Cancer June 2021

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At times this month, you may feel frustrated if things aren’t happening as quickly as you would like. June is a significant month in the astrological year because it’s the Solstice. Hang in there if life’s complex because on the 21st, the Sun enters your star sign Cancer. 

This brings something special to the mix and it’s on or around this date that you can start to get ahead and make headway with your personal goals, plans and aims.

Mercury Retrograde/Solar Eclipse

Before then, there’s the small factor of Mercury retrograde up until the 22nd. Communication planet Mercury’s currently in Gemini and the most hidden sector of your horoscope. 

This is about rest and retreat for you, finding time away from the hustle and bustle of life. Take time out so you can be quiet and listen to your inner voice, your intuition. There may be a specific reason why you need to slow down, perhaps due to ill-health or the fact that you’re caring for someone close.

This is an important month to listen to your dreams as they can provide you with personal insights and understanding. The period around the 10th & 11th could be especially magical, when the Sun and retrograde Mercury unite on the 11th and the New Moon/Solar Eclipse takes place in Gemini on the 10th.

The Sun/Mercury conjunction combined with the eclipse may lead to revelation or awakening. This might be in a spiritual context. Or, perhaps something which helps you learn more about yourself.

The theme of second chances is strong during this period and you may feel more closely connected to your karma and what’s gone before. This can relate to your past in this lifetime or even past lives. 

There’s a sense too, that what you give you receive in return. Notice who steps forward to help you and see what you feel called towards. Who do you want to help or serve and why?

Pisces’ Vibes

Also this month, boundless Neptune is strong along with opportunity planet Jupiter. Both these planets are in Pisces, a fellow water sign. Jupiter could bring new opportunity your way – the key dates are the 1st, 3rd, 23rd & 28th. Step out of your comfort zone and dream big.

It’s a fertile month for dreams and imagination and finding your creative or spiritual source. Use this watery influence to dive deep into ideas and vision boards. Use poetry, music, art and nature to inspire you.

Neptune’s influence could pull you in opposite directions and Neptune’s strong on the 5th, 13th & 25th. This may be healing and inspiring, but could feel confusing and overwhelming.

There’s a lot of emotional energy around this month and you may be extra sensitive to the news or life in general. Feel your emotions but let go of what’s no longer needed.

Love & Gifts

On the 21st, the Sun’s back in your star sign Cancer, bringing with it energy and a boost to your confidence. If you’ve had some time out in June, you’ll be ready to take centre stage.

For some of you, this could be a month when love takes centre stage as you have the planet of love Venus in your star sign Cancer from the 2nd to the 27th.

This could be a glorious month to experience your emotions through the lens of love & romance. The Full Moon on the 24th cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac, highlighting love & relationships. Perhaps, love is your escape from the worries of the world.

On the relationship front, the trickiest date is the 5th when you’re wise to avoid a confrontational situation or power games.

Finally, action planet Mars enters Leo on the 11th and puts money and earnings centre stage. You may have more drive to deal with finances or bring money in. Mars remains here until the end of July.

Lovely Venus joins Mars in Leo on the 27th and this could bring something special your way, a birthday gift or a bonus. The month of June is likely to get better as it goes along.

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