Gemini Monthly Stars April 2015

daisyGemini (21 May – 20 June)

Your ruling planet, Mercury, never moves far away from the Sun so in astrology Mercury is often where the action’s at.

In real life, your curious and inquisitive nature is the catalyst that ensures you too are often where the action’s at.

As the month begins, Mercury is in Aries, the sign that rules friends, groups and your wider social network but also your hopes and wishes.

In some respects, this is potentially a soul-searching month when one eye is on the future and what next and this might be linked to events that took place in March concerning your career or your future path in life.

If you’re feeling at all frustrated about your current situation, then it’s highly likely that matters will come to a head over the Easter weekend, the first weekend of April. This is because there’s a Lunar Eclipse on the 4th and eclipses often bring what’s hidden to light. Plus this eclipse links in to the Uranus-Pluto square which clashed for the seventh and final time last month.

So themes of change and transformation, endings and new beginnings are especially strong for you over Easter which seems apt symbolically considering the main religious Easter story with its theme of ‘rebirth’. It’s a pertinent time to consider what next and what you want out of life.

For some, your stars over the Easter weekend might indicate crunch time with regard to a friend, child or love affair. This particular eclipse cycle began in October 2013 and continues until March 2016. It’s most closely linked however to the lunar eclipse which took place on October 8th 2014 as this fell at a similar degree in the zodiac.

Last October’s eclipse took place at 15 Aries/Libra and this month’s eclipse takes place at 14 Libra/Aries. Looking back six months might be significant for you and help you decide what you want to do about one of the areas mentioned above.

Mercury in Aries represents the straight-talker but with such volatile planetary activity, it’s wise to take a breath before you launch in and speak your mind. It’s also helpful to gain knowledge that will prove useful to you either in defence of your own argument or simply to help you better understand your current situation.

This is because the most supportive aspect at the time of the eclipse is a trine between the Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Leo, exact on the 2nd. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and in Leo this links to education, knowledge and having access to the facts. Eclipses are notoriously shadowy and tradition states you’re wise to wait a few days after an eclipse before taking action or making a big decision.

The important dates for you are the 6th when Mercury in Aries is trine Jupiter in Leo and the 8th when Jupiter turns direct in the heavens and your ruler Mercury clashes with the Uranus-Pluto square.

This is the time to decide what you want to do and for some the theme is about letting go, casting adrift, breaking free. This might be linked to money or emotions and perhaps a sensitive issue. When the Sun and Mercury connect in Aries on the 10th, you’re more than ready to speak up and communicate from the heart.

Mercury enters Taurus, the sign before yours on the 14th where it remains until the end of the month and throughout April, there’s at least one personal planet in this sector of your chart. The 12th house represents endings, bringing things to completion. It’s often a time when your inner world is as busy as your outer world and you benefit from quiet time, being still and listening to your intuition.

This is often a time of preparation, working on something behind the scenes, researching, getting ready for the next phase in life which will begin shortly. Make time to complete deadlines or wrap up work or a contract that’s unfinished. Tie off any loose ends in your life so you’re ready to start over. Deal with any secrets or confidences and decide what you want to do with them. Now might not be the time to say what’s on your mind but as May begins, you’ll be ready.

Venus, the love planet, enters your sign of Gemini on the 11th where she remains until early May and this is a lovely planetary influence for you. It balances out the more introspective planetary configurations this month and reminds you that life’s for living.

If you’re looking for love, this is a wonderful opportunity when you have Venus in your own sign. Be sociable, put yourself out there and let people know you’re available and looking for love. The 22nd and the weekend of the 25th/26th are especially sociable and offer your best chance to attract love.

Plus when you have Venus in your sign, you want to look good because this makes you feel good. It’s a fabulous month for beauty treatments and for treating yourself. Do something special, buy a new outfit, have your hair done and look after no. 1. Remember too that finding happiness in love starts with finding happiness within yourself. Self-love is the key to a healthy relationship so be proactive in boosting your own self esteem. Positive affirmations are a good way to start.

If you’re in a relationship or married, there might be times when the two of you feel off track this month as one of you wants to be sociable but the other craves some time alone, some solitude. Be kind and accepting of each other’s needs especially if one or both of you has had a lot to deal recently.

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