Aquarius Horoscope August 2022

The Star, Aquarius horoscope

Freedom & Action

Your modern ruling planet Uranus is involved in the major planetary activity that kicks in at the beginning of the month. Uranus is the only planet to turn retrograde this month and does so on the 24th. This combination intensifies Uranus-related activity this month, the planet of freedom & liberation.

Uranus is currently in Taurus and your home and family sector. This is about the past and where you come from and this planet/sign combination is restless, independent and favours change. ‘Who or what are you breaking free from?’ is a good question to ask. Where do you need to take steps to move away from the past and find your own place in life?

Action planet Mars adds to the heat in your home and family sector as Mars is in Taurus until the 20th. Plus, there’s a volatile, impulsive Mars-Uranus conjunction at the start of the month on the 1st/2nd, great for being independent and acting fast.

Add to this the karmic North Node pulled into the planetary mix and you may be aware of the wheel of fortune turning, taking you along with it.

You could have a lot to rebel against or fight for this month and you might be one of the people leading the way. Keep your eyes firmly fixed on your future goals and bring your noble Aquarius’ characteristics to the fore. Your star sign is often linked to humanitarian, environmental or social goals.

If you’re typical of your star sign, you care about others and where the world is heading. Or, perhaps you have your own personal nirvana you’re searching for. Either way, it feels like a pivotal month ahead.

Clashes & Conflict

There are clashes this month between your two ruling planets, Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. Action planet Mars is also involved, so home could be a battlefield or noisy. You may be caught up in a family argument or have little space for yourself.

This might be the trigger or catalyst for a sudden move. The key dates are the 1st & 7th, 11th & 14th, 27th & 28th. If you’re caught up in a personal situation this month, it may not be resolved until the end of August.

Be choosy about which battles you commit to and notice when your competitive nature kicks in. Also, ask whether you’re being too rigid or stubborn at times. It’s an important month for self-reassessment with strong planetary influence taking place.

Your co-rulers, Saturn & Uranus, clashed in 2021 and this was the dominant planetary aspect of the year. Therefore, whatever played out last year may be back under the cosmic spotlight in the second half of this year.

Saturn & Uranus are opposite planetary archetypes. They pit the old (Saturn) against the new (Uranus), the conventional (Saturn) against the unconventional (Uranus), rules (Saturn) versus liberty (Uranus). 

You may literally be caught up in the middle of protests or pulled between opposing rules, laws and alternative viewpoints. This may be about your role within society, deciding what you believe and where your principles lie. Freedom is likely to be a key issue one way or another.

Full Moon Aquarius

The pivotal time in the month could be the Full Moon on the 12th as it falls in your star sign, Aquarius. Full Moons often bring completion or culmination and this is an important Full Moon for stopping and reassessing your current situation.

Aquarius rules your personal goals and aims, your image and profile. Your identity may be changing. Or, you see yourself differently. Whatever’s foreground for you, stop and take a breath, consider where you’ve come from, where you’re heading and why.

Full Moons are about relationships and, up until the 23rd of August, the Sun is in Leo and your relationship sector. Therefore, this Full Moon could be a significant turning point regarding your one-to-one’s. 

This Full Moon is important for you for another reason as it reignites the Saturn-Uranus square aspect. The Moon sits next to Saturn, a steadying but somber influence.

Plus, the Full Moon is square to the Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Uranus is the awakener, the rebel, alternative and innovative. It’s the bringer of change and favours spontaneity and flexibility over tradition or stability.

There may be a tough decision to make regarding home and family, your past or present relationships. Don’t rush into making a decision if you’re not ready. Take your time, do your research and gather more information.

If you’re starting a business venture or entering a personal relationship, you may be wise to sign a prenup or get the financial side of matters sorted first. When planets are in Leo, it’s easy to get swept up in the passion of love but a different response may be needed.

A Slower, Steady Pace

There are some factors this month that feel calm and relaxed, a helpful influence. Firstly, lovely Venus graces star sign Cancer and your work and health sector until the 11th. This is a good time to focus on teamwork and ensure you have a group of creative people around you. 

Be supportive of work colleagues and ask for help and advice in return. Having people who care for you deeply is the best form of medicine.

Also, from the 4th to the 26th, communication planet Mercury is in earth sign Virgo lighting up one of the money sectors of your horoscope. The Sun moves here on the 23rd followed by the New Moon in Virgo on the 27th.

This is your cue to get your cosmic ducks in order, sort out your finances and feel the earth under your feet. Remember that you not only have Uranus ruling your star sign but steady Saturn too. The rebel needs somewhere to stop and rest and hold firm now and again.

Love & Creativity

Finally, love may be on the agenda because the planet of love Venus is in Leo and your relationship sector from the 11th onwards. The 18th could be a stand-out date when love and friendship are linked. If you’re keen on meeting someone new, take the initiative, ask someone out, go get what you want.

Also, passion planet Mars is stirring up excitement in your fellow air sign Gemini and your romance sector from the 20th onwards. There’s a thrill of the new about love and relationships with Mars here.

Gemini doesn’t only romance, as it’s linked to children and pregnancy, creative activities and fun in your horoscope. And, Mars is going to be in Gemini an unusually long time for seven months until March 2023.

Therefore, you might commit to a hobby, skill or talent. This could involve communication, either the written or spoken word. You may be thinking about adoption or working with the younger generation. Flex your creative muscle towards the end of August and it could keep you busy for some time.

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