Wimbledon Tennis Predictions 2017

Update: The astrology worked beautifully for Wimbledon. Roger Federer had the best astrology of the Big Four/Five and a strong showing of Jupiter in Libra closely applying to sextile his Sun Leo was enough to win him a record 8th Wimbledon title in the men’s tournament. The Cancer theme of the chart suggested a ‘home’ win and, although he’s not a Brit, he remains a favourite of the Wimbledon courts.

In the women’s tournament, Garbine Muguruza (b. October 8 1993) took the title. The Mercury-Uranus square, the astrological signature of the tournament chart, indicated a new, young winner. Plus, it was Jupiter luck once again that predicted the women’s winner as her Sun is at 15 Libra, so transiting Jupiter was applying to a conjunction with her natal Sun, which happens once ever 12 years.

We’re back for another round of tennis, sunshine? and strawberries with the annual event at Wimbledon.

It’s been an unusual year so far in the Grand Slam tennis with two of the ‘old masters’ adding to their tally of Grand Slam victories: Roger Federer in the Australian Open & Rafa Nadal in the French Open.

Will it be another win at Wimbledon for one of the old school or will the young guns start to dominate?

Wimbledon Chart

Above is the chart for the start of the tournament and unlike last year’s astrology, Wimbledon 2016, this time it’s not a clear showing for the favourite. The planet that rules the Ascendant and Midheaven of the chart is Mercury, the planet associated with tennis, but it’s in emotional Cancer and not in its own preferred sign of rulership, Gemini.

Mercury will leave Cancer and move into a more confident placing in fire sign Leo on July 9th. Before it leaves Cancer however, it clashes with Uranus, the planet that often flags up surprises. There’s a ‘trickster’ theme to Mercury/Uranus connections. This could suggest a younger winner and it’s interesting that there’s little positive astrology amongst the Big Four (Five if you include Wawrinka).

Other pointers to note re. the astrology during Wimbledon. On July 9th, there’s a Full Moon at 17 degrees Capricorn which falls close to Pluto, the planet of extremes, at 18 Capricorn. Plus, the day before the tournament starts, Mars at 18 Cancer opposes Pluto at 18 Capricorn and the aspect remains strong in the tournament chart. This is intense astrology that could bring some spectacular turn-arounds.

Pluto has a reputation for being the ‘wipe-out’ planet. Many years ago when I was the astrologer for the Daily Star newspaper, I used to write astrology/football predictions. One of my best predictions was that Roy Keane would be sent off during the 1999 FA Cup final due to a stunning Pluto transit. He wasn’t sent off but within 8 minutes of the game, he was injured and substituted. Will Pluto themes be a factor at Wimbledon? We’ll soon find out.

Here’s a quick look at the astrology for the top 5 seeds, plus the Best of the Rest.

Andy Murray, b. May 15 1987, 2:10pm, Glasgow, UK

Andy Murray is the title holder at Wimbledon but he goes into the tournament with injury rumours. After winning 5 times at Queens in recent years, this year he was dumped out in the 1st round. His astrology doesn’t show strongly for Wimbledon either. Neptune at 14 Pisces is exactly conjunct his Descendant. The Ascendant/Descendant is about relationships on the one hand (Descendant) but it’s also about the physical body (Ascendant). So here’s the worry, the ‘will he, won’t he’ stay injury free.

Plus in Andy’s chart, Chiron, the wounded healer, is at 19 Gemini 40, almost exactly conjunct the Wimbledon chart’s Midheaven, the success point. The latest injury is to his hip, and in the body, the hip is ruled by Jupiter astrologically. Currently, Jupiter is at 14 Libra heading towards an opposition to his natal Jupiter at 17 Aries. So two planetary factors that flag up injury worries.

The only plus for Andy is a stunning progression between Mercury and Mars, both currently at 15 degrees Cancer. Yet this progression never actually makes exactitude because Mercury is starting to slow down in readiness for turning retrograde, i.e in retreat. Andy succumbed to his hip injury in week 2.

Novak Djokovic, b. May 22 1987, 11:25pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Novak’s progressed Sun is now in Cancer as it’s left behind the tennis sign, Gemini. Personally, I think it will be tough for him to get back to his competitive best until the progressed Sun reaches natal Mars, his career planet next year.

Looking for transits, nothing leaps out. His natal Mercury is at 18 Gemini close to the tournament chart’s Midheaven, success point and the Moon at 8 Scorpio in the tournament chart is conjunct his natal Pluto, close to his own Midheaven. Both minor testimonies. Add to this the fact that the Full Moon mid-tournament cuts across his Ascendant/Descendant at 16 degrees Capricorn/Cancer and this is weird astrology. Will he crash out or will he regain his obsessive desire to win? Novak did crash out in the 2nd week having to retire from a match with a shoulder injury.

Roger Federer, b. August 8 1981, 8:40am, Basel, Switzerland

Roger Federer has had an awesome 2017 so far. He’s won every event he’s entered, except for a blip at Stuttgart when he lost to Tommy Haas. He bowed out of the clay season, but let’s face it, Wimbledon is his favourite venue.

Astrologically the big progression that’s coincided with his return to form is Mercury (career planet) conjunct lucky Jupiter. He has this connection in his own natal chart as these two planets make a positive sextile aspect. The progression is starting to separate as Mercury is now at 14 Libra 34 and Jupiter at 14 Libra 08. Yet it’s still pretty close.

Add to this the fact that Jupiter by transit is picking up his natal Sun/Mercury Leo conjunction by sextile aspect close to the tournament and this is strong astrology. Jupiter was exactly sextile his natal Mercury on June 22nd and Jupiter will be exactly sextile his natal Sun on July 20th.

His natal Mars is at 13 Cancer so he’s just experienced his Mars Return, which takes place once every 2 years and is a burst of energy. Plus the Sun at 11 Cancer in the tournament chart is heading towards a conjunction with his natal Mars.

The only questionable planetary transit is Saturn at 23 Sagittarius which is almost exactly conjunct his natal Neptune at 22 Sagittarius. This might however be more about family/relationships than his tennis career. What stood out for me with Roger’s astrology was how the current transits were backing up his major Mercury/Jupiter progression. Jupiter by transit triggering his natal Sun/Mercury conjunction in Leo and transiting Mercury in Leo conjunct his natal planets during the tournament. This is often a strong testimony for success.

Rafael Nadal, b. June 3 1986, 7:10pm, Manacor, Spain

Rafa had some lovely transits during his French Open win a few weeks back, in particular Jupiter turning direct in an extra trine to his natal Sun at 12 Gemini and lively Uranus picking out his natal Mercury at 26 Gemini, his career planet.

Both transits are still active but wide and separating. In fact, there’s not a lot that leaps out in his astrology apart from the fact that his Venus is at 15 Cancer so the Sun and Full Moon will light up his love planet during the tournament. It doesn’t however seem to be about his tennis career, more likely money and love.

On the day of the final, Venus has moved to 12 Gemini exactly conjunct his natal Sun but without stronger astrology, it will be a big ask for him to benefit from this positive minor transit. Rafa produced the best match of the tournament, an epic 5 setter against Gilles Muller, a Sun Taurus. He proved once again that the’s the gladiator (Mars Capricorn – ruling planet) of tennis, although in the end if was the Taurus Muller who refused to budge.

Stanislas Wawrinka – b. March 28 1985, 11:05am, Lausanne, Switzerland

Stan seems to do well at the French Open when the planet Uranus has dominated the astrology. Uranus is currently in Aries and Stan is a Sun Aries with two other key planets, Mercury and Venus, in the first sign of the zodiac.

He has some tricky astrology during Wimbledon. Saturn is exactly opposite his Moon at 23 Gemini 12 on July 3rd, the day the tournament begins. The Moon rules your inner needs and it’s his ruling planet. This Saturn transit feels uncomfortable. Plus Pluto is square to both his natal Venus/Mercury in Aries on July 14 and July 21. So it doesn’t seem to suggest that good fortune is on his side.

Best of the Rest (n.b. there are few accurate birth times for the up-and-coming tennis players)

Just like for the favourites above, I’m not seeing a lot of positive astrology for the other seeded players. Only a couple of the players have outstanding astrology.

Dominic Thiem – b. September 3 1993, time unknown, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Dominic Thiem is a Sun Virgo with a glorious Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Libra, Mars at 14 Libra 02 and Jupiter at 15 Libra 31. Look where Jupiter is right now and it’s exactly on Dominic’s Mars as the tournament begins and almost exactly conjunct his natal Jupiter on the day of the final. It’s his lucky Jupiter Return which happens once every 12 years.

The only question mark here is that his Mars/Jupiter conjunction makes a square aspect to a Uranus/Neptune conjunction both at 18 degrees Capricorn in his natal chart. This is where Pluto is currently located and the Full Moon on July 9th will light up this generational planetary aspect in his chart. This suggests he’s either going to storm this tournament or crash and burn.

His natal Venus is at 7 Leo close to the Midheaven of the chart for the Wimbledon final. He’s definitely one to watch but will it be Jupiter (good fortune) or Pluto (bad fortune) that triumphs over the other?

Feliciano Lopez – b. September 20 1981, time unknown, Toledo, Spain

Feliciano Lopez was born the same year as Roger Federer. Another Sun Virgo, he’s just won at Queen’s on the run up to Wimbledon. He too is coming up for his Jupiter Return, although he’s 12 years older than Dominic Thiem.

Feliciano’s Jupiter is at 15 Libra 38 so Jupiter was honing in last week when he won at Queen’s and is moving closer to the exact conjunction. This doesn’t mean he’s a shoo-in to win at Wimbledon, but he does have the planet of good fortune, Jupiter, on his side.

Who Will Win?

Wimbledon has remained the domain of the Big Four, Roger, Rafa, Novak & Andy since 2002 when Leyton Hewitt won the coveted title. Out of the favourites, Roger Federer has the best astrology. I’ll be interested to keep an eye on some of the young guns too because of the tournament chart astrology.

Please do leave your comments and add anything further you see. It’s always extremely helpful for me to have other eyes on the astrology. Happy Tennis!

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  1. Hi Sally, great post! About Andy Murray’s chart: I have read on other sites that Chiron, whilst associated with wounding, can also be a positive sign for learning and self-healing, so perhaps it’s not all bad for Andy!
    Also, apparently, Chiron is also associated with the hands, which is curious….
    There is a huge question mark over Murray’s fitness/injuries etc…but I don’t see the Chiron connection as being totally negative, because it may simply be a symbol of challenge. Chiron is cited elsewhere as being associated with ‘self remembrance.’ It will be interesting to see if Andy can overcome these aspects….

    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Lucy, thank you for your comment. Interesting to read. All the planets/asteroids tend to have a positive and negative description. Even good old Pluto is called the planet of transformation by some (I still think you have to go down into the underworld before transformation can take place though!). I agree that sometimes our ‘wounds’ can be a source of great learning. I’ve not heard that Chiron is about the hands though – I would have thought more likely the leg as that’s where Chiron received his incurable wound in mythology. Not sure about ‘self remembrance’ either – that seems weird. I do see Chiron as the bridge between the physical and metaphysical worlds, but how that helps/hinders Andy in winning Wimbledon is anyone’s guess 🙂

  2. As far as the form of the players is concerned i think roger will have to look out for Mischa, sacha and cilic.

  3. Thanks Sally for the predictions! Look forward to hearing from other astrologers. It will be great if Roger can pull it off!!

  4. Hi Sally, great post and nice to be back …..

    Hopefully Fed wins his 19th title ….. My logical mind speaks potential semi finalist

    Top half draw
    1) Nadal – the only thorn to his progress to SF is Cilic* ( also Nadal would spend less time than other potential SF on grass enroute to SF. So he will be more fresh in later stages, that is danger for everyone)
    Note :- I actually doubt Cilic to reach that far

    2) Murray or Wawrinka :- Wawrinka is my bet for SF. For Murray to be in SF he has to be 100% fit in wimbledon from starting stage till SF ( It will be hard seen the current situation) , also he is in hard draw. If Nick Krygios is fit ( which I is also doubt ) he can defeat Murray ( given the declining form factor + health issue with Murray ) . If However Murray wins that battle he has to go past wawrinka ( or Tsonga ) which would be difficult for him.
    I have picked wawrinka over tsonga because wawrinka tends to play better in latter stages if he is in.

    3) Thiem/Berdych/Richard – In this either it will be Thiem or Berdych/Richard. Will tend to pick Thiem ( although recently he has lost a guy who is beyond 100 ranking ). Djokovic in this draw will either loose to Thiem or much earlier to Lopez ( who have shown tremendous form ).

    This draw is toughest for SF. For Djokovic to be in SF he has to have great believe in him ( which i really doubt given the current form of his ).

    4) Now comes my favorite choice to pick 🙂 Federer : I am picking federer one because i like him. Other reason is challenger for him to SF route is A.Zevrev/Dimitrov/Raonic ….. as far as i am concerned is Raonic , but given his declining form this season and Federer’s form , fed should over come these hurdle

    So for me SF line most potentially would be Nadal vs Wawrinka/Nick ( if he is fit otherwise Murray ) and Federer vs Thiem.

    I might be totally wrong on this but to be true I was also bit partial towards Nadal and Fed as i want to see them in final and want Fed to defeat Nadal to win his 19th title.

    Now guys : Giving two earlier prediction of Greenstone Lobo 🙂 food for tought

    1) way back in Dec 2016 GL wrote this about Djokovic
    Novak Djokovic (inset) ended the relationship with Boris Becker on a bad note. This probably would coincide with the decline in fortunes for the Serbian tennis superstar.

    Djokovic has a stupendous horoscope with Planet-X, Uranus and Planet-Z in exaltation. This extraordinary arrangement of planets has propelled him to be the No. 1 in tennis. The Serb achieved this position when Planet-X was transiting his fifth house of fame and success during 2011 to 2016. The legendary horoscope of Becker only added additional impetus to Djokovic’s success.

    Right now, Planet-X has moved into Novak’s sixth house of tough challenges. What this would mean is that the Serb would find it difficult to emulate the successes he achieved during the previous phase. Injuries and other obstacles would prevent Djokovic from dethroning Roger Federer as the highest Grand Slam winner.

    1) Way back in August 2013 GL wrote this about federer and has predicted 20 GS for him at age around 36
    Roger Federer’s new racquet may not exactly change his current slump in form; but it’s not the end of the road for him; not yet.

    The Swiss Master has a simply ‘out-of-the world’ horoscope. The 1981 born has Uranus and ‘Planet-Y’ in exaltation concurrently, a rare phenomenon that happens once in about 200 years. The current top three in tennis can never overtake his achievements even by the end of their careers.

    However, current planetary positions are not exactly in favour of Federer. Transiting Saturn is his sixth lord and is in exaltation. Saturn would pose tough situations, health concerns wherein winning becomes an excruciating proposition. Saturn would favour the 1986-87 born guys to rule the roost till the end of 2014 till it remains in exaltation.

    FedEx can make a grand comeback in second half of 2014 and follow through with a brilliant 2015-16. He can actually create magic at 34-36 and probably become one of the oldest male players to win singles grand slams ever. 20 Grand Slams? Possible, very possible. The man has it in him to re-write all the possibilities of the game.

    Interestingly, a 1981-born male has never won an Olympic Gold singles in tennis. That’s really strange as 1981 was probably the best year of the century for sports people. Will Federer be too old to win it in 2016? Well it’s not all that impossible for him … for he has the horoscope of the greatest tennis player ever to have walked the planet.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you for your comments and reposting Greenstone Lobo’s predictions. Always interesting to read. Djokovic is probably glad that Becker is no longer his coach with all his much-publicised bankruptcy problems!

  5. @vj: I have a feeling that the final will be between Murray and Federer….
    Also, that if this happens, Fed will win and it will be a repeat of Murray’s first Wimbledon final, when he lost to Fed and shed those tears….
    Hope Andy can win – but we will see!

  6. Thanks, Sally! So wonderful to see your analysis for Wimbledon!

    After Rafa’s huge success at the French Open, I would love to see Roger win another Wimbledon. It seems to me that this year might be his best chance, with the Jupiter progression in effect. In addition, if the time of birth we’ve seen is accurate, his progressed Ascendant is close to the exact conjunction to his Jupiter. That would be an additional excellent Jupiter progression in effect.

    I too am wondering about the nearly exact transit of Saturn to his Neptune by the day of the final. Could that limit (Saturn) his dream (Neptune), or could it bring solid manifestation (Saturn) of his dream (Neptune)? Or, there again, it could express in some other area of his life.

    Also, the Full Moon you mentioned is within range (?) of the opposition to his Mars. Do you see that as a potential downfall?

    1. I should have said, an additional excellent progression INVOLVING Jupiter in effect. This one is the progressed Ascendant conjunct NATAL Jupiter.

      Also, in Roger’s progressed chart, the Moon will be about half a degree from the exact trine to the Midheaven. This could be helpful, since the Moon rules his progressed Midheaven in Cancer.

      1. Hi Astro Tennis,

        Just read your description on Roger’s and Rafa’s, who do you think got the best Astrology for Wimbledon? Sally said Roger got better Astrology than Rafa.

        Are you the lady from RF.com website before the forum shut down last year?

        Looking forward hearing from you.

        Kind Regards


        1. Hello, Tri!

          Yes, I posted on the astrology thread at the RF.com forum.

          As for Roger vs. Rafa at Wimbledon, it’s hard for me to make a guess without being certain about Rafa’s time of birth. But, as a Roger fan, I am hopeful that Roger’s progressions involving Jupiter will bring him the title! It seems to me that progressions can be very powerful. Both Roger and Rafa have some good transits for the final (though also the potentially difficult Saturn conjunct Neptune for Roger), so if they both get there, the progressions could make the difference. I don’t know Rafa’s progressions, not knowing his time of birth, but Roger has progressions involving Jupiter, and that’s very favorable.

      2. Sally Kirkman

        hi Astrotennis, I think we use slightly different systems for progressions. I have his progressed MC as 10 Cancer and his Moon as 7 Pisces? So wide in my calculations. I use Solar Arc MC.

        1. Hi, Sally.

          I’m using secondary progressions. It looks like that gives an Ascendant of 7 degrees 10 Libra, and a Midheaven of 8 degrees 54 Cancer.

          1. Sally Kirkman

            Then that’s lovely for Roger too! Slightly different to what I use but it’s a good technique.

    2. Sally Kirkman

      hi AstroTennis, thank you for your comment. It’s always great to get different takes on the astrology. I make the progressed Ascendant 8 degrees 41 Libra so moving away from the exact conjunction to his Jupiter? I guess it depends which system you use. Neptune plays out in Roger’s chart in both positive and negative ways – trine Sun Leo but square Venus Virgo. I agree with your descriptions but I still think it’s about family/relationships for him. I wouldn’t count the Full Moon as active to his natal Mars – it’s too wide at 4 degrees. I would use a 2 degree orb tops. Bring on the tennis 🙂

      1. Thank you, Sally!

        I didn’t know how much of an orb to give a Full Moon. This one is not an eclipse, so it makes sense not to give a wide orb.

        I will stop worrying about the Saturn transit nearly exact to Roger’s Neptune the day of the final!

        Speaking of Roger and Neptune, transiting Neptune is close to the exact trine to Roger’s Mars the day of the final. I wonder if this could bring some beautiful, inspired tennis from him?

        Concerning the progressions, I was looking at Roger’s secondary progressed Ascendant, at 7 degrees 10 Libra the day of the final, so quite close to his Jupiter at 7 degrees 18.

        1. Hi Astro Tennis,

          I hope you are well.

          Will the positive transits out weigh the negative transit on Roger birth chart? Now, Wawrinka is out and I wasn’t surprised that he lost because Wawrinka wasn’t himself. I noticed how lack of energy Wawrinka had during the match.

          Lets hope that today that Roger will bring his weapons against his opponent. It will be a tough match.

          Kind Regards

  7. Thank you for doing this once again Sally. I have to say I always get a little excited/nervous when you post your tennis predictions but I know that you just interpreting what you see which is always interesting.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Lisa.. and I get overwhelmed by the number of comments. Playing catch up already 🙂 I do always try and pay close attention to the astrology and say it as it is!

  8. Amado Bustamante

    I’m rooting for Nadal, though his astrology is not that good but it’s no that bad either. Maybe it will depend on his will power & determination to win and, most importantly, on the health of his knees. If he progresses to the second week, he will have an excellent chance.

  9. Hi Sally,

    Great to see you posted. My choice is krygios
    He is drawn with Murray and nadal in the top half. With Murray not in good touch, krygios can definitely beat Murray and nadal to reach the finals. Federer vs krygios final is my view,with krygios likely to win. Probably the match in which baton is passed out to the next gen atp stars

    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Jay, I’m sure you’ve seen Kyrgios is out injured in the first match. I did check his astrology but it wasn’t especially strong as shown by his early exit.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Yes he does. Thank you for pointing it out, David. But what it means?… it’s not my favourite asteroid to interpret as we’re still learning how to understand it in astrology. Yes, Nadal has the Sun next to Chiron and injury has dogged his career at times but that is also shown by the Sun’s opposition to Saturn in his chart – 1st house Saturn. Maybe a testimony to Saturn’s placing.

  10. Dear Sally,

    Thanks for posting this article and providing a forum for the tennis fans. After Roger, who among the big four has better astrology?

    Do you see any major upsets happening ? How about Milos Raonic, the conqueror of Roger last year ?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Rafafan, take a read of the article again. Yes, I think the Pluto symbolism is going to bring some shock defeats/results. Raonic is another of the players with the Full Moon/Pluto astrology strong for him – on his Venus though, the symbol for love, and with no time of birth for him, it’s hard to say whether it will be about the tennis or a personal situation.
      I was quite struck by the lack of positive astrology for the Big Five, apart from Roger. So I don’t have an order of preference for the others. Murray has a strong progression, Nadal has a lovely minor transit if he makes the final, Djokovic & Wawrinka have quite tough astrology to contend with as both have Pluto strong. Hope that helps.

  11. I think Nadal will win this title with help of Jupiter and astrology shows that the favorite won’t win.
    So it will be 16th big title for Nadal.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Jupiter isn’t as strong for Nadal now as it’s moved away from the stunning trine aspect to his natal Sun, the signature for his French Open win. It connects with his Chiron but that’s harder to interpret. best, Sally

  12. Thank you Sally for looking into Wimbledon and giving us your outlook. As much as I am an admirer of Federer, the William sisters, and Del Potro, I would like to see the young players seize their opportunities and challenge the seasoned players. We saw that at the Australian Open this year and it was incredibly fun. Here’s hoping for many incredible matches.

    My picks:

    Men – Roger
    Women – Venus

    Surprise – Giles Muller
    Early exit – Milos

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Interesting. Thanks for your thoughts, Mac. I have to admit I hadn’t heard of Giles Muller before but he’s seeded quite high!

    1. Amado Bustamante

      If Nadal survives the first week, he will be hard to beat thru the second week. Just an honest observation.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        I presume he is similar to Paul the Octopus who used to predict football winners some years ago! That was my understanding anyway.

  13. Hi Sally,

    I hope you are keeping well.

    I haven’t been posting on your site for some time, due to some of Nadal fans being rude. Thank you posting Astrology for all of the players. I would be wonderful for Roger to win his 8th Wimbledon. Nadal got his 10 French. It depends who comes out on the day.

    I found some interesting Astrology from Lana Wooster and she agrees with you with Roger’s astrology. I will be posting them here with other players because it is fair that fans of other players can see it. To Nadal fans please respect each other as we all got favourites.

    To Patrick, I hope you are ok. What is your input of Wimbledon for the men’s?

    From Lana Wooster
    Mens Singles

    Andy Murray – No. 1 Seed

    Andy Murray has swapped places with Djokovic, who was No. 1 seed last year, with Andy Murray 2nd. Roger Federer is in the No. 3 seed position, as he was last year, and instead of Stan Wawrinka (who was No. 4 last year) we have the return of Rafael Nadal. Andy was quite philosophical about going out early in the recent Queens tournament, saying it would give him extra preparation time for Wimbledon. He was beaten by no. 90 seed Jordan Thompson, and curiously on the same day Wawrinka and Cilic also went out. On that very hot day, Uranus was on Andy’s Venus in Aries in 8th House – the unpredictable, and Neptune was opposite his Ascendant. He had recently stated that he didn’t think at his age he would be playing much more than a year or two hence, which is difficult to believe.

    So a win at Wimbledon this year would be very timely…At the onset of Wimbledon Uranus is still on his Venus, but the North Node sextiles his Mars, which is a vigorous start. Pluto squares his Jupiter, so there may be some cards stacked against him (he currently has a sore hip, ruled by Jupiter; plus he has a difficult draw). Neptune still opposes his Ascendant, but the North Node trines his Uranus, so he can still pull some surprises out of the bag.

    At the end of the tournament Mars squares his Venus which may make it memorable, Uranus still transits his Venus, North Node still sextiles his Mars, Pluto stills squares his Jupiter, the North Node still trines his Uranus and Neptune still opposes his Ascendant. It may be that the way he plays on his first day is an indication of his play right the way through.

    Murray opens against 20 year old Alexander Bublik from Russia, who has strong ties with Murray’s chart, though that doesn’t guarantee they won’t be ships that pass in the night. However, the beginning of Wimbledon looks to be an important experience for this young player, with the North Node sextile his Sun. If Bublik turns out to be a promising player, he may have significant matches with Murray in the future.

    Novak Djokovic – No. 2 Seed

    Djokovic was born a week apart from Murray in the same year, and though they are Seeds 1 and 2, both of them have experienced some lack of motivation this year. This may just be a temporary phase.

    At the beginning of Wimbledon, Chiron is on Djokovic’s Moon (poignant emotion), Mars squares his Jupiter (uncontrolled enthusiasm), Pluto squares his Jupiter (as with Murray), and North Node trines Uranus (as with Murray). Both he and Murray seem to have some personal pressures.

    At the end of the tournament he is very mentally focussed (Mercury conjunct his Ascendant and sextile his Mercury) and has lost the Mars transit. But he still has the Chiron transit to his Moon, Pluto square his Jupiter, North Node closely trine his Uranus. If it’s a Murray-Djokovic final, it could be a close run thing, but this set of transits is not inspiring.

    He has a new coach, in Andre Agassi, and they have a strong synastry, some of which is challenging (e.g. Djokovic’s Pluto opposite Agassi’s Sun and Agassi’s Neptune opposite Djokovic’s Sun, but there are a lot of favourable links between them (e.g. Agassi’s Moon sextile Djokovic’s Jupiter and Saturn and Agassi’s Jupiter trine Djokovic’s Mars). The transits for the end of Wimbledon for Agassi are not remarkable, but a trine from Chiron to his Neptune may be personally fulfilling for him.

    Djokovic meets Martin Klizan in the first round. In their synastry, Djokovic’s Jupiter squares Klizan’s Sun, and Klizan’s Jupiter opposes Djokovic’s Uranus, so they could induce errors in each other’s game. Klizan has Mars on his Sun at the beginning of Wimbledon, so he’ll be keen and energetic, but possibly incident-prone. Pluto also opposes his Sun, so he is under strain. He does have some upbeat and jovial vibes going on, with Jupiter sextile his Venus and the North Node sextile his Jupiter. It may be an up and down game.

    Roger Federer – No. 3 Seed

    Roger Federer has had a good year, winning the Australian Open, but decided to take a rest during the French Open to give himself a better chance for Wimbledon. At 35, he is still going strong.

    At the beginning of Wimbledon Jupiter is sextile his Mercury, which is good for his spirit and co-ordination, Pluto trines his Venus, which is personally strengthening, Jupiter squares his Mars (a little overconfidence), Neptune trines his Mars (a fine co-operation between his spirituality and his physicality), the Nodal Axis squares his Uranus (a little unpredictability), and Saturn on his Neptune (some anxiety). So a mixed batch of transits, but mostly favourable.

    By the end of Wimbledon, he has Jupiter sextile his Sun (an excellent prospect), he still has Pluto strengthening his Venus, Jupiter square his Mars has lifted, Neptune still trines his Mars (you could see some stunning work if he is in the final), the Nodal Axis still squares his Uranus, Saturn still sits on his Neptune, but in addition Saturn is sextile his Pluto. That could be a winning combination!

    Federer in the first round is up against Alexandr Dolgopolov, a Scorpio (unusual sun sign for a tennis player) with the Sun powerfully trine Pluto. He is the top ranked Ukrainian male player. Alexandr’s planets form some tricky aspects to Roger’s, and Alexandr could be on good form at the beginning of Wimbledon with Uranus trine his Uranus. But because Roger’s transits are so strong for the end of Wimbledon he will probably get through.

    Rafael Nadal – No. 4 Seed

    Fresh from the triumph of his 10th win at the French Open, Rafael will be hungry for another Grand Slam win. For his win in the final of the French Open he had Jupiter trine his Sun, and Uranus conjunct his natal North Node, plus Neptune square his Chiron.

    At the beginning of Wimbledon the North Node sextiles Rafa’s Mercury, so his mental faculties may be acute.

    By the end of Wimbledon, that transit is still operational. He will also have Jupiter square his Venus, which is enjoyable and could make for some flamboyant artistic moves. This set of transits is not as powerful as Roger’s.

    The Australian John Millman plays Nadal in the first round. They have squared Jupiters, so it could be an exciting match with spacious use of the court. Saturn currently opposes Millman’s Sun, so it is not a lucky patch for him, plus Uranus is squaring his Mars, bringing possible injury. If so, Chiron trine his Mars currently could bring quick recovery. It does not look as though Millman constitutes a threat to Nadal at this point.

    Kind Regards

    1. Hey Roger’s fan,

      Thank you for sharing Lana’s posting. The more info we get, the better. I am hoping for a competitive Wimbledon which makes it more exciting.



      1. Thank you for your kind words. I will search for more astrology and see what they say about other players including favourites.

        1. Hi Federer fan,
          Thank you for the posting. I was wondering if you were ever on the Federer forum with Astrology thread and I was wondering if there was another forum for Fed fansz.

    2. Sally Kirkman

      Good to see you back but I suggest everyone stops commenting about other fans and concentrates on the tennis instead. I will just delete comments if they are about fans rather than the tennis from now on.
      Thank you too for posting Lana Wooster’s predictions. Interesting to read even if at times they’re complex rather than specific. We seem to be saying similar things for this Wimbledon.

  14. dear sally thanks for your analysis of the wimbledon chart and the prospects of different players for the tournament.i was out touring and so have come late to comment in this forum. let me see what the sidereal astrology says.i have taken the time for the start of the tournament that you have given. the last degree of leo rises and the mcis 27.10 taurus. that is sun is the ruling planet and venus is the success point planet.sidereal astrology basically agrees with what you have said about the prospects of different players except nadal.in nadals chart the jupiter is still in a trine to nadals sun his career planet though seperating. it is still within 1 degree trinal aspect to his natal sun his career planet at the start of the tournament and just about 2 degrees on the day of the final.this itself does not gaurantee winning the tournament. but transit jupiter is in a square to his ruling planet venus at almost 1 degree on the day of the final. the ruling planet of wimbledon chart is the career planet of nadal and the mc of the wimbledon chart is the ruling planet of nadal. i think there is a symbolism there. moreover on the day of the final nadals ruling planet venus is in exact conjunction to his natal career planet sun. so my prediction is nadal vs fed final with nadal winning the final.

      1. rinku i am a fan of roger nadal and novak 3 of the greatest players ever in the history of tennis. when i make a prediction it is based purely on astrology and no bias is involved here.

      1. Sally as you have deleted my comments its my humble request to please let me know how I have being uncivil. Because if I have been uncivil I would like to make an improvement in that area..otherwise Mac needs to take his/her words back….

        1. Sally Kirkman

          I have deleted Mac’s comment too now, Rinku. I’m just going to keep the ones where there’s information on the tennis/astrology. If the comment is about another fan and not relevant to the tennis/astrology discussion, then I will aim to delete them fairly. I’ll leave yours here so my comment makes sense in reply to you. Hope that’s ok with everyone and here’s to a great fortnight’s tennis!

          1. Thanks Sally. I am back and am sorry if I hurt some. In fact I am watching Buddha series. What a human being he was. Everyone can gain from his life.

    1. Amado Bustamante

      I feel so heavenly with your predictions, James Green. As a die hard Nadal fan, I’m so ecstatic with your predictions. You were spot on with your French Open & I hope & pray that this one is another spot on. VAMOS !!!

  15. @James Green – That’s very interesting. Add his current form, confidence and decent draw also supports your theory. Maybe not without loosing a set this time but will do it.

    1. fedal nadals astrology is not as good as it was at rg but still good enough to win provided some other player does not have fantastic astrology on the day he plays nadal. we do not have the horoscope of all the players that make the draw.in my opinion rafa and roger have got almost equally good astrology with in my opinion nadal having a slight edge on the day of the final.if nadal does not win then it will be roger.

      1. Amado Bustamante

        All the voting sites I visited always put Nadal & Federer as the top two likely winners . If not Federer, it is Nadal & vice versa. So I believe , they are in a tie right now. Again , I will repeat my theory. If Nadal survives the first week, it will be very hard for anyone to beat him in the second week. The ground will be almost like clay with tiny patches of grass & the ball will bounce higher, very favorable to Nadal’s game. I hope & pray that his knees will stay healthy throughout the tournament because they are the keys to his success here.

      2. Hi James,
        How about Dominic Thiem astrology? Sally says he the one to watch. If everything go according to seeding, he is suppose to meet Novak in QF & Roger in SF.

        1. mike not sure about his time of birth. sally had given a time of birth for thiem when she wrote about the french open but now says birth time not available.

          1. Sally Kirkman

            I’m not using Thiem’s birth time because it’s not confirmed but rectified, i.e. an astrologer has worked out the time based on what he’s heard.

          2. It is available. Sally took it from a german astrologer who asked Thiem personally.

            I am excited to watch how he will start. I hope he will bamboozle his oppenent.

          3. Sally Kirkman

            Yes, I think you’re right. I’m fairly sure it was via Patrick that we had a time for Thiem.

        2. mike if the time of birth of 1.26 given for thiem is correct he will do very well in this tournament but i do not see him go past roger in the semis. there is very good jupiter return for him but his career planet saturn(sidereal system) is retrograde and in a cuspal degree about to enter scorpio during the tournament.

          1. Sally Kirkman

            Yes, 1:26am is the birth time that’s been given but not confirmed for Thiem. In western astrology this makes Jupiter his career planet and he’s currently having his Jupiter return so strong showing for his astrology.

  16. Phani Saripalli

    Hi all,

    my take: if Novak survives until the 8th July, there is no turning back. In september there will be a change in his coaching team. May drop his so-called spiritual consultant (Imaz). Will win Australian and have a solid play after Australian as well.


    1. Amado Bustamante

      Novak has not been tested yet. Once again & it seems always, he’s got the easiest draw. He could only be tested in the QF when he’s supposed to face Thiem. Until then, it will be a walk in the park. Such a lucky guy !!

  17. Hi to all roger and rafa fans just enjoy the sally predictions .i am die hard nadal fan but i respect roger very much so all the fans please dont say roger is great or rafa is great they both are truly legends in tennis just u watch nadal interview he always says roger is the best and roger will say that he is big fan of nadal they both have good respect each other .during australian open final 2017 after winning roger says he will accept for draw such a respect they have each other. just i am requesting all roger and rafa fans who ever wins or lose just enjoy the sport and enjoy sally predictions.

  18. Hi sally during final nadal is having transit jupiter is at 15°10′ square to natal venus 15°40′ in cancer how it will help him is there any positive from this transit.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Venus isn’t linked to career/success in Nadal’s chart. It’s more likely about love/personal life for him. Jupiter expands what it touches so sometimes there can be an outpouring of affection, sentimentality when Jupiter is square to Venus but also it can make you lazy, indulgent, wanting the good life. Not sure how that will play out on the tennis court 🙂

  19. Hi sally,

    Thanks for your hard work and your prediction,

    This forum make the tennis fans in single forum,

    Now Stan is out from the tournament,

    Regards Rafa he has to put lot of effort bcuz its not a clay court.

    Novak and Murray are not in good form.

    Roger has a age factor, its a five set format, I’m confident roger has a slim chance to win Wimbledon,

    So there could be surprise winner, it might be Rafa or out of big four.
    Looking forward to see the new no #1 player and he could reach a new record of three slam in three different surface.

    G saravanan

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Hi there. The tournament chart suggests a different winner but we’ve said that before and one of the Big Four comes through. It seems to make it easier once you know how to win!

      1. Amado Bustamante

        The chart also suggests that the winner will not be the favorite,doesn’t it ? Right now, without a doubt, Federer is the overwhelming favorite but he also has the best astrology. Kinda contrasting…. let us just wait how the astrology will play out. Interesting !

        1. Sally Kirkman

          I think we have to draw up some new guidelines for the favourite. At the start of the tournament, Federer wasn’t the favourite, Murray was as no. 1 seed and last year’s winner. Yes, Federer has had an awesome 2017 so far but before that he wouldn’t have been regarded as the favourite for Wimbledon. Are we saying the favourite is someone who’s on form, someone who likes the grass surface, the audience’s favourite, the player with the biggest fanbase? Do you see what I’m getting at? On paper, Federer wasn’t the no. 1 favourite at the start of the tournament. Should we regard him as such now is my question?

          1. i think from a astrological point of view the no 1 seed should be taken as the favourite.

        1. If FedEx and nadal in final FedEx has edge , yesterday he won the test against dolgopolov, until 4 th round no much test for FedEx and for Nadal has test in third round, second and third round is test for Murray,

          There is a great match between del potro and djokovic, possible for djokovic knocked out, possibility for Murray knocked out in second and third round.

  20. Sally Kirkman

    Hmm, much weirdness going on as both Djokovic and Federer are through today with their opponents retiring injured. I wonder if this is linked to the Pluto theme for the tournament – more players dropping out than usual. We shall see…

    1. It looks like most of them will retire or injured or bored (Tomic) till Fed and Nadal are left to fight each other -:)

    2. Amado Bustamante

      There were two more retirees today because of injuries : Lopez & Tipsarevic. What a weird day this turned out to be. Lopez, for one, had a very good astrology at the start of the tournament. What could possibly go wrong ?

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Lopez out too. Lots going on – I did mention Lopez in the article as he has strong astrology at the moment, again thanks to lucky Jupiter. His positive astrology coincided with his win at Queens last week. I didn’t realise he was born in 1981, the same year as Federer so neither would be our young winner!

  21. Can somebody tell me whether this chart apply for both men’s and women’s singles or just men’s.If non favorite or new winner means it has to be on women’s side because all seeds are inconsistent there if this astrology is applicable on women’s side.I am not sure about it.

      1. Hi Sally
        I’m confused with the some of the comments on the tournament chart. Just need your clarification on the interpretation. Is it
        1) New Winner (yet to win this tournament) or
        2) Young Winner (say below 20 yrs to 28 yrs) or
        3) Non favorite (Not the top 2 seed or top 4 whichever) or
        4) All the above

        Also does the chart highlight the possibility of a new No 1 if Rafa reaches the final even he doesn’t win it. If it does happen, I feel sorry for Andy to lose it in his own house.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          1 & 2 would be the same as the only winners of Wimbledon since 2004 have been the Big Four and yes, possibly you can include 3 as I’m taking the favourite as the no. 1 seed. So most likely no. 4!
          Also I don’t quite what you mean by the last sentence? That confuses me. Sorry.

          1. The last sentence is with regards to the tennis ranking. Currently Andy is the world no 1. He’ll lose it if Rafa reaches the Finals. So this new scenrio is it highlighted by the Tournament chart?
            Previously there are instances whereby the world no 1 changes hand after Wimbledon.

          2. Sally Kirkman

            Ah ok, makes sense now. Thanks for the clarification. Yes, possibly that shows for the astrology of the tournament chart. Mercury in Cancer – the home favourite – square Uranus – brings a change to the rankings.

  22. Amado Bustamante

    I wanna hear from Juan Cruz & the Argentinian astrologers. They haven’t been in touch for a while to share their predictions.

  23. Dear Sally,
    could you please what Djokovic’s other birthtime you were considering a year ago. I vaguely remember like 930 AM or so.

    Many thanks

    1. Dear phani djokovic birth time is 11:25 am it is correct before they say it is 10:35 am but 11:25 am is correct and astrology worked for him and he is capricorn ascendant so sally is using 11:25 am it is correct birth time of djokovic u can stick with that.

  24. Dear Sally,

    Big Thanks To You !!! It has been 5 Years of Grand Slam Prediction since 2012 Wimbledon when you rightly predicted the Return of the King Federer !!! Rest is History – your Fan Club was founded !!

    I have been following you since 2012 Wimbledon and we now have so many members who are fans and astrologers participating in the discussions !! Its a Big Community Now !! what an Achievement !! As I have been saying…. You Value Added to Grand Slams with this community creation ! Keep it up Dear Sally ! Congratulations on completing 5 Years of Grand Slam Predictions and creating sports Astrology awareness and interest !!

    Founding Member – Sally’s Fan Club

  25. Hi Sally,

    I hope this get to the blog, as I am having trouble posting on it. This is from Juan Cruz and this is what he predict for Wimbledon.

    The one that seems to me to be the weakest of the 4 is Nadal, who in his lunar revolution has left Sun – Mercury opposition Saturn .

    If I see Djokovic wellaspected has a moon revolution with trine Venus Jupiter. His debut letter to the conductor of the ASC – Venus – in grade 29 makes me noise .

    The debut letter has many planets in the MC in Cancer, including the ASC ruler . This makes me think that a local or household would win the tournament. And I get two players at the head: Andy Murray (British) and Roger Federer (Wimbledon is the backyard of his house, he won 7 times).

    Those 2 are my favorites to the title, who is better? For my Murray and I see him raising the cup since in lunar revolution Mercurio sextil Venus remains and with the smaller fortune in the lunar ASC.


    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thanks for posting this. Always interesting to hear what Juan Cruz has to say – does he have his own blog where you can read this? It looks as if he’s working a lot with the current Lunar Return, which takes place once a month. It’s an interesting technique but not one I would focus on first. So we shall see. I like the interpretation of the Cancer planets though – a ‘home’ win for Andy or the Wimbledon favourite, Roger.

      1. The only GBR left in men draw are Andy, Bedene & Edmund. For women, Konta & Watson. Based on Sally response to my earlier question & if Juan intrepretation is on the ball, I would say most likely the local winning the whole thing would be from the women side eventhough I’m not sure about their astrology.
        As for Roger, this guy has the world passport. He is local in almost everywhere in the world. But he not young in the tennis world. Based on Sally intrepretation, I think the most likely winner would be Thiem as he fit the bill & has good astrology.
        I feel gutted for Roger. A win here would most probably be his swansong; a fairy tale story.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Thanks, Mike. Yes, I will take a look at the GB women’s charts, especially if they continue to make progress. Would be interesting to see what the astrology suggests. I fancy Thiem (not in that way – lol!) although he doesn’t like grass courts. Watched his match yesterday and he played well and he does have great astrology! Don’t count Roger out, not with this year’s astrology for him 🙂

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Yes, it’s tricky to understand. I do think he’s talking about the Lunar Return when he says ‘lunar revolution’.

    2. retrograde transit saturn is coming to a close conjunction to murrays natal moon during the tournament this is not a good augury for winning the tournament. this also shows fall in status meaning a fall from his no 1 ranking.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        It’s certainly an uncomfortable transit, Saturn to the Moon. Wawrinka went out in the first round when Saturn was directly opposite his natal Moon Gemini. The Moon represents the ‘public’ in electional astrology so you may be right about the no. 1 ranking. We’ll find out soon.

  26. Just saw Nadal’s match with Donald Young. He has won 25 sets straight!! I am going to go out on a limb and predict….Rafa wins Wimbledon without loosing more than 2 sets at the worst!! Phew!! I

      1. Amado Bustamante

        Omg, I made a major mistake !!! My reply should be for Fedal, NOT Mike. Once again, to Fedal, I truly relish your prediction. VAMOS RAFA !!!

  27. Phani Saripalli


    my predictions are based on my learning from Indian astrology.
    About Roger: the coming months dont look so promising. Its about compromise. I suspect he would retire b/w 2018 march-Aug. In wimbledon, we might see sudden drop in performance and energy levels. Does not look promising. 🙁

    Among all Rafa’s chart is superb. He is a born fighter. Lots of challenges.


    1. Sally Kirkman

      It’s interesting that Rafa’s astrology is strong from vedic astrology. I often think of Rafa as the gladiator – his Mars Capricorn is so strong. (Mind you, he might not have Mars in Capricorn in Indian astrology?) Well, Roger will retire before too long, that’s for sure, because of his age. There’s still the Greenstone Lobo prediction of 20 Grand Slams… he needs to win Wimbledon this year if he’s to achieve that I believe.

      1. Phani Saripalli

        HI sally,
        no he doesnt. Mars is in Saggi.


        I take his birthtime as 0709
        Mars is his planet of relationships in the house of breaks and instability. I guess he might have some problems in the 2012-dec and 2013-march timeframe.
        His ascendant has Sun and Mercury. Lot of fame is guarenteed. Hi career planet is in the 6th house of fights and challenges. So he will fight for work, which he has to as a player.
        In his career chart saturn and Venus are important and good. They are nicely placed. The main period is of Sun, though very strong but is reponsible for breaks. But the sub periods in 2015 was of saturn and 2017 is of venus. These two years are basically like rebounce, rebirth. He should be very good.

        His best periods are June, Aug and Dec of 2017 and until March 2018. Wimbledon – I expect semifinals. But the days b/w july 12-16 seems to be a period of loss and 16-26 not much is happening.

        1. Hi,

          Very interesting comments & I am confused. Previously you said –
          “Among all Rafa’s chart is superb. He is a born fighter. Lots of challenges.”

          Now in the prev message were you refering to Rafa or Roger when you say-
          ” I expect semifinals. But the days b/w july 12-16 seems to be a period of loss and 16-26 not much is happening.”

          Kindly elaborate. How does Rafas astrology look for Wimbledon?

          1. Phani Saripalli

            HI Ana,
            sry for not being clear. it was about Rafa. Fighter, challenges . .all refer to Rafa.

        2. phani saripalli you are most probably using lahiri ayanamsa to get the sidereal chart. i in my research i found that raman ayanamsa is the correct one according to it mars is in the 1st degree of capricorn in nadals chart. also nadal is in the sub period of jupiter in the main period of moon from the 1st week of june 17 to end of september 18.

          1. Dear James Green,

            I dont use Lahiri. Theres no no astrology in Lahiri.

            I use teo things (separately because am not convinced which one is correct).

            One is based on Surya sidhantha which is not based on physical astronomy, i.e. position of planets based on Nasa. It has its own traditional formulas for positions. I find it working well. It is what India has used for centuries.

            Secondly i use physical with Raman ayanamsa. It is brilliant.

            Since u mentioned this
            Let me kindly ask you this. I havent found anything superb planet combinations wise in Novak’s chart with his 1125pm birthtime. I was looking at all the times reported and I found 1035 AM really good. Its a chart with lot of fame. Could you please tell what combinations as per western astrology shows a lot of fame in his chart. I believe there should be strong potential in a chart and not just transits.

            Many thanks.

          2. Sally Kirkman

            I love Novak’s chart – it’s incredibly powerful. Scorpio Midheaven with Pluto close by, plus he has strong Gemini planets, always good for a tennis player.

        3. Amado Bustamante

          I don’t get your predictions accordingly. For one, Nadal has the best astrology, only to lose in the latter stage of the tournament. It’s just hard to grasp . Please explain further, as it is very unconvincing right now. Thank you .

          1. dear phani i use 11.25 pm as birth time for novak which has worked out well so far.as per vedic astrology he has saggitarious ascendent and his ruling planet jupiter is placed in the 4th house along with moon(gajakesari yoga) and aspects 10th house. also mars 5th lord aspects 10th house(a combination of kona and kendra)these are the factors for his name and fame.i use sidereal system so as far the combinations for fame in western astrology sally is more suitable to answer your question.by the way what is teo things and physical that you mentioned. i did not understand.

        4. Amado Bustamante

          You were right . Nadal lost on July 10. You said that we might see a sudden drop of performance & energy levels in Federer & that this Wimbledon was not promising . I’m waiting for that. So far, very good predictions.

  28. In the final day,Nadal’s natal Sun will be lighted up by Jupiter and Venus.Astrology of Nadal is really shining.If he wins WB,it will be doubtful about who is GOAT in tennis

    1. Sally, do you think that Jupiter lighting up Nadal’s Venus on final can mean love and adulation by crowd .. as you had alluded .. related to be called GOAT after winning Wimbledon? 😊

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Absolutely. That’s a great interpretation – an outpouring of love. Venus-Jupiter are the benefics in astrology, i.e. the best two planets so any transit between the two, even the more challenging squares or oppositions, tend to be indulgent, pleasurable.

  29. I think Nadal can overtake Federed in terms of GS count by end of next year. How does the astrologers feel about this?

    1. Amado Bustamante

      I learned from the tweets of Dr Dhairya Roy a year ago about Nadal’s Vedic astrology. His Vedic astrology predicts that he will accumulate a minimum of 17 Grand Slams during his comeback period. The prediction was made a year ago & now we are witnessing his comeback period which should last for at least two years.

      1. And astrologer Greenstone Lobo has predicted Federer will win at least 20 slams .

        And we are witnessing the proof this year starting onwards.

      2. amado bustamante there is a system called dasa system in vedic astrology. as per which nadal is running the sub period of jupiter in the major period of moon from the first week of june 17 to end of september 2018. this sub period is basically better than the previous sub period of rahu (north node) which ended in the 1st week of june.

        1. Amado Bustamante

          Thank you, James Green. According to Bertie B., the Russian astrologist, this period is Nadal’s rebirthal. He predicted that it would be in the spring of 2016, but then the wrist injury came. So, the prediction was a year off. But ,I believe, Nadal’s rebirth is upon us right now. Bertie B. even compared Nadal path to that of Steffi Graf because they have very similar transits. That is, after injury & then coming back, will proceed to collect several more Grand Slams.

          1. Sally Kirkman

            I don’t get the reference to Steffi Graf? What are the similar transits, please?

          2. Amado Bustamante

            James Green & Sally ; This is the blog site of the Russian astrologer : Recent Content by Bertie B.. He had a thread where he predicted Nadal’s rebirth & Djokovic’s dip in form. The predictions are actually unfolding now before our eyes. He predicted it in 2015 when Djokovic was in his best & Nadal was in his worst time . He also had this thread where he compared Borg/Graf/Nadal vs McEnroe/Seles/ Djokovic & he discussed it lengthily. He said that Nadal is walking the same astrological path as Graf that after being absent from tennis due to injury, he will come back to win more slams as Graf. Graf, incidentally, had 22 slams when she retired. Nadal has 15 & counting. I believe that Nadal’s rebirth is unfolding right now. I just don’t know which birth time Bertie B. is using for Nadal. Very interesting threads , I must say.

    2. Sally Kirkman

      I don’t have a strong intuition either way. I tend to predict for each individual tournament and I favour Federer for Wimbledon rather than Nadal, although Nadal does some have sweet astrology too, triggering his Venus. I’m glad that Saturn is finally out of Nadal’s 1st house which was always a worry injury wise so that helps and Jupiter moves into his 1st house next year so that’s a bonus too, at least for his fitness levels as the 1st house rules the physical body.

      1. Amado Bustamante

        As long as Nadal is healthy, he will keep winning Grand Slams regardless of the surface. It seems that his health is the key to his success. I’m awfully glad that he has good astrology well into the year 2018 .

      2. Wow Madam Sally 👍 Your yet another prediction of Federer having better astrology proved right. Federer won in straight sets against tougher opponent. Nadal lost in 5 sets against Gyles Muller

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Thank you, I think! It could have gone either way yesterday. I watched the Nadal-Muller match – it was amazing! It did look like Muller was stronger a lot of the time but Nadal would not give up. That was his competitive spirit kicking in for sure. Muller is also Sun Taurus (b. May 9 1983), so the bulls are strong this tournament – Andy being one of them.

  30. Hi Sally and all.

    Another different prediction.

    This is from Juan friend Franua Dubal, he predicts that Nadal will win as he is taking the risk. Here is the translation of the prediction.

    These are the debuts cards I like. Murray with Moon trigono Sol in the MC, and Nadal with Moon trigono Sol , regent of the MC. A slight difference but both very good.

    It happens that as the Scotsman has Saturn retrogradando towards his natal Moon in Sagittarius , it does not convince me at all to be a winner.

    I think Nadal can hit the grass. It is risky but I play a full to the Spanish this time JC!

    I think that Jupiter of RS in trigono very closed to the Sun , can give him one more joy , Before there are no other things that convince me otherwise.

    Djokovic: I like your lunar revolution . It has Venus in good condition, and in Trio to Jupiter . I believe that in this tournament he is once again rediscovering himself. But I do not give him a champion because I do not like his debut card , Venus in 29th, I think he ends up preventing the seizure.

    Regards! But I do not give him a champion because I do not like his debut card , Venus in 29th, I think he ends up preventing the seizure. Regards! But I do not give him a champion because I do not like his debut card , Venus in 29th, I think he ends up preventing the seizure.

    Nothing on Roger. They have been keeping quiet on that one.

    Still having problems posting on your blog.

    Kind Regards

    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Trina, I don’t know why your posts don’t approve automatically. Apologies. Thank you for this – rather confusing astrology however as I don’t understand ‘debut card’ and the Moon/Sol predictions for Murray & Nadal make no sense to me. When he says ‘trigono’, that means a ‘trine’ aspect which is positive and he’s picking up on the trine of Jupiter to Nadal’s Sun which was so strong at French Open and still within orb at Wimbledon but now separating, i.e. weaker. He also mentions Saturn moving back towards Murray’s Moon Sagittarius, which does feel limiting/uncomfortable. Like Juan Cruz, he talked about the lunar revolution which I believe is the lunar return, a technique I don’t personally use for predictions.

  31. Yesterday Federer was saying he felt the nerves before match !!! He was bit tight in the first set but recovered well from1st tie break onwards. Probably feeling the heat of Nadals form. Nadal for the first time reaching 3rd round after 2011.

  32. So to summarize:
    – Only Nadal and Federer have kind of good astrology with nice transits for Nadal on the day of the final.
    – Balls are softer, courts are slower and bouncier
    – Federer is already showing nerves and Nadal getting stronger
    – All of Federer’s remaining possible opponents will be big servers

    ..Lets talk about US open shall we?? 🙂

    1. Amado Bustamante

      Isn’t that a bit too early ? We are still in Wimbledon, although US Open is not that far off. Focusing on Wimbledon, let us not forget that Nadal is through his first week of Wimbledon & he will be a lot harder to beat this second week of the Championship. VAMOS !!!

  33. Guys, if you saw yesterday’s match, Rafa was looking a bit tired in the 3rd set, his forehand was looking a bit off color compared to the way he usually hits it. So you can take it granted, I feel Cilic is the biggest hurdle for Rafa, he will get past Muller easily. Cilic has won a grand slam and knows how to play at the biggest level. Last year also, he troubled federer in the quarters. Cilic has every arsenal to beat Nadal.

    Sally/James Green, can you please take a look at the possible quarter final between Rava aand Cilic? I hope Rafa gets though it comfortably.

  34. Hi Sally, Hi guys,

    I am late with my observations this time due to a job that catched my time this week.
    I am happy to share my analysis now:

    Watching the opening chart, Federer is heading for North Node Return as NN entered Leo a few weeks ago. Sally already discussed great transits for Roger as Jupiter sextile natal Mercury – both Federer’s ruling planet and career ruler- lighting up Roger’s Sun Mercury conjunction. Mercury still in the Opener’s House 10. There’s the Sun sextile natal AC 0,4 and the Moon in Roger’s natal home Scorpio. He certainly entered the tournament feeling comfortable and confident with these nice transits and the Sun hit natal Mars.

    The big favorite could be tested today versus Mischa Zverev as Mars squares the Swiss’ natal Pluto. He might not get in danger as Zverev has a poor record against Roger, losing 0-6,0-6 once at Halle and, even if closer, again at Halle two weeks ago. He shouldn’t have the game for beating Roger here I guess. May Roger lose his first Set today?

    A bigger opposition might be Dimitrov at forth round who is heading his Mars Return – 0,25 exact and still approaching at Monday. This can be a major event of the tournament. Jupiter squares Roger’s natal Mars at first week and 0,8 versus Grigor with the square gone before the Semis. It would be the Baby-Federer Dimitrov, in my eyes the future No. 1, versus his ‘Great Legend Brother’. There’s also the Sun trine natal Pluto for Dimitrov at Monday. Venus conjunct Roger’s MC …the King in limelight fallen from throne?? NN square natal Uranus 0,9 at Day 1 indicating an unwanted surprise to Roger?

    If coming over Dimitrov, at Semis day Mercury perfectly snuggles in Federer’s natal Sun Mercury Conjunction. Jupiter sextile Mercury gone the planet of success will sextile natal Sun 0,28. There’s also MC sextile MC 1 degree at final’s match time. The Moon trine Moon when starting the day again on his side as it was at day 1. Limelight Venus sextile (career) ruler Mercury.

    I am curious what will happen to Dominic Thiem with Mars trine his Midheaven at the Opener. He has these Jupiter transits made for a Champion with Jupiter firing up the Libra Jupiter Mars conjunction at Day 1 starting with an exact conjunction with natal Mars and – right on time – at final hitting natal Jupiter celebrating the 12 year cycle Return 0,23 precise. As Sally points out Jupiter is his career planet if 1:26 AM birth time is right. There’s the final’s Midheaven conjunct Thiem’s natal Venus.

    At first glance, Nadal with Venus conjunct natal Sun might indicate him being in limelight at final’s day. He has to overcome the Sun oppose his natal Mars at Semis possibly playing Andy Murray who enjoyed the Moon sextile natal Sun then and the Sun sextile Sun at final. Murray has Neptune on his DC and Saturn entering a 1 degree conjunction with natal Moon next week. I suppose his upbringing, his relationship both with his tough Mom and his wife (Neptune DC) can be a theme for him these times. So far, possible private matters seem not to harm his court performance.

    After noticing the above transits I was thinking if Thiem can win at Wimbledon as grass is not his best surface and he wasn’t successful in preparation tournaments. The hot days at Church Road can help the rising Youngster as the surface becomes slower from day to day with balls bouncing higher. Reading your prediction, Sally, your explanations about the Full Moon on Sunday with Pluto involved as the all or nothing planet strengthened my impressions of the above transits. Pluto seems to both coincide with Federer’s and Thiem’s astrology.

    Roger might suffer with Mars square natal Pluto versus Zverev today and one day before a possible match against Dimitrov the Full Moon could come into play falling next to his natal Mars. It triggers three planets in Capricorn for Dimi, too. Sally, you suggest the possibility of the Full Moon and Pluto to boost Thiem in triggering the natal Uranus/Neptune conjunction square to the phenomenal natal Jupiter/Mars conjunction triggered by Jupiter. As you present, Pluto could be decisive – wiping out the favorite and boosting the ambitious Austrian? We will see which direction it plays out.


    Sally, as you see the chance the Uranus Mercury square could moreover point to a young winner – I am convinced about Thiem. He managed the Sun square his uplighted Mars Jupiter conjunction well against Simon. I guess he’s just starting out now. If he is going to beat Djokovic and Dimitrov on his way to final, what a surprise that would be!

    I expect a final between defending champion Murray and Dominic Thiem. Uranus conjunct DC at final’s chart indicating the Austrian first Grand Slam triumph? Murray will suffer Mars square his natal Venus 0,13 then – same transit Federer lost against Donskoy at Dubai (“I felt very tired the whole match through”). Thiem celebrating his first Grand Slam title. Who better than his his Career planet and planet of success and abundance Jupiter celebrating it’s 12 year Return to symbolize such an event. Let’s see how it turns out!

    Thank you Sally for this Wimbledon blog and your prediction. Roger’s fan, good to have you back! Thanks for your greetings and interest in my view.

    1. Welcome Patrick. Thanks for sharing your view. If there is a new champion outside of big 4… I welcome it !

      1. Hi Patrick,

        I hope you are ok, and thank you for welcoming me back.. I found this on Juan and Franuza website which is Spanish, they haven’t mentioned Roger at all for Wimbledon. This person predicts Nadal will win.

        I got more prediction for you and this is from another person that Juan knows.
        That person predicts that Nadal will win:
        Rafa Nadal has the Atazir of Saturn in conjunction with the Sun , the atazir of Uranus in conjunction with Mercury and atazir of Jupiter in the MC in trine to Mercury that synchronizes with Jupiter its RS with the sun .
        Nadal wins Wimblendon 2017

        Here is the link for those who wants to read it:http://foro.astrodestino.com.ar/showthread.php/tenis-an-lisis-predicciones-para-el-circuito-10326p141.html

        Kind Regards

    2. Sally Kirkman

      hi Patrick, welcome back and thank you for your thoughts on the astrology. Thiem is my wild card pick.

      1. Thank you Sally! Yes you mention Thiems good astrology in your prediction. Could become an exciting tournament.

  35. Rafa Nadal has the Atazir of Saturn in conjunction with the Sun , the atazir of Uranus in conjunction with Mercury and atazir of Jupiter in the MC in trine to Mercury that synchronizes with Jupiter its RS with the sun .

    Nadal wins Wimblendon 2017

    Hi Sally

    More on Nadal from Juan’s friends.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you for posting. No idea what ‘atazir’ means! So not entirely sure about this prediction. Interesting that Nadal is getting the majority of predictions.

  36. Hi all,

    First of all, Sally thanks for another GS prediction;
    Patrick good to see you back;
    James green thanks for keeping faith rafa may wins;

    now for rafas astrology! he does have mars opposite his mars within 2 degrees orb for the next couple days. not sure whether he will pull it through as his mars will may be nullified by his trasniting mars; fortunately for him he does not play the next 2 days but…it will still be close monday within 1,5 degrees…
    then as Patrick mentions by semis day he does have his sun opposite his mars…we should see nadal struggling a bit til semis if he is to make it to finals. maybe losing one set or another…:/

    we shall see soon how it plays out!

    kind regards to all

    1. Sam,

      Thanks for you comments on Rafa’s astrology.

      SO you see Rafa struggling & still winning his matches?

    2. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you for your comment. I don’t see Mars opposite Mars as a bad thing for a competitive game? I think it’s helpful personally. You need to be able to fight and Rafa always loves to compete. You see it in his face.

  37. Amado Bustamante

    I’m rooting for Dominique Thiem as long as he is not playing Rafael Nadal. I would love him to beat Djokovic when they meet in QF. So far, Djokovic has a very easy draw until the quarterfinals. He is yet to be tested. His astrology & Thiem’s will come into play when they meet in QF. Looks very interesting !!

  38. Sally Kirkman

    Week one is now complete and we still have the main contenders in the pack. Looking forward to week two. I’ve been thinking about the Pluto theme of the tournament chart and this article seems to fit the bill. Pluto is the ‘bad boy’ of the heavens and there’s been some ‘bad boy’ behaviour going on. Some of it was quiet extraordinary. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/07/06/wimbledon-hands-one-biggest-fines-history-tournament-sees-worst/?WT.mc_id=tmgoff_fb_tmg. What do you think?

  39. annaswamy sankaran

    i have studied Horoscope of Federer from the vedic angle.

    the extraordinary run, as per his natal chart, is over on 11th Jan 2008. from the start of his career up to that date – 11th Jan 2008,
    he was unbeatable as he was passing through a saturn period of 19 years with a very strong influance of jupiter on saturn.
    his yoga karaka planet Mars – he gained a lot of energy of Mars which was in the house of gains. all subsequent victories
    have got to do with his native talent and effect of run of planets…

    as far as his victory at the last Australian open.- 2017,he has gone through a period of Mercury/Mars antardasa.. and this yoga karaka Mars –
    powerful was in the middle of it’s course delivered him the title.

    i am a fan of federer. i am really worried that the Mars sub period is getting over in 9th july 2017.

    from 10th it is Mercury/Rahu…… will this interrupt his progression in this year’s wimbledon?

    the postponement of the wimbledon schedule, astrologically, may not help him. i wish i am proved wrong.

    1. annaswamy sankaran federer is running mercury main period rahu sub period till 21.10.2017. he finished saturn main period on 08.12.2005.i suppose you are using chitra paksha ayanamsa and 365.25 days a year for calculating the running period. i follow the raman ayanamsa and 360 days year for calculating running periods which in my experience has proved very reliable. moreover for predicting winners in sports i believe transit is more reliable than running periods though a good running period will enhance the good results of good transit.

      1. annaswamy sankaran

        very late in responding to your mail. there is no way Mercury period can be helpful. please note Mercury is 11th lord from
        his lagna Lord…in vedic astrology 11th lord is Rank malific. i mean federer’s downfall would have started in 2005 if mercury
        period was computed in line with Raman Ayanamsa.

        even now Mercury is not supportive….. it continues to be arch enemy planet being 11th lord.

        luckily mercury gets back pressure from Mercury’s arch enemy Mars being bhukti lord , which is also yoga karaka for federer.
        being 4th lord and 9th lord.

  40. Dear James Green,

    you are right about the Gaja Kesari.
    Let me give you my view. I use Bhavachalita to see the actual houses. So I read this as Jupiter in 3rd house with Moon (lord of 8th house) but with Rahu. 3rd house is house of action, exertion (a sports person needs this). Jupiter and Rahu is a bad combination, so is Moon and Rahu. Rahu with 4th lord and his super bad enemy Jupiter (4th lord) might have given disturbances related to home (his childhood). But I see this as a not-so-strong Gaja kesari because of Rahu. Venus, who as 6th lord in 4th house is not so good but as 11th lord in 4th can give a give a lot of gains in relation to houses etc. 8th lord Moon will give frequent changes.

    Actually, I dont think that’s his real strength. In Bhava chalita his 6th house of work, fighting obstacles has 5th lord Mars (and also 12 the lord cause vipareetha raja yoga) with Mertucry (his career planet). This is a kona and kendra combination. Mars and Mercury can give agility, sports-related action. They both are in friendly houses. What amazes me is his Sarurn who as 2nd lord (speech and money) is in the 12 house of losses. But he speaks multiple languages and a good amount of wealth I suppose.

    Anyway thanks for your interpretation.


    James, I use jHora 8 with Surya sidhantha (SSS) + dasa periods based on lunar motion (titis). This doesn’t change the planetary combinations but it changes the dasa periods. I use D-10 for career and its own dasa periods. I am actually satisfied with these settings.


    **Correction in my last msg. I use two things. One based on Surya sidhantha and the second physical astronom (called Drik in Vedic).

    Lastly, I will look out for Rafa and Novak. I guess this will be my last astrological message. I am not a professional, so I wont indulge too much. 🙂

    Thanks again.

    1. dear phani please give what time of birth you are using for nadal.it appears from your statement of lord ships it is a completely different birth time you are using.

      1. James,
        Phani mentiones using birth time of 7:09 for Rafa in the prev posts.

        James, how do you see the astrology for Rafa Tomorrow, with Mueller.
        Muller is a BIG serve guy & I am not very comfortable Rafa playing him.


        1. dear ana the astrology for nadal is generally good at this years wimbledon. i do not have mueller birth time. so unless mueller has got outstanding astrology at the time he plays nadal nadal should win.

    2. dear phani his saturn even though in the 12th house is exactly aspected by jupiter his asct cum 4th lord. no wonder he speaks many languages.

  41. Amado Bustamante

    No matches today. Wimbledon is the only GS that observes a rest day, that’s why it’s so unique. It adheres so strictly to traditions & rules which make it so prestigious. I just wish that it didn’t have a roof on Center Court. Tennis is supposed to be played under the skies, tradionally & conventionally, & the players not only battling with each other but also with the elements. Everytime they close the roof on Center Court , tennis is never the same again. I hope that Roland Garros will not have a roof, although I heard that it is in the works now. I know there’s a lot of issues involved, but I wish that we would not have “controlled ” tennis every now & then.

    1. Your comment about a roof or not is useless as the debate here is of astrology prédictions.
      But just to answer : depending on the weather the tournament can last much longer than 2 weeks

  42. From reading some messages, there are different outlooks to astrology, even with one person–what is the best or possibly the correct method? For example, Federer who is your pick and others say Nadal has better astrology but there are different outlooks. It gets a bit confusing.

    1. Mac, there will always be different interpretations of astrology regardless of what system you use and yes, I agree it gets confusing. Which is why any astrologer needs to learn through experimenting and see what results they get. Then you stick to what you know works best. That was the basis of this astrology/tennis blog originally. Could astrology be used to more successfully predict tennis than other ways of deciding the winner? Astrology will never work 100% because it’s akin to predicting the weather or the financial outlook. You are trying to tap into the current trends and cycles by looking at what’s gone before in order to predict what’s coming. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  43. Sorry–I hit send without finishing.

    It gets confusing. However, how should I approach my outlook on astrology?

    1. Amado Bustamante

      I believe those astrologers who correctly predicted the winners. Those astrologers accurately interpret the positions of the heavenly bodies at that precise moment for that particular person as to how they will affect that person. So you will need to keep tract of the astrologers’ records. For me, James Green, Sally Kirkman & the Russian astrologist Bertie B. have gained my trust & belief.

      1. I trust Sally’s astrology predictions–quite impressive with her accuracy so that’s why I am a fan of this site. I never heard of Bertie B. and I have seen James Green on several occasions via this site, and each (I am sure) have different outlooks which is fascinating to me. I thought there would be an explanation that would help me understand as I continue to read visitors’ versions of their favourite player’s astrology outlook that are vastly different from one to another. Again, it is fascinating, albeit confusing at times.

        Thanks Amado.

        1. Amado Bustamante

          You deserve it ! You were so impressive and accurate with your French Open prediction. You see things some astrologists don’t see or fail to see & are able to interpret them precisely. I’m a follower now.

          1. No offence, but to any serious fan it was way too obvious that Nadal would win the French when it became known that Fed would not play the clay season, as early as April or so. There wasn’t even another contender in sight as long as the eyes could see. It is because the remaining top players like Djokovic,Murray,Stan were all in terrible form and the Thiems and Zverevs have a long way to go before they even think of beating Nadal in a best of 5.

            So basically, I am saying RG was an easy one, which could have been predicted without the help of astrology :).

            I think Sally’s best prediction was Wimby 2012 where she got both finalists and the winner absolutely right and they were not clear favorites going into the tournament that year. Hoping she repeats it this year 🙂

          2. … and think what would have happened if it hadn’t been a brilliant prediction in 2012 – thanking you, Amado – this blog might never have got going 🙂

  44. annaswamy sankaran

    i am surprised that my ‘commends’ yesterday, 9th July., was ignored for publishing . i agree it was purely based on Natal chart of federer.
    what a fantastic way the whole career has worked out for federer based on NATAL CHART….

    my commends had not taken into account the current transit of planets which you have analysed well.

    anyway not ‘publishing’ some thing based on ‘vedic astrology’ is not simply not on… it works against meaningful discussion.

    1. Please don’t leap in to accuse. If you’d checked the comments, you would have seen that I haven’t been on the site for some time as I haven’t replied to any comments. All the comments that were waiting approval have now been approved. I enjoy reading about the vedic astrology and again, if you look at the comments, you will see that they are always approved.

      1. annaswamy sankaran

        yes… you are right…very sorry i fervently hope and pray that MARS has a drag ion effect for federer.

        i do not see anything great for Nadal either …. could it be somebody other than these two?

        a coral in the ring finger shall work for federer…. i hope he does it today on wards.

        very sorry… Sally… having said that i do not have knowledge to interpret current run of planets.

        that … you should know better.

  45. annaswamy sankaran

    i checked position of MARS at LONDON. on 16th. it shall move into Cancer(3 degree) where it starts losing it’s strength a bit.
    but it is still a long way of losing full strength at 28 degree.
    but it is well placed at 10th house from the Moon of federer. Federer has his nakshatra – Vishakha- ruled by Skanda, the GOD
    that controls Mars. 10th house is karmasthana (work sphere). In vedic astrology ‘Run of planets’ are always checked from Moon.

    who knows .. he may win after quite a bit of work out. Astrologically he is better placed than Nadal.every thing else – sun baked
    court condition, current form,age – points to Nadal.

  46. Lesley Jackson

    Although this isn’t strictly astrology – Muller is beating Nadal by 2 sets to love and everyone is surprised except me. I am a massive Nadal fan and I knew this match was going to be very difficult for him. Muller beat Nadal in a final last year and has a massive serve. I had a bad feeling and I am shocked that nobody seemed to think Muller would be a problem. Rafa still has a chance but it’s looking grim. Vamos Rafa.

    1. Lesley,

      From what I read, he had difficulties with Muller but he beat him 5 times to 1 lost. I think Nadal will come through. I think it’s too early to tell. I may be wrong but great athletes get fired up when they are down.

  47. I 100% believe new Wimbledon winner is from women’s side.Venus Williams is the only Wimbledon champ remaining in the draw.If it’s not Venus then new Wimbledon champion will be crowned since Wimbledon is almost the domain of William sisters and Wimbledon favorite was out in round 2 and world number 1 Kerber is out today.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I would love Johanna Konta (the Brit!) to do well. I watched her game yesterday against Garcia and she’s not unbeatable for sure but exciting to see a British woman get to the quarter finals for the first time since 1984! The astrology points to a new young champion and I agree it’s more likely to come from the women’s side of the draw. Konta is a Sun Taurus (b. May 17 1991), not time of birth. Heavy on Cancer planets which fits the ‘home’ theme of the chart.

  48. Lesley Jackson

    I think it will be Federer or Murray and I don’t believe Venus will win Wimbledon. Probably Halep.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      The Brit Konta is up against Halep next. She will be a tough opponent. I guess rain is going to get in the way of Order of Play today so we may not see her on court until tomorrow, Wednesday.

    1. Amado Bustamante

      I believe Nadal has better chances & luck in US Open 17. According to James Green, he has good astrology particularly during the US Open 17 & Australian Open 18. Keep your hopes & beliefs alive.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      The older players are not invincible, Rinku. Nadal could not have given more yesterday. He did everything possible but Muller wouldn’t let go. Fantastic match – couldn’t stop watching!

  49. Lose of Nadal really shocked me.He is a fighter ,but he lost in 5 sets.Maybe at the last time of game,the progressing MC was square to his natal sun.It’s really sad that he lose in 4th round because the final day will be great for him.
    Now let’s see rest of players..Ronic defeated Zverev in 5 sets and will face Federer.Last year,Ronic beat Federer in semi.Novak’s opponents in 4th round and quarterfinals can’t show any threat to him.Ronic can’t beat Novak either and Federer was lost 2 finals to Novak.So Novak will go into the final.
    It will be another Novak-Murray fight.I will root for Novak because he always gets luck in Wimbledon.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I couldn’t understand why they didn’t put Djokovic on Centre Court after all the matches there were wrapped up? Perhaps because the players weren’t ready and were expecting to go on later as Court no. 1 had some really epic matches taking place? Seemed weird to me. Only fourth round to take place and they’ll be lucky to get through it today as rain is forecast. I do see they have scheduled it at 12pm so I guess they have a chance.

  50. Amado Bustamante

    It just seems that Nadal is so unlucky in Wimbledon & Australian Open these last five years or so. If he’s not getting injuries, then he’s getting big hitters / servers. His lucky stars have always deserted him come Aussie & Wimby times. Can astrology explain or provide an answer to this unlucky streaks ?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Well, we’ve talked about the astrology for Nadal’s injuries many times on the forum. He’s moving away from that, as Saturn moves on. No-one is invincible however and he just played in one of the best matches ever at Wimbledon – he is still an incredible player to watch. Clay has always been his surface though, hence 10 wins at the French Open. He plays like a champion but there are other players out there who are vying to be champion too and Nadal’s astrology wasn’t as strong as it was at this year’s French Open, in my opinion.

  51. OK. Calculation / interpretation of astrology for Nadal by many people may need to be revisited. Also, Thiem in my view did have good stars and hence came upto 4th Round. Alexander Zverev is out and Dimitrov is out. Only younger person left in my view is Raonic. Let us see how it goes.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thiem was my pick to do well this year. I had a (small!) bet on him to reach the semi-finals because of his amazing astrology. Yet I also knew that he’s not on top form at the moment and sometimes struggles on grass. Worth a punt anyway 🙂 I would have liked him to go further. Yup, agreed that the only two players not over 30 or nearly 30 are Raonic and Cilic, I believe? I liked the Zverev brothers too but their astrology didn’t blow me away this time. So… are we back to a home favourite – Murray or my choice Federer? And perhaps the women’s tennis will produce the new young winner? We’ll find out soon 🙂

      1. sally when predicting tennis tournaments the problem is we do not have the sharts of all the players. if the tournament chart does not show a fovour to the top players for whom we have accurate birth time then the individual charts take over. may be muller had some out standing transits on the day he played nadal which we cannot varify without his birth time.

      2. Sally you are betting too? So could you explain us how you decide the amount and the bet. That would interest me besides the astrological view.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          To be honest I rarely bet on the tennis. Usually on an outsider if they have amazing astrology – like Thiem did! The bet was for him to reach the final so not as an outright winner. I only did it because a friend of mine who lived abroad wanted to put a bet on, so I was on the site.

  52. Nasal has unlucky in Wimbledon , if the match goes for fifth set after 6-6 its a matter of luck to the players.

    My two favorite Stan and Rafa out from the Wimbledon and they fail to create a new history.

    Now the favorite in performance based is Andy Murray he is capable to beat Novak or FedEx in Wimbledon.

    G saravanan

    1. Murray has had a dismal record against Fed in the last 3-4 years and though that doesn’t mean much as each match is a fresh one, I wouldn’t put Andy as a clear favorite against Fed or Djokovic.

      Murray also had a hip injury and withdrew from Eastbourne I thought, not sure how that will play on his chances here. Is there any injury related factor in his charts ?

  53. annaswamy sankaran

    Roger Federer is a clear winner. he will beat Raonic, Djokovic and Murray to take his 19th Grand slam.

    his yoga karaka planet Mars is entering 10th house from moon. . it is at 0 degree 28 minutes cancer.
    at London on 12th evening 4.00 PM slightly less powerful that Mars in Cancer . yet it should hand over the victory to him as Mars
    shall give him the energy as it is in 10th house for these crucial days …12th, to 16th . 10th house is the house of activity.. profession.

    he will win.

    1. Can you please check Cilic’s chart ? He is flying under the radar and has been red hot so far. What if his astrology is stronger ? Also check Raonic, though I don’t fancy his chances as much.

      1. Checked them both before the tournament. No time of birth for Raonic (b. December 27 1990) – heavy Capricorn chart. Cilic does have a time of birth (b. September 28 1988, 5:00 am, Zagreb, Croatia). He’s a Sun Libra which is nice as Jupiter is in Libra and his ruling planet and career planet is Mercury in Libra, again good for him with lucky Jupiter in Libra. However, Jupiter is right inbetween the two now – Sun 5 Libra and Mercury 27 Libra so his astrology will be especially strong late September 2017. The angles of Cilic’s chart are not dissimilar to the Wimbledon tournament chart so out of the two, his astrology is the stronger.

    2. But according to Indian astrology mars is debilitated in cancer, no? Unless otherwise strong forces lift mars.

      To James green:
      I was wrong abt Nadal, no point defending at this point. My heart and hope is still for Novak.

  54. As far as I remember Sally has missed on AO2017 predictions where she predicted Murray to win. Apart from that she has done a great work on the winner prediction. Hope we see Roger lifting the trophy 🙂

    1. The last time Sally predicted Roger and Murray as favorites slightly favoring Roger to win, she was bang on target (2012 Wimbledon). Can we see a repeat this year ?

    2. She has gone wrong only when she has predicted for Federer , barring 2012 :-)…..She had predicted Federer to win the US open in 2014 . Also 2014 Wimbledon.

      Rest of the times, she was bang on target

  55. i watched the nadal muller match from start to finish and even when he was 2 sets down i still had hope that he will come back to win. he almost proved me right by taking the next 2 sets and the 5th set going for so long. perhaps muller had very good astrology for that day so he came out the winner.was transit mars opposite his natal mars exactly at the time of the match inhibiting nadal and led to his defeat? i think sally can best answer this question. i believe if nadal had won yesterday he would have most probably gone on to lift the title. my astrological favourite now is roger to win wimbledon.

      1. rinku there are good transits for nadal during usopen 17 and australian open 18. let us see how it pans out.

        1. Amado Bustamante

          Maybe Nadal has better chances / luck in this coming US Open. It is not too far away since it is to start on Aug. 28 . I’m keeping my hopes and beliefs alive .

    1. Well, not so sure of the last part of Nadal winning the title if he was through yesterday, as Nadal would have next met Cilic who is in red hot form. Don’t know if anyone has checked Cilic’s astrology.

      As for the rest, yes,I was sure too that Nadal would come back and win in 5 after 2 sets. And everything went as per script and I thought Muller will fold in the fifth. It was really uncanny that he held serve and nerve during the epic fifth set because in the third and fourth sets, he was so insipid and had barely had any first serves. So yeah, I am really amazed that Muller had it in him to edge out Nadal who is known to be mentally strong and can simply frustrate and wear out players.

      This was so much like the Rosol match of 2012. Rosol match was special because it was the first time an in-form Nadal suffered a shock exit so early (next only to FO 2009 perhaps). After that, Darcis, Kyrgios and Dustin Brown have also done it, so there isn’t that much of a ‘shock factor’. This match however goes a notch higher than those because you don’t normally expect a guy like Muller to save so many BPs like a boss in the extended fifth set and not give up or get frustrated after missing so many chances to close out. So yeah, probably something was in the stars to bring this result.

      1. Amado Bustamante

        Nadal had knee problem dating back in 2009 .
        He first got it during the French Open of 2009 when he lost to Sorderling & was forced to skip Wimbledon. This knee problem occurred again in 2011 & seems to stay & bug him up to this time. It never really goes away, & he needs strong, healthy knees to succeed in Wimbledon. This should explain his string of losses in Wimbledon.

        1. His poor results are only on grass even when he has swept everything on clay and made all those HC finals losing only to Federer, so I don’t think the knees are a factor. Ever since he underwent PRP treatment 3-4 years ago, he himself has admitted that his knees are healed and no longer bother him.

          He is just not comfortable on grass and after the loss to Rosol, other players started believing they could beat him on grass and Nadal himself may have developed a block against big servers knowing he is vulnerable on his not so favorite surface.

    2. Mars was opposite Nadal’s Mars – so it gave him a competitive, fighting spirit which we saw in the match. The lucky astrology involving Jupiter which was so strong in the French Open is separating which is why I didn’t think Wimbledon would be his tournament. As most of you know, I tend to look at the bigger picture for each player rather than individual matches and minor transits and base my prediction on that. Without a time of birth for Mueller (b. May 9 1983), it’s hard to say a lot more about his astrology, apart from the fact that you saw his Sun Taurus nature against Nadal – so solid yet calm at the same time. As a friend wrote to me, almost ‘Zen-like’.
      On a completely different note, just looked at Sam Querrey’s chart again (b. October 7 1987, no time of birth) and another Sun Libra. The Sun at 13 Libra so Jupiter at 14 Libra 02 as the tournament began was only just beginning to separate from Querrey’s Sun and pretty close. Querrey plays Murray next.

      1. sally based on mullers date of birth transit sun during the match was in exact sextile to his natal sun.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Thank you for this, James. Which would make sense if the Sun was his career planet, so a nod towards a Leo Midheaven perhaps? Western astrology.

  56. Hi Sally,

    Djokovic seems to have regained his “obsessive desire to win”?? Can you revisit his astrology as I think if he regains form then no one can defeat him.


    1. Sally Kirkman

      It’s all or nothing with Djokovic! There were a couple of minor testimonies linking Djokovic’ chart to the tournament chart. Let’s see how he gets on. His shoulder seemed to be bothering him today and he doesn’t get 24 hours off like the other players.

  57. It seems that some of you , even those with astrology knowledge, were almost willing Nadal to win even though his astrology indicated that the tournament was not his. I found this rather interesting. I guess we can’t influence the stars.

  58. I am very disappointed the way Wimbledon executives behave towards other players in comparison to Murray n Federer. Throughout the tournament both of gets centre court to play. Whereas other players like nadal n Djokovic given no1 court. What they do biased. A good player n to be regarded as champion of Wimbledon he has to play in other courts n win. That makes him a true champion. I have been following Wimbledon since 1980. I never seen why these days Wimbledon executives are so biased – give British players prominence. A player who is good or excellent should play n win in all courts. U see what happened to Nadal this year n Djokovic last year – they all lost their respective matches in other courts.
    I read ur article earlier where one or more of your participant raised this issue. Look like this goes to deaf ears as far as Wimbledon executive concerned. I thought Wimbledon championships is the highest among all other grand slams. However after going through these couple of years it had lost its flourish image. I strongly hope this is posted. No hard feelings to any one. I strongly feel as human this must be heard by all. Thank you.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I think you’ll find it’s a money issue. Murray and Federer are most popular with the crowd and I would guess that Centre Court tickets are more expensive? Also that’s where all the ‘invited’ folk sit, so again it comes down to money and prestige.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Yes, at Wimbledon. He’s a Brit! Not in the big tennis scheme of things admittedly but on his home turf, he is.

    2. Amado Bustamante

      Wimbledon is playing favorites. If they had put Nadal’s match on Center Court , the result might have been different & Djokovic’s match would not have been postponed. Center Court was available at the time of Nadal’s match & was idle. This tournament is getting corrupt because of favoritism & it’s bound to lose a lot of prestige & respect now that it has been exposed.

        1. Yes the scheduling is contentious.

          However, the reason Nadal lost was just due to the once in a lifetime performance by muller. Lets not take that away from him. It is not like if Nadal played on centre court , the opponent would have changed from muller to someone else. If someone was affected, it may be djokovic , for his upcoming match against berdych due to one night lesser rest.

          1. Sally Kirkman

            Agreed! I couldn’t understand why Djokovic didn’t play on Centre Court after the 3 main matches finished early. Muller deserves praise too for his achievement.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        I don’t think you can say the result would have been different on Centre Court for Nadal. Muller played an amazing match and that shouldn’t be taken away from him. I don’t agree that Wimbledon is corrupt either. You have to remember that it’s a business too as well as a great tradition and no doubt there will be decisions made that don’t please everyone. If you pay for Centre Court tickets and you don’t get to see Murray or Federer then you will feel let down. They are the favourites for the majority of people at this tournament, not saying that Nadal and Djokovic and other players aren’t popular too. If anything, this year’s controversy has been about the number of 1st round players retiring injured (and that is about the money – £35,000 guaranteed for turning up) and the state of the grass courts (not as good this year, probably because of the dry weather we’ve been having).

        1. I’m not agree in corruption, Nadal played amazing tennis , sometimes have to accept the loose, like operation success but patient loss,

          Now there is possible chances for berdych vs Murray in finals.

        2. I agree with everything Sally said. Nadal and Muller played a great match – but one had to lose. However, I think both are winners in this match because they gave their fans everything. It will be interesting to see who makes it to the finals–it’s anyone’s game. I don’t think Wimbledon is corrupt either – it is a business.

        3. I agree with Sally. The opponent was the same, so how would center court help Nadal win? Does it play more like clay than outside courts ? As for scheduling, a lot of players have to bear the brunt of bad scheduling at times. Some are vocal and complain about it, some just take it in their stride, so it doesn’t get talked about much.

          1. Amado Bustamante

            I say that the BIG difference is the court , Players know it , so do the organizers. Center Court is very spacious & according to some players they don’t get that suffocating feeling when they play on it. The top players , especially Federer, know the ins & outs of the court. I bet Federer can hit an ace on Center Court even he is blindfolded. Huge credits to Muller, but I still believe that the result might have been different if they played on Center Court. The players, particularly Nadal and Djokovic, have legitimate reason to complain.

          2. Sally Kirkman

            Muller/Cilic match was on Centre Court before Federer/Berdych match. Quit complaining about it, Amado, congratulate the players who do well and enjoy the tennis 🙂

          3. Sally Kirkman

            Correction: It was the Querrey/Cilic match on Centre Court before Federer/Berdych. The sentiment remains the same – there are so many factors involved, it makes no sense to complain about what court they’re playing on. I would guess that Muller was wiped out physically and mentally after the epic 5 hour match against Nadal – that surely is a bigger reason why he couldn’t pull another win out of the bag. Plus Cilic is a higher seed and a good player! I also believe that when you compliment and feel good for other peoples’ achievements, life is a whole lot rosier, for everyone!

  59. Murray Lost Today just now… looks like injury hampered him from 4th set as the result was shocking loosing 61 61 in 4th and 5th set

      1. Sally Kirkman

        I think it’s the Pluto, especially with the controversy over the 1st round injuries (money driven) and Djokovic’ dramatic exit.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Me too! It was always going to be hard for Muller after that epic match against Nadal. It must sap your energy. I warmed to him a lot. Cilic I find it hard to warm to, he looks quite mean! (although I’m sure he’s lovely).

    2. Amado Bustamante

      Have you heard about the “Curse of Nadal ” ? It has become a phenomenon & it’s real : whoever beat Nadal is destined to lose in his next match ! With Cilic’s crashing out of Muller, the curse of Nadal has reared its ugly head once again. This is the seventh time it happened in Wimbledon alone. Not only in Wimbledon though, it also happened in US Open , Australian Open & several tournaments. From my understanding, there is now a total of 14 cases. Can astrology explain this “phenomenon” ?

      1. the person who beats nadal will have to play the match of his life to do so. usually the next match he cannot do the same as after a top day the next day will not be the same. so he loses. i want sally to say what is there in nadals horoscope that makes a lower ranked player play the match of his life against nadal.

  60. What a day!!! Murray Out and djoko out too!!! Last one pulling Out with shoulder injury !!
    This year Wimbledon is definitely crazy!!

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I feel sad for both Murray and Djokovic going out with injury. Not good for the tournament – brilliant for Roger!

  61. Tou actually read it quite well Sally not stunning astrology leaping Out from the big four and the one with better astrology roger still in route!
    Touché Sally 😉

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you. Feeling a tad smug (not too much though 🙂 ) today, especially as the injury worries did show for Andy and Djokovic crashing out with the Pluto Full Moon across his Ascendant. Sad for them both but pleased for Roger!

    1. Cilic is 28 and Sam is 29 and it is going to be an interesting match between these two and it will go to 5 long sets. I would give the edge to Cilic.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Libra plays Libra. Querrey has the stronger Jupiter transit. Also Saturn conjunct his natal Uranus at the beginning of the tournament, very close. He’s already pulled a surprise out of the bag beating Murray…

        1. Interesting. That influence may play a factor in the outcome. I look forward to it. Thank you Sally–you are awesome.

    2. Sally Kirkman

      I don’t consider any of them young – that would have been Thiem or the younger Zverev. I’m rooting for Roger in the mens. I wonder whether the young/surprise winner will show in the womens’ tennis. I still like Konta and she would fit with the surprise ‘home – Cancer’ winner – Mercury Cancer square Uranus. Mind you she needs to get past Venus first. Venus Williams (b. June 17 1980, 2:12 pm, Lywood Gardens, CA). Yet another talented Gemini tennis player. Plus Ascendant 13 degrees Libra 33 so lucky Jupiter was close to it at the start of the tournament. She also has the Moon at 27 Leo conjunct North Node at 21 Leo and the transiting North Node is now at 24 Leo, inbetween the two – the Moon is her career planet. That’s pretty strong astrology for a win, so Johanna Konta will have to work overtime to get past her.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          I haven’t looked at the chart for the women’s final although I will if I get a chance later. Overview – Garbine’s Jupiter conjunct Sun Libra is hard to beat astrologically. It hands her the luck factor.

  62. Anyone has a time of birth for berdych?
    Só far it seems fedexpress is in full motion to get his 8th Wimbledon title 😉 What a class!!
    As Sally pointed Out should he win again 2017 is the year of the oldies;)

    1. Sally Kirkman

      No time of birth for Berdych. Sun Virgo (b. September 17 1985). Without knowing more about his chart, it’s Roger who has the better astrology. Although there is another North Node (destiny) connection for Berdych (same as Venus Williams). Venus in Berdych’ birth chart is at 24 Leo and so is the North Node. Depends whether his natal Venus is linked to his career whether this is important for the next few days.

  63. You are the best astrologer sally accurate prediction.Many people who casully predict here want their favorites to win so they don’t think of negative traits of their favorites. You are unbiased in your prediction.

  64. For me the final will be Querrey – “Narcissus” Federer, (that’s what I call him).
    The horoscopes of both of them on the day of the final are great, but I see for Querrey a double junction of very narrow transit: Jupiter, now directed, on the Sun, but also Moon on his Jupiter.
    Signs of “luck” and immense joy?
    Unfortunately, Sam’s ascendant is not known, but so I would really say, Cancer, but it’s just an intuition.
    If so, he would also have Sun and Mars of transit on his ascendant …
    What do you think?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Cancer Ascendant is traditionally ‘baby face’. Not sure I see that for Querrey. Raonic could be! Astrologically, I agree with you – Querrey-Federer final. Querrey’s astrology is intriguing. Jupiter is separating from the conjunction to his Sun but depending what time he was born it could have been very close when the tournament began. Plus we don’t know where his Moon is as the time of birth is missing but it’s going to be in Aries and his natal Jupiter is at 26 Aries. So yes, the Moon at 20 Aries on the day of the final could point to a Querrey win. I still like Roger’s astrology though – the Jupiter sextile applying closely to his natal Sun at 15 Leo 38 on the day of the final. That’s sweet and he is a past champ – Leo Midheaven on the final chart. Looking forward to the next few days – mens and womens 🙂

      1. Raonic is 100% ascendant cancer, I agree with you Sally.
        I now have a “talent” in recognizing the ascenders or even the sun and / or moon of people, it depends.
        That is why I say that Querrey might be Ascendant Cancer, because I noticed some resemblance to people with the Sun or the Moon in Cancer.
        This moon thing I’ve never seen written in any treatise, but I assure you that it is this: Physical appearance also depends on the moon’s position, while everyone says that it only counts the Sun-Ascending combination.
        Just make crosses and check if this theory is valid.
        As for Querrey, I see that he certainly has a dominant “Jupiter”, so he is supposedly angular in the subject.
        It is seen, in fact, in the imposing physics, and in its innate cheerfulness and sympathetic expression.
        If it were ascendant Cancer, in fact, it would have Jupiter, and Moon, in tithing. This made me think even more that his Ascendant might be this.
        Anyway, you intuitively, where would you see him if not in Cancer?

        1. Sally Kirkman

          I haven’t watched him enough to intuit what his Ascendant might be. I missed the Murray-Querrey match today. I’ll try to catch him on Friday and let you know. I would need to see his movements/behaviour too.

          1. Here, again thinking about it, for me the ascendant of Sam could be also Taurus, with a beautiful tight Jupiter-moon conjunction in aries angular in XII.
            This would also explain his natural sympathy that expresses only to look at him.
            Yes, I’m convinced, or Cancer, or Taurus. I know people who have these similarities in their respective signs.

      2. Amado Bustamante

        But if we are to look at the tournament’s chart , the favorite will not win. Federer has been the overwhelming favorite from the very start of Wimbledon . The winner then might be a ” new ” guy or better yet , a new champion.

          1. Amado Bustamante

            I still don’t understand. Being No1 doesn’t necessarily mean being the favorite. All the voting & betting sites pointed to Federer as the hands down favorite. In fact, Murray came in as third only, way behind No1 Federer & No2 Nadal. Does astrology have a different interpretation of who the favorite is than the actual choice of most people ?

  65. Two bigs is out today.I can’t believe it.This situation reminds me of 14US which everyone predicted Federer winning and Cilic got his first big title..Today Berdych remains his energy.I think Berdych will fire up to Federer.Personally I don’t like Cilic because Cilic is not clear with drug history.Although I don”t like him,,Cilic will beat Querrey undoubtedly due to H2H.Cilic-Berdych final will be interesting.

    1. But here we are talking about astrology applied to tennis, or else your fan or your expectations ?!
      If we talk about astrology, and hence its predictions, the h2h have nothing to do, we just have to look at the astrological moment.
      And this is definitely more favorable to Querrey than to Cilic or Berdych.
      Then I would like to point out to you that, yes, Cilic leads 4-0 in the clashes with Querrey, but they have all played very well, one won by Cilic even 17 to 15 at the fifth set in Wimbledon 2012. The last game Ended with a double 7-6 in Washington in 2015.
      So in reality there is a lot of balance, but the astrological moment is more favorable to Querrey, and I believe in his victory in the semifinal.

      1. Antoine, next to looking at current form of players, their different performance on different surfaces, head-to-heads are a necessary detail for making predictions. Several times I experienced myself rooting for aplayer like Thiem to have good astrology and in the end it reveals he is simply not strong enough to win Wimbledon. As astrology is often not clear in it’s message I think it is good to include ll relevant factors influencing a match.

        1. And this, you forgive me, it’s crazy …
          How can you think of such a nonsense ?!
          So, all of us, according to this reasoning, when we are in the closet of our homes or in any other office we are in the “shelter” of astrological influences …
          Practically astrology works, when it works, only outdoors, under the sky …
          You can not really believe this, it’s absurd …
          This concept is worse than those who say that astrology can not be true even because of the Equinox Precession, since according to them the constellations no longer correspond …

          Astrology is a concept that is independent of the direct “influences” of planets, which do not really exist. It’s just a “drawing,” an eternal mechanism, written in points in the sky that can not change, never.

          As for tennis, I therefore confirm that we must stick to the astral configurations of the moment to determine who is in better shape or worse than others. And evaluate accordingly.
          This does not mean that the potentially inferior player, but with the best astrological conditions, will surely win. Absolutely not, but provided the other player is far superior to the first one.
          But you can not even say that as some player has always won with that one, astrology may in some cases not work.
          And what is this reasoning ?!

  66. Sally, also note that, in the Querrey theme, there is practically a virtually exact Uranus transit on this Jove-Moon conjunction of his natal chart.
    And on Sunday, the day of the final, at the start time of the game at 2 pm in London, the Moon is in the exact Revolution of return on that point, as it is also said on its Jupiter (!).
    To me, these seem to be noticeable.
    But he could only say his great joy not a triumph, as for him to come to the final at Wimbledon is surely already a business.

  67. Berdych’s time is not known so that it can be tricky. He may have some awesome astrology going for him. His ground game against Djokovic was significant for the fact that his shot selection appeared much more improved.. pulling trigger at the right time.

  68. Thomas berdych is a great player with huge potential, but no luck favour to him thus for, And he loss to any one of the big four in big tournament, but this time he will prepare the blue print and win against FedEx .

    G saravanan

    1. Hi There is Partiality exist everywhere across the world, Yesterday Andy was not benefited if one exist and in final the new one will be benefited, Will enjoy Tennis and see who will chucked out on tomrow.

    1. Amado Bustamante

      It seems that Berdych doesn’t stand a chance, but we never know for sure. Federer has a history, too, of dropping in form after a significant win ; but so far, he has not been tested yet.

  69. Doesnt look like anyone can touch Fedex. Difference between Fed and Nadal is 3 and it will be 4 after Wimbeldon.

      1. I think Saravanan “hopes or believes” Two things will happen:
        1. Federer will not win Wimbledon (So difference of GS Title between Federer and Nadal will remain at 3 (18 to 15).
        2. Nadal Will Win US Open 2017 thereby reducing the deficit to 2.

        I am well aware of Sally’s prediction for Wimbledon (waiting for actual result) and will be waiting for what Madam Sally’s prediction in US Open.

        1. Ok thanks. Has any one of the astrologers on the forum discussed Nadal’s astrology for US open? I couldn’t find such posts.

        2. Amado Bustamante

          Got you there. I stiill maintain that Federer is the overwhelming favorite to win the title, both in paper & in all voting & betting sites. He has the majority or the popular votes, so to speak, even before the tournament . Now that he is the lone survivor of the big four, he is obviously , with zero doubt, the favorite. Going back to the tournament’s chart : the chart points to a NEW winner & NOT the favorite. Let’ s see if the astrology of the tournament will hold , also taking into account Federer’s strong astrology. Interesting because it is contrasting.

        3. during the usopen (from 28.08.2017 to 10.09.2017) mercury turns direct almost exactly on rafas mc. as per tropical system mercury is rafas career planet.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Plus her birthdate is October 8 1993, Sun at 15 Libra! Jupiter slap bang on it on Sunday… and she’s Venezuelan. I have a soft spot for the country – had a magical month there many years ago. In fact, now this is getting weird. My daughter’s name is Merida because I met her father in Merida, Venezuela and my daughter’s birth date – October 8th, same as Muguruza – a few years later though 🙂

      1. Sally,

        I didn’t know she was from Venezuela. Interesting. I like her game but I love Venus more. Too bad one has to win. Neither has lost a set. I am intrigued.

  70. Federer looked en route to win 2014 US Open, there was no Rafa, no Djoker or Murray..so I think the cup is up for grabs for rest of the three as well.

    1. Your statement is a bit confusing – Cilic won in 2014 and he deserved it. He beat Roger Federer. Djoker was in the other semi and he was beat by Kei. Rafa was there and so was Murray and they got beat.

    2. I do, however, agree that it is anyone’s win. Everyone is playing a great game–but Federer is the only one who hasn’t lost a set. As Sally mentioned, his astrology is outstanding. Too bad we don’t have any birth info re. the other players. It will be interesting to say the least.