Who Will Win Wimbledon 2012?

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POST-TOURNAMENT ANALYSIS: July 9th 2012. Roger Federer only went and won Wimbledon! Way to go, Roger. Fantastic news and I’m so pleased my astrology prediction was right.

[Originally posted in March 2012, I am re-posting this blog on June 25th 2012, the first day of the Wimbledon fortnight. Can Roger Federer win his 7th Wimbledon title, equalling Pete Sampras’ record?

Check out all the comments, especially about the psychic who predicted Nadal to win the French Open, which of course came true.This has been the most popular blog over the last few months and a lot of people are obviously passionate about their favourite tennis player. Bring on Wimbledon 2013!]

When a good friend and avid tennis fan, Bianca Tait, challenged me to predict the men’s winner of Wimbledon 2012 on her blog post The One And Only Roger Federer, my immediate response was, “Game On!”

I’m an astrologer who loves sports predictions and over the next few months, you’ll hear more from me on how to back a winner at the Grand National and how to predict a key football game using astrology, as the new sporting season gets underway.

The birthdates of the current top four men’s seeds are:

Andy Murray, born May 15 1987, Glasgow, 2:10pm. Sun Taurus
Novak Djokovic, born May 22 1987, Belgrade, Serbia, 11:25pm. Sun Gemini
Rafael Nadal, born June 3 1986, Manacor, Majorca, Spain, 7:15 pm. Sun Gemini
Roger Federer, born August 8 1981, Basel, Switzerland, 8:40am. Sun Leo

The first thing you may notice is two Geminis in the top four and Gemini’s a popular Sun Sign amongst tennis players. Bjorn Borg (6 June), Steffi Graf (14 June), Venus Williams (17 June) and Anna Kournikova (7 June), to name but a few. Gemini rules the hands and you need lightning reaction and dexterity to be an ace tennis player.

Our local hero, Andy Murray is a Taurus and I did have a bet on him to win Wimbledon last year, as Jupiter, planet of opportunity, moved in to Taurus early June 2011 where it’s remained since then. He didn’t win but 2011 was his best year yet. It was the Geminis, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, who slogged it out in the final. They both have key planets in Taurus; Rafael has the Moon at 0 Taurus and Novak has Venus at 6 Taurus, so Jupiter at 5 Taurus on the day of the final helped them flourish, especially Djokovic who won Wimbledon 2011.

So what about 2012? Who stands the best chance of lifting the Wimbledon men’s singles final trophy? My first instinct was to hand it to a Gemini. Jupiter leaves Taurus on 11th June 2012 and moves in to Gemini so it’s their turn to shine – again! In addition, Neptune’s move in to Pisces on 3rd February 2012 puts Neptune, planet of fame and glamour, in Gemini’s 10th house of success and the Oscars proved that Geminis are already strutting their stuff this year (Jean Dujardin (19 June) and Octavia Spencer (25 May) both went home clutching little gold statuettes).

The men’s final takes place on 8th July 2012 and on the day, lucky Jupiter is at 6 Gemini. This is where astrology’s premise of “As Above So Below” comes into play. Who’s in tune with the Zeitgeist and whose destiny is in sync with the movement of the planets?

Novak’s Sun is at 1 Gemini and Rafael’s Sun is at 13 Gemini, so Jupiter falls inbetween the two. Andy Murray gets in on the Gemini act with his Mercury at 4 Gemini but what do we find when we look at Roger Federer’s chart? His Midheaven point, the highest point of the chart which symbolises success, is at 6 Gemini and Jupiter will be slap bang at the top of his chart on the day of the men’s Wimbledon final.

Is this a fitting symbol for holding up the Wimbledon trophy? I think it is. As long as he can avoid injury, this is glorious symbolism for success so my money’s on Roger Federer, the oldest of the four seeds, to pull one more Wimbledon win out of the bag. No-one will be more delighted than Bianca.

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74 thoughts on “Who Will Win Wimbledon 2012?”

  1. Hi Sally,

    You STAR you! I ABSOLUTELY love this blog. You have made my day! I’m even going to the bookie now to place a bet on your prediction.


    As I started to read your blog, I was thinking “why is she taking so long to get to Roger?” and then, there at the final hurdle, out it came, to my sheer and utter delight.

    You cannot believe how thrilled I am. I do so hope he can lift that trophy once more, even if it is the last.

    I am now going to think about my next challenge for you…. coming up shortly so watch this space.

    Yours with much gratitude!

    B x

    1. hi Bianca,
      Well, I’m glad that’s made your day! I too will be going to the bookies some time this week to put a bet on Mr Federer. Let’s hope he stays injury free as we’ve a few months to go yet and I did see that he had back problems in January! His stars do suggest he’s going to be very driven this year but I hope he can channel it constructively. Come on, Roger, you can do it! The stars are on your side.

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  3. I’ll be watching and waiting with baited breathe to see who comes out on top. It adds fun and a little extra to the whole game.

    Now for the ladies final?

    Jan x

    1. I’ll check out the ladies nearer the time, Jan. This is an excessively early prediction but as I was asked…

  4. Sally, it’s wonderful news that Roger will triumph again this year. He’s such a gentleman and it seemed rather odd not seeing him sporting his especially made blazer last year. He’s the man for me, glad he’s the man for the planets, as well. Thanks for the sneak preview, much appreciated. Janet

    1. He’s such a popular Leo! Glad everyone loves him. He is a real gentleman and Wimbledon does love a gentleman.
      Thanks for your comment, Sally

  5. Loved this! You have such a way and strength in your predictions I’m keen to get a bet on to! And I don’t bet! What’s going on! Bring on the women’s prediction and I’ll be down that bookies pronto! You’re the STAR Sally, you really are!

    1. I’m turning you all into gamblers… as long as you don’t throw in your house, your car, your children (as if!), I’m happy.
      best, Sally

  6. Hi Sallyk,
    As a devoted Fed fan, I love your prediction, Thanks for making my day. May be you should do it for all upcoming tournaments :o)

  7. I am a fed fan and I love your prediction. I read the tennis x blog and one of the posters there, Jamie, has a psychic friend.

    This psychic friend apparently predicted that Roger will never win another slam but will win the gold. She apparently predicted that Nadal will win FO, and that will be his last grand slam title. Novak , according to her will win wimbledon or USO, and Murray could win Wimbledon or USO.

    THis psychic has predicted the winner of the last three slams correctly, as was posted by Jamie on Tennis x.

    WHat do you think. I want Roger to win both the gold and wimbledon. I so hope you are right. I hope he wins Miami too and 1-2 more clay nasters 1000. I do pray so hard for him. I figure if I squeak loud enough to God he will hear me. The squeaky wheell gets the oil, right.

    1. Thank you for your comment and that’s so interesting what the psychic predicts. Roger’s stars are fantastic for the Wimbledon final, my only concern with him is possible injury beforehand. So many people want him to win, it’s amazing. My money’s on him so I hope all the praying works and I hope he holds high the Wimbledon trophy one more time.
      best, Sally

  8. An interesting way of predicting the outcome, however I can’t see it happening. Djokovich and Nadal are younger, in their prime and on the last few occasions Djokovich has beaten Federer in straight sets. Please don’t waste your money betting on him. All you can get is 5-1 and that’s not very good odds.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Paul. The bet’s already on Federer to win and the difference being that Wimbledon is on grass, Federer’s preferred surface. I agree that both Djokovich and Nadal are in their prime so it will be a tough call and realistically Federer’s last chance for a Wimbledon title. It may be just the incentive he needs. We shall see but thanks for commenting. It is appreciated.

    1. Ooh, lots of questions. Will repost Wimbledon blog over next week or so and try and answer your other two questions as an additional note. Watch this space! Thanks for the comment, Sally

  9. Very interesting article. I would love to see Federer win one more time and then retire. I just want to add some mischief. I only hope that Roger’s stars are very elevated from the start of Wimbledon until the day of the finals.Otherwise, one can also interpret the above prediction as follows ” Assuming, he reaches the final he is likely to win”..

    1. Thanks for your comment and it is valid. Roger has some tough astrology this year and when I wrote the predictions for Wimbledon a few months ago, I did wonder whether he’d get injured this season. I know he’s had problems with his back but so far he seems ok. The astrology also suggests an incredible level of tension, even obsession, which could be what he needs to be totally focussed on winning Wimbledon one more time. Do I think it will be his last Wimbledon? Yes. Do I think he will win Wimbledon this year? I hope so, my money’s on him to win!

  10. Dear Sally,

    I just read your comments. Why do you think it will be Roger last Wimbledon? What made you say that? Roger is already planning his schedule for 2013.

    1. Blimey, if you’re the real Richard Krajicek I feel greatly honoured that you’re reading my blog and commenting! Sorry, I think my last comment may have mislead you. When I originally looked at Roger’s chart, I loved that Jupiter was at the top of his astrology chart on mens finals day, as Jupiter rules success. However, Jupiter also rules freedom so I wondered whether this was also about Roger letting go of the need or drive to win Wimbledon, which I know is a hugely prestigious tournament, but after the event! I wondered if he thinks this is realistically his best chance to win one last Wimbledon title, to equal Pete Sampras record of 7 titles. That’s what I meant and I haven’t seen anything in the astrology to suggest he’ll stop playing professional tennis after this season. I really hope he wins Wimbledon this year.

  11. When you say ” it will be his last Wimbledon” are you implying this might be his last year on tour? God, I can’t imagine tennis at the top and especially Wimbledon without Roger. 🙁

    1. No I’m not (see my reply to previous comment). Sorry, having read my earlier comment I know it sounds like that’s what I was saying but it’s not. I think this year is his year for Wimbledon, as the astrology promises success. I also feel this may be his last chance to “win” Wimbledon again and that’s partly because of the astrology, partly what I think personally. I’d love it if he proved me wrong and he goes on to win more titles. He is arguably the best tennis player ever.

  12. I’m so depressed about this. I wanted Novak to win this year. I can see by what you write that there is absolutely no chance for Novak to win, that. there is no way for Novak to “beat” what the heavens have in store for him–which is losing at Wimbledon.

  13. Hi. I am also a big fan of Nole. Needless to say I like Federer’s game as well. I’m concerned how Novak would perform this year, in the upcoming Slams. He had good chances of winning Roland Garros but he blew it up. But it’s Nadal’s arena. Somewhere an astrologer predicted Nole would rule for the coming 3 years. But looking at his game, it does not seem so. Can you please look into Nole’s details and tell us how are the chances for Nole in the coming seasons.

    Thank you very much 🙂

    1. Well, this is Gemini’s year and Novak (Nole) is a Sun Gemini. So from June 11 2012-June 26 2013, Jupiter in Gemini promises success. However, so is Rafael Nadal (Sun Gemini) and Roger Federer has a Gemini Midheaven (success point) so the competition is strong. I’m hoping it will be a brilliant Wimbledon. I love watching the mens’ tennis.

  14. The fact that this is Gemini’s year probably means the Geminis(Djokovic and Nadal are both Geminis born in May and June) will rule the slams. Geminis splitting all 4 slams wouldn’t surprise me since they are the ones who have won the slams in the past 2 years since RG 2010 with Nadal winning 5 and Djokovic winning 4 slams.

    AO Djokovic
    FO Nadal
    Wimbledon Nadal
    USO Djokovic

    1. They have dominated the tennis, that’s for sure. I’m hoping there’s one change on your list and we’ll find out soon. Thanks for commenting. Much appreciated.

    1. My astrologer friend thought that a top seed would go out of Wimbledon because it started on the Uranus/Pluto square = shock exit. She’ll be writing a guest blog soon to explain more. Yes, I want Federer to win too. He still has to beat Djokovic to get to the final I believe. A tough call but anything’s possible.

  15. Hi.
    So sad for Nadal’s early exit. This gives a ray of hope to Murray. Federer appeared vulnerable. Somewhere else an astrologer posted Federer wouldn’t pose a major challenge.
    Now its interesting how things will shape up. Nole is doing well so far, and there seems to be no problem until semis. And if stars favor, he would cross the Federer barrier, else the other way round.

    1. Yes, even though Djokovic lost his first set yesterday he played formidably. Roger proved yet again he’s a fighter on the court. I missed all but the start of the match as I was out so I was very nervous to see what happened. Thrilled he made it. Roll on next week’s tennis.

  16. Interesting article! I’m not sure Jupiter at 6 Gemini necessarily indicates a Federer win though; it didn’t seem to give his results a boost the last time it was there (in 2000/2001).

    1. Thanks for your comment, which of course made me rush to check out what did happen back then, and I’m pleased to say it was a promising time for Roger. The last time Jupiter was at 6 Gemini and went over his Midheaven, which happened 3 times from August 2000-March 2001, this coincided with him meeting his wife at the Sydney Olympics and winning his first singles title at the Milan Indoors tournament. That’s good enough for me.

  17. Your guest astrologer predicted that Tsonga could win Wimbledon. I read that Andy Murray is aslo entering a favorable period now. Could he win?

    1. Astrology favours Federer and Tsonga. In addition and as Joanna predicts, with Wimbledon starting on the Uranus/Pluto square this year, this signifies shocks and surprises, which we’ve already seen. I thought Murray’s best chance astrologically was last year but it wasn’t to be. I’m looking forward to the coming week’s tennis and as always, I will analyse the astrology once we know the winners for sure. It’s so exciting!

  18. Jupiter will be slap bang at the top of his chart on the day of the men’s Wimbledon final.–

    Sally, but that is on the day of the final. Suppose he is knocked out before then, who do you see winning this if Roger is out?

    1. I’m standing by my Roger prediction. This is his best and last chance to win Wimbledon, I believe! Fingers crossed.

    1. Thanks for the comment re. Tsonga. His stars are definitely compelling. Let’s hope there aren’t too many rain delays this week as the forecast isn’t brilliant. I can’t wait to watch some more fantastic tennis!

  19. I am desperately hoping Federer wins, since that would be his last great chance. I also believe in numerology and Federer has a life number of 8, and the final is going to be played on July 8. If he wins , it will be his seventeenth grand slam – 1+7 = 8. Praying for him to do well

    1. I know! That can’t help him. He’s going to have to be in tip top condition to get through to the final.
      I’m just hoping it’s something he can deal with. Fingers crossed.

    1. hi Philippe,
      I did allude to it in my blog post. Yes, the back problem shows in the astrology. Saturn, which rules bones, going over his Pluto in Libra. It flared up in January but Saturn is moving away from Pluto now so hopefully that’s the last of it. In Federer’s chart, Pluto sextiles his Sun in Leo and Leo also traditionally rules the back. Hope that’s helpful.

    1. hi Betty, I haven’t looked at everyone’s charts. I only considered the top 4 seeds and now Joanna has introduced the no. 5 seed, Tsonga. You have to say Djokovic as he is a Gemini. Federer will meet him in the semis if the draw plays out and it will take a heroic effort to beat him. I’m wishing this rain on its way! best, Sally

    1. hi Betty,
      It’s a Vedic astrology site and they use a slightly different system to Western astrology so I can’t really comment on their prediction. Enjoy the tennis and thanks for all your interest!

  20. Sally I am big fan of Nadal and very sad to see him not playing Wimbeldon. I am afraid he might not win many more grand slams now. What are his chances in future? Big question is Will he overtake Fedrer? You response is much appreciated.

    1. Nadal is a Gemini and an excellent tennis player. He’s only 26 so no reason why he can’t continue to challenge for the Grand Slams in the future. best, Sally

  21. byron frederick

    Hello well we have a federer vs djokovic semifinal
    What’s does the stars will happen on friday?
    Hope its federer, its like everyone rooting for him

  22. Hello Sally

    Final Federer-Murray!!!

    What do you think? Do you stand up your prediction? I wish that Federer will win this Wimbledon because i think he deserve it!

    Thanks and congratulations

    1. I bloomin’ hope so! Yes, I’ll be backing Federer. He was fearless against Djokovic today. I knew it would take something special to beat the no. 1 seed. Let’s hope he plays as well on Sunday & holds that trophy aloft one more time. Sorry, Andy, but you’ve already made history becoming the first British man to reach a Wimbledon singles final since 1938 – you’re already epic in my eyes!

    1. Laura!! Why didn’t I find this out earlier. I couldn’t find his birthtime when I searched on the web but others obviously could. Now we see that Andy has compelling astrology for this Wimbledon with his ASC at 14:46 Virgo, close to Roger’s ASC of 11:01 Virgo (the Moon on the start map for Wimbledon was at 12:36 Virgo, picking both of them out as contenders). Plus his MC is 7:46 Gemini close to Roger’s MC at 6:09 Gemini and Andy’s Mercury is conjunct his MC at 3:38 Gemini. With Jupiter going over this point of his chart, he has already re-written (Mercury) history (MC) becoming the first Brit to reach the final of Wimbledon since 1938.
      It throws the final wide open and I would suggest it’s whoever wants it more, although as you say Jupiter is almost exactly cnj Roger’s MC on the day, which is extraordinary. It’s going to be a nail-biter and I will still be supporting Roger to win his 7th Wimbledon title. How exciting! Thanks so much for the extra info. Really helpful.

  23. Joanna Watters

    Sally I couldn’t find Murray’s data either. Now that we have it – too late in the day for me and my Tsonga prediction but think I would still have backed him! – the synastry with the Moon in the start of Wimbledon chart is crucial. I can only say that Federer has the closer contact – and fingers crossed your prediction will come to be…

  24. I’m not an astrologer but pure gut feeling says Andy will take the title. He’ll hear the roar of EVERY Scot in Scotland and around the world and theres nothing that drives Andy more is the roar of the crowds behind him which has been lacking throughout the years by middle England. Thankfully more and more Scots are in Centre Court and even if most of UK and others are behind Federer the Scots there will roar with great love and respect for our man! There is no one that deserves it better after the cruel and nasty scathings of so many people putting him down on every level especially him being dour…..well we Scots may be dour but we are decent people and Andy is well loved in his tennis circle….thats because the likes of Rafa and Nole etc know the real, good hearted and funny guy that Andy is.

    1. hi Betty, thank you for your comment. I will no doubt look at the chart for the Olympics in the next week or so but not necessarily individual sports. I’m riding high on my Federer prediction at the moment. It’s wonderful when the astrology works so beautifully!

  25. Joanna Watters

    Congratulations Sally, Am still gutted that Tsonga went out but the fact that your prediction of Federer came to pass makes me feel a lot better! Well done on predicting the champion even before the tournament had started – game set and match to you!

    1. Thanks, Jo. Just written a post-match analysis blog entitled Roger Federer: Return of the King which credits you for your prediction that the favourite wouldn’t win Wimbledon 2012. Thanks for all your brilliant help and putting your astrologer’s neck on the line one more time. Isn’t it fantastic when the astrology works beautifully and our predictions come true!

    1. I fancy Djokovic to win the US Open later this year. Gemini’s the sign of the moment until June 2013 so he has every chance of retaining his number one spot. Thanks for your comment.

        1. I know Nadal is but Gasquet hasn’t come under my radar. Yes, a top year for Geminis (which is a very popular Sun sign for tennis players – quick, agile, great dexterity, good with their hands!) so a few of them will be fighting it out. Plus don’t forget both Roger Federer and Andy Murry have Gemini on the Midheaven so they will have Jupiter in their success sectors all year too. Should be exciting.

    1. It’s a question I’m being asked a lot, Krishna, but my reply is the same that I’m not predicting the Olympics. It’s the middle of the school hols for me and also the Olympics is so many different sports so I won’t be making a prediction. Sorry.

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