Gemini June 2020

Gemini, Eclipse

Mars & Career

Action planet Mars is in Pisces until the 28th. This is important because Pisces is your career and vocation sector. Mars is at the peak of your horoscope pulling you out into the world. Usually, wherever you find Mars, this is where you have plenty of determination, get-up-and-go.

You might be chasing after a new career or be busy with your current work or business trying to adapt to a changing situation. Certainly, being flexible and adaptable is a key part of this month’s planetary picture. Learn to shape-shift, be a chameleon and try on a new status, title or role.

You need to find the places where hope and dreams live. Neptune is also in Pisces and, on the 13th, Mars and Neptune are in alignment. This can be great for caring or artistic professions or a spiritual path. You may have a busy imagination this month and be buzzing with ideas.

However, there is a flip side to Neptune, as it’s illusory, the planet of deception and dissatisfaction. Think about Pisces’ zodiac symbol, the fishes swimming in opposite direction.

It could be hard to have a clear path ahead in current circumstances. Instead, try and view your progress as a dance, even if it means taking one step back before you move forwards again.

Don’t give in to fake news, lies or believe everything you hear. It’s a month to question and play devil’s advocate while the Sun remains in your star sign Gemini until the 20th. This is your time of year. Use your Gemini skills & talents well.

Venus Retrograde/Lunar Eclipse

One thing that’s definite about June’s stars is that nothing is definite. And, this feels personal for you. Firstly, Venus, the planet of love & pleasure, art & beauty, is retrograde in your star sign Gemini until the 25th. This can be an indulgent phase when you’re happy to enjoy life and go with the flow.

Yet, when it comes to love & relationships, you’re not wise to make a key decision. There’s a hidden theme when planets are retrograde and you may not be sure about your own feelings. Also, you often find that people go quiet on you or do something you weren’t expecting.

This is a key theme of the Lunar or Full Moon Eclipse on the 5th. This eclipse falls in Sagittarius and your relationship sector. It’s the first of a new eclipse cycle that lasts until December 2021.

Eclipses are shadowy, so be wary whom you trust. Wait and see what emerges after the eclipse and keep your cards close to your chest. You may be able to take advantage of a triangle situation if someone’s deceitful behaviour is exposed.

And, this is not a great time for you to play the Gemini trickster. Move cannily, yes, but be wary of breaking the law or being actively confrontative.

Mercury Retrograde

Your ruling planet, Mercury, also turns retrograde this month on the 18th. Mercury will remain on go slow until July 12th. This astrological phenomenon takes place three times a year for three weeks at a time.

This is your cue to slow down, do things differently and look at your life from a fresh perspective. When a planet is retrograde, it turns your attention inwards. It’s a time of inner change and preparation ready for the next cycle or wave of activity. 

If you can take time out while Mercury is in retreat, make it happen. You may have personal issues you want or need to mull over and Mercury retrograde is the ideal time to review, revise, rethink.

Things can go missing while Mercury’s on go slow, there can be misunderstandings or mis-truths. Keep an open mind and question everything.

Mercury is retrograde in Cancer so the theme of money and past connections runs deep. You may be aware of your legacy, either that which is passed to you or that you pass on to future generations.

Don’t act impulsively where money’s concerned when Mercury’s retrograde. If possible, delay any major transactions, be patient and bide your time. A payment could be delayed while Mercury’s in retreat, so plan accordingly.

Trust your intuition too. The only planetary aspect Mercury makes this month is to live-wire Uranus on the 5th & 30th. Again, there’s a link to past connections and a chance to make money, perhaps online as Uranus rules technology. Uranus is innovative and inventive.

This planetary combination completes on July 22nd so look out for synchronicities or messages on the dates mentioned.

Solar Eclipse

The Solar or New Moon Eclipse on the day of the Solstice, the 21st, also falls in Cancer and your money sector. This feels synchronous and Solar Eclipses often set something new in motion.

Notice what occurs on or around the eclipse date. This could help you with regard to money and finances once Mercury’s back up to speed mid-July.

The theme of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction on the 30th also highlights money for you, especially joint finances. This is an extreme combination that can either flag up wealth or debt. It’s often either-or.

What’s happening behind the scenes or in private could grow and flourish now. Again, another nod to cultivating the side of your Gemini nature that’s clever & canny.

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