Capricorn August 2021

Capricorn August 2021

Earth signs are active this month which is great news for you as your star sign Capricorn is one of the earth signs. You’re in your element when you’re taking steady steps towards your long-term goals. 

Your zodiac symbol the mountain goat is a great ambassador for your star sign Capricorn. Resilient and determined, it leaps its way from rock to rock until it conquers the mountain.

Long Term Goals

It’s not a bad idea to have a similar mentality to the sturdy mountain goat this month because long-term goals are foreground for you. This is because of the host of planets in Virgo and the sector of your horoscope which rules travel, study and the bigger picture.

Action planet Mars is here all month, the planet of relating Venus is here until the 16th, talk planet Mercury is in Virgo from the 11th to the 30th and the Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd.

If you’re travelling or studying this month, you’re in tune with your stars. It’s a good time to be looking ahead to next year’s holiday or a trip away. If you’re a typical Capricorn, you like to know what’s happening when, sometimes more than a year in advance.

You might be planning a big trip for a group of friends or be leading a course of study. The key to your success is to be true to your earth sign roots.

Don’t take on too much, don’t get overly carried away and keep your feet on the ground. Deal with the practicalities at the same time as nurturing your dreams.

Money Moves

Traditionally, August is Leo season. The Sun’s here until the 22nd and talk planet Mercury is in Leo until the 11th. On the 8th, there’s a New Moon in Leo, a symbol of new beginnings. Leo rules the sector of your horoscope which is about joint finances and shared resources.

This is about all forms of money; inheritance, taxes, investment, savings & debt. It’s also about power and the ties that are created by money. You may find you’re ready to deal with a taboo issue this month, something that’s hidden, that you want to bring to light.

Leo is a star sign linked to courage as it rules the heart. It’s associated with the light too, thanks to its ruler the Sun. When the Sun is in Leo, this is an ideal time for being bold and brave and tackling something you’ve been avoiding.

The Full Moon on the 22nd is another pivotal date as it highlights Leo and Aquarius and both star signs are linked to money in your horoscope. Full Moons often coincide with achievement or culmination. They bring hidden matters to light and you can see things with clarity. It’s a strong period to trust your intuition.

The only proviso concerns unpredictable Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is clashing with your ruling planet Saturn throughout 2021 and this theme is lively during the first week of August. This isn’t the best time to be impulsive, especially around money. This might be linked to a child or lover, a hobby or leisure pursuit.

Also, consider how money and freedom are linked in your life. You may choose to pay someone off so you can cut ties. Or, you realise that someone close needs to be responsible for their own affairs, without you helping out. Money and emotions are closely linked so be aware of this and notice when guilt or other emotions kick in.

Uranus switches direction on the 20th and this is a time when you’re likely to throw caution to the winds to do something exciting. If a last-minute invitation comes your way, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, ensure you move heaven and earth to make it happen.

Career Friends

The planet of relating Venus changes star sign on the 16th and enters Libra. Libra is one of the air signs, so logic and rationality return at work. It’s less about feeling your way forward and more about working things out strategically.

Libra is your career and vocation sector, ruling your status and reputation. Work your connections in the second half of the month as this is where you can make progress or get ahead of the rest of the pack.

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