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US Open tennis astrology

Update: Some quick thoughts post-tournament. Saturn transits won out over Jupiter transits (n.b. Federer & Djokovic). A similar vibe to the Wimbledon final when ‘Saturn’ dominated.

It was all about Venus for Nadal – and he was a worthy champion. The exact same four finalists as the Rogers Cup in August 2019 – maybe a nod to Jupiter being at the exact same degree/minute as the Wimbledon final – there was a ‘repeat’ theme.

I think Uranus on the Descendant of the tournament chart meant it was harder to read the astrology but our award for best astrologer’s prediction goes to Javier. Using different astrology techniques, he chose the right winner for both the women’s & men’s tennis. Impressive!

My best results this tournament came via a dream & a ‘wrong chart’ – weird. There’s Uranus! Also, we are seeing the new wave coming through with the younger players reaching the Grand Slam finals – another Uranus theme.

Have you recovered from Wimbledon yet? I’m sure some of you haven’t. It was the longest Wimbledon final ever between two of the all-time greats, Federer and Djokovic.

I wanted Federer to win because I thought he had a really good shot at the trophy with transiting Jupiter almost exactly trine his natal Sun in Leo during the final, a strong testimony for a win. (Admittedly, Jupiter was retrograde, i.e. in retreat. We have seen in Grand Slam tennis that Jupiter direct is stronger)

Statistically, Federer played the best tennis and he had two championship points which he couldn’t convert. Djokovic was Saturn personified and refused to give in. It was an epic final, almost impossible to watch at times, giving us the very best of tournament tennis.

During the Wimbledon final, Mercury, the planet of communication, was retrograde. Often, this means that things are hidden from you. So, when the tournament finished, I ended up talking with James Green, an excellent tennis astrologer, and we discovered a missing ingredient for Djokovic’ win.

During the tournament, Jupiter, the planet which often proves superior in these tennis tournaments, was conjunct Djokovic’ progressed Midheaven, the success point in his chart. It’s an astrology technique that I don’t often use but, back in 2013, it proved to be the missing ingredient for Andy Murray, who won Wimbledon with the same astrological signature. We may need to check Jupiter’s transits to progressed planets from now on in.

So, here we are at yet another Grand Slam tennis tournament and what can astrology tell us about what’s going to play out and who’s going to do well in the US Open 2019?

Tournament Chart

Firstly, a look at the tournament chart – see above. Scorpio Ascendant means the ruling planet is Mars in Virgo in the 10th house. Good news for the favourite as the 10th house promises success. Mars will make a trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus, not too far away from the Descendant, but then Mars conjuncts the Sun, the ruler of the Leo Midheaven. This is a promising testimony for the favourite to win.

This is confirmed by the placing of the Moon in Cancer, its sign of rulership, and conjunct the karmic North Node, the point of destiny in astrology. The Moon has come away from making aspects with the triple conjunction in Virgo in the 10th house and will oppose Saturn before making a final trine aspect to Neptune. Then, the Moon changes star sign.

The astrology of the tournament seems to indicate that the favourite will do well. There’s nothing extraordinary happening during the US Open, unlike at Wimbledon! Virgo is the star sign that dominates throughout and, of course, we must look at lucky Jupiter which does so well in these tennis predictions.

Jupiter is now direct once again. It’s at 14 Sagittarius 51 as the tournament begins and at 15 Sagittarius 42 on the day of the final. Therefore, we must pay attention to any players with key planets being triggered by Jupiter.

There’s another intriguing factor here. Jupiter returns to 15 Sagittarius 42 on the day of the US Open final and on the day of the Wimbledon final it was at… 15 Sagittarius 41 retrograde. It’s a repeating astrological signature.

The Players

As usual, the media are predicting one of the top 3, Djokovic, Nadal or Federer to win the US Open. Here’s their astrology:

Novak Djokovic, b. May 22 1987, 11:25pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, no. 1 seed – Sun Gemini

Djokovic still has transiting Jupiter on his progressed Midheaven. Jupiter turned direct on August 11, 2019 at 14 Sagittarius 30. Djokovic’ progressed Midheaven is at 15 Sagittarius 03 on the day the tournament begins and 15 Sagittarius 05 at the final. Therefore, Jupiter is bang on target triggering his progressed career point.

Djokovic’ progressed Saturn is at 16 Sagittarius 47. This means that his progressed Midheaven (success point) and his progressed Saturn (ruling planet) will be aligned for a couple of years yet. That combination suggests his dominance may continue.

Also, Uranus has turned retrograde since the Wimbledon final and is now exactly conjunct his natal Venus. This combination didn’t do him any harm during Wimbledon. I think it’s all also about his plant-based diet and his support of The Game-Changers. You can read that article here: Novak Djokovic, Mean Plant-Based. Machine.

Plus, notice lovely Venus in the US Open chart – it’s at 6 Virgo 32 exactly trine Djokovic’ natal Venus at 6 Taurus 32. Finally, Saturn is stationing retrograde sextile Djokovic’ Midheaven at 14 Scorpio. The transit is exact on August 31, 2019, but within orb all tournament as it’s moving slowly.

One minor testimony. In the chart for the final (see below), the Moon is at 17 Capricorn picking up Djokovic’ Ascendant. He seems to have a lot going his way via the astrology.

Rafael Nadal, b. June 3, 1986, 7:10 pm, Manacor, Spain, no. 2 seed – Sun Gemini

The main astrology triggers Nadal’s Venus at 15 Cancer. This is linked to money in his chart more so than career success. His progressed Sun is coming in to orb of a conjunction with his natal Venus, exact next year.

Plus, Nadal’s progressed Moon will conjunct his natal Venus in four months time. The Moon in the tournament chart is at 10 Cancer 54 and close to his progressed Moon at 11 Cancer 39 as the tournament begins.

Nadal has some nice minor astrology too with the Virgo triple conjunction in his 10th house, career/success. Plus, Mercury his career planet, will transit his Midheaven during the tournament on August 29, 2019.

Roger Federer, b. August 8, 1981, 8:40 am, Basel, Switzerland, no. 2 seed – Sun Leo

Federer’s progressed Midheaven is at 12 Cancer 54 and will be exactly conjunct his natal Mars at 13 Cancer 56 in one year’s time. That could be a defining moment for his career, one way or another.

Federer’s progressed Jupiter is currently at 14 Libra 34, a slow moving progression. Therefore, it sits between his stunning Sun/Mercury conjunction in Leo by sextile aspect. It’s mid-way between the two which could be one of the astrological reasons why he’s having a fantastic year.

As the tournament starts, Neptune is exactly opposite his natal Venus. Neptune’s influence by opposition can be unsettling. There’s a wishful or dreamy quality to it and Federer may still be questioning that elusive Wimbledon win which was so close but slipped away. Either that or his close relationships are his ‘saviour’. He has mentioned his personal life recently & spending time with his family.

Transiting Jupiter is at 14 Sagittarius 51 trine Federer’s natal Sun/Mercury conjunction in Leo as the tournament begins and returns to 15 Sagittarius 42 during the final. Jupiter is exactly trine his Sun Leo on September 7, 2019. He’s still being blessed by lucky Jupiter.

Finally, there are a lot of minor testimonies thanks to the inner planets in Virgo. They all move over Federer’s Ascendant during the tournament and his natal Venus. Mercury, the tennis planet, is conjunct his natal Venus on September 7, 2019. It’s bewitching astrology as all the inner planets pull in the opposition to Neptune too.

Note: I missed an opposition from transiting Saturn opposing Federer’s natal Mars. It turns retrograde at 13 Capricorn 55 on September 18, 2019, exactly opposite Federer’s Mars, representing physical ability and drive. Not helpful in my opinion.

The Best of the Rest

Dominic Thiem, b. September 3, 1993, 1:26 am (rectified time), Wiener Neustadt, Austria, no. 4 seed – Sun Virgo

If Thiem’s time of birth is correct, transiting Neptune is close to his Midheaven at 18 Pisces 59, although moving away. Plus, his career planet is Jupiter. He has a Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Libra and transiting Jupiter is currently triggering it. His natal Jupiter is 15 Libra 31.

Thiem is a Sun Virgo, born on a Sun/Mercury conjunction in Virgo. This is Virgo season but can he make the most of it? Saturn isn’t helping as transiting Saturn is currently square his natal Mars, the physical planet, which could slow him down.

Daniil Medvedev, b. February 11, 1996, time unknown, Moscow, Russia, no. 5 seed – Sun Aquarius

I would be interested to get Medvedev’s time of birth as he’s had a great run to the US Open, beating Djokovic (although thrashed by Nadal). But, he’s been on form. It doesn’t show astrologically. Therefore you would expect the time of birth to add significant astrology for him.

Medvedev has Jupiter at 8 Capricorn and Uranus at 1 Aquarius. Therefore, his best astrology comes in one/two year’s time as lucky Jupiter triggers both points in his birth chart.

Alexander Zverev, b. April 20, 1997, 3:00am, Hamburg, Germany, no. 6 seed – Sun Aries.

Zverev hasn’t managed to capitalise on his previous successes and doesn’t look strong going into the US Open. His career planet is retrograde Mars at 17 Virgo. Whether the inner planets triggering his Mars throughout the tournament will help is debatable. Transiting Saturn is currently trine to his natal Mars, which could help him dig in.

Uranus transits feature too as Zverev has Venus at 4 Taurus conjunct retrograde Mercury at 8 Taurus. It’s a weird chart with both Mars and Mercury retrograde – ideally you would want your career planet and the tennis planet strong.

Gail Monfils, b. September 1, 1986, 4:50 am, Paris, France, no. 13 seed – Sun Virgo

I’m interested to see how the Sun Virgos do this tournament as it’s Virgo season. There’s a New Moon in Virgo on August 30, 2019. Monfils was born on a Sun/Mercury conjunction in Virgo – Sun at 8 Virgo, Mercury at 4 Virgo.

Monfils also has Mars, his career planet, at 14 Capricorn 01, so Saturn is exactly conjunct his natal Mars during the tournament. It will either strengthen or weaken him. Transits by conjunction play out either way.

John Isner, b. April 26, 1985, time unknown, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, no. 14 seed – Sun Taurus

John Isner has transiting Uranus exactly conjunct his natal Sun at 6 degrees Taurus during the tournament. Could prove lively?

David Goffin, b. December 7, 1990, 2:35 pm, Liege, Belgium, no. 15 seed – Sun Sagittarius

Goffin’s Sun is 15 Sagittarius 11. Therefore, he has lucky Jupiter conjunct his natal Sun during the tournament. He’s not predicted to do well but it will be interesting to see whether Jupiter luck prevails.

Felix Auger-Aliassime, b. August 8, 2000, time unknown, Montreal, Canada, no. 17 seed – Sun Leo

The young Sun Leo has Jupiter moving towards a trine with his natal Sun at 16 degrees Leo. If he’s going to benefit from lucky Jupiter, it’s now!

Nick Kyrgios, b. April 27, 1995, 6:00 pm (rectified), Canberra, Australia, no. 28 seed – Sun Taurus

Always a wild card, Kyrgios could be extra controversial this year. His Sun is at 6 Taurus 36, so he has unpredictable Uranus bang on it during the tournament. Also, his natal Jupiter is 14 Sagittarius 22, so he’s still in his Jupiter Return phase. Lively astrology!

Who Will Win?

On the day of the US Open final, Jupiter will return to the exact same spot in the zodiac where it was during the Wimbledon final – that’s quite remarkable. We can’t have a repeat of the Wimbledon final as Federer and Djokovic are in the same half of the draw.

The tournament chart points to the favourite doing well and Djokovic’ has some great personal astrology, so he’s my pick for the US Open.

US Open final astrology

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  1. Not again :-/ Sally, I do love your predictions but another Djoko win is just such a yawn fest at this point. :-/ (from a tennis perspective, not astro related)

    1. hi Pri – I just tell you what the astrology says 🙂 Let’s wait and hear what the other astrologers have to say…

  2. Hi Sally

    Thank you for your predictions.

    Do you think Federer got a chance to win USO? Do you think Federer GS wins are finished?I have to agree with Pri that I’m getting bored with Djokovic winning all the GS apart from the French.

    This is from Spanish site:
    By lunar revolution, it seems to me that Rafael Nadal should take the US Open, defeating Novak Djokovic in the final. The only thing that makes me doubt a bit is the debut letter that will surely touch him. At the same time, however, there will be no good debut cards in this tournament.

    Kind Regards

    1. Yes, Federer has a chance – he has Jupiter on his side. Djokovic is back on form but there were a couple of years when he didn’t do so well.In general, I tend to look at each Grand Slam individually rather than try and star-gaze into the future. It really depends a lot on Federer and where his priorities lie. That’s when you need a consultation with the person as the astrology chart works as a whole, not just one aspect of life. I rarely use Lunar Returns to predict these Grand Slams. I’m not sure what it means about the debut letter, debut card? The tournament chart?

  3. Thanks a lot once again.

    I will make best efforts to get the Time of Birth of Medvedev.

    Novak Djokovic, on his current form, should be unbeatable in best of 5 format on a hard court.

    I am sure your prediction will become right.

  4. Hi all

    This is from Lana for Roger for USO not promising:

    Thanks for your question about the U.S. Open, Rogers Fan!

    Jupiter is still trine Roger’s Sun at the beginning of the tournament, which is helpful, as Juan Cruz says. He also has Pluto sextile with his Moon, so he will be experiencing deep emotions in his private and professional life, but that may enhance his play (he will certainly be very engaged). Neptune will be opposing his Venus exact to the day, which is a transit he has been able to work under in this tournament. Juan Cruz is right in saying Saturn will be opposing his natal Mars, so his energy may be hampered in some way. Chiron opposes his Saturn, which means he may be battling a health problem, too. However the square between transiting and natal Pluto will be moving slightly apart, so that will relieve some type of pressure.

    At the end of the U.S. Open, he still has the trine from Jupiter to his Sun, and the luck which that brings. Pluto sextiles his Moon to the day, so if he wins he will be very emotional! Neptune still opposes his Venus, Saturn opposes his natal Mars to the day (not easy for physical athleticism). And finally the North Node moves on to his natal Mars, so there is an element of karma in the result for a sporting attempt.

    So, as with this tournament, there is a mixture of influences, but it is not impossible for him to win.

    1. Thank you for sharing this. Yes, Saturn is strong by opposition – I missed this. It is exactly opposite his natal Mars on September 11, 2019. It’s closer now than it was at Wimbledon, when it didn’t seem to do Federer any harm, apart from the day of the final. A Saturn opposition and a Neptune opposition aren’t easy to overcome, even with his glorious Jupiter trine. As we see repeatedly, it’s Jupiter that often proves to be the winning factor in these Grand Slams.

  5. Sally hi good morning, I’m afraid the natal chart of the tournament is wrong.
    In fact, the start time is at 11 am in New York, not 12. Just go and see also on the US open site itself.
    And then in the slams, but also in other tournaments now, this has been for many years now the established start time.
    So it changes a lot, first of all the ascendant that rises in Libra, 28 °, and not in Scorpio.
    Then of course the rest.

    1. Yes, it’s debatable which time to choose. I went with 12pm as that’s when Djokovic, the reigning champion, begins. You’re right that the 11am chart means a Libra Ascendant. Venus, chart ruler in the 10th, heading for a trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus in the 7th. Still a loaded 10th house. You still have the Moon in its sign of rulership, Cancer, conjunct the karmic north node – good for the favourite. I don’t think it makes much difference to the final prediction personally.

        1. No. What’s important in the tournament chart is the time you choose to elect – another example that astrology is not a pure science. Having said that, I probably should have gone for the 11am match and will try to remember to do that another time. Still a similar prediction though with everything up in the 10th house.

    2. Johny Excellent

      Hi Andreas,
      Hope all well there. I remember you were rooting for Roger to win USO and you made a statement something like “ If he cannot won this one , I don’t know when he can win”.
      Do you still stand by that prediction? Do you see it is going to be his Open no 21 or times have changed. Please do share..

      1. I thought my prediction was clear for this tournament? Federer has a lovely Jupiter transit but two challenging oppositions. He was the one with the Jupiter transit at Wimbledon (until we discovered Djokovic’ Jupiter transit to his progressed Midheaven), which is why I thought he had a really good shot at winning Wimbledon. It was really close between them, same as the astrology. I have to say I prefer Djokovic’ astrology this tournament.

        1. Johny Excellent

          Thanks Sally,
          It is disheartening to hear your confidence. Simply because you are almost always on the spot. I was looking for some hint of doubt, but seems none.. I am still broken from that Wimbledon final.. Want Federer I win this one badly, but looks like not so easy.

          1. No idea, Timmy. I would guess it’s about the Uranus transit to his natal Venus. Djokovic is very open to all things alternative and this is another example.

      2. Hi Johny, I don’t know what you’re referring to, because in reality I gave Djokovic winner in the Wimbledon final this year, despite many contrary opinions, I think many people remember that there was a long discussion on this.
        If you talk about US open last year this can’t be, because Federer in 2018, and at that time, had no potential astrological possibilities. And this has also been shown in the field
        So practically all of them didn’t favor Roger, including myself.
        For this edition of the US open I still have to study the cards well, but if you want an opinion like that, I think it won’t be easy for Nole to confirm the title because in my opinion it has a contrasting astrology, good on the one hand but critical for others.
        But then again, it has yet to go deeper before giving a final opinion.

        1. Johny Excellent

          Hello Andreas,
          I was referring to your comment about Roger. You had mentioned that looking at Roger’s time during upcoming (i.e. 2019 US open) you had given those comments..
          I am quoting exactly what you said on 15th July 2019 as below:
          “I checked even better, and I say that for the US open, Federer has incredible astrology, Sally will confirm.
          Especially for the day of the final, everything seems set for his victory.
          If he doesn’t win this time, I don’t know when he can do it.”
          this is available on section.. Please refer your comments on July 15th here this year. this was in reference to USO19.
          I hope to hear from you on this, if this still holds good 🙂
          ..Thanks again to all of you guys who take so much efforts..

          1. Ahh,: -) … you meant the comments after the Wimbledon 2019 final in view of the US open, ok …
            Yes, but it was an analysis, let’s say we did it, on the first data I scanned.
            In fact, I had seen that on the day of the final, September 8th, there is a stellium in Virgo, Sole, Mars, Venere, which pass through Roger’s first home.
            And these positions taken in themselves are very positive.
            Moreover, throughout the tournament he has Jupiter trine to the Sun, but this time direct and not retrograde.
            But as I said it was a quick, instinctive, not thorough thing.
            As I wrote above I still have to study the various themes of all the contenders well, then you will read my opinion. Thank you.

      3. Thanks Sally for your analysis once again and for this forum for us to share astrological insights with our joint interest in tennis and astrology. What a unique soul group we must be.

        Nice touch to add the detail for Novak’s win at Wimbledon. It’s always nice to find the astrological answer to astrological dilemmas. I never believe we do anything without there being an astrological reason you just have to find the right clues to help the analysis.

        I only have one thing to add about Federer’s astrology. I know we all would like to see Federer win number 21 but will he? Or will Nadal and Djokovic catch him? Federer is going through the pluto square transit. Those of us who have lived through this transit know how life changing it can be. I throw this out there because we know how great Federer is and because he is a Leo sun he will always be remembered as the king of men’s tennis, but his time on the court is surely coming to an end. Pluto has a way of ending things whether we like it or not. Yes he can beat both Djokovic and Nadal – he will always be a wonderful player but the astrology also has to help him.

        I see Federer, Nadal and Djokovic as the three titans. Federer is Jupiter of course, and he is loved by the masses his subjects. Nadal is Mars who commands respect because of his physical prowess and strength and Djokovic is Saturn who is severe and relentless (which explains why the public do not warm to him.) They each get turns to dominate and in the end they will probably end their careers with similar amounts of grand slam titles.

        For this tournament I agree with Sally and James and feel all will be up for grabs between Djokovic and Nadal. Unless a young demi-God can squeeze in, but I don’t think it’s their time… Yet.

        1. Thank you for your assessment of the 3 titans. I see the key words for for Saturn traits are stern justice, patient, perservering, diligent, capacity to focus, dramatically marked by hard work and discipline and restriction, responsibility. obligation and ambition. That just about sums up Djokovic. These are all pretty desirable traits for most people. Too bad the media hype and labels create idols of some and villains of others. Fans of Djokovic , which contrary to opposing fans suggesstions, are from all over the globe, see him as a Samson against Goliath and love him all the more because of it!

          1. Djokovic reminds me so much of a mountain goat – resilient, tough, relentless, overcoming any challenge in front of him. I find it really interesting that he’s showing a different side to himself this year (I’m sure it’s Uranus conjunct his Venus Taurus) fascinating interview post-Wimbledon win talking about his love of veganism. He’s very modest too and doesn’t push his beliefs/ideas in your face – also very Saturnian.

        2. Hi Shelley, do you mean Pluto transit square Federer’s natal Pluto? Yes, it’s exact all year. I don’t really know what it’s about for him because it doesn’t connect in to the rest of his chart particularly well. But, you’re right that it’s often about endings. For him, it’s in his 2nd house ruling money – maybe something not working out in his many business/sponsorship deals? I love your analogy of the three planets for the top three and agree with you entirely. Federer – Jupiter; Nadal – Mars; Djokovic – Saturn. Who was Andy Murray do you think when he had his moments of glory – Mercury maybe? I am wondering about a young gun bringing a surprise this tournament as Uranus is so lively especially in the first week.

          1. The young gun could be well Andrey Rublev. He already knocked out Tsitipas. Maybe he will go far in the tournament. He was already one of the young promises.

          2. Yes, thank you. Just looked at his astrology as Javier mentioned him too. Sun Libra but most importantly a Venus/Mars conjunction in Sagittarius and Jupiter picking up his natal Mars right now. Definitely one to watch and here he is coming to prominence – the first I’ve heard of him.

  6. Dear sally thanks for your prediction regarding the usopen as usual a very insightful analyses of the astrology for the tournament. let me see what does the sidereal astrology says for the tournament. the start of the usopen is at 11.00hrs on 26th august.6th degree of libra rises and 11th degree of cancer is the MC making venus the ruling planet and moon the ruler of success point.venus is in the 11th house with the 11th lord sun meaning the favourite will do very well.jupiter is at 22.10 scorpio at the beginning and 23.02 scorpio on the day of the final that is exactly at the same place it was on the day of the wimbledon final but direct this time and also in an exact square to sun on the day of the final once again pointing towords the favourite. coming to the players chart as sally pointed out jupiter is transiting exactly on djokovics progressed MC just as it was at wimbledon. venus of the tournament chart is in an exact trine to djokovics natal venus and venus is his career planet.coming to federer just as it was at wimbledon jupiter is in an exact trine to his natal sun his ruling planet and direct this time.meaning he will do very well but as saturn is opposite his natal mars and northnode conjunct his natal mars federer may not win the tournament.coming to the 2nd seed nadal there are some minor good astrology for him like sun mars venus and mercury transiting his 10th house of success.on the day of the final mars squares his natal sun venus trines his natal mars and mercury sextiles his ascendent and is opposite his natal there is something to look forward astrlogically for nadal. my prediction djokovic and nadal to meet in the final and djokovic to win the tournament.

  7. Sally,

    Thank you. I haven’t recovered from the disappointment of the men’s final – something about Novak that rubs me the wrong way. Yes, I dislike his game. I hope the guns will break through and win. However, it’s nice to see women come through – there is variety and excitement. The same can be said for men too – if only they overcome the superstars of the game and not hold back. I predict a new winner.

    1. Hi Mac, I do wonder about the four trines to Uranus too, which is close to the Descendant, in the tournament chart. If we go for the 11am start, Venus, Mars, the Sun & Mercury are all trine to Uranus, which is good for bringing new stars to the fore. All happening in the first week of the tournament.

  8. Hola Sally and company !

    Thank you again for your work!

    I am starting with a blog and also I put my prediction for US OPEN there ( hope its easy to translate to english )

    But the main thing of the blog its the post : “Los grandes triunfadores de los últimos años ” , that its a research I made last 3 months about the cicle of jupiter and saturn and how the mundane chart of the great conjuction of year 2000 contains ALL THAT HAPPENED IN THE LAST 19 YEARS! There are 27 examples of sports ( chart 3 is why Federer – Nadal and Djokovic has so many Grand Slam ) , actors, writers , directors , politicians and the main espiritual Masters of our time.

    1. Great news, Javier. Have bookmarked it to look at once I work out how to translate the site! Congratulations.

      1. Thank you Sally !

        Another young player who has good astrology now is Andrei Rubliov ; júpiter now is between his natal venus and mars and in trine to his natal saturn

        Also when Wimbledon finished I was very moved and at night i understood why Federer didnt win ; I wrote about it but is in spanish ; tomorrow I will copy it in english here.

        The moon for the final is very good for Nadal ( also his lunar return its amazing) and the stellium in virgo of the final has mercury in 20 degrees of virgo , in sextil to nadal ascendent at 20 of scorpio and in trine to his natal mars ( mercury rules his midheaven and mars his ascendent, so its very good aspect) , but lets see , because urano its in 6 over Djokovic venus as it was in Wimbledon, bit the virgo stellium is in square to his natal saturn ( lord of his ascendent) and squaring his natal mercury( that rules the hands and its tennis…)

        1. Javier, I hope you’re going to post what you wrote after Wimbledon. I’ve never been so emotionally exhausted after a tennis match – a true final of the Titans.

      2. I have translated the same for you !!!

        The last Grand Slam of the year begins today: the US OPEN 2019 :

        – Novak Djokovic is the current champion and the favorite to win the tournament again and this is part of his astrology for these two weeks of competition:

        With Djokovic it happens that there are at least 3 different natal charts circulating on the internet, each with a different ascendant. In this case I used the one of ascending capricorn. Relocating its lunar return to the city of New York, the ascendant remains in degree of loss (29 taurus) and its dispositor, venus, combusto, so it does not seem favorable at the moment.

        The letter of the final for September 8 has the moon in its ascendant applying quadrature to its natal jupiter in Aries. The stellium of the final in virgo de marte – the sun – mercury and venus is squaring both its natal saturn in sagittarius (which is the ruler for his Capricorn ascendant) and his natal mercury on the 18th gemini; Mercury is related to the hands and therefore tennis, as far as I understand, has no astrology to win the tournament again this year. In addition, the south node will be on his ascendant throughout the tournament …

        The doubt is that if his ascendant is Leo, Venus would be the ruler of his midheaven and Uranus is on his native Venus, but the final card does not favors.

        – Roger Federerhe has the stellium in virgo of the final in his home 1 natal, jupiter already direct applies partile trine the entire tournament to his natal sun, but saturn in capricorn will be in partile opposition to his natal mars in cancer, so I think that It is not enough to win:

        – Rafael Nadal comes from winning on the same surface the player who has been the most victories so far this season (Daniil Medvedev) and this is his astrology for the tournament:

        Its lunar return to the city of New York is excellent:

        – The moon applies a closed trine to the lunar Mars, which is over the middle natal sky and governs the natal ascendant, making it a very favorable aspect. Jupiter, which rules the lunar half-sky, is in partone trigon to the lunar mercury (ruler of the mid-heavenly sky) and the northern node falls on natal Venus, disposer of its natal moon in Taurus.

        – For the day of the final, the moon in the 17th grade of Capricorn applies sextile both to his natal jupiter in Pisces and to his natal ascendant in Scorpio and conjunction to his natal Mars in Capricorn, ruler of his ascendant. In addition, the stellium of the final in Virgo falls into his home 10 natal, with mercury that is the disposer of the stellium and the ruler of his natal half heaven in grade 20, in sextile partile to his natal ascendant, in trine application to his natal Mars in the 22nd degree of Scorpio (trine of the ruler of the midheaven to the ruler of the ascendant) and in partile opposition to natal jupiter. The pre-final lunation in the 6th grade of Virgo, has Mercury which is the dispositor, in the 02.03 degree of Virgo, on his homeland. The only one I see

        With all this Astrology I think that Nadal will win the Open USA 2019 .

    2. I see you’ve gone for a Nadal win – interesting! The Jupiter-Saturn cycle is definitely an interesting one – a new 20 year cycle coming in at the end of next year.

  9. Hey Sally, love your insight. What do you see for Serena Williams this tournament? Do you think she has a chance of equaling Margaret courts record?

    1. I haven’t looked at Serena’s astrology. To be honest, I thought she might clinch a win at Wimbledon as she had Saturn conjunct her Capricorn Midheaven, which is often about mastery. She came close but didn’t play well in the final if I remember rightly.

      1. Yes…Simona showed up and showed out. I think Serena was outplayed in that final, as Simona was on fire. Do you think you will take a look into Serena’s chart for this tournament?

        1. I always think with Serena that it depends how she handles her emotions. She has a lovely Jupiter transit again, as she did at Wimbledon. Jupiter trine her natal Mars – this time it is in direct motion too, so stronger. Plus, tennis planet Mercury is conjunct her natal Moon Virgo on the day of the final. The stars are aligned – will she keep her Libra balance is the big question. Live-wire Uranus has been triggering her Taurus Ascendant and is heading back there, albeit slowly.

  10. Hi Sally,

    thank you very much for your next prediction. As always an exciting part of each Grand Slam!

    What a complex astrology for Federer with so much contradicting transits. Especially at final. Saturn in exact Opposition to his Mars with transit Virgo Mars in harmonious mix, also almost exact. At Melbourne, Saturn made him fail at the same position – now it’s retrograde. And then the exact Jupiter Sun transit with transit Sun precisley in between. Venus conjunct his AC could speak for his appearance at final. Career Planet Mercury to come in the following days.

    His coach Luethi has Saturn conjunct natal Capricorn and Sun exactly in trine with transit Sun at the Semis. And a fine Jupiter Jupiter trine with natal Mars in precise sextile. So, much will depend on Saturn retrograde’s impact? Roger had a a bad run in three finals 2011 when Saturn retrograde was square his Mars in Libra. Djokovic’s coach Vajda enjoys his Mars Return at final. With Venus trine Venus (conjunct Uranus) and NN conjunct DC – some good private vibes? Also the astrology for Novak looks fine again as you present,

    I hope for a first meeting Roger Rafa 🙂
    At AO 2017 Surprise final, Mercury Pluto were conjunct at 17 Capricorn where this time the final’s Moon stands. What will mean NN sextile Sun at final? NN picks up Nadal’s Venus (also indicating his September marriage) and a Sun Leo?

    1. Thank you, Patrick. Always interesting to hearing about the astrology for the coaches too. I read that Nadal has got married already in secret? Don’t know if it’s true but I love that his Venus (love) has all the action in this tournament and in the coming months 🙂

      1. Thank you Sally! Interestingly, Novak and Rafa both’s Venus highlighted these weeks. Curious if Roger comes in form and how Medvedev will show up who was dominating recently..

        1. Thank you for letting me know. Definitely a Venus theme for him this year – he has Venus trine his natal Venus close to his wedding date. The progressed Moon conjuncts his Venus in December and the progressed Sun is conjunct his natal Venus next year. Venus in Cancer being his partner planet – sweet!

      2. That’s what the rumours say.

        However, this being 1 of the very few years where Nadal is not injured to participate in the final important tournaments of the year, he should try and see how well he can do at these events. Maybe he should put marriage plans off at least until Australian Open is over. This may well be the final chance he has, to regain year end #1 ranking and set some other new records before he gets too old to do so. Considering he has put it off until now, why rush this year, when he’s playing reasonably well? Don’t see any merit in that decision.

        He could achieve a lot of personal best as well as all time great records until January end by winning 3-4 important events if his astrology and health support him.

  11. If Sally’s prediction is true, then the trend of there being a different US Open winner every year, 2008 onwards till date, will be broken.
    @Sally: I was wondering if there is an astrological reason for the above as well? Why the tournament has a different winner every year? Simply going by the tournament’s astrology, is it possible to say, if this year’s winner will be same as last year’s?

    I would not want to bet against Djokovic in his current form. Nor would I want to bet against Sally’s current accuracy streak. She’s mostly been spot on for a long while now. Both of them seem to be losing very seldom.

    1 of the things I liked about Nadal earlier in his career was that he never let anyone’s dominance over him last for too long, when he was fit, be it Djokovic or Federer or anybody. He always found solutions on court. Although Nadal has made his game more complete over the years, his success rate at finding solutions against Djokovic or Federer has diminished since 2014, on surfaces other than clay.

    1. I don’t know why the US Open often creates a different winner. It always happens during this time of year, which is Virgo season and usually predictable. I’ll have a think on it but not sure for now.

  12. Hi Sally and all,

    First of all, thanks again for posting your astrológical analysis for us open!!
    Now regarding the charts. For the chart of the beginning of the tournament, i dont have much to add, much has been said and i agree with thé analysis posted by Sally. However for the final chart, i would like to add a couple of little things simple but évident to me.
    The chart of the final shows straigth away me in scorpio and ascendent in capricorn. This means we have to look at first for 3 planets, pluto and mars and saturn.
    Taking that and the individual charts, there is something very interesting to me. In thé case of Nadal his mars is still within 2 degrees of a pluto conjunction, plus in the day of thé final his mars in an exact trine to Vênus in the 10th houve of sucess (apart from the Stellium of planets there which means minor testimony but shows a lot of action in his professional life). Plus his personal pluto is within one dégrée of mc in scorpio in the day of the final (pluto is ruler of scorpio as well as mars) this for me means he is within a true shot of very good chances to win thé tournament.
    Plus the NN of the tournament chart is within 1,5 dégrée of Nadal his Vênus (being this same Nadal venus in 2 degrees sextile to mars of thé final chart).
    Now if you tell me he has only minor testimony, i Will disagree. You May say djokovic has lovely progressions, but those are not exact thé main transits of the day for me it plays more of a factor.
    Finally regarding Roger (there is one bug différence regarding Wimbledon Júpiter is in direct Motion and this has been shown in many occasions to play quite differently if not thé opposite of a Júpiter rétrograde (plus in almost exact trine to his sun. Lets wait and see. I love what you do and iam an amateur compared ti some astrologers here but this time i would not hand off the trophy to djokovic straight away. Not sure at all, and to be honest i would foresee a Roger Rafa final

    Lets wait for the tennis!
    All the best for all!


    1. Thanks, Sam. Interesting analysis. I do wonder whether the north node on Nadal’s Venus is about his supposedly secret marriage (that’s being reported in the press this week!) That would fit. Pluto is often a strong force for Nadal – agreed – we saw that earlier this year with his win at the French Open. And yes, Roger has a stunning Jupiter transit – I just can’t rule out two tricky oppositions at the same time. But, let’s see – it’s always great to see how the tennis unfolds 🙂

      1. Thanks for your reply Sally. I was reading you dreamt that djokovic would loose to wawrinka.
        Well in My case i dreamt that federer is going to mirror djokovic as in wimbledon with opposite result.

        lets see how it Will unfold.

  13. Thank You Sally for taking time & effort to predict the US Open winner. Its very special as always the case for each Grand Slam. Now I can go and track the US Open !!

    Sathia (Sathiamoorthy Narayanan)

  14. Thanga Srinivasan

    it’s weird to see so many seeded players lost in first round

    Fogini (11)
    Fritz (26)
    Pella (19)
    Tsitsipas (8)
    Bautista Agut (10)
    Edmund (30)
    Khachanov (9)
    Auger-Aliassime (18)
    Dominic Thiem (4)

    1. Wow, it is a lot! I wonder if this is part of the Uranus effect kicking in. There’s a couple I liked in there as well – Thiem and Auger-Aliassime.

  15. Hi sally the time of birth of medvedev is not available. he has done splendly in three weeks reaching all 3 finals and winning the last tournament. from his date of birth i could not see any major transits over his natal planets.jupiter turned direct on 11th august at 21.49 scorpio and in the three weeks from 29th july to 18th august jupiter was very close to that degree. so it is possible that medvedevs MC can be around 22degrees scorpio.then his birth time will work out to around 8.00 am in the morning.i want other astrologers to give their opinion on this. if his birth time is really at around 8.00 am then he has a very good jupiter transit on his MC and a very good shot for winning the title.

    1. Hi James, I think he must have something going on with his Midheaven as he’s been peaking this year. It would make sense that Jupiter’s up at the top of his horoscope.

      1. Hi Jason and Sally,

        While Medvedev’s birth time is not available I’ve been entertaining the possibility of it being around 21:55 on February 11, 1996 in Moscow, by using his solar return received this year in Rotterdam (by virtue of Nadal’s moon return I anticipated his 2019 US Open triumph).

        If you compare his 21:55 potential birth time to how his solar return would pan out, you’d see him as a rising Libra with solar Venus conjunct solar midheaven. His solar midheaven also conjunct his natal Jupiter. His natal midheaven being Cancer, his solar moon lands in Taurus and in the 1st house. Also his solar ascendant would be Aries, with Mars right there and angular in the first house.

        1. Thank you for your comment and trying to work out Medvedev’s birth time. I’m sure it will come on to the internet soon. I’m not sure about a later birth time because it puts all the planets in the lower half of the birth chart, which you rarely see with people who end up being successful out in the world. I still favour an Aquarius Ascendant for Medvedev personally.

    2. Hola Sally ,James and company !

      This is what I wrote when Winbledon finished ( when I open your blog Sally, the ‘ Smart ‘ phone offer to be in English or spanish , so I hope it can be ‘ opened’ in English :

      ” Este es el retorno solar de Federer que está a punto de acabar :


      Jupiter en cuadratura al sol y al regente del asc y MC; eso suelen ser grandes resultados y esperanzas que se desinflan al final.
      Marte sobre su nodo sur.
      Luna del retorno opuesta a saturno del retorno y saturno del retorno cuadrando su saturno natal.

      Por mucho que los tránsitos sean favorables si en la carta natal o en el retorno solar no hay testimonios de éxito no se va dar y ese fue el gran error de ayer, ya que su retorno no tiene testimonios de éxito y si muchas contras.

      En el caso de Serena Williams fue parecido : saturno del retorno cuadrando su sol natal. Llama la atención que Simona Halep haya ganado Wimbledon con marte en cuadratura partil a su saturno, pero sin saber su hora de nacimiento no sabemos que casas rigen los planetas. Serena tenía saturno conjunto al nodo sur en su MC en capricornio; mismo aspecto que eliminó al Barca contra el Liverpool.

      No tengo claro que Djokovic sea asc capricornio…ya que saturno estaba conjunto al nodo sur en su asc .En casi todos sus triunfos hay activación de venus, y para asc leo, venus le rige el MC y esta en su MC recibiendo a urano. Ya no es tan show man , pero con asc leo y venus en el MC esa faceta suya cuadra.

      Creo que hay que investigar más las activaciones de urano : ya he visto bastantes deportistas triunfar con urano sobre su sol natales: Alexander Zverev el año pasado, Asleigh Barty ganó este RG con urano sobre su sol ect. Y también urano sobre jupiter-venus parece que funciona bien( supongo que más si rigen el asc o mc del deportista)

      Ayer me impresionó Djokovic, ni un solo grito ( en semis fue muy distinto) y una celebración muy comedida salvando 2 bolas de partido con saque de Federer…lo tuvo tan cerca Federer pero con el diario del lunes aprendí que los pinches tránsitos como siempre se ha dicho es lo último en jerarquía astrológica.

      Si a algunos nos dolió lo de ayer, espero que a Federer se le pase pronto…le vi en una forma increíble para sus 37 años…es el que mejor tenis tiene con diferencia, pero nadal y Djokovic mentalmente son los mejores, aunque no creo que con 37 años ninguno tenga el tenis del Maestro Federer.”

      The solar return of Djokovic was very diferent ( júpiter over his saturn, lord of his ascendent etc )

      I was also checking Dannil Medvedev , and the point is that this solar return has venus over his natal jupiter ( the 2 benefics together ) in capricorn and now uranus in 6 of Taurus is apliying trine , so the potencial of the solar return is actívated . The funny thing was that in the last final of Canada with Nadal , the moon was over his natal jupiter and venus of the return and he lost in 2 sets ….

      The doubt I have is Djokovic in 2011 won 3 Grand Slams , in 2015 won 3 ( the same ones )and in 2019 he won already 2 ( the same ones )…and uranus is over his natal venus as in Winbledon. His debut here this year has the moon in capricorn oposite to saturn , his lunar return is not good , so even the pattern looks amazing I think the astro for Nadal is better, but lets see .

      Saludos , Javier.

      1. It didn’t all translate. I’ve done it here: ”This is Federer’s solar return that is about to end:

        [IMG] [/ IMG]

        Jupiter square to the sun and the ruler of the asc and MC; That is usually great results and hopes that deflate in the end.
        Mars on its southern node.
        Return moon opposite saturn of return and saturn of return by squareing its natal saturn.

        As much as the transits are favorable if in the natal chart or in the solar return there are no testimonies of success it will not be given and that was the big mistake of yesterday, since its return has no testimonies of success and if many cons.

        In the case of Serena Williams it was similar: saturn of the return squareing her natal sun. It is noteworthy that Simona Halep has won Wimbledon with Mars in square quadrature to his saturn, but without knowing his birth time we do not know which houses govern the planets. Serena had a saturn set to the south node in her capricorn MC; same aspect that eliminated Barca against Liverpool.

        I am not sure that Djokovic is asc capricorn … since saturn was attached to the south node in his asc. In almost all his triumphs there is activation of venus, and to ascertain, venus is governed by the MC and is in his MC receiving urano. It is no longer so show man, but with asc leo and venus in the MC that facet of his stable.

        I think we need to investigate more about urane activations: I’ve already seen quite a lot of athletes triumph over urane over their native suns: Alexander Zverev last year, Asleigh Barty won this RG with urane over his sun ect. And also urano on jupiter-venus seems to work well (I suppose more if they govern the asc or mc of the athlete)

        Djokovic impressed me yesterday, not a single shout (in semis it was very different) and a very restrained celebration saving 2 match balls with Federer’s serve … he had it so close to Federer but with Monday’s newspaper I learned that the punches transits as always He said it is the latest in astrological hierarchy.

        If some of us hurt about yesterday, I hope that Federer will pass soon … I saw him in an incredible way for his 37 years … he is the best tennis player with difference, but Nadal and Djokovic mentally are the best, although I do not think that with 37 years none have the tennis of Master Federer. ”

        1. It is interesting you say Djokovic’s venus was activated in all his success venus is the career planet for djokovic as per sidereal astrology and Jupiter being ruling planet with Sagittarius ascendent

      2. A lot of astrology to take in. We have seen Uranus play out well for players before – Wawrinka won with Uranus conjunct his natal Mercury/Venus Aries in 2015. That’s just one example. I don’t use the Solar or Lunar Returns a lot, as you know. I prefer the transits/progressions of the players in unison with the astrology for the tournament/final charts.
        But, thank you for posting.

        1. Thank you for translate and for the Solar Return picture of Federer.

          I like the way you share your predictions and also how you answered everyone ; thank you for create this astro tenis space for all of this years…

          In begining of 2021 new champions for the next 10 years will arrive. Because the great conjunctión of 2000 has 4 personal planets in geminis ( incluid mercury at 27 géminis, together with Nadal mercury …) géminis players has won a lot and break all records ( Nadal ,Djokovic , Federers midheaven, justine Henin etc ) One of the new champions can be Hubert Hurkacz, but we have this open USA and the 4 grand Slam of next year to see Federer – Nadal and Djokovic still there.

        2. Sally what about Wawrinka and Medvedev possible match with Novak in 4th round and quarter final.NovAk also having shoulder problems in USOpen which is affecting his game.Both these players have given trouble to NovAk in the past. please suggest their astrology against NovAk and Novak’s health I am concerned.I believe in you and still NovAk will win US open only if his he is healthy and overcome Wawrinka and Medvedev.Please compared NovAk against Wawrinka t astrology as well against Medvedev.

          1. No time of birth for Medvedev so we don’t know why he’s been doing well this year astrologically. He possibly has a Sagittarius Midheaven (career/success point) where lucky Jupiter is at the moment. I did check out Wawrinka’s chart as I look at all the seeded players charts before the tournament. He does have a lovely fire trine between Mercury/Venus at 17/18 Aries and Uranus at 17 Sagittarius – transits to this point of his chart have been notable in the past, especially Uranus transits. So, lucky Jupiter is getting closer to this trine – it’s at 15 Sagittarius 42 by the end of the tournament. Whether it’s enough to symbolise a tournament win, I would be doubtful.

  16. For the moment, I do an analysis of the situation of Nole Djokovic, since he is the purely “tennis” favorite, regardless of astrology.
    His chart progressed, the one that gives us the picture of his situation above all “inner”, and therefore his state of mind, actually shows many similarities with that of July at Wimbledon, and this is obvious since in the progression practically only the Luna can move a few degrees in a year, that is the daily movement of about 13 °, and from July to today it has shifted a little more than a degree.
    Therefore Saturn is nailed in X ° in sagittarius, but even closer to the MC being retrograde, while Jupiter of transit on this chart progressed, goes to print itself almost exactly always on MC, now however with direct motion.

    The same Saturn in the chart progressed is in opposition to Venus, and this I believe is to be evaluated as something that probably concerns his private life (again), which obviously cannot fail to have repercussions even in professional life. And he knows this very well given the known events.
    Note that in transits on the natal chart, Uranus is now exactly joined on its Venus. This cannot fail to reinforce the concept just expressed.
    The other aspect that is troubling for him, but it seems to me neglected, is that in the progress theme we are now at the change of ascendant, from aquarius to pisces.
    This is always a critical moment for anyone, but it is even more so when, as in his case, a square with the Sun of birth is forming.

    Regarding transits, Neptune is now square to the monomer on the Mercury of birth, bringing a certain mental confusion that I believe this year has already been seen in him, and on the day of the final Mercury transit in virgin square his Mercury of birth , though broadly.
    I also say that the Moon in Capricorn transit to the ascendant on the day of the final, if he got there, I do not read it in a positive way, because it is synonymous with a certain emotionalism, especially since in his case he forms a square with Jupiter by birth .
    And his Moon of birth, which from the picture of the emotional situation of a given day for better or for worse, practically does not form major aspects on September 8th.

    How do I see all this in summary?
    That if we are to astrology, Nole in my opinion will have several problems to confirm US Open champion.
    But I also say, that he is a very particular subject, the most advanced in my opinion of the players known to us, and that in difficulties or obstacles he knows how to detach himself and find resources to which others cannot access.

    1. Johny Excellent

      Hi Andreas,
      Looking forward to your insight into Federer and Nadal..
      thanks again for all the efforts you all put in..

    2. Thank you Andrea. Nice point at the end. As Djokovic has a scorpio midheaven and Capricorn ascendant he is certainly equipped to handle adversity.

  17. Looks like Novak is injured. His shoulder is causing him problems. Reason unknown.

    Not sure what the stars are telling. It’s atleast telling me that window has opened up for Federer to grab this slam. Court is also playing faster.

    1. Did it show in the match? I rarely see the tennis at the US Open because of the time difference. He seemed to win easily in the second round? Shoulders are ruled by Gemini.

        1. What’s interesting about this astrologically is that Djokovic had two major transits between Wimbledon and the US Open, both of which could be interpreted as being physically challenging. Saturn conjunct his Capricorn Ascendant, the physical body, exact on July 25th and Chiron, the wounded healer, conjunct his natal Moon, exact on August 9th. Djokovic says in the article he’s been complaining about his shoulder for a couple of weeks which fits the timing. So, let’s see. He also says that he has time to recover between matches and he will have the best team behind him but he still needs to be in top condition to win surely?

        2. Did anyone see Djokovic’ third round match which he just won in three sets. Any signs of the shoulder injury still troubling him? Thank you.

          1. There was no sign, whatsoever, of the suspected injury to the left shoulder. Novak dominated the straight set affair against D.Kudla.

    2. Roger said he’s disappointed of the centre court surface as it slowed down even more this year after his match vs Dzumhur.

      1. Johny Excellent

        They are just killing speed slowly, that in turn is slowly killing the traditional serve and volley game of Tennis.. Long never ending baseline boring games.. Not many youngsters coming up.. Why??

        1. I’ve just been reading Javier’s theories around the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which happens once every 20 years. The Big Four (I include Murray) all have interesting synastry to the Jupiter/Saturn chart of 2000, the last time the conjunction took place. They have dominated the Grand Slams since 2003 when Federer started his winning streak. The next Jupiter/Saturn conjunction happens in December 2020, so perhaps on or around that date there will be a swing in a new direction. Also, the last Jupiter/Saturn conjunction was in Taurus which can be rather predictable being a fixed sign. The next Jupiter/Saturn conjunction will be in Aquarius, which is also fixed but suggests more diversity. I might write about it and see whether the theory holds.

          1. Do you mean the astrology, Rinku? We are getting some quite complex interpretations in this forum from our tennis astrologers. Sorry if it doesn’t make it straightforward to understand.

          2. This is not a Theory ! Its Mundane Astrology ; the jewel of Astrology for many many centuries…

            I put 27 charts ( with 2 or 3 people ) in each chart , so there is a lot examples ( of course there are more , but if put more examples , it will be very long as Murray or justine henin.)

            The conjuction of 2000 has 4 personal planets in geminis , incluido venus that is the lord ( because jupiter- saturn is in taurus ) and mercury who is the dispositor of the whole chart. So this is why the 3 players break all records ( see chart 3) in the blog )

            I developed this and much much more there. Its a resume of last 19 years!! I reconended to any astrologer to read it when hace time ( it change my life and make me think a lot between free will and predetermination)


          3. Sally, No need to be sorry actually its good fun even if its more technical as long as its on the line that it benefits such and such player.

          4. Wow Javier excellent research! Astrological case studies are always impressive as they bring empirical evidence and not guess work.

            Medvedev is a sun Aquarius so maybe his chart will somehow tap into this next Jupiter-Saturn cycle. I’ve been watching the match against Lopez and he’s a steely competitor and a bit ruthless which is needed to take on the big three or four if Murray can find his way back. To me Medvedev still seems a bit physically weak and needs more muscle mass to consistently compete against the big 3.

          5. Hi Shelley, yes, it confirms to me that the sea-change in men’s tennis will come in the next two years, 2020/2021, as Saturn and Jupiter both move into Aquarius. Their conjunction is exact in December but Saturn dips in and out during the year. The Big Four have dominated the Grand Slam tennis wins since 2003 when Federer started winning (the last Jupiter/Saturn conjunction was 2000) but the new generation are coming up to take their place. This forum will have to change then too. One of the delights with the astrology has been the inclusion of birth times for the top players. Without birth times, it’s much harder to make accurate predictions. A new era….

  18. Just took somw time to watch for Medvedev’s birth time. I calculate with 00:16 AM (+/- 3 Min). One third of 21 career finals at ATP/Challenger level so took place when the Sun traveled in his 10th house. Jupiter currently in trine to a Leo MC at 14-15 degree. A 0,5-1,5 degree Scorpio Ascendant (conjunct Moon) often triggered by tournament charts of success. Jupiter should help him into the second week and could just leave a one degree gap to his MC for a Quarter vs Djokovic. All rectified and not confirmed of course.

    1. Sorry ; its to late for translate now ( this is what I wrote in other fórum) :

      Esta jugando Daniil Medvédev y estoy viendo su astrología:

      Tiene su jupiter natal en el grado 8 de capricornio y en el RS vigente venus le cae justo en el grado 8 de capricornio. La buena racha que lleva pienso que es debido a que urano en tránsito en el 6 de tauro activa el potencial del retorno mencionado. Jupiter del retorno está en sextil a su sol natal , lo único que el nodo sur del retorno le cae sobre su mercurio natal , que para un tenista no es bueno ( ha perdido 2 de las últimas 3 finales )

      La cuestión es que la luna nueva de hoy con la triple conjunción sol – luna – marte en el grado 6 de virgo potencia el retorno solar ya que forma una gran pirámide de tierra entre jupiter – venus en capricornio / urano en tauro y la triple conjunción en virgo. Va a tener el público en contra ( le he hecho una ” peineta ‘ a Feliciano hace nada )

      Hay que estar atento a este jugador malhumorado cuando se cruce con Djokovic para ver la astro de ese partido . Feliciano sirvió para ganar el primer set y acabó perdiendolo pero le acaba de romper el saque en el segundo; no creo que gane pero se le ve con ganas debido al corte de mangas del ruso .

      1. Here’s the translation – by RS, Javier is talking about the Solar Return, a chart you draw up every year on a person’s birthday that you can use to interpret the year ahead.

        Daniil Medvedev is playing and I am seeing his astrology:

        He has his native jupiter in grade 8 of capricorn and in the current RS venus falls just in grade 8 of capricorn. The good run that I think is due to the fact that Uranus in transit on Taurus 6 activates the potential of the return mentioned. Jupiter of the return is in sextile to his natal sun, the only thing that the south node of the return falls on his natal mercury, which for a tennis player is not good (he has lost 2 of the last 3 finals)

        The point is that today’s new moon with the triple conjunction sun – moon – mars in the 6th degree of virgo enhances the solar return since it forms a large pyramid of land between jupiter – venus in capricorn / uranus in taurus and the triple conjunction in virgo. He’s going to have the public against him (I’ve done a “comb Fel to Feliciano does nothing)

        You have to be attentive to this cranky player when he meets Djokovic to see the star of that game. Feliciano served to win the first set and ended up losing it but he just broke the serve in the second; I don’t think he wins but he looks forward to it due to the Russian’s sleeve cut.


    1. Hi Krishna, thank you for your comment. Yes, Uranus transits have helped Wawrinka in the past when Uranus was in Aries. He does have Mars at 9 degrees Taurus but Uranus won’t trigger this point in his astrology until next year.

  20. We are all waiting for the ASTRO ANALYSIS of Novak Djokovic vs Stan Wawarinka match from all the astrologers here !!!

    Requesting all to squeeze some time for this.


    1. My thoughts/predictions are in the original article and in the comments below. I like Djokovic’ astrology for the tournament and I don’t see anything amazing about Wawrinka’s astrology. So, I’m hoping for a Djokovic’ win.

      1. Than you Shelley !

        The next 20 years cycle will have jupiter and saturn in 0 degrees of acuario and Medvédev has his natal sun in 22 degrees so doesnt look like it will empowered him ( but as sally sayd without the hour of the birthday who knows…because aspects to midheaven and ascendent can be very powerfull)

        Hola Sally ! I see that you are studying this investigation and makes me happy, because what I wrote in the article ” los grandes triunfadores…” its like VOL 1 , and It can go deeper…but for the people who are not astrologers can be difficult and many are more interested in bets than in astrology, so if you want ( or any astrologer )we can talk by mail. The point is that is not so easy ; for example Marin Cilic has very good sinastry with the chart of year 2000 and he ” only ” win one Grand Slam ( but many ATP tournaments ). I think because the new generatión of players has uranus near 0 acuario over the conjuction that will happen in 2020 , we will see more tennis players win that this last 19 years ( also the 4 personal planets in geminis empowered geminis players as Nadal or Djokovic or Federer midhaven and this is why the break all records )

        Next year ( last year of the cycle ) looks amazing to see who will finish with more Grand slams because the progressive chart of Djokovic and his solar return- jupiter and pluto over mars of nadal ( lord of his ascendent in exact trine to jupiter-saturn of year 2000) – and solar return of federer with jupiter trine natal sun and mercury ( Lord of ascendent and midheaven ) promise and amazing finishing of the cycle.

        Hubert Hurkacz can be one of the new winners when the new cycle starts with Australian Open in 2021 but lets see.


        1. That’s very interesting Javier. Thanks for your investigations! 0 AQU is also Opposition of Federer’s Sun and North Node of his twin girls. Someone suggested all three big players could end up with the same number of Slams. There are also two top lions in the new generation (Aliassime, Tsitsipas) vs one, Roger, in the current cycle.

          1. Thank you Patrick !

            I think this Open USA is very important to see who has more chances to finish first .

            Federer vs Goffin – Djokovic vs Wawrinka and Nadal vs Cilic …. each can lose with these players. And Medvédev and Rublev has very good astrology and tennis. Looks like can be a very good Tournament !

            By astro and tenis I see Nadal very good.

  21. Now that djokovic and wawrinka are playing each other in the 4th round of the usopen i was just checking the astrology for them.regarding djokovic i had already said why he is the favourite for the tournament.i just looked at wawrinka”s chart and found out that the moon of the tournament chart is placed right over the ascendent of wawrinka.saturn in conjunction with south node is in almost exact sextile to wawrinka MC but in retrograde motion.saturn is his career planet as per sidereal astrology and on 1st september when the 2 of them will play their match venus is in exact opposition to his MC.this match is going to be interesting and i am expecting a tough match for both of them.if the start time of the match is known that will help to better evaluate the chances of both the players.

    1. B/w 2013-2019(2016), Wawrinka played Djokovic 6 times at Grand Slams, won 3 of them, the 3 he lost were also dragged into 5 sets. 4 out of 6 matches were 5 setters, 2 being 4 setters.

      So, as per our your prediction, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a 4 or a 5 setter match. That seems to be the trend. Wawrinka has denied him in French Open and US Open finals and once also in the Australian Open quarter finals.

    2. Novak Djokovic vs Stan Wawarinka will be played after the Women’s singles 4th round match which starts at 7 pm. We can reasonably expect the match to start around 9.30 pm

      7:00 PM
      E. Svitolina (UKR) [5]
      M. Keys (USA) [10]
      N. Djokovic (SRB) [1]
      S. Wawrinka (SUI) [23]

    3. @James. It is not fixed the start time of the match but it will be certainly after 21.00 local time. They play after svitolina-keys which will start around 19.00.
      Looking forward to reading your feedback

      1. Hello carles if the djokovic vs wawrinka match starts at 21.30 hrs then aries rises and mars is the ruling planet showing the favourite that is djokovic.mars is placed in 5th house in leo along with sun a friendly sighn and friendly planet. venus the 7th lord denotes the challenger that is wawrinka and it is also placed in leo with sun but in an inimical sighn and placed with his enemy the astrology points towards the favourite winning.

    4. Thank you, James. I dreamt that Djokovic lost to Wawrinka last night – if it’s true, you can officially call me psychic 🙂 (I’m hoping it’s not true by the way!)

      1. Jeje

        Hola Sally.

        In your experience Wawrinka has his natal ascendent in 9 cancer ? If yes , he can win or at least it will be a very good match for him

        1. Why do you say that Wawrinka can win, Javier? The Sun/Mars conjunction is at 9 degrees – agreed – but it’s a minor testimony. Usually, you need a major transit to back up a minor transit and I don’t see that for Wawrinka?

      2. Hello Sally if your dream comes true then we have to again go deep into astrology to see why Djokovic lost by the way i will not be surprised if Goffin takes out Federer today

        1. Hi all, this us open is turning to be very interesring.
          If you saw Federer playing against Goffin, i would say everything is clicking as the tournament is moving forward.
          Federer was flawless and goffin had no chance against him.
          As we all know Júpiter is trine his sun and aproaching and in direct Motion so My dear colleagues iam Just saying that federer no rusty anymore.
          Yes he has 2 tough transits but yes he has one of the most prolific transits of all clicking.
          Maybe some of you Will be surprised if he gets to thé final but i Will not be!

          Thank you for the astrology,
          Thank you for your insights Sally, Javier, Patrick, and James and all thé others.

        2. Johnny Excellent

          Hi James & Sally,
          I personally feel that we are certainly missing something here. Favourite is out, Goffin didn’t even look like half the threat he was astrologically supposed to be and Federer for now seems to be peaking along with Nadal playing like his French Open matches… Stan also has some grit left.. May be something hidden in US Open,Chart… Someone said that it’s been years that US Open champion has won the cup consecutively…

          1. I agree that the US Open is often the tournament that is the hardest to predict from an astrological perspective and I don’t know why that is. I think the Uranus factor is showing in the chart for this year’s US Open (see my previous comment) and I don’t think the US Open has had a returning champion win for a long time? It’s often a new champion.

      3. Wow Sally… That was really psychic… But Wondering why it’s not supporting your original prediction!?
        Let us know if you get another dream..who do you pick for trophy now?


  22. What do the stars foretell – Roger Federer vs David Goffin match starting at 12 pm ?

    12:00 PM
    R. Federer (SUI) [3]
    D. Goffin (BEL) [15]

    Hoping for a few posts from all the astrologers here.


    1. As for Goffin’s tranists he may be a serious threat for Federer today. Roger’s Jupiter Sun trine is slowly getting stronger over the days – exact at final. Goffin is also in Jupiter luck with the beneficial planet conjunct his Sun – even stronger than the trine for Roger and already EXACT. Probably the best transit you can have. On top natal Jupiter is involved in a trine.

      And there’s another Turbo transit: Saturn, Goffin’s Career Ruler, is conjunct his MC in it’s own sign Capricorn. Career peaks are probable now for David with these two major transits and he just reached his first Masters final at Cincinatti. Goffin supported by Saturn while Saturn is in Opposition to Federer’s Mars. The missing peace for Goffin may lay in Saturn being retrograde – Serena Williams lost the Wimbledon final with retrograde Saturn conjunct MC. Today’s Sun Mars conjunction trines Goffin’s natal planet of surprise Uranus.

      David beat Goliath Federer at the Semi’s of the ATP Final 2017 and lost the final against Dimitrov. Typical for North Node Aquarius players who often are denied big titles for a long time in their career. I hope for Roger tonight as we often have seen that the Champion’s level often overcomes their opponents’ astrology. Admitting we cannot call it a surprise if Goffin won as he appears to have the currently best transits of all players.

      1. I think the same Patrick.

        And also mercury is making and amazing transits : its the dispositor of the stellium of 4 planets in virgo that there is in the sky now and its in 6 degrees of virgo making exact trine to his natal mercury in 6 of capricorn , who also received exact trine of uranus in 6 of taurus.

        But the moon of the match is helping Federer ; makes sextil to his natal mercury that rules his angles and aplyies conjuction to his natal progressive jupiter at 14 libra. The moon also square his natal mars…but the moon squaring midheaven of Goffin ( if the hour of his birthday its ok)and south node with lord of midheaven in midheaven makes ne thing he will lose but will make a very good match. The point is with mars oposite natal saturn of Federer when he will lose ? Can be today but I think it will be later.

        If Wawrinka has his natal ascendent at 9 cancer , the game with Djokovic looks also amazing because the conjuction of today of sun-mars is in 9 virgo in exact trine to his natal mars at 9 taurus and In sextile to his ascendent …so as other people say looks like a 4 – 5 sets match and he has astrology for fight to win because he has very good transits of jupiter also…I want to check more this game because the moon will make oposition to natal jupiter of Djokovic but also oposite mercury- venus conjuction of Wawrinka.

        Nadal with cilic looks also a very good match.

        1. Interesting observations Javier. Thank you! I hope Saturn being retrograde does less harm to Federer and in best case will be overcome by Jupiter.

      2. Thank you for the analysis, Patrick. Yes, Goffin has a super Jupiter transit although Federer isn’t far behind with his Jupiter trine transit. I note that Andreas was saying he doesn’t think the trine aspect of Jupiter is as strong. I can’t remember either whether it’s played out for the winners before? Maybe not. It’s obviously more powerful when Jupiter is direct and in conjunction to a planet or angle.

        1. I have no comparison, too, for Jupiter trine Sun, Sally. Very interesting, also in face if the GS record of the three. The tournament gets more exciting now… ☺

        2. So much to the strongest transits 🤔
          I remember at Melbourne Goffin already had Jupiter direct conjunct Sun. Obviously it’s less career related for Goffin in spite of the Cincinatti final.

          1. I know! I watched some of it – Federer made it look super easy. It only goes to prove that the second best transit of Jupiter outweighs the first best transit of Jupiter when you’re up against a champion like Federer! Lol!

  23. Astrology regarding Federer.
    If we go to check his pregressed charts, the situation is not easily readable. In the sense that from this it seems that, apparently, there are not so clear ideas that can direct an analysis in one way or another.

    We can notice the usual stellium of planets in Balance that has been worn for years, with Saturn at the ascendant, to which the Moon in VII is almost exactly opposed.
    The Sun is in Virgo in XII, as indeed in his natal chart, so position that says nothing, but Neptune now squares it exactly. Uncertainty about the future? Aspects that denote fears or phobias at the thought of having to retire sooner or later? I think it’s very likely.
    The aspect that instead seems to me important, is that on the day of the final 8 September, its transit Venus is going to join perfectly to the Sun of the pregressed chart. If it were to arrive in the final, I think this would be a decisive aspect for him.
    The other aspect of a certain importance, in this progressed chart by Roger, is how Sally has already said the approach of the MC on Mars.
    If the time of birth is correct, which unfortunately we can never be sure of, this exact conjunction will take place next year. However it may already be active.

    What is not clear at the level of the previous chart, we find it instead in the opposite direction going to check its transits in the tournament.
    Federer started with this incredible stellium in Virgo, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, which was progressively moving close to the ascendant. Only Mercury was actually still in XII at the beginning of the tournament, but now it is also practically in I.
    And as the planets have progressed, we see that its performance is also progressing.
    The most important planet of all these is of course Mars.
    On September 6th day of the seed, it will be a grade over the ascendant, and its shape will therefore be at the top.
    Epic battle with Nole? We’ll see.
    The other important aspect for him on the transit map is that right now Jupiter, which has become direct, is exactly trigon to its Sun of birth.
    I have already said that the “trigonocracy” in astrology does not have much strength, and is a secondary and often overrated aspect.
    But in this case, in addition to being exact to the monomer, it overlaps the aforementioned aspects, and could become decisive.
    What do I draw from all this? That Federer has a contradictory astrology in one verse and very interesting in the other.
    And certainly one of the favorites also astrologically.


      1. One interesting fact – Rafa beat Goffin and won Rolland Garros. Novak beat Goffin and won Wimbledon. Now Roger beat Goffin in US Open so there is a chance or possibility for Roger here

  25. Hi Sally, and astro family was watching the Rublev match at 3 am UK time and was impressed with Andrey Rublev once again, who is back from injury issues. I know that we are in need of birth times but I think he should be added to the next gen list. His dob is 20 Oct 1997, in Moscow Russia which gives him a Libra sun sign and Gemini Moon. Also watching Kyrgios sabotage himself against Rublev confirms to me he is most likely a scorpio rising. I know we have a birth time for Nick at 6pm which is not certain but I have seen it rectified to 5:53pm and tested with solar arcs which might work better. I find interesting that his uranus is in 0 Aquarius. Maybe he ties in with Javier’s theory?

    1. The problem of Kyrgios is his mind…he has his natal mercury together to a fixed star called CAPUT ALGOL ( the head of the medusa ) ; this is why he ” loses his mind ” . I also saw the match and he was 4-0 in the tie break and lost it…Ousmane Dembele also has this combination and he arrives 1hour later to the training and sometimes he looks ” disconected ” of the game…Rublev and Medvédev have very good astrology for this tournament

      Sometimes , as today with Goffin , for me its very difficult to undestand why he didnt won a set ( Federer lost 1 in 2 previus match).

      A lot of players will have uranus in the first degree of acuario so I think de will see more players that win than this last 19 years. players with sun or important planets in first degrees of acuario or first degrees of gemini – libra will be empover by the great conjunction of december 2020 .

      1. No, the problem with kyrgios is that tennis knows little about these levels … only service, and little else.
        Just see how unorthodox his style is, each shot is arranged.
        Then there are his continuous antics aimed at disturbing the adversaries, which in fact when they meet him they cannot make the best for this reason.
        He should only be disqualified and expelled from the circuit once and for all.

        1. Yes I know the fixed star you refer to Javier and good points you make. Fixed stars of course are very telling. If we use the 6pm birth time for Kyrgios his ascendant is at 19 Scorpio and conjunct fixed star Zubeneschamali which can give honour and gifts and a sharp mind if aspected well but with hard aspects can cause psychosis and a psychotic nature. And yes Andreas i agree with you about Kyrgios ‘ behaviour, but I also see him as a young man who is mentally disturbed and in need of help. He is talented but also lazy and I think he can literally hear his demons.

          1. hi Shelley, I know someone else mentioned about Kyrgios’ Mercury being on Algol – maybe Andreas or Javier? It’s not actually – it’s too wide. You need a close orb for the fixed stars – 1 degree maximum – Kyrgios’ Mercury is at 20 degrees Taurus and Algol is at 25/26 degrees Taurus. You can, however, see the potential issues in Kyrgios’ birth chart. I don’t think having Mercury square to Mars helps – it’s a tempestuous, argumentative square. If we do have the correct birth time of 6pm, the square triggers his 7th/10th houses – his interactions with others (7th) and his career (10th). It’s in these arenas where it plays out. 19 degrees Scorpio is a notoriously challenging degree of the zodiac but more so in horary astrology than natal astrology. It’s the fixed star Serpentis and in horary, nothing good will come of a situation when it’s active. However, in natal astrology, it can indicate high intelligence, riches and honour. Also, with Kyrgios, if the 6pm time is correct, Leo is the sign on the Midheaven which means his career ruler is the Sun in Taurus conjunct the South Node. Again, the nodes are more black/white in astrology, either good or bad. The South Node is rarely an easy placing and it can flag up a difficult fate. Therefore, for Kyrgios, it seems to be shown in his behaviour on the tennis courts. He also has a fire sign Moon – Aries – again tempestuous.

      1. It’s Nadal’s now. He will arrive in the final without loosing any sets and the other person will be bruised and battered. No. 19 awaits

        1. That remains to be seen. It would be nice to a completely new champion. Gael perhaps – long overdue. It would be nice to see a name that is not Nadal nor Federer (I am a fan) win the championship.

    1. It is feds unless Rafa really figures out how to beat fed. When has he last beaten fed outside clay..we saw in wimby what happened

      1. It is neither Fed’s nor Rafa’s, it belongs to whoever wins the final :). Till then, you can chant these names till the tournament is over

    1. I’m not sure that’s a good thing that my dream came true! I may have to start doing dream interpretation instead of tennis astrology interpretation! So, Djokovic is out and this is where tennis astrology is tricky. As I mentioned in a previous comment, Djokovic had two potentially challenging transits between Wimbledon and US Open – Saturn conjunct Ascendant and Chiron conjunct Moon. From what he’s said, his shoulder issue began during these transits but we have only found out about the injury during the tournament. Considering the tournament chart, I think this also has to strengthen the influence of Uranus – admittedly trine all the Virgo planets, but still a surprise element. In the chart I used, 12pm, Uranus was on the Descendant, the point of the chart which represents the astrologer, and I got the prediction wrong. That shows.
      I’m not going to leap in to another prediction straightaway. I am struck by the symbolism of Jupiter at the exact same degree/minute during the US Open final as it was during the Wimbledon final. Something is being repeated but what? It has to give a nod to Federer surely – Jupiter now direct as well, so stronger than it was during Wimbledon when it was retrograde. But will that be enough to overcome the more challenging transits for Federer? Will ponder some more today and revisit the astrology and get back to you all.

      1. You’re still a master to us and now we can add psychic to your list of talents.

        Yes, maybe this is Federer’s time. I read the comment from someone else that sometimes aspects have a delay. I have always believed this and experienced this myself so maybe this can explain Novak’s departure and Federer’s chance to fulfill the great astrology he currently has or there may be a surprise. It’s interesting!

      2. For me its very clear the symbolism of that jupiter ( in case of be repeated ); The Master will be again at the final but will lose again.

        The solar return that its starting for Federer its amazing , realy amazing…but the sinastry with his natal chart has the worst aspect of astrology ( oposition of the 2 ” maléfics ” ) that for the day of the Final will be almost exact ( natal mars 13.56 and saturn 13.59 with the company of the south node or ketu )

        For Djokovic : lunar return for the tournament with ascendent taurus at 29 degrees ( degree of loss ) ; bad testimony ..his ruler, venus, combust ; bad testimony. . Saturn rules his ascendent ( body ) and together with ketu its a mayor afliction. His debut it this tournament ( 26 -8 -2019 14:20 ) has moon (oposite to saturn ; anoche bad testimony ( related to the lunar return because ) and has also problems with the públic ( the moon ).

        Wawrinka has for the tournament very good activaron of jupiter : its aplying conjuction to his natal uranus and trine to his mercury( the hands ) – venus conjuction. For the match with Novak also has a exact aspect between the sun – mars conjunction at 9 virgo with his natal ascendent at 9 cancer and his natal mats at 9 taurus ; for being competitive its difficult have better aspect than this….also moon was aplying oposition to natal jupiter of Djokovic…

        The solar return of Nadal has GRAN SLAM ASPECT : mercury its at 27 degrees of geminis ; the same degree where its mercury of the GREAT CONJUCTION of 2000 , and mercury its THE BOSS of al the planets of the chart and the ruler of Nadal sun and midheaven , and for a tennis player its the best activation posible in my understanding. His lunar return has two mayor testimonies of victoy: moon aplying trine to mars ( situaded in his midheaven!) Being mars the lord of the ascendent, and exact trine between jupiter and mercury ( lord of his midheaven ) . For the final , mercury at 20 degrees of virgo , that rules the stellium and its in in 10 house ( the best position ) aplyies exact aspect to his ascendent at 20 escorpio, aplyies trine to his natal mars at 22 capricorn ( this is very good because are the rules of his body and success ) , and the potencial of the lunar return its actívated: the moon in 17 capricorn aplyies conjuction to his natal mars ( lord of his ascendent) , and sextil to the ascendent and also to jupiter !!! For me this is so beautiful : how diferents charts of diferent moments of time converse in one particular moment of time and space. But it can be my astrological ilusion as other times…and only God knows if he will arrive to the final or not.

        And YES ; one of the MAIN reasons of Kyrgios behaviour is because he has HIS NATAL MERCURY TOGETHER WITH FIXED STAR CAPUT ALGOL ; the symbolism its absolute clair each time he lose his mind in a tenis court …

        The astrological charts of this are here :

  26. Federer will win uso 2019. He is not going to let this pass. Dimitrov will just surrender, Medvedev is running on fumes and Stan has never beaten fed outside clay. Fed has beaten Rafa the last 5 times outside clay. This is feds USO

  27. Hi sally what a dream hey?! Anyways is federer now the favourite to win astrologically at least, or is there someone else you favour? Any comments

  28. Good morning friends.
    Unfortunately I have to note that my predictions were correct about Nole.
    I certainly couldn’t do the magician (astrology is not this) and predict muscle or tendon problems, but I had just read that something was wrong with his horoscope, as in my forecasting post.
    And the planet that has triggered physical problems is almost certainly Mars.
    If in fact, as the great Andrè Barbault says, there is a latent orbit for the aspects, there must also be for the passage of the planets on certain points of the birth chart.
    In this perspective, Mars is now about 10 degrees in Virgo, on August 19, the day of the final in Cincinnati was 1 degree Virgo, exactly square to its native Sun.
    That is where the origin of everything is to be found.
    Mars squared often brings physical problems, I know something myself because with this aspect an epicondylitis arose that lasted me then two years. And I myself am Gemini and I had Mars in Virgo square to my Sun …

    At this point, and I repeat here again what was written in the previous post about him, the absolute favorite is Federer.
    I feel it both because of its astrology, the extraordinary stellium in Virgo in progression to the ascendant I pointed out, and for a purely intuitive question.
    I do not see alternatives to his victory, I do not believe that Nadal has enough astrology to stand in his way. And indeed I am not even so sure it can reach the final, since the stellium in Virgo is approaching its Sun, and in particular its Mars.
    But even arriving in the final, in my opinion he could not do it.

    I must also say, that if Federer wins as expected, it is a victory once again a little halved, because even this time he would not have faced the strongest and n.1 in the world on his route.
    Since 2012, Wimbledon, which does not beat Djokovic in a slam, a rather heavy statistic for him.

    1. sudhanshu khajuria

      Thanks Andreas. I think If Fed wins, it will be heart warming for him after wimbledon’s disappointment for sure. Lets see how it unfolds.

    2. Thanks Andreas. Interesting notes you give. I disagree with Roger – who had believed 7 years ago he would dominate the ATP 1 over 5 sets at a Wimbledon final with age of 38. Djokovic has just entered his age window you are comparing Federer with him. I also believe there’s something in the box for Roger this US Open.

      1. Patrick, in 2012 Federer was only 31 years old … so starting from 2013 he was only 32.
        So the substance is that, that is, that for many years Federer has not been able to beat Nole in the slams. Despite having an age in which he was still in the flower of his physical faculties.
        If today at age 38 he manages to do this, let alone how he was at 31-32 …
        How then, at 38, to be at these levels, on a purely physical level, is a mystery to everyone.

        1. Hi Andreas,
          While I respect all the views. Federer not winning against Djoker beyond 32 years is just an exception in stats and you can blame it on luck. When Federer was at his peak or is at his peak Djokovic is not reaching as many finals to even face him and losses even before semis (recent case in 2017 and early 18) loosing to much smaller players. I am sure the same is true to quite an extent with all players. When you win a slam, you have to beat the guy in the final who has been one of the top 2 in the tournament and not just the ranking before the tournament started.. I don’t know who is going to win this tournament. I don’t think Federer can be as lucky, thpugh he has been playing amazing tennis since Wimbledon; he may have lost to Nole in final there, but he played better albeit his mind was not in better shape than Nole for sure and full credits to Nole for being that strong mentally. I still believe 25-30 old Federer could beat anyone anywhere except Nadal on Clay (yes).. Rest is just stars 😆😆😆

          1. These are speeches from hardcore fans.
            As you can see, as an amateur astrologer, I had no trouble saying that in my opinion Djokovic would have had problems in this tournament and it would have been very difficult for him to keep the title, which has happened on time.
            Just as now you read that I preach Federer’s victory.
            So my reading of things is at least impartial, and the passion for astrology itself helps in this, because it cannot be used as a unilateral vision, it would be absurd.
            Nevertheless, what you say does not come back, because you know well that in 2017-18 Nole was not down for “tennis played” problems, but because he had familiar problems, even if not in details.
            So it was a “mental”, not a technical crisis.
            And I also say that, coincidentally and in any case, just when Djokovic has stepped aside, federer and nadal himself have magically risen: -) … freed from a nightmare practically. Enough to go and share all the subsequent slams.
            Can this be denied?

        2. It is funny you pass judgement like because I am a hardcore fan..
          It was not that during 2012 and 2017 that was Federer was loosing only to Djokovic, he lost to lot of players including Djokovic and Nadal.. Some notables are for your reference are

          He lost to Murray in 2013 in AO Semifinal
          lost to Sergiy in second round in Wimby 2013
          lost to Nadal in semi final AO 2013
          lost to Glbis in French Open i 2014 round of 16
          lost to Djokovic in Wimby 2014
          lost to Seppi in third round of AO 2015
          lost to Novak in Wimby 2015 Final
          lost to Del Porto in US 2015 Final
          lost to Milos Raonic in Wimbledon 2016 Semi Final

          I hope it is very clear that it was not Djokovic’s prowess that dominated him, even players who could beat him on a bad day did beat him.. And he was beaten in second round, to finals. The point is simple, he was not playing at his best for whatever reasons. He was beating every one in 2017 and Djokovic was not even reaching quarters then. Anyways, I am not here to belittle anyone. It is just a stat.. The point is Federer at 38 is still competing at the top level….. Djokovic is still trying to get better than him; the future will tell who gets where. The fact remains that Federer didn’t play really well in those 5 years and still reached finals. When Djokovic drops his game he is not even competing with Federer and Nadal but only limits himself to 3rd 4th rounds.. It is stat not an opinion. Yes, it is also a stat that he falls off only for a year or two and not five years like Federer, who is certainly an exception…

      1. have already expressed my opinions, if you have read my posts, and that is that in my opinion nadal will not win the tournament.
        But if the friend has had the longest sight of mine, I will recognize him as he is right and due.

    3. I’m not sure you can say that Federer’s win will be halved because he won’t have played Djokovic! – if he does win. A Grand Slam win is a Grand Slam win irrespective of who you have to play. That’s the luck of the draw and Federer is still benefiting from lucky Jupiter 🙂

      1. Sally, I don’t think having luck is a tennis merit …
        At the limit it is a magnetic “quality” of the person, that is to say that of knowing how to attract good luck.
        Moreover, it must be said that, for Roger, rather than being his intrinsic lucky qualities, it is the organizers themselves who willingly offer this fortune to him, in the form of schedules and fields that he alone “suggests”, as he says textually, but as it happens he always comes then satisfied …

  29. Hi everybody let me congratulate sally on her dream coming true. she is truly a psychic.coming to wawrinkas astrology once again the progressed chart gives us the clue.jupiter is his lord of midheaven in his progresed chart and the current jupiter is in an exact sextile to his progressed jupiter and in an exact trine to his progressed mercury.his natal career planet is in an exact sextile to his natal MC but retrograde and in conjunction with south node.i thought this will derail wawrinka it might still do later in the tournament.regarding djokovic sun and mars of the tournament chart squaring his natal sun is perhaps the reason for his retirement due to injury.

  30. regarding goffin even though he had a lovely transit of jupiter over his natal sun and jupiter is his career planet as per sidereal system retrograde saturn in conjunction with natal south node was exact on his MC. this explains his defeat against federer though i would have thought the match would be a much tougher

    1. Hey James..
      Nice to see you again mate..

      I just started studying the charts(as per sidereal) of top guys for this open…Who do you think as contender after Novak’s exit.

      1. I believe at this stage of competition much depends on how much energy rafa or roger will spend to pass through quarter finals and SFs. In principle, aside from astrological predictions, wamrinka or medvedev should present more challenges than schwartzman or monfils for example – but just in principle.

        1. I agree. Rafa will reach final fresher but Roger may not even make it. Universe, maybe , is determined to not have Federer Nadal play in US Open ever!!

          1. Who will stop roger….dimi will roll over for him and stan Medvedev will kill each other n be fodder for fed

  31. Hi,

    Greeting to all astrologers.

    Love to hear the match between R. Nadal vs M Cilic. Please.

    M .Cilic is planning to beat R .Nadal? Is there any upset again?

  32. Thanga Srinivasan

    Both Men (Novak) and Women Singles (Osaka) defending champions are out.

    Does the chart suggest not favorable for favorites ??

    1. My first reading of the tournament chart was that it would be good for favourites. Chart ruler/stellium in the 10th, also a strong Moon Cancer in its sign of rulership. However, that’s not been the case. I favoured Moon Cancer conjunct North Node (over its opposition to Saturn) – I think that was a wrong move. Also, you can’t ignore Uranus – even though it’s in a good trine aspect to the Virgo stellium, in the 12pm chart it was on the Descendant – and it seems to have favoured the ‘underdog’. If we get new winners in both men’s and women’s games, then yes, Uranus wins!

      1. Thanga Srinivasan

        Another favorite down – Federrer lost in 5 sets (injury)

        does the tournament itself always against favorites .. from 1968, only 7 players able to consecutively win this tournament.

        this year .. lot of seeded player losing early .. first time will have an unseeded player getting into semi finals .. There is also a talk of Medvedev injured .. hearing lot of injury stuff

        does it reflecting in the charts ?

    1. Fedal…are you astrologer too or just a fan who loves rafa

      I am worried almost all astrologers here predicting federer. I want rafa and fed to end with same slam count

      1. Fan. 🙂
        I meant terrific astrology for final. Don’t worry, this will be his No. 19. He is serving well, ground game is awesome, courts are slow and draw have opened up.

    2. Terrific astrology or weak draw ? In every USO that Nadal has won, he has had some of the weakest ever path to the final of any slam winner. In 2017, he set a record by winning USO without facing a top 25 player.
      I wonder what is going on here.

      1. I don’t think Nadal has terrific astrology, Rachel. It’s intriguing astrology and all about his Venus – love/money. I don’t think Federer is playing many top seeds either so far? They’ve both been quite lucky with the way it’s fallen for them. Not there yet…

      2. Everyone always moaning about Rafa’s easy draws is ridiculous and so unfair. He beat Djoko is two tough finals in 2010 and 2013. If anything.. Roger’s cake walk draw this year and also previous years should be the talk of town. Give Rafa a break! He’s a fighter, and truly a humble champ.

        Besides, this is astro related and I do believe Roger has had some magnificent luck and help from the stars.

        1. Please talk facts rather than making sweeping generalizations.

          Sure Nadal faced Djokovic in the 2 USOs he won *in the final*. Who did he face on the way to the final ? A slam is not supposed to be won playing just the final or you wouldn’t have to play it for two weeks. He won three USOs in that fashion, 2017 being the icing on the cake.
          Can you point out Federer or Djokovic or anyone else winning a slam without facing a top 25 ?

          1. Please check Djokovic win USO 2018 he did not faced any seeded player till quarter final and in semi he faced down and out nishikori (21 seed) and in final Delpotro. Nadal USO 2010 and 2013 was much tougher than that

          2. Rachel,

            The great Roger Federer faced all unseeded players in 2006 US Open all the way till semifinal, # 7 seed Davydenko in semis. Defeated single slam winner #9 seed, Andy Roddick. Someone who’s never defeated Roger in Majors. Hardly call that tough competition.

            Seems like you are the one making generalizations about “Federer/Novak does not have easy draws ever”.

            Every Major champion rightfully deserves their titles – they have to play 7 matches and stand one top of all other 127 players, no mean feat, regardless of whom they play along the way. Your downplaying of Nadal’s achievements, or any major winners for that matter, is just quite simply disrespectful.

          3. Non sense justification.. It’s not Nadal’s fault that he had to face those opponents… He has faced Murray in those slams… Nadal dominates the most majors holder in H2H.. so do you mean to say Roger is not good.. Accept the draw and then talk..

  33. An exact Sun Mercury conjunction – as in his natal chart –  should help Federer today: starsign and career ruler, even in joined force with Mars on top, all conjunct in his rising sign. Scorpio Moon transiting through his natal sign. Roger celebrates his Venus Return against his reflection in technique. Read Grigor, niknane G-Force, backwards in Western notation (Gregor). Few leaps out for Dimitrov.

    As for Roger, the Moon may travel in Medvedev’s natal sign. With my rectified birth time right, the Moon squares natal MC in the evening. While for Stan the Sun is about to step in Opposition to his MC at night. Daniel’s Mercury natal Jupiter trine from Monday is gone. For Stan, Sun/Mars precisely strengthening his AC and Mars vs Djokovic will have left it’s effect tomorrow. Roger vs Stan probable in my perception.

    1. Just realized that you answered Sally about Kyrgios ; if he was born ¿ 1 May 1995 ? he has mercury at 27 degrees ( kaput its around 26 now) and if was during the early moornig the moon also will be close to Kaput Algol ( I was checking last months Kaput algol on players and Kyrgios for me its the better example ; its a constant manifestation… )

      Checking the progressive chart of Medveded just realize also why he is the player with more wins of the year ; his progressive mercury ( rules de hands ) its conjunction to his natal mars ( now separating ) but the POINT ITS THE DEGREE : 27.37 of acuario and mercury of the GREAT conjuction of 2000 is in 27.37 of geminis ! Mercury rules of the planet of last 19 years ( Nadalhas his natal mercury at 26 géminis and this year by solar return at 27 of geminis…)

      Wawrinka – Medveded its a very difficult match for prediction ( by tenis both at their best I prefered Wawrinka) . Progressive jupiter of Medveded is at 12.33 of capricorn, so the moon in 10 scorpio is aplying sextile and also the triple conjunción in 10 degrees in virgo of today of mercury- sun and mars is aplying trine.
      Also the progressive chart of wawrinka has jupiter at 15 of acuario ( jupiter in transit is now at 15 sagitarius ) and mercury 14 aries , so he has very good aspect of jupiter , bit saturn at 14 capricorn squares progressive mercury.
      The crowd will be with Wawrinka and I prefer him but with astrology looks like a great mach and I think Medvédev has amazing astro to continúe, but lets see because both has very good astro.

        1. So I have to be more carefull when I check birthday in wikipedia…its funny because I realy believe he was a Caput Algol example … May be I am better example of a better caput Algol astrologer jaja

          Today we will see if aspects if transit work with progressive chart of a player or not . What do you think sally ? Without the hour of birthday its really more difficult for predictions…

          1. Totally agree, Javier, re. the limitations without a birth time. It’s much more difficult to be exact. Just posted my thoughts on the quarter finals 🙂

    2. Thanks, Patrick. Yes, the Virgo stellium seems to be helping Federer – his Venus Return tomorrow and the triple conjunction of Sun/Mercury/Mars conjunct his Ascendant. I fancy him to win over Dimitrov. And, Federer has Jupiter transit trine Sun, exact on 7th September, also Pluto transit sextile Moon exact on 12th September – both extremely helpful. I was looking more closely at the Saturn transit opposite Mars, exact on 11th September. The planets in Virgo will act as a mediator to the opposition, e.g. Mars is 13 Capricorn 45 on the day of the final, almost exactly sextile Federer’s Mars.
      This is also important for Monfils, who has his natal Mars at 14 Capricorn 01, with Saturn transit conjunct Mars exact on 6th September. Plus, Monfils is a Sun Virgo, birthday 1st September – again the Virgo stellium has given him a boost, although it’s now separating.
      Re. Nadal- I am finding his astrology intriguing – it’s all about Venus in his horoscope – Venus at 15 Cancer 42. I talked earlier in the tournament about love/marriage for Nadal, as Venus rules his 7th house. But Venus does oppose his ‘gladiator’ Mars in Capricorn, so it’s important for his tennis/fitness, also money – as the opposition cuts across the 2nd/8th houses.
      On the day of the final, the north node is returning close to Nadal’s natal Venus at 15 Cancer 58. The Sun at 15 Virgo 52 is very closely sextile his natal Venus. The most fascinating transit, however, is natal Jupiter exactly quincunx Nadal’s Venus at 15 Sagittarius 42 in the final chart. A quincunx is thought of as a challenging aspect, a blind spot. But, is the blind spot the fact that not many astrologers have favoured Nadal this tournament or a blind spot for Nadal?
      I think both Federer and Nadal will come through their quarter finals. I don’t have a strong opinion about Wawrinka/Medvedev either way – I know James Green favours Wawrinka because of his progressions. And, the last quarter final – Schwartzman/Berrettini – a Leo/Aries battle – no times of birth for either player. Schwartzman has a Venus/Jupiter conjunction at 11 Virgo (Venus)/18 Virgo (Jupiter) so he has the benefit of the Virgo planets all week; although Berrettini had Jupiter transit trine his natal Mars at the start of the tournament – and he has done well so far – plus Sun square Jupiter in his natal chart. That is the main aspect on the day of the final. It could go either way but I’m leaning towards Leo Schwartzman. Bring on the tennis!

      1. I meant to add one more thing. A few of you were saying that the Sun/Mars transit square Djokovic’ natal Sun Gemini was one of the astrological symbols for his injury. I’m not so sure – I think it was the more major transits from Saturn/Chiron. If Sun/Mars square Sun is going to flag up a difficulty/injury, then Nadal has the same transits on 5th and 7th September. So, we will see how it plays out for him.

        1. Thank you Sally for your extensive observations. You also think, Mars could weaken the Saturn effect on Federer’s natal Mars?

          1. Yes, very possibly. All the Virgo planets are working alongside Saturn in a supportive way. Also, it means Federer gets the opposition from Saturn – slowing him down – but the sextile from Mars – speeding him up. They could theoretically cancel one another out? Just a theory at present….

          2. So, the minor trine aspects didn’t help! Djokovic out – Saturn conjunct Ascendant between Wimbledon/US Open triggering his back injury and Federer’s Saturn opposite Mars. The other player left in with a major Saturn transit is Monfils conjunct his natal Mars. If Saturn is showing as injury, we would expect him to struggle too.

        1. Oh sorry, I got muddled. I’ll have another look at the astrology for tomorrow’s quarter finals again and report back.

      2. Hi Sally,

        There is an error in your understanding of the matchup.

        Quarterfinal is between i. Nadal & Schwartzman and ii. Monfils & Berrettini

        Thanksalot for all your efforts


        S. Wawrinka
        D. Medvedev

        R. Federer
        G. Dimitrov

        M. Berrettini
        G. Monfils
        D. Schwartzman
        R. Nadal


    1. Thank you for your prediction, Krishna. I have the Midheaven of the final at 6 degrees Scorpio? So, one of us does not have the correct date/time. September 8, 4:00 pm, Flushing, NY.


          1. What’s that “still”. When Big Three are in good form and playing as well as they are playing since 2017-18.. All of them have chance to win any tournament they enter. They all have good astrology all around. What makes the difference is their karna and destiny that may exalt one overbthe other.. So Rafa is definitely in with a chance..

  35. Greeting to all astrologers.

    Love to hear the match between Stan vs Medvedev Please.

    It looks like a battle of two Uranus which both have south node.

    Thank you.

  36. Diego Schwartzmann v Rafael Nadal

    Rafa Academy student vs Rafa – Now he’s facing graduates of his own Academy. Wonder if he has mixed feelings about that!

    1. Oh, that’s interesting – I think he might prove a challenging opponent for Nadal, although of course we don’t have his time of birth.

      1. Sorry Patrick, ‘student’ isn’t the right word. At least I don’t recall hearing or reading that Schwartzmann learnt his tennis there.

        But he does train a lot there, in general. Not only practices with Nadal, I believe. Although that’s also true. I believe Nadal himself mentioned in some interview that Diego trains in his academy more than once. Not sure what to make of it.

        Anyway, I guess it’ll be like a Henman-Sampras dynamic. Both use to practice a lot and were good players. But Sampras almost always used to win.

        That’s also been the case with Nadal-Schwartzmann till now.

  37. Amado Bustamante

    I don’t mean any harm , but astrologists have been wrong with their predictions . This has been the second time in a row . Remember Wimbledon when everyone was predicting a Federer win . This US Open , almost all was for Djokovic , except for Javier who has predicted a Nadal win . Upon Djokovic’s exit , everyone was for Federer to win , particularly Andreas . He is now eliminated . I believe that something has been missed or misinterpreted . Nevertheless , it is still fun to read this forum and the predictions .

  38. Saransh, I too must defend Amit. I have been reading these boards for over 5 years, am such a big Fed fan I could not watch the end of the match, but was not offended by Amit’s words. Game over. It was plain and true and simple. There are no emotions to those words except what you bring to them. Have a good night/day.

    1. Hi sidder,

      Me travelling but was actually disappointed by Fed game. Just logged in. As u mentioned it was plain and simple. Game over


  39. 756/5000
    I totally missed out on federer, which I saw favored.
    But I also wonder where this supposed but back-to-back jumps out, not an injury but just pain, so he says.
    There is someone, many indeed reading on the blogs, they doubted the problem of Djokovic, I wonder why we should believe that of federer … so the world goes.

    That said, I still don’t understand the great astrology that someone else sees as nadal.
    But if he wins, we will have to congratulate those who read the stars correctly.
    At this point it would be very interesting to know the time of birth and then the complete birth chart of Berrettini, Schwarzy and Medvedev. If someone is in possession of it, you publish it.
    The sensational surprise can happen.

    1. It’s been a tournament of surprises to be fair. For me, this shows in the tournament chart of 12pm which I elected by Uranus on the Descendant. The Descendant represents the astrologer and Uranus springs surprises! I underestimated the power of Uranus in this tournament but it’s shown clearly. If that theory stands, then we see a new winner.
      I’m not going to make further predictions right now – I have written about Nadal’s astrology below. And, as Andreas states, we don’t have birth times for Berrettini, Schwartzman, Medvedev or Dimitrov (although some rectified times but not confirmed).
      Plus, the US Open doesn’t easily allow us to draw up a horoscope for the start of each match as the men’s matches are always on after the women’s matches, so no specific start times, except for the final.
      When the astrology feels like guess work rather than a true prediction, then I prefer to stop and observe. We can still learn from the astrology – always in life, it’s what helps us make sense of our lives, gives our lives meaning – and we can do that in retrospect.
      Play nicely everyone and here’s to a great day’s tennis!

      1. As a fan of Nadal the exits of Federer and Djoković came as a surprise, since they are so dominant on the hard-court. But who ever wins the tournament is destined to win the tournament. All the players work hard for their achivements, some are just born under certain stars and planets that give them a little bit of something special. People, it’s just tennis, for the love of the game and astrology…accept the way it is meant to be.

        1. Thanks a lot foe taking so much time, Sally. I just noticed that Uranus is in Opposition to Midheaven in the final chart. Would be nice to read your opinion how this may enhance the Uranus theme? Thank you!

          1. Well, it does enhance the Uranus theme for sure. Also, north node on the Descendant, a pile up of planets in Capricorn on the Ascendant/1st house including the Moon. I think Uranus/north node on the Descendant is about the rise of the new wave – two youngsters in the semi-finals, so you would expect at least one of them to be in the final. With no birth times to work on, I would guess Medvedev has the best chance against Dimitrov? Berrettini will really need Jupiter luck to defeat Nadal. His quarter final was a 5 setter.

        1. Yes, I understand that, James. But I elected the chart for 12pm, the time Djokovic was starting, so for me that is the chart I need to read. I hope that makes sense to you. That was the chart I made my predictions from and it’s the chart that has Uranus on the Descendant.

    2. Ok

      1) saturn ( malefic number 1) is apliying almost exact oposition to natal mars ( malefic number 2) of Federer. This is the worst aspect of astrology by far , and more for a competition…

      2) Each day is ruled by a planet ; tuesday is ruled by mars , so one of the main maléfics of number 1) was actívated for Federer. When I wake up at the end of the first set and saw Federer wearing BLACK clothes I thought he will lose ; why ? The other malefic of point 1) was actívated by using black clothes…I dont have time to check it now, but also the HOURS of each day are rules by the planets , but I imagine that at the hour of saturn in the day of mars , with 2 hours playing high level of tenis with 37 years , pain and limitations arrived, as his astrology shows.

      Good words Sally , thank you for sharing this space and your time to share and learn practicing astrology.

  40. So, big shocks in the tennis with Federer out and the comments descend into squabbling and abusive language! I’ve deleted all the ones I don’t want on here and if you’re out, you’re out. We live in a divided world and as human beings we all have a choice on how we want to behave. I believe it starts with being respectful, allowing other people their views and trying to gain understanding of one another. This isn’t why I started this forum for tennis and it will probably be why I end it. Please consider your comments, your words, the way you come across in a public forum. Be nice to one another because the world really needs unity right now, not division!

    1. I remember when I first saw Sally blog about Wimbledon 2012 and how she thought that Federer had good astrology for the win. It was fun then and now it has turn into a arms race on this forum. We all have opinions how who should be the number one player or the greatest of all time but we should all respect each other. Leaving nasty comments just makes us all upset. I do wonder if Sally will shut this forum down since it has descended into infighting and name calling. We are coming upon a new decade in a couple of months -2020’s and I hope that this forum will last until all three of the players retires.
      Sally, I do have a couple of questions for you? Do you think Serena will finally win her 24th grand slam?
      and will the New York Yankees win the World series this year – they play American baseball. Just taking a shot since I cannot find anything about sports astrology for other sports.

      Also how long do you plan to blog about tennis anyway? Until the big three retire?

      1. Serena has a good shot at the championship with transiting Jupiter exactly trine her natal Mars. No time of birth for Svitlona (12 September 1994) – her Sun at 12 Virgo so she has some nice minor transits this week but nothing major showing. It’s hard to predict more without her correct birth time. Sorry, I don’t know about the New York Yankees – if I think of anyone who might do US sports astrology, I’ll let you know via the comments.

      2. Thank you for your comments too – appreciated. I don’t like the in-fighting and not what I want from the blog. But yes, next year brings a real sea-change in more ways than one, so I guess this will be the time to decide what next and whether the Grand Slam forum continues in the current format. I started with Federer in 2012, so part of me feels I’ll stop predicting tennis astrology when he retires too.

        1. No Sally please. Please do not have any such feelings or thoughts. This must be an ongoing blog.

          Federer may go ; Nadal may go ; Djokovic may go ; Sally’s Tennis Astrology blog should go on and on !!!

          Thanks a tonne Sally.

    2. Hi Sally,

      Appreciate your intervention here, rightly said and this forum should not become a Fight Club. I also believe hat we should put our points, statistics and predictions and stop being personal or calling names and this goes for all including the astrologers and participants. Branding people and branding followers is not in good spirit we should abstain from it..

      I think we should just stick to discussion and interest that our beloved game Tennis generates…

    3. Sally,

      Much respect to you. It’s exciting to see different players stand up and give challenge on both sides. A lot of nice surprises here, albeit some disappointments.


      1. Yes, two ‘new’ names in the semi-finals – Medvedev who plays Dimitrov & Berrettini who plays Nadal. Both younger players born with Uranus in Aquarius – the new wave coming in. It will make it harder to make any sane predictions not having the players’ birth times but great for tennis 🙂

  41. Without the contenders’ birth schedules, it is impossible to venture into reliable forecasts.
    I can only say, in my opinion intuitively, that Medvedev is not an ascending scorpion, as Patrick seems to me to have imagined, but that this undoubtedly scorpionic side we notice in his character and we see in his gestures and in his way of doing, derives from his Moon in scorpion.
    To say, Kyrgios clearly has a scorpionic ego, and in fact his ascendant is Scorpio, medvedev does not seem so to me.
    It is typical to notice a certain side of a person, but not to understand at the moment if it is to be attributed to the Sun, Moon or ascendant that can be confused between them.
    To me very often it happens, for example, to grasp precisely in what sign the Moon is in newly known people, that is their inner aspect.

    As for Monfils, the only one apart from nadal of which we have a complete horoscope or at least we hope so it is, has a good astrology but this was known already being him Virgin, and at this moment he enjoys the stellium that is transiting on Birth Sun.
    But on the whole it does not seem to me to be a triumph astrology in a slam. But who knows at this point.
    He is Virgo, Leo ascendant, Moon in Leo. So at least it is reported in the data that we find on the internet.

    I am very intrigued instead by Scwharzy and Berrettini, but unfortunately it is all theoretical.
    Diego, however, has a beautiful astrology on the level of transits, having Venus at 12 ° in Virgo, and enjoys this passage that we know.
    Of Berrettini, on the other hand, we can say very little even on the level of transits alone.
    The only thing that can be noticed, is that Jupiter is in trigone to his Mars of birth in Aries, but it seems to me very little as given in itself.

  42. I also wanted to say, about what Sally rightly complains, that this site is not a blog dedicated to tennis from a “technical” point of view, let alone “cheerless and screaming”.
    We should just stay with what we personally read in terms of “astrological predictions”, and that these should obviously be impartial, otherwise nothing makes sense.
    Who has no passion for pure astrology, what is the point that comes here to make interventions that have nothing to do with astrology ?!
    You can’t read “I hope he wins that”, or that other man wins, and even declare enjoyment of the hated tennis player’s defeat.
    There are sites that accept this, places where this is allowed. But I really believe that here it has no legitimacy and meaning.
    These are things that I have also said in recent years, but someone has had to say that everyone has his freedom and can express himself as he sees fit.
    It does not seem fair or logical to me.

    1. Of course you can express a personal liking for a player as long as you stay objective by laying down someone’s astrological assessment, Andreas. Why shouldn’t you.

      1. Everyone can very well do it, but if together with this he writes and motivates his astrological prediction, whatever it is.
        Otherwise what is he doing here?! … what contribution can he make to the discussion?
        Go to any “normal” tennis blog. I also attend them as a great fan I am … and if sometimes I talk about astrology there too, because you can do it, even more so I explain why I think this or that player will win or lose.
        But certainly not ranting or offending anyone.

      2. Right on spot Patrick.. When one can give Astro views in a Tennis blog, then why not share their views without harming others on this blog. That makes the blog more interesting and alive.. if this is only for astrologers to write then why let The owner of the blog decide that..

    2. Someone who calls someone’s view as his views cause he is hardcore Federer fan doesn’t need to preach others. Call him biased and self only what neutral. That is a joke here..

  43. I had a quick question. Sally and others mentioned that this tournament does not show anything new and favors the favorite? Can’t Rafa be considered one of the favorites? Many tennis pundits have Rafa as fav when the tournament began. Not sure if folks here noticed that. Also if the charts is similar to Wimbledon finals, does that mean the final would be really close?
    Looking forward to hear your opinion Sally.

    1. I have revised my thoughts about the tournament chart as I’ve mentioned in previous comments. I think Uranus is showing strongly – its symbolism is surprises and the new wave – two youngsters in the semi-final, both born with Uranus in Aquarius, its sign of rulership. I didn’t consider Nadal a favourite at the start of the tournament – Djokovic or Federer, yes. Nadal must be in with a shot now, especially against Berrettini who played a long 5-setter in his quarter final against Monfils. Let’s see.

  44. Hi Sally and all astrologers who take time to interpret all astrological charts of a lot of tennis players : it is a big work and I thank everybody for that.
    I do not write comments because I am not an astrologer but I am very interested in astrology
    and I keep following this blog at each grand slam. The problem now is that non astrologers give their opinion in a rather rude way and it is quite normal to delete this kind of comments. But I think it is also interesting that the uninitiated give their points of view because they can also ask pertinent questions and it is good that not only astrologers but others animate this blog.
    Thank you Sally and please continue (at least until the big four stop their carrier)

    1. Hi Lydia, thank you for your comment. Yes, I agree that I love to hear from non-astrologers too – it makes for a lively forum. As long as it doesn’t descend into personal insults, which I don’t like and I don’t think anyone else does either which is why I delete the worst comments.

  45. Dear Sally and fellow astrologers,

    I am sorry for my comment “Federer have gone to shanksville.” It was poor choice of words but I do want tio make sure that this was not meant as an insult to him or dig at his fan.

    I have been visiting Sally’s forum for several years (not sure if Sally has ways to corroborate it) and never used mean language and written anything to disrupt the milieu of the forum. I am grateful for the space and time Sally provides and times invested by other astrologers and would never think to insult them.

    I am not an astrologer, thus have made general comments which I will be more mindful about in the future.

    Again, I apologize for any hurt caused. I responded to the comment by one of the poster ( that too in a non-abusive way) because he got personal.



    1. Hello all,

      I would like to thank all the people who post comments on this blog. It is really interesting to discover every kind of point of view, not only from the astrologers.

      I am a former tennis coach and I want to say it will be an error to ban comments from non astrologers.
      I think it is really important to share different point of view.
      Of course, insults are not welcome in this media. But, I found out that Federer fans are really biased in their judgement. They do not accept the defeat of their idol.

      I was a die hard fan of former players like Stefan Edberg and Patrick Rafter until I discovered a spanish player who changed my vision of tennis forever. This man is playing with his soul, he respects every player even an unknown. His interviews are always right, he speaks with his heart and he is not politically correct instead of other players who do not want to upset anybody.
      I studied during years the evolution of his game with videos in a university. Do not forget that he is a right handed and that is why he did not have a real powerful serve.
      He changed his game to become succesful on every surfaces.
      Take a moment and watch some videos of him, and you will see, he is the one who never surrenders.

      I hope this blog will remain a space of free speech.

      I really appreciate the comments of Fedal, James Green and Sally of course.

      Thank you and long life to this blog,

      1. Hi Philippe, just a small correction on your post.

        During 2010 US open , Nadal was doing a Boom Boom serve ala Pete Sampras . When he was asked about that serve , he said it was due to a small change in the grip. Interestingly , he never used that grip again !!!

        Mconroe had said that time that Nadal must have practiced the serve secretly.


      2. Hi Philippe, thank you for your comment. I agree that I want everyone to be able to comment. I’ve seen die-hard fans for both Federer & Nadal allow their fandom to take over, so it’s not just about one particular player in my opinion. It’s looking good for your Spaniard, unless we are going to see a real surprise…

  46. Hello everybody from the players whose horoscopes were available 3 players had very good jupiter transit. federer had jupiter trining his natal sun which is his ruling planet. djokovic had jupiter transiting over his progressed midheaven and wawrinka had jupiter sextile his progressed jupiter and trine his progressed mercury.all the 3 players are out of the tournament.i am not surprised at wawrinka and federer losing as they also had bad transits. federer had the transit nodes along with saturn afflicting his natal mars and mars is the 9th lord denoting luck and wawrinka had his career planet though in sextile to his mc retrograde and in conjunction to south node.Generally i have found that if the career planet is retrograde and afflicted during a tournament those players do not go on to win that tournament.But the defeat of djokovic with retirement due to injury surprised me.i have sometimes wondered about his birthtime. i use 23.29 pm as his birthtime but have wondered before whether it could be 23.18. Retirement due to injury can happen when the ascendent is transited by malefics. if the 23.29 birthtime is correct then saturn and southnode were going over his ascendent during wimbledon but he went on to win it.if the 23.18 birthtime is correct then saturn and southnode were transiting right over his natal ascendent.i want sally and other astrologers to offer their comments.thank you

    1. I use the birth time of 23:25 for Djokovic – as quoted in which I rate. So, the exact transit of Saturn on his Ascendant was July 25th but it doesn’t need to be exact to the date to cause an issue? Djokovic has stated that his shoulder injury started a couple of weeks before the US Open, so it feels like Saturn is the culprit, also a Chiron transit exactly on his Moon on August 9th and Chiron is often a wounding.
      Saturn has been a buggar this tournament for the top players, as you rightly mention. Also, the other player with a major Saturn transit was Monfils with Saturn exactly conjunct his natal Mars at 14 Capricorn (Mars being his career planet – Aries Midheaven) – we do have a birth time for him. He battled hard but was eventually defeated yesterday.
      I wonder whether this is also because Saturn is particularly strong right now as it’s slowing right down. It turns direct on September 18th at 13 Capricorn 55 so its energy is very intense when it hits a planet/angle in your horoscope at 14 degrees Capricorn.
      My other thought re. Jupiter is that Jupiter is not acting alone this month. It’s square to Neptune, exact on September 21st and the Jupiter/Neptune duo are triggering all the Virgo planets during the first two weeks of September. So, this Jupiter isn’t as ‘lucky’ as usual as it’s exaggerated, boundless, at sea.
      I love that Uranus is showing strongly with the new wave of players doing well. I mentioned in previous comments that both Berrettini and Medvedev are born in 1996 so have Uranus in early degrees Aquarius, its sign of rulership. Aquarius is such a key star sign moving forwards, with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius in December 2020.
      I know you’re a sidereal astrologer, James, but those are my thoughts about what’s been playing out astrologically. Fascinating, if not a little infuriating for the astrologer 🙂

      1. Dear Sally thanks for your thoughts frankly i feel saturn slowing down in conjunction with south node is making things tough for the astrologer as south node is significator of occult sciences

    1. I agree. For me, the welcome change is players are displaying variety in their shot selection, not just getting into baseline slug fest. In my opinion, barring any physical issues, its Serena’s for the taking.

      1. I am rooting for Bianca – a new face – and she has game. Serena has 23 championships. Based on Javier’s comment above – Bianca has a great chance. First she has to overcome Bencic.

  47. I was re-checking the nadal theme.
    And in fact, I don’t know why I missed Mea Culpa, she has excellent transits on the chart progressed.
    If we adopt the time of birth at 6.20 pm, which in my opinion is the right and commonly recognized (although I know that Sally adopts the 7.10 pm one), in this the MC is now located at 21 ° Virgo , and throughout the nadal tournament has therefore had this stellium of planets in transit to the zenith, and the day of the final will have Mercury and Venus almost exactly on top, plus Sun and Mars approaching the highest point of the horoscope.
    It must also be said that these Mercury and Venus of transit on the theme of progress, are in trigna in Mars in Capricorn. But this I consider a minor aspect, although positive.
    They are undoubtedly very favorable passages, considering then that they must be calculated for a tennis player of the strength of nadal.

    Not to seem however the one who gets on the wagon of the winner although late, I also notice that on the day of the final September 8, always on his chart progressed, Saturn and Moon in Capricorn transit will be perfectly joined and almost perfectly opposed to his Sun progress in Cancer! …
    Good and nefarious auspices tell us that surprises may not be over? …
    At this point I say that everything is possible.

    1. There was a lot of debate about the Nadal birth time, as there have been different times quoted by his mother and in the media. Yes, the 6:20pm time is what’s officially recognised but over the years we’ve found that the 7:10pm time works more accurately.

      1. Hi Sally and James,

        Hope you are all doing well!
        Would like to retify with you the Time of birth for nadal. As you know he is entitled as king of clay and it suits more to him his MC In thé last degrees of leo (i would say 29,00 or 29,50 as it would be conjunct thé royal fixed star (regulus) which it fits In my opinion thé character and his achievements. So i rectified his Time of birth for 19h05m instead of 19h10.
        Dont know if you agree but thats thé Time i do use often for him.

        Kind regards,


        1. Hello sam there are certain rules regarding a connection between the point ascendent and the moons longitude and also male and female births the birth time of 7.10 pm satisfy all the rules and 7.05 does not

    2. Dear Andreas, I am sure Rafa will win Sunday. Can you give your opinion on 2020 briefly? Can he win one other slam than FO to overtake Federer? Thanks

  48. I think Bianca Andreescu has good astrology to win this Open Usa.

    Her lucky sun- venus in 27 géminis over mercury of great conjuction of year 2000 is actívated by her new solar return with a conjunction of mercury and mars over his natal mercury and in sextile with the lords of time and also because jupiter arrived to the sign of her natal moon ( in 2003 júpiter arrived to Federer mercury and sun ).For the final she has good aspects of mercury , who rules the stellium of virgo planets. His jupiter progressed is arriving yto venus of year 2000, that its the lord of jupiter and saturn of year 2000.

    Serena is still with the solar return of 2018 with saturn squaring his natal sun ; this is why she doesnt win any tournament and she was retired a few times, so looks like can be the time and the moment for Bianca Andreescu…

    1. Hola Sally.

      I think you put wrong the birthday of Bianca in astrogold or I am going crazy jeje. Her uranus is at 20 degrees of acuario .

      Just realized checking the chart of the final ( 16 pm) that it start as always 10 minutes later , the PART OF FORTUNE will be around 3 degrees of taurus, just where is the ascendent of Serena Williams and this will very good for Serena for win the 24 …her solar return its not good but her lunar return that started 31 august is very good ( conjunction of sun and mars ( lord of ascendent- lord of midheaven of lunar return) and in trine with uranus.

      I will study deeper tomorrow and the hour of starting the match will be very important.

      1. Oh I did put the wrong year in completely, Javier! Lol… I have deleted my prediction – weird that it brought up Uranus at the exact same degree as Serena’s Mars! Maybe, this is another prediction that’s similar to my Djokovic dream – Bianca to win!

        1. This is fantastic – as a Canadian, of course I am rotting for Bianca. As much I like and respect Serena, Bianca all the way!!

  49. Thanks Sally for your thoughts on the final chart with Uranus Opposition MC. It’s very interesting that Berrettini and Medvedev reached the Semis in connection with the significance of Aquarius 2020 and Uranus as ruler of Aquarius. I am not sure about questioning Medvedev’s fitness who many had written off already before Round 4. Nadal was broken twice in Set 1 and Set 2 last match. The question for sure will be Berrettinis fitness as you indicate. And mentally it’s a challenge for a youngster to beat Nadal in his first Semi. As an Aries and with his powerful strokes he has got the means for it.

    Berrettini has a Saturn Mars square these days which is naturally dampening as we have seen with Thiem’s early exit and energetic low. Matteo must have an angle on one of these planets.

  50. Astrologically speaking, hasn’t this been the case with Nadal all year that he doesn’t have fantastic transits but he doesn’t have bad ones. I believe that will give him the number 19 this year finally!!

  51. On reaching the US Open final, Nadal now equals Federer in having reached the finals of each Grand Slam at least 5 times each.

  52. Hi guys strange that its an all-round Toronto repeat any comments on how the astrology looks for the final between nadal and medvedev. Is there anything medvedev can do to stop nadal?

  53. We would all like to read the astrological preview of the US Open Men’s Singles final.

    I tried my best to get the birth time of Medvedev, but failed.

    It may be difficult to evaluate the chances of Medvedev in the absence of correct time of birth.

    However, we are looking forward the previews from all the astrologers here.


    1. Not easy to predict without a time of birth for Medvedev. It’s all about Venus for Nadal and he has some nice minor transits on the day of the final – Sun sextile Venus; Venus trine Mars and the north node close to his natal Venus – also the exact quincunx of Jupiter to his natal Venus – the ‘blind spot’ I mentioned earlier in the comments.
      If you look at the final of the chart to judge the tournament, not clear cut but planet for Medvedev slightly stronger. Nadal is represented by Saturn retrograde conjunct South Node heading back towards Ascendant – point that represents favourite. Medvedev is Moon in Capricorn & 1st house heading for a trine aspect with Mercury in Virgo its sign of rulership and strong, before the Moon conjuncts Pluto. Also, north node on Descendant – the chart is slightly in favour of Medvedev.
      So sorry, no outright clear prediction for this one – and we still have the Uranus factor to add in!
      I look forward to hearing from the other astrologers, if they can judge with no time of birth for one of the finalists.

      1. Hey Sally. How are Serena’s transits today? Do you see her winning and capturing her 24th title today? Seems to be getting better with each match. Hopefully will peak today.

        1. I’ve mentioned her astrology previously. She has a great transit of Jupiter to her natal Mars. It’s hard to predict for Bianca without a time of birth – if she wins, then it is the Uranus’ new wave coming through.

  54. hello everybody we do not have a confirmed birthtime for medvedev. but what we all know is medvedev has been doing phenomenally well over the past 6 weeks reaching the finals of all the 4 tournaments he has played and winning one of them with another final yet to be played.we know his date of birth and the major transit that has taken place in the last 6 weeks is jupiter turning direct on 11th august at 21.49 scorpio sidereal and 14.30 saggitarius tropical.jupiter has not made any major aspects to medvedevs natal planets the past 6 weeks so it had to be with his MC.the birth time of around 8am means his mc is at 22degrees scorpio or as patrick suggested around 00.16am + or-3 minutes then his mc is at 22.31 cancer.a friend of mine passed on to me medvedevs date of marriage as 12th september 2018.based on this i think if we take the birth time as 00.18am then it explains the event.i want sally and all other astrologers to study the above and give their opinion.

    1. Hi James, I think it is likely that Jupiter is making a good transit to Medvedev’s Midheaven this year. I prefer the 8:00am time because I don’t think he’s a Scorpio Ascendant – he looks more like Aquarius Ascendant. His Moon is in Scorpio and is likely to be close to the Midheaven of the US Open final chart – which is 6 Scorpio. Nothing definite as yet.

    2. Hi James and Sally,  for the marriage 00:16-20 birth time placed planet of love Venus between Scorpio AC/Moon and his starsign ruler Uranus on his DC.
      Alternatively he could be born 4:38 PM with a Leo AC triggered by Jupiter and an Aries MC at 24,5′, very often triggered at earlier career successes. A House 7 Sun maybe would suit his Libra NN. 3 Planets in athlete’s House 6. Jupiter would be in exact trine at tomorrow’s final. Or, less probable, earlier Aries MC 4:04, with Chiron IC and a Moon AC Square – maybe suits his sensitivity with the crowd? NN House 4. In all cases, Jupiter would square hus (starsign) ruler at Sunday.

      Nadal has very good transits as said. There’s also Jupiter in Opposition to natal Chiron (conjunct natal Sun).

  55. Hi all fellow astrologers,

    I didn’t get time to study charts for this tournament
    While I was reading Rafa’s chart during Wimbledon, I found out he’s gonna have a great year personally and professionally… Which I also shared on this forum (for Wimbledon)that he may get married later this year…

    And boy what a year he has had so far…. He has lovely transits on Sunday… Undergoing sub dashas of Jupiter under mahadasha of Moon…which is exalted in his chart this year…with Jupiter in 7th house becoming significator of personal happiness through marriage I also see he has great astrology finishing this year as No 1 as he has Aquarius midheaven for this year chart whose ruler Saturn is placed in 8th house (11th from 10th) … Indicator of professional gains

    But I am also intrigued by Medvedev’s play so far… He himself has had a great tournament so absence of his time of birth… It’s difficult to predict… he has been the best player in this hard court swing apart from Rafa…But Rafa goes as favorite in final with astrologically as well as the level he is playing right now unless Medvedev has really outstanding astrologically…

    PS- All the above predictions are as per Vedic astrology

      1. Dear James… I think we talked about it during Wimbledon… I’m using Lahiri system… and you are using Raman ayanamsa(360 days)

  56. is biorhythm somehow linked to astrology?

    i find it interesting especially if the players are at the same level, like the big 3.

    been checking it for the past few majors and found that whoever had more positives, somehow get the win

    tried nadal and med and it shows med having one aspect being critical during the finals, might not be good for him. overall andal also has more positives.

  57. Now everyone to analyze and make prediction hypotheses on Medvedev … but it is normal to be so.
    He is a player on the rise, but certainly no one could have predicted that he would even get to play the title.
    So I put myself there too, and I say that, at the very level of intuition observing precisely the physical conformation of Danil, it reminds me of an ascendant Capricorn, with that physical thinness and that thin and emaciated face.
    Therefore, by calculating the time of birth at 6.30 am, the calculation would ascend 11 degrees Capricorn, with Jupiter above almost joined.
    This gives me even more comfort, because it is true that he is thin, but he is also a giant 1.98 tall. I would say a perfect, hypothetical, Jupiter-Saturn combination.
    It should be added that with this time of birth, there is also a splendid Pluto in X, trine perfect to Venus, to declare its ambitions.

    But what intrigues me more than anything else, is that if we go to calculate its progression with this time of birth, the MC falls to 15 degrees Sagittarius, with Jupiter of transit perfectly joined to the monomer … if it were so, tomorrow in the final nothing is taken for granted.
    And now, from experience, I trust more transits on chart progressed than on natal chart. They are more reliable.

    Moreover, always in progression, at this moment he has a very close conjunction of Sun-Mars in Pisces, and certainly this is the definitive competitive drive he has received in recent months.
    Not to mention that in the natal chart it already has a Sun-Mars conjunction in Aquarius, and this perfectly explains its temperament and character, added to the Moon in Scorpion.

    Let me know your opinions, including Sally of course. Thank you.

    1. I think he’s more likely to be an Aquarius Ascendant – sometimes people are unusually built with an Aquarius Ascendant and you mention his height. It’s tricky predicting with progressions without a guaranteed time of birth. I presume you favour him to win with your prediction? – it wasn’t clear.

      1. No Sally, obviously mine are just working hypotheses.
        So I can’t give Medvedev a favor by not knowing his real birth time.
        I have only noted that if Capricorn was ascendant born at that time, he would have that very interesting astrology with Jupiter perfectly joined to the progressed MC.
        Which in my opinion could be there, given its sudden rise.
        Certainly if that was his real birth time, then I would give him the favor of victory.

        I have only pointed out, however, that nadal instead has this Saturn opposed to the Sun in Cancer in the progressed theme, plus the Moon always in opposition in Capricorn.
        Let’s see if all this will have a response tomorrow.

  58. If we want to rely also on biorhythms, as my faithful friend asks and as I did at Wimbledon I have to say with luck, then from the calculations for September 8th, the results are contradictory.
    Here because:

    emotional cycle – 63
     // physical +98
    // intellectual +81

    emotional cycle +22
     // physical +94
    Intellectual – 69

    As can be seen, the most important cycle, the emotional one, is favorable to Medvedev, while the physical cycle is practically the same.
    The intellectual is clearly in favor of nadal.

    How do you read the biorhythms and in the case applied to tennis?
    The emotional cycle is to indicate the emotional mastery of the specified day, so just as one feels inwardly on a psychological level. So if the subject feels more or less sure of himself.
    The physical cycle in which the subject arrives at the physical level, whether in good or less good general conditions.
    The intellectual cycle represents the purely mental aspect, and therefore in full the right or wrong choices of play that the subject can carry out that day.

    That said, in my opinion I believe that at the biorhythm level there is a slight predominance for Medvedev, being optimally placed on an emotional and physical level, which are the two most important aspects.

      1. What you consulted is the so-called “comparative biorhythm”, that is, biorhythm in relation to a given day.
        However, I would like to point out, first of all, that the calculation date of the final for Medvedev is wrong, you put 9 September instead of 8.
        Then I tell you that I know the biorhythmic comparisons well and I used them in this sense too, even if they are actually used to see the compatibility between two people, but I never managed to understand how they work for a date that has yet to to come!…
        You understand, it is one thing to make a comparison between two people “already born” and existing with their date of birth, another thing is to do it with a person who has yet to be born, because in this case it is as if we were going to do this: September 8 has not yet come …

        However, having used it like I told you this moment for other tennis finals, I can tell you that in some cases I have had positive feedback, for others not.
        But even in the case of simple biorhythm, that is the one calculated for the single person on that given day, I can tell you the same thing, that is that sometimes it seems to work and others do not.
        At Wimbledon 2019, for example, I had positive feedback, because Nole had better biorhythms than Federer.
        Instead, to give another example, in the 2014 final between Cilic and Nishikori I had a clearly negative response, because the Japanese had biorhythms absolutely better than those of the Bosnian.
        I would say that it is an imperfect method, like all human things …

  59. hi Sally, Patrick, James, Javier, Andreas and all;

    everything you mentioned sally, it makes sense to me but iam really curious with one thing.

    iam sorry if I look like persisting on this but where does the MC of the final chart stands (6,05 degrees scorpio isn’t it? where does stand its rulers? mars and Pluto? mars is in detriment position in virgo together with all the planets making the stellium in virgo, but Pluto stands in Capricorn at 20,46 degrees;

    where does stand the moon? if it starts at 4,00 pm it will be at 17,11 Capricorn as well as Saturn in Capricorn making Pluto, Saturn and the moon a stellium in Capricorn as well all this very close to the ASC of the final chart which is also in Capricorn.

    then you put players chart on the side and compare:
    Nadal his chart. what do you see? apart from what you mention being all about venus which is true, I see other things (if they are important or not I would like you or some other astrologer in this forum to clarify me since iam studying astrology as a hobby and not very often so I am an amateur. like this I ask to enlighte me if iam wrong). what is the importance of Pluto and mars for Nadal? and where do they stand in the final chart? Nadal his Pluto is at 5,00 degrees within one degree orb of a scorpio MC of us open final chart at 6,05 degrees? is this important?
    for me it seems to be; Nadal´s PLUTO Conjunct MC US Open FINAL Chart in SCORPIO

    Also, pluto of the final chart (co ruler of scorpio MC of us open final chart is at 20, 46 and making a sextile aspect within one degree orb with natal ascendent of Nadal which is what? an ASC scorpio at 19, 45 degrees? what does that means to you? Nadal´s ASC SEXTILE PLUTO (ruler of MC US Open FINal CHART)

    Then where is his mars? at 22, 56 in Capricorn (the sign of the final chart ascendant) in exact trine to venus (in stellium with all the other planets in virgo that in the case of nadal it comes to be the 10th house); another positive astrology, iam correct? nadal´s MARS TRINE VENUS

    Another aspect to look is where is Nadal his Jupiter? is at 20, 30 degrees making an exact sextile to Pluto of the final chart (20,46) that is the co ruler of the MC of the final chart;
    Nadal ´s JUPITER SEXTILE PLUTO (ruler of US open MC final Chart);

    The same Jupiter is opposite mercury of the US open final chart and mercury is ruler of virgo? oil this be a good sign for him? enlighte me please

    with no chart for Medvedev is a little bit tricky to make predictions but he is surprise of the American swing so far.

    finally the uranus theme uranus is in conjunction to IC of the final chart which mean an exact opposition to MC of final chart as well as Nadal his Pluto and in trine to the stellium in virgo and also trine to the stellium in Capricorn. how do you interpret this?

    to say the least for me the astrology is tricky, uranus is indeed the surprise so far and we saw 3 new faces in semifinals one is in the final so uranus has been THE Planet.

    Now is time to see whether uranus will go all the way or not, and if the new wave Medvedev goes all the way or if he will wait end of 2020 with the great conjunction to deffinitelly instal himself as a slam champion.

    let know your thoughts please.

    kind regards,


    1. Sam, if you’ve read my last posts below, I’ve already answered you both for Nadal and for Medvedev, imagining for him a time of birth at 6.30. On the other hand, we do not know the latter’s birth schedule, so we must try to guess.
      I now use the progressed chart more than the natal chart to make useful predictions.
      For Federer it was different, because I didn’t see interesting aspects only using his chart progressed, so I relied on transits on the natal chart, but with very disappointing results …

      As I said, I see that tomorrow day of the final, there is a very close Saturn Moon conjunction in Capricorn at the start time, 4.15 pm New York time.
      And that this conjunction is in precise opposition to the progressed Sun of Nadal, which is now in Cancer. Very critical aspect.
      But, still in his progressed chart, he also has excellent aspects of MC, with Mercury and Venus at the zenith.
      I point out that these calculations are made with nadal’s birth time at 6.30 pm instead of 7.10 pm.
      If we adopted the time of 7.10, then things for nadal change, as they would not have transits to the MC, but on the other hand would have printed Jupiter in the ascendant.
      I, on my behalf, prefer to adopt that of 6.20 pm.
      Let’s see tomorrow what happens to make evaluations.