Aries New Moon: Ready, Set, Charge

New Moon Aries

New Moon [7 Aries 37]

London – Tuesday 28 March 2017 – 03:57 BST

New York – Monday 27 March 2017 – 22:57 EDT

Sydney – Tuesday 28 March 2017 – 13:57 AEDT

This week’s New Moon is not for sissies. It’s a full-on furious charge in the fire sign Aries, with not two but five planetary bodies in the sign of the ram. Having just watched a video online of a crazy ram stuck on a tree by his horn before he was released, this set the tone nicely for writing this New Moon article!

Say it, Do It, Start It, Jump In

A New Moon in Aries is always a surge of energy. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and combined with the New Moon, this is the creative spark, full on and forceful. This New Moon comes one week after the Spring Equinox and three days after a new cycle for Venus (love/money), currently retrograde in Aries.

Add to the mix, the spontaneous duo of Mercury (communication) and Uranus (unpredictability) in later degrees Aries and this is the time to say it, do it, start it, jump in.

In fact, you may find it’s hard to hold back now, especially if you have Aries planets or angles in your birth chart. You have to be direct and honest, you have to put yourself and your own needs first, it’s a ‘leap before you look’ combination.

Whether you’re acting or reacting for yourself or the good of others, set off on a new path, be bold, start a march, start protesting. This is the ideal time to look at a problem in your life in a new way – shift your perspective, change your way of thinking, see with new eyes. Unstick what’s stuck.

Venus & Mars – Swapsies

The New Moon in Aries is ruled by action planet Mars currently in earth sign Taurus. Which adds another twist to this New Moon. Mars is in Venus’ sign of rulership, Taurus, and Venus is in Mars’ sign of rulership, Aries. They sit either side of the New Moon, and there’s a sense of changing things up, swapping around.

What do you need to do differently in your relationships now? Do you want more independence, more time for you? Do you need to be more assertive or less? Or is it your turn to sit back and let your partner lead the way?

Shift the balance of your relationships and try a fresh dynamic. Wobble those Libra scales and see how it feels when you drastically add more or less to either side so the scales swing wildly. Aries energy isn’t held back or restful. This is the call of the new, the pull of your desires. It’s act first, think second.

Set Your Intentions.

The New Moon is the ideal time of the month to start something new, to set your intentions. Here are the specific areas of life to explore for your personal star sign, where action feels most urgent:

  • Aries: personal goals, physical body, image & appearance
  • Taurus: retreat, secrets, inner work
  • Gemini: friends, groups, social networks, hopes & wishes
  • Cancer: career, vocation, status & reputation
  • Leo: travel, exploration, higher education, knowledge
  • Virgo: joint finances, shared resources, metaphysical realm
  • Libra: relationships, 1-to-1 interactions, contracts & joint ventures
  • Scorpio: work, everyday lifestyle, health, service to others
  • Sagittarius: love affairs, children, creativity, entertainment, luck
  • Capricorn: home, family, your past, where you come from
  • Aquarius: communication, education, local community, siblings
  • Pisces: personal money, possessions, values, resources

Are you ready for the New Moon in Aries? On your marks, get set… charge!

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