Full Moon Virgo: Snow Moon

full moon

Full Moon [11 Virgo 23] – March 2 2018 (00:51 GMT)

Today’s Full Moon is part of the moon cycle which began with the New Moon two weeks earlier and was a Solar Eclipse. The fortnight between the New Moon and Full Moon favours growth, action, new plans and ideas.

Once the Full Moon culminates in the night sky, there’s time to pause and contemplate how far you’ve come. What is complete in your life, where is praise and acknowledgement due and what have you achieved?

Reconciling Opposites

During this Full Moon, the Moon is in the analytical sign of Virgo, ruled by Mercury, and the Sun is in go-with-the-flow Pisces, co-ruled by Jupiter & Neptune. Opposite signs in the zodiac have opposite natures and they can learn from each other.

Virgo is the sign of analysis and excellent at paying attention to detail. At its best, Virgo is the perfectionist, orderly & precise; at its worst, Virgo is the worrier, overly critical & demanding.

At this Full Moon of order (Virgo) v. confusion (Pisces); perfectionism (Virgo) v. go with the flow (Pisces), the first step is to consider what you could let go of, which decisions you can postpone for a while, what’s urgent and what’s not.

There are times when you need to actively download your mind. How can you slow down, relax, chill out? Any activity where you can stop the chatter in your head and tap into your instinctual nature can be of benefit now.

Jupiter rules philosophy and the bigger picture in life, while Neptune rules the spiritual realm. Therefore, meditate, be mindful, walk in nature. Lose yourself in a good book, enjoy a glass of wine, swap worrying for pondering and contemplation.

While the Full Moon is in Virgo, attend to your diet or tweak your daily habits, but don’t order your life so meticulously that there’s no room for flow and ease. Learn to drop those worries; in the shower or bath, before you go to sleep. Let them go, deal with one task, one thought at a time and close some of the tabs in the browser of your mind.

Snow Moon – Frozen Water

During this Full Moon, the UK and many parts of Europe are in the grip of a wintry wonderland as the ‘Beast from the East’ brings freezing temperatures and covers the earth with snow.

The astrological chart for the time of the Full Moon is awash with planets in water signs. The Sun and Neptune come together in vast and boundless Pisces on the 4th and there’s a triple conjunction of Mercury, Venus and the healing asteroid, Chiron, also in Pisces. Plus, Jupiter in deep water Scorpio connects with lovely Venus on the 1st and mind planet Mercury on the 2nd.

Water signs rule feelings, and emotions are heightened during the Full Moon. The basics of life (Virgo) still require attention while the snow engulfs the earth but isn’t it also time to give in and surrender (Pisces)? Snow is frozen water and the snowy weather is slowing us down, stopping us in our tracks.

snow angelThe usual routine (Virgo) disappears and even the drabbest of views appear beautiful and romantic (Pisces) under a blanket of white snow. Nature steps in to remind us to embrace wonder in the world and to swap doing for being.

Is it merely a coincidence that we’re in the grips of a snowy wonderland or is it perhaps a gentle reminder that there’s an intrinsic flow to life which requires space and a chance to break from routine? A snowy few days to enjoy in whichever way you choose.

Happy Snow (Full) Moon!

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