Cancer February 2021

Cancer horoscopes February 2021

Aquarius New Moon

Money will become more important in your life this month. This is because of the pile-up of planets in Aquarius which peaks on the New Moon on the 11th. This is when six of the seven traditional planetary bodies are in Aquarius and your joint finance sector.

Therefore, what takes place this month could set a new precedent or be the start of a new phase in your life. This is linked to your financial situation whether one form of income is coming to an end or you receive a gift or bonus.

Lucky Jupiter is a key player during the New Moon phase as it connects with Venus on the 11th & Mercury on the 14th. These combinations feel generous and abundant.

Alternatively, you might be gearing up to commit to an investment, a mortgage or loan. This is a great time to plan for the future and you’re wise to consider your next steps regarding your financial security.

Mercury Retrograde

However, the timing is key. This is because Mercury, the planet ruling communication and the mind is retrograde in Aquarius for the first three weeks of February until the 21st.

Mercury’s move backwards through air sign Aquarius requires you to be logical and structured. If you’ve felt lost or been going round in circles, try and be more organised.

You are one of life’s dreamers but there are times when you need to leave the realm of the imagination and manifest your dreams in real life.

This month is good for renegotiating or working things out financially. You may return to a conversation or project that began earlier this year or in the first half of last year. Rework old ideas or projects.

Moon Child

During the latter part of February the Full Moon takes place, always significant for you as you’re a Moon child. The Sun enters dreamy, romantic Pisces on the 18th and during the Full Moon on the 27th, the Moon is in practical Virgo.

This would be a good time to try something different or to be in new surroundings. If a new friend suggests learning a course together or embracing a new experience, take advantage.

Think about expanding your horizons in some shape or form towards the end of February. The Full Moon is the ideal time to trust your intuition and start making those key decisions in your life.

Emotional Activist

Action planet Mars is also active this month in Taurus and your friendship and group sector. Mars and Uranus are both in this same sector of your horoscope and it’s here where there’s potentially passion & fury.

You might be involved with a protest group or have activist friends whose alternative views shake you into action. You could have worries about your own financial security or fear for your children or loved ones as the economy struggles. This is the theme for you of the Saturn-Uranus square aspect on the 17th.

Being a Sun Cancer, security matters to you both financially and emotionally. This will be the main trigger for the key decisions you make moving forward.

Ensure you reconnect with your heart and your natural intuition once Venus joins the Sun in your fellow water sign Pisces on the 25th. Too much time spent in your head, worrying or trying to work things out isn’t helpful. Instead, feel your emotions and let them be your guide.

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