Cancer January 2021

Happy New Year! Hooray – 2020 is over and we’re moving into a brand new year.

January 2021, Cancer

Capricorn Themes

As you enter into a new year, you may realise how important other people are in your life. Both the Sun and talk planet Mercury are in Capricorn and your relationship sector as January gets underway. Mercury remains here until the 8th and the Sun for longer, until the 19th.

Plus, on the 8th, love planet Venus enters Capricorn and lights up this sector of your horoscope until the end of the month. This is a gorgeous symbol for love and relationships and appreciating the ones you’re with.

It’s not always been an easy time for your close relationships and power planet Pluto remains here for some time.

Yet, you may sense that love is strong in your life, whether this is because you feel close to people you’ve lost or who’ve passed on. Or, because you’re making an effort to see the positives in a long-term relationship or with the people you encounter on a daily basis. This is what Venus is encouraging you to do.

Some relationships, however, could end under these star, especially if you’re caught up in a power dynamic that’s not good for you. This may relate to a personal or professional partnership. The key dates in this respect are the 5th and 28th, also the New Moon in Capricorn on the 13th.

A New Moon promises new beginnings but this New Moon encounters Pluto, so any new beginnings can only grow out of an ending or something final. Nonetheless, it remains a good date to set your intentions, especially when it comes to a partnership, business venture or intimate relationship.

Aquarius Themes

It’s also a month when you’re wise to get practical and pay attention to the logistics of life. This may mean dealing with money matters, perhaps linked to a legal issue. Aquarius is the star sign of the moment and rules joint finances in your horoscope. Saturn’s here – the authorities – and so is Jupiter – legal matters.

There are some lucky dates this month and it’s a good time to try and free yourself from financial ties or restrictions that hold you back. Jupiter teams up with talk planet Mercury in Aquarius on the 11th and the Sun on the 29th. Both dates are stand-out dates for money, contracts and negotiations.

Plus, on the 28th, there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac and your money sectors. Use this Full Moon to make a clear decision about money. For some of you, this may mean stopping a payment or minimising expenses. Do what you know is right and hopefully it feels right too.

On the last day of January, Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius and will remain on go slow for most of February. Another reason why you’re wise to crack on with money issues sooner rather than later. Mercury retrograde often indicates you’re playing a waiting game.

Fast & Furious Friendship

Friends are a key part of your month’s astrology and it’s here where there’s fast and furious action. Mars enters Taurus and your friendship sector on the 6th and joins up with rebel planet Uranus on the 20th. You might be protesting along with other people or feel fired up by a friend’s enthusiasm.

Freedom is a key feature of this sector of your horoscope, so bear this in mind, both financially and emotionally.

The Jupiter-Uranus square aspect on the 17th shows where you’ll be rebelling or where you’ll be fighting for freedom. This might be with regard to world events. Or, perhaps you’re on a personal crusade to ensure you keep hold of your rights.

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  1. To the incredible Sally K,
    Thank you for such a positive appreciation of the start of 2021.
    Especially pertinent money and legal issues.
    Right on the money no pun intended.
    Derek B

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