Capricorn Monthly Horoscope March 2016

Capricorn, boatCapricorn (22 December – 19 January)

Deal with money matters first thing this month and work alongside other people to sort out any financial issues.

The planet of relating, Venus, is in your money sector until the 12th and makes easy planetary aspects to your ruler Saturn on the 1st and innovative Uranus on the 3rd.

This is your chance to come up with some good ideas for earning money perhaps online as Venus is in Aquarius, the technological sign. You might be helping someone in your family find a way to buy something that’s important to them as Uranus is in your home and family sector.

Collaboration is the way forward so team up with people close to you if you’re trying to fund something special. Crowdfunding fits the planetary symbolism beautifully.

This month is also a big month for communication as a host of planets gather in Pisces and your communication sector. This feels quite emotional even poetic and when you speak from the heart, your words make a difference. This might apply to a personal relationship or in your profession. Be romantic in your approach and enjoy the flow of communication back and forth.

It’s a good month to make new friends and to meet new people. Being one of the earth signs, you can slip into a routine but this would be a positive period to step out of your comfort zone, to meet people in a new setting and to try out new activities and visit new places. Attend talks or a workshop and seek out people of like minds.

If you’re looking for love, you’re most likely to meet someone new at a cultural event, whether it’s the movies, the theatre or visiting an art gallery or live music show. The more inspired you are, the more you attract other people into your life who get who you are.

Communication can be healing now whether this includes art therapy, or writing and talking to make sense of what’s happening in your life and for clearer insight and self-understanding.

Neptune in Pisces and your communication sector can be tricky because it’s linked to illusion and deceit. Plus with a solar eclipse in Pisces on the 9th, hidden issues may come to light. You might discover this month who you can and can’t trust and the period around the solar eclipse is especially shadowy. Keep your earthy common sense to hand and don’t run completely away with the fairies.

Earth signs are powerful this month and are a welcome antidote to the watery world of Pisces and the realm of emotions and intuition. A stunning planetary aspect on the 16th links the planet of good fortune, Jupiter, in the earth sign Virgo with the planet of transformation, Pluto, in your own sign of Capricorn.

Together these two planets indicate big power, hidden riches and they conjure up magic in your life. This is the second of three key aspects between these two planets. The first took place on October 11th 2015 and the third takes place on June 26th 2016.

Jupiter in Virgo highlights travel, study, your beliefs, philosophy and spirituality. Capricorn is about your personal goals and aims. So this a real chance to look at your personal wish list and tick off something important. Play big in life, take a risk and don’t let fear hold you back. Jupiter’s also linked to publishing and the law so these are other important areas right now.

There is strong emphasis too on your previous sign of Sagittarius and the most hidden sector of your chart. Your ruling planet Saturn is here indicating that this a powerful time of preparation, getting ready for a new chapter in your life. It also turns your attention inward and you benefit when you have a rich spiritual life that can help guide you.

On the 6th of this month, action planet Mars joins Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars rules passion and anger. This is potentially a frustrated placing for Mars as it turns your ambition and drive inward. Be careful that you’re not hard on yourself or you suppress your anger. Learn to channel your strong emotions constructively.

If you’re dealing with a personal or unresolved issue, it will feel urgent now as if you’ve got to fix it and fast. Anything you try to avoid or push away could come to the surface and demand attention.

The period running up to the Easter weekend (25th-28th) is when you’re most likely to notice what this means for you. Your ruler Saturn squares Jupiter on the 23rd and two days later on Good Friday, Saturn turns retrograde. Be careful that you don’t let your fear hold you back and if you feel unsure about a particular path in life, especially linked to Virgo-ruled activities, i.e. travel, study, beliefs, spirituality, deal with any doubts head on.

This is also the time of the second eclipse this month which takes place on the 23rd and cuts across the Aries/Libra axis of your chart. This highlights your foundations as Aries rules your home and family and Libra rules your work and career. This is the last in an eclipse cycle which began in October 2013 and it might bring matters to completion in some shape or form. You’re less ambitious on an outward level now and there’s more attention on your inner, personal life.

Once the Sun moves into Aries on the equinox date, the 20th, this is an indication that changes at home or within your family will have a knock-on effect in what you do for a living or where you’re heading in the future.

Take your time towards the end of March and don’t rush into a new situation. Find some quiet time, perhaps over the Easter weekend, to decide where your priorities lie and where you’re needed the most.

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