Aquarius Horoscope July 2022

Aquarius horoscope July 2022, space man

Inner Activist

Mars is the combative planet and, as July begins, Mars remains in Aries and your communication sector. There could be things that you have to say as July gets underway. If you’re feeling cross, frustrated or hard done by, it’s going to be hard to stay quiet.

Mars only stays in Aries until the 5th but, on the 2nd, Mars clashes with power planet Pluto in Capricorn. This is a combustible planetary combination when tempers can flare and people take a stand. You might be caught up in the midst of whatever’s going on.

You could decide to take on the authorities or channel your inner activist. You may not fit easily into the status quo and your rebellious nature could be fired up. Perhaps, you meet someone early in July who’s angry, driven and ready for action. Or, perhaps that person is you.

Be aware that Mars and Pluto coming together are potentially violent so choose your battles wisely and carefully.

A Gentler Pace

Also this month, there’s a gentler pace of life behind the scenes. This is due to the fact that the Sun’s in the caring water sign Cancer until the 22nd. Plus, communication planet Mercury’s here from the 5th to the 19th. Cancer rules your work and health sector. It’s about your lifestyle, your daily habits and routines that work for you. 

Try and find a steady pace in your life and up your level of self-care. There’s so much going on out in the big wide world. Ensure that you start by looking after yourself before deciding what you can do to help others.

This is important because Cancer rules the sector of your horoscope that’s linked to service and being of service to others. If you’re true to your Aquarius archetype, society matters to you and you often play a key role within an environmental, social or humanitarian role.

Work and routine may feel more relaxed for you once lovely Venus graces the star sign Cancer and your work and health sector from the 18th onwards. This would be a good time to focus on teamwork and ensure you have a creative group of people around you. Also, a time to reach out to health professionals or healers.

Be supportive to your colleagues and associates and ask for help and advice in return. Allow things to flow and do the best for your health. Having people who care for you deeply may be the best form of medicine.

Full Moon/Hidden Themes

This month’s Full Moon takes place on the 13th and cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac. This could be a stand-out date when the themes of the month are crystallised or revealed.

You may clearly see who’s for you and who’s against you. Pluto is involved in the Full Moon and in Capricorn, this can indicate a secret enemy or someone in authority who’s a loose cannon.

It may be a time when you recognise that you need to take a step back or close the door on your past. Sometimes saying no is what’s necessary.

On a practical level, the Full Moon may reveal insights about your work or a contract. Here too, you may decide to remove yourself from a tense situation. Events on or around the 18th-20th could prove pivotal.

Love & Passion

There’s a shift in pace as the Sun changes star sign on the 22nd. The Sun leaves watery Cancer and enters fiery Leo. The Sun joins talk planet Mercury here, as Mercury enters Leo on the 19th.

Leo is your relationship sector. Therefore, once the Sun is Leo, you’re right to prioritise your one-to-one’s, both personal and professional. Let another person take the lead, for example, and turn to people in your life who inspire and uplift you.

This could be a peak month for love too. For example, you might meet someone when lovely Venus is in Gemini and your romance sector up until the 18th. Whatever’s going on for you personally, this is a positive time to seek fun and enjoyment in life. Children, lovers and playmates are where fulfilment lies.

Planets in Leo can take a relationship to the next level and there’s a New Moon here on the 28th, a symbol of new beginnings. It’s a positive New Moon to initiate a conversation or heart-to-heart. New Moons are the time to set your intentions, to seed something new in your life.

This New Moon could see a love relationship take off and fast. Plus, on the same day as the New Moon, big planet Jupiter turns retrograde in another fire sign Aries. This is your communication sector and one conversation could help a relationship develop or move fast. 

Jupiter represents luck and favours risk-taking, playing big, having self belief, trust, hope & faith. Fire signs are great for taking action, being motivated and spontaneous. The 23rd & 31st are packed full of opportunity as is the 28th.

Look out for the person who can give you exactly what you need. Be inspired by others, reach out to people and make successful connections. The end of July is the perfect time to give and receive without holding back.

The Uranus Factor

As a Sun Aquarius, you have two ruling planets, sensible Saturn and rebellious Uranus. Saturn could be a steadying influence this month in your star sign Aquarius. The same can’t be said of your co-ruler Uranus.

The end of the month is the time when you’re likely to hear Uranus’ clarion call. This is because, on the 26th, Uranus teams up with the karmic north node in Taurus. This combination can trigger the wheel of destiny turning as change kicks in.

Uranus is currently in Taurus and your home and family sector. You may feel restless or rootless with this influence. Or, perhaps, you’re on the move literally. You’re changing and it’s going to be hard to stay still in one place.

Also, Mars is in Taurus from the 5th onwards where it remains until August 20th. You could be pulled back towards the past at the end of July. Or, recognise that the themes of the past are catching up with you.

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