Aries August 2020

Aries monthly horoscopes

Mars’ Power

How are you finding Mars in your star sign, Aries? You’ve had a month to get used to the planet of speed, passion, anger and drive giving you a boost and there’s plenty more to come. Mars only leaves Aries on January 6, 2021.

Mars isn’t progressing as fast this month as it will turn retrograde on September 9th. That’s a key date to note for you and you’re wise to be pro-active and get things moving before Mars switches direction and is in retreat.

The Mars retrograde phase happens approximately once every two years for ten weeks. It can be a frustrating time, when you feel powerless or you’re not in control. Certainly, it’s not an ideal time to plan great things when you’re Mars-ruled. Instead, it’s a time to dig deep, rework your strategy and be stealthy rather than direct.

Yet, throughout August, Mars is strong for you, assertive, dynamic and bold. This month, Mars meets Lilith, the ‘wild woman’. This influence is most powerful on or around the 9th but a key feature for the next few weeks. Lilith is the untamed, wild aspect of yourself so this is potentially a passionate time for you.

You may have found the lockdown situation testing as you need action in life and you don’t enjoy being held back. Mars in Aries is turbo-charging the independent, competitive side of your nature.

Aries On A Mission

And, August’s stars suggest you could be on a mission. Mars is tackling the three planets in Capricorn, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn on the following dates: 4th, 13th and 24th. It’s a key feature of August’s astrology.

Capricorn rules your career and vocation sector, your status and reputation. It’s also about your parents or elders, the establishment or hierarchy. Good questions to ask in August are ‘what are you up against, who are you fighting and why?’

If you find yourself in an impossible situation, it will be hard to put up with things – a difficult boss or injustice, for example. And, you can choose to channel your forthright, courageous Aries nature into taking on the establishment and pushing for change.

Romance & Fun

Alternatively, you could champion love this month and unleash your passionate nature in other ways. The Sun is in Leo, after all, and your romance sector. The 16th/17th is a gorgeous time for schmoozing, charming and being super persuasive.

This is leading up the New Moon in Leo on the 19th, a lovely date for asking someone out, spending quality time with your kids or putting play and entertainment high up your list of priorities. Fire sign energy is strong for you this month – motivated, spontaneous and fun.

The Full Moon on the 3rd could be pivotal. The Moon is in Aquarius and cuts across one of the social sectors of your horoscope. It’s a great time to catch up with friends and do more of what you love. Make the most of August’s astrology to reconnect with yourself and the things in life that give you pleasure.

Money Moves

The Full Moon on the 3rd also clashes with Uranus in Taurus, the planet of change and surprise. Taurus is your money sector and this may be an unpredictable month financially. Uranus turns retrograde on the 15th and this can coincide with twists and turns.

Think freedom when it comes to money and reconsider what security means to you. Be prepared for the unexpected financially but also know that you could win big.

Uranus is rarely stable and steady. Instead, it’s a planet that has a roller-coaster theme and you’re wise to be flexible and adaptable around money matters.

Home, Health & Routine

Also, this month, love planet Venus enters Cancer and your home and family sector on the 7th. Be there for loved ones and notice who plays a supportive role in your life. You might be redecorating or making the garden look beautiful. Venus in Cancer favours harmony and beauty in equal measure.

The last ten days of August have a ‘back to work’ vibe as first Mercury enters Virgo on the 20th followed by the Sun on the 22nd. Grab your pleasurable moments while you can this month and take time out or go away while the Sun basks in Leo.

Virgo time benefits from a regular routine and attention to your health and fitness. You could find additional support for the competitive situation you find yourself in. Take advice from your sensible workmates or colleagues and rein in your Aries’ attack mode.

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