Taurus August 2020

Venus Enters Cancer

Your planet Venus is on the move this month for the first time since early April. Venus has been in Gemini and your personal money sector for the last four months.

On the 7th, Venus changes star sign and moves into emotional Cancer where it remains throughout August. Therefore, you too may sense that this is a definitive month, a time to do things differently and move on in some way.

Venus in Cancer lights up your communication sector and life close to home. Some of you may feel ready to get back out in the world and want to reconnect with friends, neighbours, relatives and your local community.

Venus in Cancer is caring and kind and you might be doing what you can to help others. Or, you’re the one to receive an unexpected compliment or gift. Notice what happens on or around the 18th when this vibe is especially strong.

Home & Family Moves

Your home and family sector is highlighted through August. The Sun shines bright in Leo until the 22nd and talk planet Mercury joins the Sun from the 5th to the 20th. This suggests catching up with loved ones or making significant moves at home.

There’s a buzz in this area of your horoscope and it’s a good time to ring the changes and do things differently. The New Moon falls in Leo on the 19th, an excellent date to arrange a get-together or initiate home renovations or a property move.

The Full Moon on the 3rd also highlights your home life, your security and foundations. The Sun in Leo opposes the Moon in Aquarius but it’s not necessarily a steady time in the month.

In fact, this Full Moon clashes with Uranus, the planet of change, in your star sign, Taurus. Therefore, this indicates that movements at home or work could instigate significant change in your personal life.

Alternatively, you may feel more than ready to get things moving yourself and experience a strong desire for change.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 15th and remains at 10 degrees Taurus throughout August. If your birthday falls at the end of April or beginning of May, you will feel the Uranus’ factor most strongly.

Sometimes, external events kick in to bring about change. Other times, it’s your own feelings of restlessness that trigger a move.

Into Battle

Mars is strong this month blazing a trail through fire sign Aries. This is the most hidden sector of your horoscope and it could be what’s happening on the inside is the biggest accelerator to change on the outside. You could be deeply into personal growth work or walking a spiritual path.

For some of you, this may mean you’re caring for others or need to take good care of yourself. Mars is active on the 16th and 17th, a positive time to ask family for support or be the one reaching out to take charge at home.

Mars clashes with three planets in Capricorn this month, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn on the 4th, 13th and 24th. This flags up a situation which makes you angry, perhaps to do with travel or study. Finding your plans change last-minute. Or, discovering that you can’t do the things you want to do.

Ensure you let off steam constructively and channel your emotions well. Try not to get caught up in a conflict that wears you out, whether legal or otherwise. Don’t overdo it if you’re studying or aiming to learn something new.

Consider carefully which battles are worth fighting and where you’re wise to let go and conserve your energies. This particular situation could run and run, perhaps until the beginning of 2021.

Note that Mars is your partner planet so this challenging astrology could relate to your other half or someone close. If s/he is heading for burn out, you may need to be the one to step in, counsel and lend a hand.

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