercise but it is possible and helps you determine the four angles of the chart: Ascendant (self), IC (past/family), Descendant (others) and MC (career/success)].


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