Aquarius June 2021

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There’s a lot of planetary activity in Gemini this month, one of your fellow air signs. Gemini rules the most creative sector of your horoscope and the things in life that you give birth to, including children, also your gifts and talents, your masterpiece.

This is a romantic sector of your horoscope and it’s about embracing play more so than work and doing what you love. The astrology suggests that this is a good month to lose yourself in a passionate or creative pursuit.

Mercury Retrograde

Communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Gemini until the 22nd. Therefore, this isn’t a top month for being speedy or getting ahead. Instead, you’re wise to take the pace slow and change around your routine when necessary.

Take time out if you can and allow yourself space to let your mind wander. Be close by water, whether you head for the sea or walk by the river. Be in nature and channel your emotions into an activity that’s uplifting.

This might include art galleries, reading poetry, watching film, listening to music. Now’s the time to find your muse.

Do be aware, however, that this is potentially an emotional month – the key dates are the 5th, 13th & 25th. You may be feeling sentimental about the past or find that your heart is opened when you meet someone new or are introduced to a new born baby.

This could feel potentially disorienting and confusing for you when your emotions lead the way. Perhaps, not everything will work out as you had hoped with Mercury on go slow and you may find sad emotions creeping in. 

For example, you could be concerned about a child or lover. Stay with your feelings when you can as the best way to deal with them is to experience them fully to find your way through. 

Also, remember not to make any final decisions while Mercury’s on go slow. You can’t believe everything you hear or read when Mercury’s up to its tricks. The 22nd is the decisive turning point.

Solar Eclipse & Love

There’s a Solar Eclipse in Gemini on the 10th which could bring something special your way. The theme is revisiting the past and reconnecting with other people. 

This is an intriguing Solar Eclipse as there’s a Sun/retrograde Mercury conjunction on the 11th. This is more about sowing seeds than launching something new but listen out for insights or a moment of synchronicity. Events around the Solar Eclipse could get your creative juices flowing.

Love too is highlighted during the eclipse as Gemini rules your romance sector. And, the day after the eclipse, the 11th, passion planet Mars enters Leo and your relationship sector.

Mars remains here until the end of July and is joined by the love planet Venus on the 27th. The lovers of the heavens are lining up for a special union next month.

This is not necessarily about new love. Perhaps, it’s a past love that’s reawakened. Someone may be back in touch this month and this whole experience reminds you of happy times or what’s been and gone. It would be a good month to reconnect with a childhood sweetheart.

Work & Money

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st, the day of the Solstice, and it’s time to pay more attention to your work, your routine and health. Three days later and there’s a Full Moon that cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac on the 24th.

You may want to retreat or take a step back during this Full Moon. It’s a good time to reassess what next in the areas of work and health.

You may find that a bonus or gift opens up the possibilities in your life. The key dates are the 1st & 3rd, the 23rd & 28th. Money and work are linked with good fortune.


Finally, there’s the second of three major planetary aspects between your co-rulers, Saturn & Uranus, this month. This takes place on the 14th although it’s a backdrop theme to your year.

Saturn in your star sign Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus and your home and family sector. There may be significant changes taking place that mean you’re uprooted in some way. Or, your home or family situation requires you to readjust how you see yourself.

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  1. Thank you for this horoscope. I really enjoyed it and shall be tuning in going forwards and heeding your gentle advice.

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