Capricorn Horoscope July 2022

Capricorn horoscope July 2022, travel

Power Clash

The start of July could be a time of conflict or aggravation. This has a lot to do with what’s happening with the planet Mars representing passion and anger. Mars is in Aries up until the 5th, the star sign at the base of your horoscope. This puts a strong emphasis on your home and family.

On the 2nd, Mars clashes with Pluto in your star sign Capricorn and this is potentially a combustible and temperamental combination. This could indicate you’ve got the builders in and life is noisy. Or, perhaps you’re trying to sell or buy a property and you’re up against tough competition or opposition.

In some cases, this could trigger a rift with a family member, a tenant or someone else who comes in and out of your home. It’s tempestuous so try not to get overly fired up if there’s an issue close to home. 

On the other hand, if there’s something you feel strongly about, this is the time to push things forward and fight for your rights. Any decisions made this month may be final.

The Lives of Others

Also, you may sense a shift in some of your relationships this month. This is because of the emphasis on your opposite star sign Cancer. The Sun’s here until the 22nd and talk planet Mercury’s in Cancer from the 5th to the 19th.

Other people are undoubtedly important in your life right now and this may be for different reasons. It may not always be easy taking a step back and letting someone else take the lead but that might be what needs to happen, perhaps around the 18th-20th. Alternatively, you might be low in energy or need other people to look after you.

Also, there’s a possibility that not everyone will agree with you or you with them. Those potential clashes mentioned at the start of your horoscope could continue on or off until the Sun leaves Cancer. Steer away from people who drain your energy and move closer towards people who support you.

The Full Moon on the 13th is likely to be a pivotal moment regarding your one-to-ones, whether personal or professional. This month’s Full Moon falls in your star sign Capricorn, so trust your intuition and listen to your emotions.

Pluto is once again involved. Therefore, the Full Moon could coincide with an ending or a door closing. One way or another it’s an ideal time to make a key decision about a relationship situation.

On the 18th, Venus takes up the relationship baton and graces your love zone until mid-August. This could be a loving time for your one-to-one’s, especially if you’re in a relationship or you’ve recently met someone and it’s a kind and caring vibe.

When Venus is in your opposite star sign, you’re always wise to get the right people on your side. Be around people you trust and create mutually-beneficial and supportive partnerships in your life.

Money Matters

Money matters are under the cosmic spotlight towards the latter part of the month. This is because the Sun is shining bright in Leo and your joint finance sector from the 22nd onwards. Plus, the Sun joins talk planet Mercury in Leo. Mercury enters this sector of your horoscope on the 19th.

Therefore, this would be a great time in the month to talk money and finances and get things sorted out. If you’re pushing for a property move or negotiating family finances, the best dates to get things moving are the 23rd & 31st. This planetary combination is good for sharing resources with family and pooling expenses.

Plus, the New Moon on the 28th falls in Leo and is a great date to set your intentions around money, launch a project or start something new. A New Moon is a symbol of new beginnings.

You could be asked to do a presentation on money, decide to talk to your bank manager or a financial expert. One way or another, it’s the right time to be improving your financial situation and boosting your earnings. Joint ventures in particular are well-starred.

This has got a lot to do with the fact that lucky Jupiter is in Aries and active during the last week of July. Jupiter turns retrograde in Aries and your home and family sector on the same day as the New Moon, the 28th.

Sometimes, this indicates a change in fortune. Yet, Jupiter’s a positive influence and its energy is intense and channelled when it switches direction. Jupiter encourages you to take a risk, play big and to have hope and faith that life’s moving you in the right direction.

Saying Yes

Jupiter is the planet linked to luck and Taurus is the sector of your horoscope linked to speculation. Action planet Mars is in Taurus from the 5th onwards and you may be fired up checking out new ways to make money.

On the 26th, the planet of change Uranus teams up with the karmic north node, also in Taurus. This combination can trigger the wheel of destiny turning. Uranus is the planet linked to wins but also losses. It’s high-risk stakes.

Be aware of this but do take a punt and say yes to a door that opens, a new opportunity. This may be linked to children, a creative project, love or some other idea or event that grabs hold of you and won’t let go. It’s intriguing and exciting astrology to end the month of July.

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