Pisces June 2021

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The planets are pulling you back towards the past this month. This is because of the line-up of planets currently in Gemini and your home and family sector throughout June. The Sun is here until the 21st. 

Mercury Retrograde

Home and family affairs are under the cosmic spotlight but there’s a theme of retreat. This is because communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Gemini until the 22nd, ideal for taking a trip down memory lane.

This is not the time to rush into anything. In fact, you may find that life takes you on an unexpected path or a diversion. You may have to be patient before you can find your way forward.

Mercury retrograde in your home and family sector flags up past connections, whether you’re the one who’s in touch with someone from your childhood or an ex or old friend gets back in touch with you.

You might be drawing up your family tree or sorting out old photos and sentimental attachments. It would be a great month to do so.

Solar Eclipse

Plus, the Solar Eclipse on the 10th is also in Gemini. A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon with extra oomph but your gaze is currently to the past rather than to the future. As there’s a Sun/Mercury retrograde conjunction on the 11th, the Solar Eclipse power could be illuminating or revelatory.

It might be an ideal time to find a long-lost relative or think about moving back closer to your family or your childhood home. Eclipses are often synonymous with endings and new beginnings.

Depending on your personal situation, you may seek independence from your past, decide to forge your own path in life or initiate a new chapter in your life, connected to your home and family.

Neptune’s Influence

Neptune is a key player this month too, your co-ruler in Pisces. Neptune’s active on the 5th, 13th & 25th. This can be a dreamy influence, a time to visualise where you want to be or who you want to be with. You might be yearning for somewhere new to live or be hoping for an addition to your family.

This could be a deeply reflective time when you want to retreat from the world and spend more time alone or at home. You might be experiencing strong emotions around your family, whether you’re saying goodbye or letting go.

This month’s astrology could feel disorienting at times or leave you feeling confused. It’s not the month to take anything at face value and don’t believe everything you hear or read. Make any major decisions after the 22nd, the day that Mercury turns direct.

Love & Joy

Love and romance dominate this month too. Love planet Venus is in Cancer and your romance sector from the 2nd to the 27th. The Sun joins Venus in Cancer on the 21st, the day of the Solstice. Plus three days later, on the 24th, there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac.

You may find that your heart is full whether you’re in the throes of a love affair or there’s a joyful birth or addition to the family. You might be channeling your emotions into your art, poetry or another inspirational activity. The 1st & 3rd, 23rd & 28th are stand-out dates for you when your planet Jupiter is in action.

You have both your ruling planets, Jupiter & Neptune, in Pisces this month. Plus, both planets switch direction – Jupiter on the 20th & Neptune on the 25th. If ever there was a month to follow your dreams, it’s now. Spread your net far and wide as some of your wishes will come true.

Work & Health

Finally, there’s a shift in planetary energy after the 11th when action planet Mars enters Leo and your work and health sector. You may have more energy yourself for these key areas of your life. This suggests that this is going to be a busy month for you which could feel overwhelming at times.

The planet of relating, Venus, joins Mars in Leo on the 27th. Leo rules your work and routine, your health and well-being. Focus on looking after yourself and put new habits and routines in place that benefit you moving forward.

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