Venus In The Heart Of The Sun

Venus Woman

Today, March 25 2017, is the mid-way point for Venus as she continues her reverse motion through the zodiac. 21 days ago on March 4th, Venus turned retrograde and in 21 days on April 15th, Venus turns direct.

The mid-way point is significant because today the Sun and Venus are at the exact same point in the zodiac,   [4 Aries 57]. This conjunction of the Sun and Venus retrograde is a symbolic turning point.

The Dance Of Venus

Dance of Venus

This is called an inferior conjunction and it signifies that Venus is shifting from an evening star to a morning star in the night sky. In other words, you won’t be able to see Venus after dusk but will need to wake before dawn to do so.

In order to change from evening to morning star, Venus becomes invisible as she merges with the Sun and the symbolism suggests her descent into the Underworld as she continues her retrograde motion. She disappears from sight and reappears reborn.

The pattern that Venus makes in relation to the Sun and Earth in her long & complex journey is beautiful (see poster on right). There’s a perfect flow and symmetry.

Venus is the planet of beauty as well as love and when either is in flow, you experience a sense of awe and wonder. This is cosmic harmony, in tune with the universe, the perfect note, a flawless sequence. It’s a symbol of unity.

Venus As Lover & Warrior

Yet there’s another factor to take into account. The Mayans thought of Venus as Morning star as the warrior goddess and it is important to remember that Venus is the archetype of woman, which not only includes lover but also warrior.

Venus has come to represent the feminine ideal that’s sweet and charming, but there are many aspects to Venus. If you want to know more, read up on your mythology or check out a previous article of mine: The Many Faces of Venus.

Love & Money

If you were born with Venus ahead of the Sun, i.e. Sun Pisces, Venus Aries she’s an evening star; if you were born with Venus behind the Sun i.e. Sun Aries, Venus Pisces she’s a morning star. If you were born with Sun conjunct Venus, she’s a dark/invisible star in your birth chart, full of potential.

VenusSo listen out now for insights and clarity. The light of the Sun at its brightest represents illumination, enlightenment. This is pure consciousness that can reveal much about your attitude to love and money, Venus’ core attributes.

It’s here where you may be reconsidering or reviewing your values, what you want, what you deserve, what you wish to change.

When the Sun and Venus unite in fiery Aries, retrograde Venus or not, this is potentially a passionate and powerful union. Look deep within and channel the divine feminine in your soul.

10 thoughts on “Venus In The Heart Of The Sun”

    1. Yes, I think it should be, especially as you are a Sun Libra. Planets in the opposite sign are often about the ‘other’ so look to where you don’t have control or other people have power, especially around love and money. Notice if your values are shifting in these key areas. Listen out for important insights. If anything, it should heighten the Sun/Venus conjunction for you. best, Sally

  1. Tasya Situmorang

    Venus was in Her Morning Star phase when I was born. I was born on 28th November 1996, so I’m a Sagittarius Sun at 6 degrees (in 9th house) with Scorpio Venus at 6 degrees (in 8th house). From looking at my natal chart, I have no planets opposing Venus, but I do have Venus (in Scorpio) squaring Uranus (in Aquarius), Moon (in Cancer) trines Venus, Sun (in Sagittarius) semi-sextiles Venus, Venus quintile Jupiter (in Capricorn), Venus bi-quintile Saturn (in Aries), Venus septile Mars (in Virgo), Mercury (in Sagittarius) semi-squaring Venus, Venus sesquiquadrate Ascendant (in Pisces), Venus semi-squaring Midheaven (in Sagittarius)… I must say that I’m single and I have never been in a relationship but at the same time, I feel very complete even without a partner (my 7th grade self was very desperate for a relationship so I asked every boys in my classroom, but most of them rejected me 😣. I approached this boy out just before Friday Night Dance Party finished and kissed him in the cheek, hoping that he would want me as his girlfriend. Actually it never happened. I was in love with him for 2~3 months). Do you think my preference to be (forever) single (or celibate) is due to much of the hard aspects in Venus with other planets or is it because I have Morning Star Venus (in Scorpio and 8th house), which Venus during this phase is believed to being able to stand up for what She believes/feels in, fight for what She desires, express strong emotions (both positive and negative emotions) and forget them with Her heart content, form new relationships (with anyone) and still maintain Her freedom and independence but at the same time, she’s uncompromising with her values and beliefs since She is a Warrior Goddess. I believe I am in tune with Venus as a Warrior Goddess/the angle of the Morning. Thank you 😗.

    1. Tasya Situmorang

      To be honest, I love my freedom and independence so much that I cannot imagine myself in a long-term commited relationship, let alone marriage and having my own family. Both commitment and marriage really scare me!!! 😥😝🤤. I’m already 20 years old, will be 21 years old at the end of November of this year. The reason why I say this is because I’m afraid that once I’m in a relationship, my freedom and independence will be compromised by having to always make my significant other happy by, for example, changing the way I dress/act/speak (especially when my clothes/actions/words don’t agree with him) or make love with him (even though I’m really tired and I want to sleep or I just don’t feel an orgasm from him) or when I’m expected to be the good, nice, quiet, compliant and even submissive girlfriend that he wants (especially when he’s very traditional minded, because I’m no damsel in distress. I can handle my own shit too! Even to some extent, my parents wants me to be like this) or stay with him 24/7 even though I want to go elsewhere with my friends or family or I just want to get out of the rut that a relationship can become. I believe that a relationship can lose its spark the more the couple wants to stick around all the time. I believe that distance DOES make lovebirds’s hearts grow fonder and I’m that type of person 😉😊. I must say that I will rather stay single and a virgin than having to compromise myself to a man (or other men) for a relationship.

    2. Interesting to read your comments. Venus Scorpio is very independent and strong and doesn’t always need to be in a relationship and yes, Venus as Morning Star is the Warrior Goddess. I would only consider the major aspects to Venus otherwise it gets too confusing. Yes, you have Venus/Uranus in square aspect, so this is independent too or it indicates sudden twists/turns in love. N.b. your generation is changing and the traditional model of one job, one marriage, 2.2 kids is becoming outdated! You are also a Sun Sagittarius who is a free spirit. So do what suits you. Having said that you have Venus trine a lovely Moon Cancer and Moon rules the mother. So at some stage in your life, I’m sure you will want to think about the possibility of having children. This is likely to kick in during your first Progressed Lunar Return – age 27. Also you will have Jupiter conjunct your Venus later this year, November 2017, which is often a time when a new relationship begins. Enjoy yourself and live life the way you choose.

      1. Tasya Situmorang

        Thank you so much for your comment, Sally! I very much appreciate not only your comment but also your article about Venus! I have been interested to learn about Venus, not only about Her own planet as well as Her zodiacal sign and house placements, but also Her phases (Inferior Conjunction, Morning Star, Superior Conjunction and Evening Star) and what each of the phases can do to everyone. For example, both a Sagittarius and Libra have Venus in Scorpio, which is detriment but nonetheless powerful. Actually, my mum and I have Venus in Scorpio. She is a Libra and I’m a Sagittarius. She was born when Venus was in Her evening phase and I was born when She was in her morning phase. Speaking of my immediate family members and myself, I’m the only family member that has Morning Star Venus. My mum, dad, younger brother and sister, all of them have Evening Star Venus. I don’t know exactly what house placements do my parents have in terms of their Venus placements, but I know that my dad has Venus in Sagittarius with Sun in Scorpio and my mum has Sun in Libra and Venus in Scorpio. From what I know, yes, my dad’s sun sign conjuncts my mum’s venus sign, which is why they married each other and had been married for the 22nd year this year (Wedding Anniversary: September 1995) even though Libra and Scorpio are adjacent signs. My younger siblings? I asked my parents what time they were born, along with mine, so that I could see the truly correct natal charts of my younger siblings. My younger brother has Venus in Leo (12th house) with Sun in Gemini (10th house) since he has Virgo ascendant and my younger sister has Venus in Aquarius (9th house) with Sun in Sagittarius (7th house) since she has Taurus ascendant. I have Pisces ascendant at 20-something degrees. What do you think about this? I sense that my immediate family me

        1. Tasya Situmorang

          Continuation: members don’t always understand why I’m so open to meet everyone and make friends with everyone while disregarding the consequences of possibly being taken advantage of/making the wrong choices (i.e. smoking/alcohol or drug abuse/having unprotected sex <—- this never happens to me at all)/throwing me under the bus etc. My mum likes to talk about my younger brother's possible crush. Actually not really his crush. This girl is Korean and she finds her to be very beautiful. Whenever my younger brother pulls up his phone, especially when he's on Instagram, my mum will look at her and admire her beauty and intelligence and yadiyada. Her obsession towards

          1. Tasya Situmorang

            his female schoolmate only makes me dislike her (I’ve never met her). You can call me jealous and yes I was a little jealous and I felt competitive towards her after she showed me a picture of her. I would sometimes say that I’m sexier than her (well of course, I’m sexy and I have the rights to say I’m sexier than her because I find her to be too soft and squishy for my taste. I would want to get to know her and change my perspective towards her. If my younger brother happens to marry her sometime in the future, I’l try my best to be a good sister-in-law for her). I must say that I’m an outgoing, sociable and quite extroverted person that likes to say what’s on my mind, express how I feel from my heart (whether I’m talking directly to people or I’m on my social media as long as I don’t mince my words. I tend to be proud of myself for saying things like it is), show off what I’ve got even if things are far from perfect/or if they are unconventional for the majority of people around me, pulling out faces, doing random body movements (whether I’m dancing out of the blue because I’m hearing to a great song or talking to myself because my mind is crazy active but hesitant to muster them or even pulling up/down my clothes). As a person with Morning Star Venus, I’m proud to own this because I would be a totally different person if I were a person with Evening Star Venus.

  2. Tasya Situmorang

    I’m very sorry for sending you very long messages. Continuing from the way I form relationships, I feel like I’m the only one that makes friends lightning fast while not thinking of how to even maintain the friendships. No wonder why my mum thinks that I cannot socialize with people over the sink. I told her that’s not true at all. I do know how to socialize with people; it’s just that I don’t really get many chances to do so, considering how many times my friends, the ones that take French classes with me in Institut Français d’Indonésie in Thamrin, central Jakarta, have invited me to tag along. Sadly, I haven’t been allowed to especially when my friends plan to go out somewhere far on the weekdays or the weekends.

    1. Tasya Situmorang

      When I see Venus as a Morning Star (Warrior Goddess) and Venus as an Evening Star (Love Goddess), I think of the question “Are you a fighter or a lover?”. Also I want to add that I told my mum and dad (at different times) that if I want a relationship, I’d much prefer to pursue the person rather than waiting until that person comes and gets me. My mum was shocked and a little mad whereas my dad remained calm but still had an opposing opinion about having a girl/woman pursuing a person for a relationship. My mum and dad of course don’t agree the idea of myself having to pursue a person for a relationship in fear of being rejected. But for me, if I were rejected, that’s not a big deal. I will be sad, hurt and disappointed but time must go on.

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