Chinese New Year: Year Of The Dog

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Chinese New Year always begins at some point between January 21st and February 20th and aligns with the New Moon between these two dates. The current New Moon falls on February 15th and Chinese New Year festivities begin on February 16th and continue for approximately two weeks. There are many customs surrounding this auspicious time of year and red is the lucky colour.

The zodiac circle of twelve animals are allocated to the year in which you were born (n.b. the year begins at some point during the dates mentioned above, not on January 1st). Each year is linked to the attributes of the animal ruling the year and, in 2018, it’s the Year of the Dog – Woof!

The dog is undeniably my favourite animal. Anyone who’s a dog lover would guess that key attributes of the year ahead would include loyalty, doggedness (!), steadfast reliability, hard-working responsibility and unconditional love. Dogs tend to love their routine and aren’t keen on change.

I’m not an expert on Chinese astrology but I always love to read the predictions. I’m sure you do too, which is why I’ve rounded up some expert opinions on what the Year of the Dog means for us all.

Suzanne White is the expert on the synthesis between Chinese & Western astrology and I’ve been reading her excellent predictions for years. She tells us that 2018 is the year of the Yang Earth Dog. Her article includes predictions for each of the 12 Chinese zodiac symbols:

Suzanne White’s Chinese Astrology Horoscopes for the Year of the Dog

Jessica Adams is a top western astrologer who also offers her readers Asianscopes. Her article includes predictions for each of the 12 zodiac animals and there’s more information available to her Premium readers:

Your 2018 Asianscope for the Year of the Dog

This article also contains predictions for each of the 12 zodiac animals. It appeared in mainstream media, the UK’s Daily Mail and is written by Kay Tom, The Energy Specialist, who combines feng shui with Chinese astrology predictions. There is also a handy wheel which tells you which Chinese zodiac animal you are:

What Will The Year Of The Dog Bring You?

The following articles also give predictions on the 12 zodiac animals.

The Coverage. Predictions on love & career for each of the 12 zodiac animals:

How Does Your Animal Horoscope Fare In The Year Of The Dog?

Your Tango. Predictions for the 12 zodiac animals:

2018 Horoscope Predictions for each Animal Zodiac Sign

Here are a few more articles that don’t give specific predictions for each zodiac animal but do tell you more about what the Year of the Dog may bring:

Elite Daily: What The Year Of The Dog Means In The Chinese Zodiac Is Actually Pretty Lucky

Bustle: Year of the Dog Astrology Predictions

The Jakarta Post: Fortune Tellers Predict Year Of Cautious Optimism

Khmer Times: Predictions for the Year of the Dog

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