Full Moon Gemini: Lost In Dreams

Full Moon

FULL MOON [04 Gemini 50]

London – November 27, 2023 (09:16 GMT)

New York – November 27, 2023 (04:16 GMT-5)

Sydney – November 27, 2023 (20:16 GMT+11)

Full Moon Vibes

This weekend, you’ll be feeling the Full Moon energy that’s building. The Full Moon is exact on Monday 27th November. Full Moons are a time of heightened emotions and this one feels particularly creative and dynamic, confusing and discombobulating. 

This Full Moon cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac, representing the lower and higher mind. Gemini is the communicator, Sagittarius is the seeker and explorer. Both star signs are linked to learning and knowledge. Gemini rules the chatter of the marketplace and Sagittarius rules foreign connections.

This highlights the bigger picture in life, as Gemini and Sagittarius favour curiosity and exploration. Write down your ideas, read a good book or meet up with people who you enjoy talking with about life, the universe and everything.

The light of the Moon shines brightly during the Full Moon phase and may coincide with the culmination of a project. Dig deep and finalise a matter linked to transport, travel, technology or communications. This is a great Full Moon for negotiations, also celebration.

The Mars Factor

There’s an added factor to this Full Moon, because action planet Mars remains in a conjunction with the Sun. The Sun is at 4° Sagittarius and Mars is at 2° Sagittarius. This potentially adds stress and tension to the mix. Mars’ energy can be passionate, also argumentative and inflammable.

The Sun has been sitting next to God of War Mars since late October and the conjunction between the two planets was exact on November 18th in Scorpio. Only now is the Sun starting to move away from Mars’ powerful energy. Mars’ dynamism, war-like aggression and control is starting to ebb away.

During this Full Moon phase, however, tempers could flare. Don’t stir the pot or use your words as weapons, unless you’re willing to get burned. It would be easy to say too much during this Full Moon or get involved in a war of words. Think before you speak is wise advice and avoid unnecessary arguments.

What does help this feisty Full Moon energy is Saturn. Saturn is at 0° Pisces during the Full Moon and square to the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini.

The slowest planet can act as a cautionary influence, the wise sage and reality check. Saturn encourages you to stop, slow down and think things through before taking action. It steps on the brakes and puts obstacles in your path.

Your plans may be halted. Therefore, it could be time to decide whether you keep pushing or stop and change tack. Use the light of the Full Moon to gain clarity and trust your intuition and inner knowingness.

A lot depends on your current situation and how strong you’re feeling. This symbolism is going to be different for each of you, depending what’s foreground in your life. You may identify strongly with forceful Mars. Or, perhaps you’re cautious like Saturn and want to hedge your bets rather than go all in.

Mercury Square Neptune

Also, during this Gemini Full Moon, Mercury is its ruling planet and currently in its sign of detriment Sagittarius. This can be a lot of blather and hot air. At its best, this is an enthusiastic, excitable Mercury, fond of philosophical debate. 

Mercury’s flip side in Sagittarius is a lack of tact, all talk and no trousers, ideology and meaningless rhetoric. Add to this the fact that Mercury is exactly square to Neptune in Pisces during the Full Moon and there’s an element of confusion or illusion. The hype is hyped-up to the max. This combination is open-minded at best, deceptive at worst.

The Mercury-Neptune influence during the Full Moon could make for some weird and wacky dreams. When planets are in mutable star signs, it helps to be flexible and adaptable and open to whatever emerges. You may have to lose your way to find where you were heading all along.

Full Moon Guidance

Aim to be in flow during the coming Full Moon and go wherever it leads you. Surrender to life as it is and accept when and where you’re not in control. You may feel as if you’re losing your way at times. Or, perhaps you don’t know what the heck’s going on.

It’s powerful Full Moon energy. Do your best to tap into its pleasures and release and let go of any stress or tension. You don’t have to fight every battle that comes your way or know the answers to every question.

Good advice during this Full Moon is not to get involved in a heated debate if you don’t want to end up in trouble. It’s potentially a lively Full Moon but, at its best, could be social, informative, insightful and healing. At the same time, stay true to your principles and don’t be scared to speak your mind.

Here are the areas in your life highlighted by this week’s Full Moon. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it:

  • Aries: Communication, community, neighbours and siblings – travel and study
  • Taurus: Money, values and self-worth – joint finances and taboo issues
  • Gemini: Personal goals, image and profile – relationships and contracts
  • Cancer: Retreat and solitude – work, service to others, health and fitness
  • Leo: Friends, groups and networks – self-expression, creativity, children and love affairs
  • Virgo: Career and vocation, future path – home and family, past and roots
  • Libra: Travel and study – communication, community, neighbours and siblings
  • Scorpio: Joint finances and taboo issues – money, values and self-worth
  • Sagittarius: Relationships and contracts – personal goals, image and profile
  • Capricorn: Work, service to others, health and fitness – retreat and solitude
  • Aquarius: Self-expression, creativity, children and love affairs – friends, groups and networks
  • Pisces: Home and family, past and roots – career and vocation, future path

Here’s wishing you a happy and celebratory Full Moon.

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