Cancer Horoscope May 2023

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The Sun may not move into your star sign Cancer until next month on the Solstice. Yet, there’s still plenty of activity in your star sign this month, turning the spotlight towards your personal goals and aims.

Firstly, action planet Mars is in Cancer until the 20th, the planet of action, drive and ambition. This is a forceful combination, granting you more passion or more anger, or possibly both. Certainly, the focus is on you and getting clear about what you want.

Plus, the planet of love and relating Venus enters Cancer on the 7th where she remains until early June. This is lovely to have Venus in your star sign, an ideal time to do more of what you love and embrace people and opportunities that make you happy.

You often feel more attractive to others when Venus is in your star sign and it can boost your popularity. Use this combination well. It’s a good time to dive into romance or fall in love with life.

Lunar Eclipse

This is eclipse season too and there’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 5th. The Sun is in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio during this powerful eclipse. It’s part of the eclipse cycle that began in November 2021 and will continue until October 2023.

These are the social sectors of your horoscope, linked to friends and group activities, society and world events, also children, creativity and lovers. These are the potential areas of accelerated growth, where change may happen and fast.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th could coincide with a social event or big occasion. Yet, eclipses have a theme of bringing what’s hidden to light. Therefore, any big party or get-together could turn out to be dramatic.

Plus, during this eclipse, the Moon in Scorpio is opposite the planet of change Uranus in Taurus and a few days later, there’s a Sun-Uranus conjunction in Taurus on the 9th. This is a nod towards things happening suddenly and unexpectedly.

Uranus in Taurus lights up your friendship and group sector, your hopes and wishes for the future. Someone you know could behave wildly or erratically. Alternatively, you might get thrown out of a group, club or society. Or, perhaps you’re the one who decides to part ways. You may experience a sense of being an outsider and not part of the ‘in crowd’. 

Mercury Direct

Try to let things settle post-eclipse and don’t rush into anything. This is because the planet of communication Mercury is retrograde until the 15th, also in Taurus and your friendship and group sector.

This is a classic case of misunderstandings or people going quiet on you. Don’t make big assumptions while Mercury’s on go slow.

There may be one person in particular who you want to communicate with. The ideal time to do so is when talk planet Mercury turns direct.

This event can bring new information to light. Or, plans which have been on hold get the go-ahead. It’s an ideal date to reach out to others and re-open the lines of communication.

Jupiter Goals – Friends & Networks

There’s another powerful influence taking place in Taurus this month. One day after Mercury turns direct, big planet Jupiter moves into Taurus on the 16th. Jupiter’s the planet of growth and expansion and this highlights friends, groups, social concerns and your wider network. Jupiter will remain in this sector of your horoscope until May 2024.

This is about finding people of like minds and making sure that your social life is not only fun but supportive too. Bring new friends into your life by enjoying new activities and make an effort to catch up with old friends. Jupiter will create the opportunities, perhaps through a friend’s wedding, anniversary or school reunion. All you need to do is say yes.

If you have built up a successful business while Jupiter’s been in Aries or you’ve been following your vocation, here’s your chance to take what you do out into the wider world and get people on board who can help you. 

Jupiter in Taurus is ideal for gathering people around you, a team of people who can work alongside you and make life not only easier but more enjoyable and fun too. There’s power in connections. Dig deep to learn more about your close friends and create ties that can’t be broken. 

Whether you’re transforming other people’s lives or your own life is being shaped and developed through your connections with others, don’t hold back.

And, don’t forget that Jupiter rules freedom. Therefore, this may offer you the opportunity to move on from a group situation that’s grown stale or where you feel trapped. Spread your wings, go global and seek a wider family of people who you can help and, in return, help to open up your life.

If you’ve been taking on too much on your own, Jupiter’s move into Taurus is encouraging you to reach out and reconnect.

New Moon, New Beginnings

To add to the plethora of activity in Taurus, there’s a New Moon here, a symbol of new beginnings, on the 19th. This is a great date to set your intentions around friends and group activities. Find out about a club, group or society that you wish to join.

There is one proviso, however, and that’s around money. This is because, as soon as Jupiter moves into Taurus, it clashes with Pluto in Aquarius and your joint finance sector.

This happens on the 18th and it can symbolise a crisis or loss. It’s not a good date to take a big risk financially. You’re wise to keep your money in your pocket, especially around friends or group activities.

Things could turn heated when action planet Mars enters Leo and your personal money sector on the 20th. Almost immediately, Mars clashes with Pluto on the 21st and Jupiter on the 23rd. This is a lot of power and potential aggro challenging the financial sectors of your horoscope.

Think carefully before you lend or loan money and don’t be pressurised into parting with your hard-earned cash. This is a time to honour your friendships and recognise who plays a supportive role in your life. If anything corrupt or underhand comes to light, you’re wise to ensure you’re not involved.

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