A Magical Sun Venus Conjunction

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Sun conjunct Venus [20° Leo 28′] 

August 13, 2023 (12:16 GMT)

In ancient times, Venus was thought to be a star rather than a planet as she was so bright in the night sky. We witnessed Venus’ beauty as an evening star in the last few months. Yet, Venus has now disappeared from view. 

This is because Venus is reaching the mid-way point of her retrograde cycle which takes place this weekend on August 13th. 

The mid-way point is significant because it’s when the Sun and Venus are at the exact same point in the zodiac. This conjunction of the Sun and Venus retrograde is a symbolic turning point and there’s magic within it. It symbolises intimacy, connection, a sweet moment. Use it to draw closer to someone or something you love. 

It’s called cazimi in astrology when a planet is illuminated by the rays of the Sun. The exact time of the Sun-Venus cazimi moment is 12:16 GMT+1 on Sunday 13th. Venus will have her audience with the Sun for a few hours either side.

This could be a significant time for close relationships. Yet, Venus in Leo is a symbol of self-love, learning to truly value and honour the person you are. This may be one of the best ways to utilise this Venus retrograde phase, to know yourself and learn to yourself more deeply.

Sun/Venus Conjunction

This is called an inferior conjunction and it’s the time when Venus is shifting from an evening star to a morning star in the night sky. In other words, Venus has disappeared from the sky after sunset and you will need to wake before sunrise to see Venus once she emerges again over the next few weeks.

Venus becomes invisible as she merges with the Sun and the symbolism suggests her descent into the Underworld. She disappears from sight and reemerges reborn.

The first half of the retrograde cycle is more reflective, when you turn inwards for deep insight. You learn more about yourself, especially in relation to love, money, beauty and creativity, Venus’ themes.

The Sun illuminates Venus as they sit side by side in the zodiac, the mid-way point, and this is considered a rebirth moment. Venus is regathering her strength as she reconnects with her passion.

The second half of the Venus retrograde phase begins next week and is a time to start gathering strength ready for Venus emerging from the underworld on September 4th.

The Flower Of Venus

The pattern that Venus makes in relation to the Sun and Earth in her long & complex journey is beautiful. There’s a perfect flow and symmetry and the resulting movement of Venus in relation to the earth resembles a five-petalled flower.

There’s a lovely 5 minute video you can watch to show the Earth and Venus dance their tango around the Sun. Click here to view the dance: Sun/Venus.

Venus is the planet of beauty as well as love. When either is in flow, you often experience a sense of awe and wonder. This is cosmic harmony, in tune with the universe, the perfect note, a flawless sequence. 

Here’s the current cosmic pattern of Venus’ transit through Leo:

  • Venus enters Leo – June 5, 2023 (14:46 GMT+1)
  • Venus turns retrograde [28 Leo 36] – July 23, 2023 ( GMT+1)
  • Sun conjunct Venus R Leo [20 Leo 28] – August 13, 2023 (12:16 GMT+1)
  • Venus turns direct [12 Leo 12] – September 4, 2023 ( GMT+1)
  • Venus leaves Leo – October 9, 2023 (02:11 GMT+1)

Venus’ 8 Year Cycle

Venus was called the harmoniser in ancient times because she makes an almost perfect cycle in the heavens every 8 years. Therefore, think back to the summers of 201520071999, 19911983 and so on, to see whether this is a significant cycle for you.

Was it a summer of love? Or, a season of passion, if you live in the southern hemisphere. Was it a time when you valued yourself more highly? Or, did you use the Venus retrograde phase to create an object of beauty?

Notice where Leo falls in your horoscope as Venus is going back and forth throughout this area. Here’s a quick guide. Read both your Sun & Ascendant sign: 

  • Leo: Your body, your image and appearance, your personal goals and aims, self-love
  • Virgo: Your inner journey and spiritual path; self-care and caring for others
  • Libra: Your friendships and groups, your involvement within society, love and friendship
  • Scorpio: Your career and vocation, your status and reputation, your business partnerships
  • Sagittarius: Your learnings, travel and adventure, meaning and purpose, long-distance romance
  • Capricorn: Your joint finances, your sex life, all things hidden and taboo, love and passion
  • Aquarius: Your relationships – both personal and professional, love contracts
  • Pisces: Your job, your routine and lifestyle, how you serve and help other people, teamwork and employees
  • Aries: Your creativity, skills and talents, your children, fun and entertainment, love affairs and dating
  • Taurus: Your home and family, your past and where you come from, childhood sweethearts
  • Gemini: Your communications, your local community, your siblings and neighbours, your ‘next door’ sweetheart
  • Cancer: Your money and possessions, your financial and emotional security, your values and self-worth

Use this weekend’s Sun/Venus cazimi conjunction to make the right connections, to ‘have your audience with the King’, seek illumination & enlightenment, honour love and beauty and pray to the Goddess of harmony.

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