US Open Tennis 2017

US Open AstrologyUpdate: Rafa Nadal won his 16th Grand Slam beating Kevin Anderson in the final. It was a tournament of surprises with a lot of big names out before the tennis began due to injury, including Djokovic, Wawrinka (reigning champion) and Murray.

The women’s tournament brought a new name to the trophy, Sloane Stephens, ranked 83 at the start. Looking again at the chart of the tournament, you can see the surprise female winner – Uranus conjunct DSC (other); ruler of DSC, Venus, conjunct Midheaven (success point).

For the men, Mars was strongest, ruler ASC (favourite) in the 10th house (success) conjunct the North Node. Plus Mercury retrograde in the 10th, and part way through the tournament I wondered whether this symbolised a returning champion.

Rafa’s key astrology was eclipse astrology as the recent Solar Eclipse fell at 28 Leo close to his Midheaven at 0 Virgo. He had both Mars and Mercury going over that sensitive point in his chart. Eclipses can bring shocks and I didn’t expect it to bring good news for him but on the day of the final Mercury, his career planet, was exactly conjunct his Midheaven (career/success point) and direct once again and he couldn’t be beaten. Well done, Rafa, you’ve made a lot of your fans very happy.

I shall start by writing that my best predictions rarely happen at the US Open. My last correct prediction was Nadal’s win back in 2013!

I shall continue by writing that this is going to be a super quick prediction because I am in the midst of a major writing project which I shall be announcing at the end of the month.

Having said that, I know these astrology/tennis predictions are popular and I know a lot of you love to comment. This time around I shall be extremely grateful to those of you who know your astrology and can let me know what I’ve missed! Please do leap in.

To all of you, please play nicely throughout the tournament on the comments section. I shall delete any comments which don’t add to the astrology/tennis/camaraderie feel of the blog. Now on with the predictions…

Tournament Chart

As always I shall start with the tournament chart which is shown above. Yet again at the US Open, communication planet Mercury is retrograde which isn’t exactly helpful as things remain hidden whilst Mercury’s on go slow and new information often comes to light once Mercury turns direct.

That date is Tuesday 5th September, not long before the tournament completes on Sunday 10th September. As shown in the past, this can turn around a player’s fortunes, especially if Mercury’s degree of direction, 28 Leo, is strong in a player’s chart (n.b. this was also the degree of the recent Great American Solar Eclipse on August 21st).

Looking at the chart for the tournament, it’s clear that everything is wide open at the US Open. Uranus, the planet that brings surprises and is linked to the outsider, is conjunct the Descendant, the ‘other’ in astrology, i.e. not the favourite. Plus the planet that rules the Descendant, the ‘other’ is Venus and Venus is at 2 degrees Leo conjunct the Leo Midheaven, the success point of the chart. So the chart suggests we’re looking at an unexpected victor, a surprise win.

You want surprises? We already have them with the list of injuries and players out before the event begins, including Djokovic, Wawrinka (reigning champion), Raonic and Nishikori. Wow! That is quite momentous, plus Andy Murray enters the competition with a sore hip. This tournament might be more about who can survive uninjured than who’s going to win!

The other factor to note in the tournament chart is that Mars, the chart ruler, is at 25 Leo conjunct the North Node, a destiny point in astrology, at 24 Leo. So players with 24/25 Leo prominent in their charts may be ones to watch.

Let’s take a look at the players’ charts, those who are left anyway…

Rafael Nadal, b. June 3 1986, 7:10pm, Manacor, Spain

Rafa is the no. 1 seed for the US Open and the tournament chart doesn’t suggest that the favourite will win. However, if his time of birth is correct (and those of us who use the astrology for his tennis wins believe it is), his Midheaven, success point, at 0 Virgo is in on the action during the tournament.

Mercury, his career planet, will go back and forth over that point and on the day of the final, Mercury is at 0 Virgo 30, very close to the degree of his Midheaven. It’s intriguing astrology and probably best to note what happens when Mercury turns direct on Tuesday 5th September.

Major transits: He has two – Jupiter square Mars, so competitive, energetic and Neptune square Sun, not so easy, triggering self-doubt perhaps.

Andy Murray b. May 15 1987, 2:10pm, Glasgow, UK

Andy is the no. 2 seed but enters the tournament with a sore hip that troubled him at Wimbledon. If the media’s correct, it’s still something of an issue. His astrology doesn’t look great for the US Open. He has Saturn, which is often linked to injury, almost exactly conjunct his natal Moon as the tournament begins, which feels heavy. Plus Uranus is heading back to his natal Venus at 27 Aries. So again a theme of surprises but it doesn’t feel glowing for Andy.

The one helpful factor is that lucky Jupiter is currently sextile Saturn so it’s also picking up his natal Moon/Saturn conjunction. Yet Saturn is the stronger transit of the two. n.b. Saturn was bad news for Andy – he was out before he hit a ball!

Roger Federer b. August 8 1981, 8:40am, Basel, Switzerland

Roger is the no. 3 seed and the stunning astrology which propelled him to incredible wins this year at the Australian Open and Wimbledon is now fading. Yet Roger’s astrology always seems to have a nod to something special. Look at the chart for the opening of the tournament.

Venus is at 2 Leo conjunct the Leo Midheaven (Roger is a Sun Leo) and Roger’s North Node, the destiny point, is at 0 Leo 54, so close enough to be picked out by that Venus. He’s not the favourite either – the chart points to a non-favourite winning. Also the Moon at 27 Scorpio in the tournament chart is conjunct his planet of surprises Uranus at 26 Scorpio. Surely not another win! It’s not amazing astrology but with Roger you never know.

He also has a major transit of Jupiter conjunct his Pluto at 21 Libra 56. This seems to be about money/wealth and isn’t necessarily a strong symbol for another win.

I know you’ll be asking what order I would put the top 3 in depending on their astrology. My hunch is that it would be Roger 1, Rafa 2, Andy 3.

However, the tournament chart seems to suggest that someone new might win the US Open this year. Here are the other players to note:

Alexander Zverev b. April 20 1997, 11:00 pm, Hamburg, Germany

The time of birth for Alexander is not definite but if it is correct, it’s interesting astrology for him. His Sun is at 0 Taurus 48 conjunct the Descendant of the tournament chart, the surprise ‘other’ winner perhaps? Plus the 11pm time makes his Ascendant 27 Scorpio 26 and as the tournament begins, the Moon is at 27 Scorpio 36 so very close. In addition, Alexander’s ruling planet Mars is at 17 Virgo up near the top of his chart and Pluto makes an exact trine aspect to it during the tournament. Nice astrology. He’s also one of the hot favourites now with so many of the big names out. Definitely one to watch.

Mischa Zverev b. August 22 1987, 3:00 am, Moscow, Russia

Alexander’s younger brother, Mischa, also has intriguing astrology. His birthday was one day after the Solar Eclipse at 28 Leo, so he has a triple conjunction of Venus, Sun, Mars at 27, 28 and 29 Leo respectively. Plus his natal Mercury is at 0 Virgo and that’s where Mercury will be on the day of the final. He’s not a favourite by any means but his astrology leaps out.

Marin Cilic b. September 28 1988, 5:00 am, Zagreb, Croatia

Sam Querrey b. October 7 1987, time unknown, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Two Sun Libras both with lucky Jupiter honing in on key planets in their charts. Jupiter is at 21 Libra as the tournament begins and 23 Libra on the day of the final. Neither transit is close enough to be truly exciting but Sam has Venus at 26 Libra and Marin has Mercury, his career planet, at 27 Libra.

Dominic Thiem b. September 3, 1993, 1:26 am, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

A Sun Virgo, Dominic has his birthday during the tournament. He has Venus at 7 Leo, close to the Midheaven of the tournament chart and he’s recently had his Jupiter Return (Jupiter at 15 Libra). Again, nice astrology although not outstanding.

Tomas Berdych b. September 17 1985, time unknown, Czech Republic

Another Sun Virgo, Tomas has Venus at 24 Leo (n.b. what I mentioned about Mars/North Node at 24/25 Leo above). Plus he has his natal Mars at 4 Virgo, close to where the Sun is at the start of the tournament. With no time of birth, we can’t tell more about what his natal planets rule in his chart.

Gail Monfils b. September 1 1986, 4:50 am, Paris, France

The Frenchman is yet another Sun Virgo with personal planets being triggered by the Sun in Virgo as the tournament begins. More interesting for Monfils, if his time of birth is correct, is his Midheaven at 26 Aries 36, so surprise planet Uranus is heading back towards it during the tournament.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga b. April 17 1985, 4:15 am, Le Mans, France

Another Frenchman, this time a Sun Aries, Jo-Wilfried has had a long and exciting tennis career. His Sun is at 27 Aries 01 so Uranus is going back over his Sun one more time. It’s not exact but it’s within 1 degree orb by the time of the final.

Grigor Dimitrov b. May 16 1991, 5:30 am Haskovo, Bulgaria

One of the top seeds, Grigor is a Sun Taurus. He has his natal Jupiter at 6 Leo 43 so conjunct the Midheaven of the tournament chart and his natal Mercury is at 29 Aries so Uranus is moving back towards it. Gregor’s Mercury is conjunct the Descendant of the tournament chart, so two key planets lined up. It will be interesting to see whether this helps him during the tournament.

Who Will Win?

I’m not convinced by the astrology of the Top 3 and I think it will be a surprise winner this time. If that’s the case, who it will be is not clear but I’ve made a few suggestions for you above. Happy Tennis!


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  1. Andy Murray has withdrawn from tournament.Can anyone predict who has better astrology to finish as world number one..Nadal or Fed.

    1. Oh my goodness! What a tournament already, so many of the big names out. Will it be Nadal or Federer though? The astrology suggests a new winner. I look forward to hearing what our other astrologers have to say re. the Big Two!

  2. dear sally thanks for your prediction of the us open. what was surprising to me was even as per sidereal astrology which i use i was not able to come to a conclusion who has got the best chance among the players whose birth time is available. murray has now pulled out of the usopen.the solar eclipse that took place on 21.08.2017 was just 2 degree away from nadals this is good or bad i am not able to come to a conclusion.i hope to get enlightened from the sidereal chart fot the start of the tournament moon is just 1 degree past the deep debilitation point. that means the favourite will not win. nadal is the favourite as he is the no 1 seed. but the moon is aspected by his dispositor mars which means his debilitation is cancelled. now does that mean the favourite will win? i am not sure. just waiting to see how things unfold.

    1. Thanks for commenting, James. Yes, I’m not entirely sure of the eclipse symbolism. It’s strong in Mischa Zverev’s chart too. The eclipse degree is getting triggered during the tournament because Mercury turns direct at 28 Leo and Mars is also at 28 Leo next weekend. I think it might be positive because of that, also Uranus was trine the eclipse, so exciting rather than catastrophic! Which would favour Nadal… I didn’t clock that the eclipse degree was close to his 0 degrees Virgo Midheaven. best, Sally

  3. Dear Ms Sally Kirkman,

    Thank you very much for squeezing some time for this ” Astrology of US Open 2017″ feature. Alexander Zverev, a hot favourite among tennis pundits in the absence of Djokovic, Murray and Wawrinka finds no mention in your coverage. Is it an indication that nothing leaps outs in his astrology for US Open 2017 ?
    Also Nick Kyrgios ?

    Thanks once again

    1. I just had another look at Alexander Zverev who I think is the no. 4 seed now? What I didn’t notice is that his Sun is at 0 Taurus 22 so almost exactly conjunct the Descendant of the tournament chart. Is he the ‘other’ therefore, the surprise victor? Plus, I did find two possible birth times for him on, a reputable site. The one they prefer is 11pm which gives him an Ascendant of 27 Scorpio 26 and the Moon is at 27 Scorpio 36 in the tournament chart! Nice too. Also the 11pm time puts Mars quite close to his Virgo Midheaven and Pluto is exactly trine Mars during the tournament, which is his ruling planet if the time is correct. All in all, that’s got to be good news for him. I’m going to update the article. Kyrgios I did check, no time of birth for him, but nothing was obvious.

      1. if the birth time of 11.00 pm is correct for zverev then he has good astrology. the tournament chart moon is on his natal ascendant just as it was for roger at the australian open.

  4. nothing leaps out for federer as it did at the ao and wimbledon.the american solar eclipse falls in an almost exact sextile to the tournament charts ascendant degree. this probably explains the spate of withdrawals of top players from the usopen.

    1. hi James, I guess both the eclipse and Mercury retrograde are the astrological symbols for players dropping out due to injury before the tournament. It’s been a crazy month, especially in the States. The eclipse was prominent in Trump’s chart and he’s the current leader of the USA and this is the US Open. So… it makes sense that it’s going to be a strange tournament. We just need to go with it especially in light of the bigger troubles in America, including the devastating flooding that’s not over yet. My sympathies go out to everyone who’s caught up in it. I tell you, if I could start making money from these tennis/astrology predictions, then I’d put it straight into a charity for whoever needs it.

      1. hi sally very good of you to put money in charity for whoever needs it.i remember you had said a few years ago that mercury is the planet signifying tennis. mercury turns direct on 5th of september.will this mean that till 5th september there will be more withdrawals/upsets and after that the remaining favourites will win comfortably.

        1. I don’t think it will happen that simply, james. I think the withdrawals/upsets have also been about the recent eclipses, plus Mercury retrograde. Often when Mercury changes direction during a tournament, it’s shown a change in form for players who are experiencing a Mercury transit.

  5. Hi Sally,

    Thanks for your very interesting analysis of the upcoming US Open. The tournament chart is already bringing surprises, with Uranus conjunct the Descendant!

    I’m looking at some secondary progressions in effect for Roger. His progressed Ascendant is almost exactly conjunct his natal Jupiter, just one minute of arc from exact! That could be an excellent factor for success in winning, or at least fame and fortune.

    His progressed Sun is making a nice sextile to his natal Moon, also a favorable factor. However, his progressed Mercury conjunct his progressed Jupiter, nearly exact during the Australian Open, is now over half a degree separated from exact and won’t be nearly so strong for success. Also, his progressed Moon is now within range of his Descendant, and this could emphasize an “other,” such as an opponent?

    Rafa has transiting Neptune making the exact square to his Sun during the tournament. The Sun is a career factor, and Neptune in difficult aspect to it can bring disappointment. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone winning a tournament with this transit in effect.

    But the recent solar eclipse was pretty close to Rafa’s Midheaven career point. If it expresses in a positive way, could this make the difference and bring him success?

    Speaking of eclipses, the lunar eclipse of August 7 was opposite Roger’s Sun. He played the tournament in Montreal that week. He mentioned something like “muscle pain” during the event, and by the final, commentators were saying his movement showed injury. The speculation was that he may have tweaked his back. From an astrological point of view, an eclipse opposite one’s Sun can be difficult, and perhaps it could express in injury. The question is how significant the injury, and whether Roger can play well enough to win the US Open.

    Perhaps this is the year for a new champion. It will be interesting to see.

    By the way, I got to see the Great American Solar Eclipse in totality. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I had never seen a total eclipse before. I’ll just say, when you see it with the naked eye, the eclipsed Sun is blacker, and the corona is whiter, than the photos can show. It’s quite dramatic. And the planets appear near the eclipsed Sun in the darkened sky. So beautiful! Though eclipses can bring good things, they also have the reputation for expressing in a negative way. Some astrologers think they can bring earthquakes, fires, etc. It’s a shame, because they are so lovely to see!

    1. Thank you for an interesting and informative comment! So glad you got to see the eclipse – I travelled to Devon to see the UK eclipse in 1999 and it’s an experience I’ll never forget. Yes, eclipses are traditionally malefic, i.e. negative, although that’s partly because they bring the unknown and reveal what’s hidden. They’re often about unexpected change and many of us find that unwelcome rather than welcome, at first. I have seen the Solar Eclipse play out in a quite a remarkable way with big wins for some people. I often think of eclipses as meaning that one person is eclipsed, so therefore there’s a chance to take advantage of the situation. You can be a winner or a loser during an eclipse and my advice is to try and be on the winning team!
      Thank you too for pointing out Roger’s progression. So Roger’s 2nd house – money – is currently strong as the progressed Ascendant is conjunct his Jupiter and Jupiter by transit is conjunct his Pluto, both 2nd house planets. As you say, not necessarily about a win here but lovely astrology for wealth! Interesting too about the progressed Moon moving towards his Descendant, highlighting the ‘other’, an opponent, his wife perhaps. I agree with what you say about Rafa – it’s a tricky transit to have Neptune square the Sun. It’s not always great for self-belief. He is the one who’s caught up the most with the eclipse/Mercury retrograde symbolism as it’s all taking place close to his Midheaven. Personally, I don’t think that will play out in a good way, although I might be wrong.
      Finally, interesting too about the Lunar Eclipse on Roger’s Sun, which rules the back. That would have been on his birthday, Sun conjunct Sun, Moon opposing Sun. So again, we’re seeing the eclipse symbolism hindering rather than helping. All good to know.

      1. Thanks for your response, Sally!

        You are so kind to provide this forum for discussion of astrology and tennis, and to give us the benefit of your expertise and experience!

  6. Hi sally for nadal transiting mars in leo 25 degrees is sextile to natal mercury 26 degres means one degree apart mars transit will conjuct his midheaven also .on day of final mars is at 3 °28′ minutes so close sextile to natal pluto one degree apart. Transiting sun in virgo is sextile to his ascendant on day of final his ascendant scorpio 19 degrees .and transiting mercury which conjuct his midheaven is exactly trine to his natal moon in taurus.may be this will help nadal sally u know betterr than us since ur professional and thank u for ur USA open tennis predictions.

    1. Thank you for pointing out the minor transits too, especially Mars which is intriguing and often a good planet for Rafa as his natal Mars is so strong in Capricorn and his ruling planet. Definitely helpful. I’ve just replied to AstroTennis that Rafa is the one who’s most caught up with the eclipse/Mercury retrograde astrology, due to his Midheaven at 0 Virgo, only a couple of degrees away from the recent eclipse at 28 Leo. This is what’s going to be so important for Rafa. If he’d never won the US Open and not won at the French Open earlier this year, then I would be more confident to say Yes, this tournament will be exciting for him. Eclipse symbolism in particular often changes the playing field dramatically and the opposite happens to what you’re used to. However, he has on both accounts so I’m assuming this won’t be good news for him.

  7. Dear Ms Sally Kirkman,

    Thanks-a-lot for the cheerful readiness shown in updating your coverage with Alexander Zverev’s astrology for the US Open 2017.

    I would like to know which is the best way to ascertain a tennis players’s precise time of birth ?

    1. Good question. The website with the best reputation for verifying birth times is You can search to see what information they have first. Otherwise, you have to try and contact the person directly to see whether they are willing to reveal their time of birth.

  8. Dear Sally, Thanks a lot for this prediction and becoming bit anxious to know who will be the new winner with most of the Top-10 withdrawn – Djokovic, Murray, Wawrinka, Raonic and Nishikori. Alexandar zverev already has the form to win the tournament (he did the unthinkable already this year, winning TWO Masters one in Clay and one in Hard) and now backed by astrology. He is the likely winner with his half fully opened up after Murray withdrawal.

  9. It will be interesting to see which new player will rise to the occasion and hoist the cup – and as much it would be nice to see Nadal and Federer meet at the semi-final, I doubt it would happen for either of them. However, I would love to see Zverev and Shapovalov and other young players shake things up and get everyone excited for this tournament and 2018 season and hopefully no injuries. I am rooting for Dep Potro though.

    1. hi Mac, good to hear from you. I didn’t know Shapovalov. No time of birth of him but born April 15 1999 so Sun Aries at 24 degrees. Uranus a bit wide now to be helpful but turns direct there early next year. Del Potro has Mercury at 25 Libra so Jupiter transit is moving ever closer and will be exact mid-September. Looks like it’s going to be an interesting tournament!

  10. Hi Sally, hi everyone back,

    thank you very much for your US Open prediction and explaining the astrology. Hope you are fine!

    Watching the opening chart, the Moon, representing the favorit, seems to make contradictory aspects squaring retrograde Mercury and the Sun, as Midheaven ruler, on the one side and trine the Midheaven (conjunct Venus) followed by positive aspects with Jupiter/Saturn on the other side. The Moon in the
    sign of the Ascendant (the favorit).

    The Descendant´s ruler Venus conjunct the Midheaven of the opening chart speaking for an Underdog to triumph together with Uranus conjunct DC as you lay out. At last year`s US Open the Moon was conjunct MC at the Opener and favorite Djokovic lost to surprise winner Wawrinka with Uranus conjunct DC by n even wider margin of 5 degrees (2017: below 2 degrees). I assume MC conjunct Venus could also indicate the highest Prize Money ever released at a Grand Slam with 3,7 Million Dollars for the Champion.
    The chart ruler Mars does well, too, conjunct North Node in tenth House.

    The many drop outs among the Top Ten connected with the rise of Newcombers as Zverev, Thiem (current No. 3 + 4 in ATP 2017 Race), Dimitrov among the best nd new faces as Shapavolov might be shown by Chiron currently square Pholus – Pholus often in play as “turning point”. I guess we shall focus on players with strong Libra planets as Jupiter precisely sextiles Saturn.

    1. hi Patrick, thank you for your astrological analysis. The Moon is void of course in the opening chart, which means it won’t make any major aspects before leaving its sign and this traditionally is good news for the favourite because ‘nothing new will happen’. However the rest of the chart suggests differently and Wawrinka, the reigning champion, is already out.
      That’s a whopping pay cheque for the winner and Venus is one of the significators of money so I like your symbolism there. Even more incentive for someone new to make their mark… best, Sally

  11. Analysing the players´charts Rafa Nadal and Alex Zverev are my favorites for the final.

    Rafael Nadal

    The Opener`s chart`s DC hits Rafa Nadal`s natal Moon. The final`s match chart offers Nadal`s Midheaven ruler Mercury (7.10 PM birth time) EXACTLY hit his Virgo Midheaven at 0.30 degrees trine natal Moon. The Moon sextiles natal Venus.

    During the second week, Jupiter squares the ATP 1` natal Mars among 1 degree. At final 1 it lost power above 1 degree. At Quarters Mars will have entered Rafa´s tenth House and will be precisely conjunct his Midheaven – one day after his career ruler Mercury finished his retrograd run. All these transits just in time to when the going gets hot. A milestone can become a Quarter against Dimitrov – the Bulgarian coming with a huge confidence boost to NYC winning his first Master title at Cincinatti. Nadal and Dimitrov are `Mars-opponents` as the athletic and warrior planet is opposed in both charts. A synastry aspect nicely shown by their Monster-5-Setter in January at Melbourne´s Semi. Dimitrov might suffer with the Moon square natal Moon at this Quarter.

    Nothing special leaping out for Roger Federer in the Semis, I think Nadal is favored by the stars through the mentioned transits. If Roger Federer reached the final he would suffer with the Moon square his Sun.

    1. Thank you for pointing out that Rafa’s Moon is 0 Taurus conjunct the Descendant of the tournament chart – I’d missed that. Yes, Rafa has a lot going on during the tournament with both Mercury and Mars picking up the eclipse degree close to his natal Midheaven. He must strongly fancy his chances with so many big names out. I’m not convinced about the astrology for either Rafa or Roger though and expect a new winner.

  12. Alex Zverev

    Will Alexander honor his name as “Alexander the Great” of Big Apple? The recent performances appear promising as both Roger and Rafa haven´t played at their top level. At Melbourne Zverev already forced Nadal into 5 sets. Pluto trine natal Mars boosts him these weeks while he has reached a new career stage recently winning prestigious tournaments. The Opener`s IC conjunct natal Sun precisely mirrors the Ascendant of the Montreal Opener two weeks ago with Alex catching his second Masters title in a fabulous way.

    The final chart offers IC conjunct natal Mercury. More interesting, the Midheaven exactly squares natal Uranus – indicating thecrushing birth of a NEW Champion bursting the decade long dominance of 4 players? Mercury strong for Nadal (conjunct MC) also supports Zverev with a precise trine to his natal Taurus Sun.

    At the final´s chart the Moon, generally standing for the favorit, is also the DC-Ruler – representing the Underdog. It´s in Zverev` star sign Taurus approaching a square with Venus together building a Grand Cross with Zverev natal Jupiter – peaking around 7.30 PM with estimated 3 Hours match time. Further breakthough signs for “Sasha” as Zverev is called.

    Zverev` natal Mars is conjunct the Sun the day before the final and he will be on fire. This energizing aspect above 1 degree at the last 2 match days is involved in a Grand Trine with Pluto and the Moon – part of it also the strong long term trine of Pluto and natal Mars. The Grand Trine is peaking in the first 2 hours play time at final. So maybe Zverev with a big start winning the first 2 sets? I see him as the surprise champion you are suggesting.

    Sally, you mention brother Misha`s exciting astrology with the recent Total Eclipse conjunct several natal planets. I wonder if the eclipse also could mean a change in his role his brother rising to the top. The days around the eclipse coincidenced with the Return of 3 natal planets in a few days on same degree – a new cycle evolving. What do you think about Neptune building a precise square to natal Sun for Nadal, pointed out by Astrotennis? Thanks for your feedback! Thanks also to the other astrologers´ detailed observations!

    1. patrick the solar eclipse that took place on 21.08.17 about 2 degrees away from nadals mc. is it positive or negative for nadal in terms of career success.

      1. James, in her article about the Total Eclipse Sally writes planets with 27-29 degrees were involved. Nadal’s Midheaven (0,3 Virgo) and Career Ruler Mercury (26.2 Gemini) are slightly out of this margin. It is a question for Sally if Uranus trine the Eclipse can give Nadal a positive influence with his Mercury in between sextile the Eclipse degree 28,5 Leo. Usain Bolt was an athlete to suffer with his natal Sun conjunct by the Eclipse.

        1. Also Uranus which did play a helpful or surprise role in the eclipse is continuing to move away from Rafa’s Midheaven. It will reenergise his Midheaven (career point) once again next year when it moves into early degrees Taurus.

    2. It’s Alexander Zverev’s Mars that’s definitely ‘on fire’ as you say and Mars is the competitive planet in precise Virgo – a good combination for a tennis player. I do wonder about the eclipse symbolism for Mischa Zverev – no time of birth for him so we don’t know what his triple conjunction of Sun/Venus/Mars at 27-29 Leo is about but it could well represent his brother. His brother wins, Mischa ‘loses’, which would be classic eclipse symbolism.
      Neptune square the Sun can’t be helpful for Rafa. The Sun rules the ego, vitality and Neptune is wishy-washy and dissolves what it touches. We shall see… Rafa started well, Roger took a 5 setter.

      1. hi sally even though rafa won in straight sets he played badly. too many unforced errors. at the time of the match transit sun was in exact square to his natal sun not a good transit at all.fed i thought played better than nadal in his 1st match though it went to 5 sets.

  13. I am surprised by the amount of attention Zverev has received just because he won a couple of masters. People should review what his best result at a slam in a best of 5 format is before projecting him as a serious title contender.

    From the top half, Nadal is the favorite to make the final, irrespective of how he performed in the tuneups. Federer is still carrying a back injury and is unlikely to make it even to the semifinal. He will most likely lose to Kyrgios in the fourth round unless his back gives in even earlier. Nadal’s only real challenge on the way to the final is Dimitrov, and I wouldn’t bet on Dimitrov to beat Nadal at a slam. Not until I see it happen.If Fed is out, Kyrgios could meet Nadal in the semi and that would be interesting but again Kyrgios has a hip issue too, so you can’t be sure if he will be at his best and can repeat his Wimbledon 2014 performance vs Nadal.

    In the other half, things got interesting with Querrey coming in post Murray’s withdrawal. I don’t know if Cilic is really fit, and that is a big factor, but one of Cilic or Querrey will be the finalist from the other half. I am pretty confident of that.

    So I predict a Nadal – Cilic or Nadal – Querrey final. With Cilic’s fitness being suspect and Querrey, if he makes it being a first time finalist, I give the edge to Nadal.

    All this is not based on astrology of course, just common sense based on the draw.

    1. I don’t have a lot to add without a birth time. I’ve written a little about Shapovalov previously in the comments. A Sun Aries and also likely Moon Aries plus lucky Jupiter Aries trine Pluto Sagittarius. So fiery chart. Strong Mars in Scorpio – a steely competitor. Positive astrology isn’t leaping out without knowing his time of birth. Hope that helps a little!

  14. The Total Eclipse seen from Nadal´s hometown Manacor showed the Midheaven square Neptune with Nadal´s Sun conjunct IC. So it triggered the current square of Neptune to Nadal´s Sun. The Descendant conjunct the Eclipse degree next to Nadal´s natal Midheaven.

  15. Although we concentrate on the men do you see anything that could suggest Sharapova going the distance in the women!s draw?

    1. Her chart reminds me a little of Shapovalov in the men’s. Another Sun Aries b. April 19 1987 and her Sun is at 28 Aries so Uranus is right on it now. So she could spring surprises, yes. No birth of time for her.

  16. My earlier long comment didn’t get published, Sally. There wasn’t even anything remotely offensive so not sure why. In summary, I expect a Nadal-Cilic or Nadal-Querrey final with Nadal winning the title.

    1. Sorry, I haven’t had time to get on the site much. I’ll try to nip on and approve comments each day even if I don’t have time to reply. Just about to reply to the others now.

  17. hi sally by sheer chance i saw a blog on nadal you had written in february 2013 in which you had used the time of birth of 7.15 pm which is close to the 7.10pm which i believe is the correct one. later on why did you start using the time of 18.20 pm especially when your predictions for nadal had been by and large correct in 2013

    1. I started to use the 18:20 because that was the one quoted on However, since then there have been a couple of confirmations in print that Rafa’s time is closer to 7:10pm.

  18. I have a hunch (not based on astrology, more on intuition) that this year we will see a new face behind that enormous trophy! Purely on current form and many years watching tennis I would say:
    Zverev will do well but doesn’t quite have the staying power/experience in slams – yet.
    Federer, who has just gone 5 sets against Tiafoe in the first round, will burn-out by the semis…
    Nadal has a kind draw but I have a feeling he won’t quite make either….
    Watch this space – but I think it will be someone completely unexpected!
    More shocks to come….

  19. Hi Sally
    Everyone here is talking about a new champion but dont you think it is obvious since Stan is not defending the title this year so anyone winning would be a new champion.

    I would rather like to know whether we will have a 1st time winner at the open.

    1. I meant a new name, i.e. not Roger or Rafa. Mind you, the way this tournament is going, it’s anyone’s game!

  20. Amit: I think that’s what Sally meant actually! We all know that as Stan is out it will be a ‘new’ face don’t we, but perhaps what the chart implies is a completely new face and an unexpected result. Personally, my Piscean intuition has picked up on this kind of stuff before and I think Sally is right…
    I have a strong feeling that it will be someone perhaps not many would have banked-on….

    1. Dear Lucy

      As far as the 1st time champion is concerned only Dimitrov remains in the draw. If the seeds hold i dont think he can beat Rafa and Roger back to back.

      So my hunch is a new champion but not a 1st time winner.

  21. Oh – and I thought there would be more shocks to come and the first ‘shock’ result is that of Kyrgios going out early to John Millman, ranked outside the top 100. Whilst Nick is not always that consistent, this is still very unexpected at such an early stage and against an outsider….the trend continues, along with Ferrer going out against Kukushkin and the women’s champ out too…..

  22. Hey Lesley,

    just had a look for Sharapova and she has very interesting astrology this time. Her Sun at 28 Aries currently is conjunct Uranus both having built a precise trine with the Total Eclipse.

    As Sally describes with Nadal the Eclipse as game changer might bring no repetition of Sharapova’s US Open triumph in 2006? There is possibly waiting a tough Quarter for here with big form German Julia Görges. Görges has Jupiter approaching natal Mercury, assuming her Career Ruling Planet, this summer reaching several finals. At Sep 5th this aspect will be exact when retrograd Mercury turns forward again at the Eclipse degree 28 Leo. Mercury building a trine to Sharapova’a Sun Uranus conjunction emphasizing the Eclipse energy. So both players with exciting astrology, I have a hunch Görges will reach her first GS Semi.

    Good for players with strong Libra planets as Görges, Jupiter has extra power building a sextile with Saturn these days. Another German to watch and boosted by Jupiter is Philipp Kohlschreiber who has Jupiter conjunct his Libra Sun into the second week.

    Sun Libra Muguruza has won the recent Wimbledon final with this Super transit and she enjoys another Hyper Jupiter transit right now approaching her 12 year cycle Jupiter Return – peaking at final rounds. She would face the Winner of the above mentioned Quarter at Semis. The final’s AC conjunct natal Mars indicating her final appearance.

    Top favorite Muguruza benefits from the early outs of seed No 2 Halep and defending champion Kerber who lost against 19 year old Osaka, an Asian-American girl born in Osaka 🙂 With her waving brown hair she reminds me of Serena Williams and Naomi is another Sun Libra same as the pausing Superstar:

    Osaka born October 16th is the next one to enjoy the Super transit, Jupiter conjunct her Sun Mercury conjunction (see also Roger Federer’s natal chart) at the US Open. On October 17th last year Osaka reached her career high WTA 40. Against Kerber Jupiter was conjunct her natal Sun and Jupiter reaches natal Mercury in an exact conjunction at Sep 9th – the day of the final. Her coach David Taylor born Oct 13th supported by Success planet as well – Jupiter just went over his Sun Uranus conjunction. Astrology at it’s best 🙂

    1. Jupiter transits have been one of the best indicators of success throughout all these tennis predictions. Muguruza won Wimbledon this year with Jupiter conjunct her Sun Libra. Thank you for sharing your astrology, Patrick. I have so little time this tournament that I may well sit back from now on and add the odd comment only. I love it when those of you who know astrology pitch in!

    2. Thank you for the replies. I have only just read them as i have been too busy to get on. As Sharapova has gone out now it’s irrelevant anyway but always goid to read other’s viewpoints.

  23. Dear Ms Sally Kirkman,

    Now that Alex Zverev is out of the tournament, what do we have on Bona Coric ? Will be spring more surprises ?


    1. Borna Coric is a Sun Scorpio (b. November 14 1996) so the same sign as the Moon in the opening chart. He’s just had a major Jupiter transit conjunct his Venus at 19 Libra, exact August 17 2017. Not a lot else to add right now with no time of birth. Surprised to see A. Zverev out with his strong astrology but it does seem to be a tournament where anything goes. May the surprises continue!

  24. Thanga Srinivasan


    Thanks for the US Open prediction, like you have mentioned, lot of surprises in Round 1, 7 seeded players are out already

    Gasquet (26)
    Fognini (22)
    P Cuevas(27)
    Kyrgios (14)
    J Sock (13)
    R Haase (32)
    D Ferrer (21)

    I’m excited to see what’s in store on the next round

  25. Amado Bustamante

    Another tennis star in the making !! I’m referring to Borna Coric. He defeated Alex Zverev in 4 sets in what turned out to be the biggest upset in the men’s side so far . When I first saw him play, I knew that he would be a dangerous player & a future star. Right now, he is not mentioned in the same breath as A. Zverev, Kyrgios & Thiem ; but with this win over the no. 4 seed, he made waves & everybody is starting to notice. I think I’m becoming a fan.

    1. Lucky Jupiter moves into Scorpio in October this year 2017 and remains there until November 2018 so Coric will have some great Jupiter transits next year. Definitely one to watch.

  26. Interesting that Zverev is out given his positive astrology…..bit of a surprise here which fits in another way.with the tournament astrology.Just to mention that Mischa Zverev is the older brother I believe, by about 10 years.

    1. Hi Lesley! Yes, Mischa is the older brother, born 1987. Alexander is 1997. Surprised also to see him go out. Fascinating results so far…

      1. Hi Sally. Am intrigued by the fact that this tournament offers the most prize money of any tournament so far. The money factor seems to be strong and I suppose Venus on the mc reflects this. The money factor with rf may be more significant than in other tournaments. Just a thought 🙂

        1. I’m sure Venus conjunct the MC is about the money and money’s huge in Roger’s chart right now with all the Jupiter action!

    1. Hi All! Patrick What would you say of Dimitrov? My feeling is that he will stop Rafa!

      Thanks to all and especially Sally for the tournament predictions

      Best Regards,

  27. In my earlier comment I had a hunch that Zverev wouldn’t win, in spite of the astrology – and this morning discovered he’s out…
    Also Tsonga out to the young Shapovalov and Kyrgios gone.
    My other hunches were that there would indeed be a completely NEW FACE in the final – and I’m sticking to that!
    Can’t see Fed getting though his draw after he struggled so much against the teenager Tiafoe – and I’ve a feeling that Nadal won’t get past the semis either. Watch this space.

  28. @Patrick: Thanks! Dimitrov is still in and it may be his time to shine this year. Amit commented that it would be hard for Dimitrov to ‘beat both Nadal and Federer back to back’ but he may not have to, if Fed doesn’t reach the final. Dimitrov may yet beat Nadal in the semis and face someone else in the final, but we will see.
    Very unusual tournament!

    1. Hi Lucy,
      Grigor can only meet Rafa in the QF if both reaches there & can meet Roger only in the SF if both reaches there.

      1. Yes Mike and then he will have to beat the guy in the final.

        The only way dimitrov is winning that he somehow plays only one of roger or rafa.

        I think the new face will emerge after the 4th round is completed. Also womens side is completely unpredictable. Maybe we have a new face on that side.

    2. Lucy, why not Dimitrov best both Roger + Rafa who are far from their best since weeks while Grigor achieving his career best?! These are special times with the gane changing energy of the Total Eclipse, so nothing is impossible I guess and it wouldn’t be a big surprise for me as Roger was already near to go out. Generally I see Dimitrov as a future No 1 who just needs time to rise and achieve stability mentally and consistence in his performance. We have seen at Melbourne that his game is good enough for the best.

      When I analysed the tournament chart it took me a long tine to decide which player I would favor to win a possibly upcoming Quarters between Rafa + Grigor and I just recognized that the Moon square was a mistake I predicted for Dimitrov. We will see how good Rafa will be with Mars conunct MC this day and Mercury as his Career ruler back going forward.

      1. Hi Patrick,
        Before the QF, Rafa could potentially meet Berdych in the 4th round. See Sally’s write up on him. Could he be a threat to Rafa eventhough the head to head is miserable for Berdych?

        1. Hi Mike, Bercych could profit from Jupiter approach/conjunct his natal Jupiter – difficult to say as there’s no birth time fir him. In best case this would trine the Moon if the match would start early. Anyway no big astro support for Berdych I guess as the Moon is about our emotions. In best case the Moon is his Career Planet.. A way too many ifs I guess and besides astrology Nadal must play severly below his stsndard for Berdych to have a chance I assume.

  29. Hi Sally,
    As you said earlier, the moon in the tournament chart is giving conflicting info. What do think of this intrepretation in regards to the men & women draw?
    A) Moon indicate nothing new
    As both the defending champion are out, could it be that the champ in the last tournament ie 2017 Wimby winning this. Roger & Garbine are both seeded 3. They are not the favourite according to your definition. To me both of them are somewhat semi favourites. As for Roger, Patrick pointed out he will not have good astrology day in the Finals; could be slightly worse than the one he has in the 1st Rd. But you have highlighted that Venus conjunct his destiny point. Is this his destiny to win it all?

    B) Moon indicate new changes
    If what I mentioned above hold true, then the new changes to happen to both of them will be that they will become the new no 1 in their respective tour.

    1. hi Mike, I don’t have a clear insight about the astrology yet at all. The tournament chart suggests a new face so we will have to wait and see what plays out. Neither Roger nor Rafa have outstanding astrology this tournament either so no clear winner is leaping out.

  30. Hi sally if eclipse falls in leo 28 degress it is 2 degrees away from nadal midheaven 0 degree virgo as u said he will feel eclipse effects then on day of final jupiter is 23°52′ libra is trine to natal mercury 26 degrees in gemini it is also 2 degree away for nadal .so this will also have some effect on nadal sally. Since jupiter trine mercury is good transit.

  31. i think that if nadal survives till mercury turns direct on 5th september he will go on to win the tournament.

  32. Hi Sally for predictions once again.

    Seeing the us open it seems definitely in lower draw we will get a new face in final ( unless Cilic make to final ).

    Seeing the round unfold i have following hunch ( most of time it is wrong 🙂 ).

    1) Top section of upper draw :

    Now this section seems difficult from all other sections after the first round of tournament.
    For Nadal to reach to SF ( or anyone else ) need to fight through Dimitrov(or Monfils or Goffin ) in QF and Berdych in 4th round. I am expecting one of these round has to be energy drainer.

    And if not Ndadl in SF than any other who reach SF has to cross Nadal ( which will definitely an energy drainer for them, that is why in history whoever has defeated nadal in slams never reach to win very next round or two )

    So whoever comes from this section in SF will definitely have his energy drained ( unless it is Nadal who has endless energy, but i expect him to be drained by SF since this is season ending slam )

    2) Lower section of Upper draw

    Before tournament started this section was most difficult for federer esp. , but someone sees this section now after first round. I expect federer to pass easily to SF ( given that in first round he was only playing cautiously because of back in mind thought about back, which he definitely might have forget now after what happened in first round )

    So for him to reach SF now his main opponent is Lopez ( in 3rd round ) and Thiem ( in QF ). Thiem is good player for clay not good for hard and Federer might meet him in later stages only ( and if federer reach there he will have lot of confidence , will power to move on. For big champions initial stages are tuff than later ones, that why for Nadal/Federer first week is more important in slams than next week because if they reach in second week 90% they will reach to either SF or F ).

    So I think its easy for Federer now to reach SF from what has happened in first round. Although Federer is far away from his form ( but i suspect it will pick ).

    Some food for thought exactly 10 yr ago in 2007 federer won 3 slam and Nadal won one slam ( i.e. FO ). 2017 still now has same number 🙂 infact the masters seems to be same unless it was Cinncinati.

    3) Lower half of the Draw in whole :

    It very easy for Sam Querry or Cilic ( i expect one of them to be in final ) moreover they are libran born. In 2017 in one of the slam final ( if include both Women/Man same time ) is Libran association.

    50-60% chances for canadian sensation Shapovalov

    40-50% Coric.

    So that is my hunch.

    Nadal should be there in SF ( but will have energy drained, although it does not matter to him) , if anyone else then they cannot reach finals

    Federer should reach atleast SF given the draw in his half unfolds after first round. ( If he is not facing Nadal then he will reach Finals, and if he is facing Nadal then it will be exactly 50-50% chances).

    Querry or Shapavalov or Cilic to reach Finals.

    I also suspect if roger wins US open and hold number 1 ranking by the year end , then he might say quit to tennis ( or may on Wimbledon 2018 ).

      1. Amado Bustamante

        Nadal’s curse was not yet in swing during that time. Now, it is widely recognized, believed in & in full swing.

    1. In the current form, Roger may not be there in the Quarters, Nadal looks solid with his tennis and I do not think anyone can beat Nadal in US open 2017! Only an injury can stop Nadal from winning US open.

  33. @Amit: Every player has to beat the guy in the final!! There’s no easy way through for any of them….
    As you say, Dimitrov will possibly have a hard time – but then, how do we know that Fed and Nadal are going to get that far anyway? Federer struggled in his first match and neither of them may make the second week, the way this tournament’s going. I have no particular favourite by the way but it would be nice for someone new to break-through…and Dimitrov is a real talent.

  34. It seems the favourites are either struggling or being beaten – I am watching in shock and anticipation. With that being said, it is nice to see Potro playing well.

  35. Dimitrov ,Berdych out….The only surprise is Federer and Nadal meeting in semi final for the first time in US Open.

  36. Boris Becker: “I have the feeling somebody NEW we don’t have on the spot might surprise us this year.” Sally’s words….. 🙂

    1. What a surprise it has been this US Open! Well i think the more we think of it te less clear we will be!
      We are on the outside as spectators and thats all!
      Because with Mercury rétrograd this time around is going wild !!!

      Maybe thiem?
      Maybe shapovalov or even rublev !
      Maybe as james Green points Out nadal if he Just makes till the 5th but is a long way to go! And in my opinion nadal is not at his best when he is facing players he does not played previously! So Just for testing let’s see tonigh and surviving this one the one next because all the players on his side are players he never played before till the quarters!
      But heakes to the 5th september he maybe takes it home!!!

        1. Amado Bustamante

          Hoping & praying that Nadal will make it ALL THE WAY !!! By the way , I love his night outfit . Very good on him & those shoes !!! Perfect match !!!

          1. Amado Bustamante

            Come to think of it, Nadal is wearing the colors of the US Open : neon pink during the day & black with neon pink Nike logo during the night .Could they become lucky colors for him ? Nadal has been lucky wearing black, but he has never won any tournament / slam wearing pink ( most notably the 2009 French Open when he lost to Sorderling ) ; that’s why a lot of his fans consider pink as a cursed color for him. I, for one, don’t like the pink color for him for that reason, but I’m crossing my fingers & praying that the curse, if there’s any, will be lifted this time around.

  37. Nadal has a cupcake draw.Astrology doesn’t matter.There is no one stopping him .He will win the tournment without beating any top 50 players.For this no astrology is needed.

    1. I missed the humble Nadal fans 😊 Still a long way to go even to reach the Semis. Thiem is Top 10 and Rafa again weak in first set today.

      1. Definitely Patrick! We cant look so far! Next round everything can turn around! Basically all top players are out and nadal and federer are far from top level… lets see it round by round! Thiem can beat anyone! And he has never won us open! We Shell see soon

        Regards to all

    2. This is what I said last week after looking at the draw. Cannot see anyone other than Nadal winning, I can’t believe that people don’t see something so obvious and are making random picks like Zverev and Shapovalov. It doesn’t work that way !

      I want to find out what is it that brings Nadal such extraordinary luck at the USO , and this will be for the third time ! He won with similar draws the last two times, maybe slightly better because he faced Djokovic (not the best version) in the final,

    3. Amado Bustamante

      Cupcake ? I beg to disagree !! It has been a tough draw for Nadal, but he is sailing through fierce storms & rough waters . So far , it’s been smooth sailing. VAMOS, RAFA !!!

  38. Is this the one we are looking for?

    Pablo Carreno Busta, Sun Cancer born 1991, has multiple planets in Leo with athletic planet Mars at 28 degrees – the Total Eclipse degree on which Mercury will turn forward next Tuesday.
    Uranus trine natal Mars throughout the tournament as it did the Eclipse. Natal Venus also involved precisely at the same degree Nadal has his Midheaven: 0,3 Virgo where Mercury stands at the final. offers a birth time with 5.38 AM, if it’s rectified I would like to suggest 8.00 PM which works well with the player’s to date ATP final appearances.

    At the opening chart AC sextiles limelight natal Venus. The Moon square natal Mars. The final’s AC falls between natal Uranus and Neptune – been the case repeatedly in former career highs. The Sun Pluto trine of the final’s day picking up North Node, point of destiny, and the Jupiter Pluto square with Pluto sextile natal Pluto. The Moon would square natal Jupiter at 10th Sep and trine natal Neptune. Mercury conjunct natal Venus – a good transit if 8.00 PM is the right birth time and Venus ruling planet of a Libra MC. Remember Venus conjunct MC in the tournament’s opening chart. 8 PM would put Saturn onto natal Ascendant: reaping what he has sown?
    At Semis he enjoyed a Sun Sun sextile.

    Hello Astrotennis, you are the specialist for watching a player’s progressions. What’s your opinion about Pablo? Would be nice to gain your feedback in advance!

    I am not fully convinced of Carreno Busta’s astrology, yet the Leo planets involved in the Total Eclipse make him one of the potential surprise men to watch. It could happen an All-Spanish final and Pablo started excellent into the tournament. He would pass the Eclipse game changing theory – something new to arise and the opposite of the past. The day after the final – September 11th – is a National Holiday in Catalonia whose capital is Carreno Busta’s residence Barcelona.

    1. Thank you, Patrick. I’m finding it hard to keep up with who’s in and who’s out in this tournament! It might start to make more sense when we get to fewer players 🙂

      1. the 2 old war horses are still is a pity they are drawn to play in the semis.if murray was not going to play he should have withdrawn before the draw. then nadal and fed would have been seeded 1 and 2 and would have been in the opposite half of the draw.

  39. i think we have to wait till mercury turns direct on 5th to get an idea who will win the tournament.then things may settle down.

  40. @james green: It’s not Murray’s fault that the organisers don’t re-organise the draw in a logical way if someone withdraws at the last minute! Murray was only testing his fitness and really wanted to play, as Federer did with his dodgy back after all. Each player concentrates on their own agenda, not on what’s going on with the draw.
    In any event, tennis isn’t just about those 2 players!

    1. Amado Bustamante

      I agree with James Green. What a timing for Murray to withdraw after the draw had been made !! It was indeed very, very strange , to say the least .Once the draw was announced , it became official & the organizers would not redo it again. They could only replace Murray. I know Murray had reason & I totally respect it, but it really, really sucked big time !!!

  41. Guys is confirmed with Cilic Out one of the finalists is already someone who had never won USOPEN. Só this prédiction from Sally is already confirmed! Now the other half! Is crazy to say but maybe it Will be someone actually new!

    Congrats on the prédiction Sally

  42. Hi, with the US open already wide open. The form and the draw suggest that Federer will meet shapovalov. Nadal is unlikely to meet Federer again in the US open. There is another 19 year old sensation andrey rublev standing with nadal in the quarters. He is terrific and is going to beat nadal. But for 19 year old to beat nadal and federer consecutively is difficult. So Federer vs shapovalov will be my view. Shapovalov has a good chance to win as Roger body will be already tired..

  43. Hi guys… It is shocking that we have just entered the 3rd round and only 3 of the top 12 ranked players remain – Nadal, Federer, Thiem.

    Something like this last happened at the Canada Masters, earlier this year.

    Nadal at the moment playing better than Federer. But neither is currently playing at their best. I somehow feel one of them would reach the final. Since they are in the same side of the draw. In their side of the draw also is Del Potro and Thiem. They can do well, when on song.

    Other side of the draw, Sam Querrey seems like he may be a probable finalist, considering the others left. People like Shapovalov and Shwartzman also doing well.

    Wonder what the astrology shows for the guys other than Rafa and Federer. Sally, any ideas?

    1. I would be surprised if someone from the above list does not win. Although, Bautista Agut, Carreno Busta, Kohlschreiber and Isner are still there, somehow they don’t strike me as players who would pull off a Grand Slam win.

      The others, mentioned above, on the other hand have been doing well this year or are known for pulling off surprises.

  44. @Amado: it may have sucked as you say, but Murray did have his reasons and frankly, he has been on the receiving end of anomolies in the draw in the past, so it’s the way it goes sometimes. As I said, tennis is not all about nursing Fed and Nadal through the draw – and there are other players who deserve a chance out there.
    It’s not strange at all as Murray was just trying to give himself the best chance, hoping things would be ok – and he shouldn’t be pilloried for that. The fact is there would be no guarantee that either Fed or Nadal would even reach the semis, whatever Murray did.

  45. Jay: I can’t see Fed reaching the final somehow. He looked a bit jaded in his last match and I have a feeling he will fall soon. He’s already had 2 5-setters against players he should have beaten easily. My bet is 2 new faces in the final!

  46. hi sally your prediction of surprises in this years us open tennis based on the tournament chart has already come true. so many seeds have crashed out already even though the 3rd round is not completed. surprise finalist from the bottom half of the draw is already assured. unless rafa or roger win then the champion will also be a surprise the moment the tournament is going just as you have predicted.

  47. Has anybody looking into Dolgopolov astrology he is surprisingly in 4th round and playing good tennis.

    This tournament is full of surprises. Rafa side draw is joke now but i think Rafa will face Dolgopolov in 4th round , seeing the current form of Dolgopolov, he can actually challenge Rafa in 4th round.

    Federer form is low … i doubt he makes to SF.

    Shapovalov is playing crazy and also Mischa Zevrev too …. potential SF ?

    1. vj: You have identified a good challenge for Nadal in Dolgopolov. Just checked and he’s beaten Nadal twice, which is surprising. Dolgo is a strange player with an unorthodox style, which often confuses the opponent and as Nadal is rather robotic at times, this is a potential banana-skin for Nadal….

  48. Sally and others, you need to check if there’s something in Nadal’s charts that brings him good fortune at the USO. His draw is such that it is impossible for him to lose even if he plays badly.

    Since Federer is injured and will definitely not make it to semifinals, it seems like Nadal’s stars are shining bright this year and he will take USO #3. The last two occasions that he won the USO, his draw had similarly opened up. He only had to face Djokovic in the final on both occasions and nobody of note before that. Can it so happen that a player is blessed with exceptional and extraordinary good astrology at a particular tournament ? Otherwise it makes no sense whatsoever that Nadal will soon have more USO titles than Djokovic, who is a much better HC player.

    1. The astrology for both Nadal and Federer is mentioned in the article. Neither have astrology that is amazing this tournament but as the tournament is proving to be full of surprises, perhaps a little is enough. Out of the two, you’d have to favour Nadal with all the activity on his Midheaven, career/success point. It’s definitely going to be a completely new finalist, I believe, in the second half of the draw? Nadal and/or Federer could still get toppled by one of the up-and-coming players. I’ll be watching with interest to see what happens when Mercury turns direct on September 5th. That could prove to be an important date for Nadal in particular.

      1. my feeling is if nadal survives till mercury turns direct he may go on to win the tournament. he plays his 4th round match before mercury turns direct. as you mentioned with all the activity very close to his midheaven he has got a good chance. on the day of the final mercury is transiting bang on his mc.ofcourse of the remaining players in the draw only federers horoscope is available and we cannot say whether anybody else has got excellent astrology.

      2. Sally, what I meant is USO as a tournament in general (not this year in particular) and Nadal.

        He has had exceptional good fortune at the tournament time and again.

      3. Sally: Nadal won’t play on the 5th. He is playing today (4th) and they have a day off in-between each match, so that’s the 4th, 6th etc….if he gets that far.

  49. It’s luck ..Nadal has so much luck not facing any top 40 players till semi final.Lol….Nadal can win this tournment with eyes closed and hands tied.Nobody is going to stop him.Expect a top 40 player to stop him….lol

    1. Nadal played solid tennis from the second set against Mayer, which is a very good sign. He has no injury problems. Federer is still scratchy and can lose anytime. Any new upcoming players will not be able to last a five setter with Nadal. He will be in the finals and will beat anyone coming from the other half. Nadal will be the US Open 2017 winner!!!

    2. This is the reason I left a comment earlier asking people if they can look up if there is anything special about the tournament and Nadal’s charts that makes Nadal gets lucky a bit too often at the USO (like in 2010 and 2013). It can’t be a coincidence that his draw is lacking any dangerous player all the way to the semifinal. Even there, he faces a Federer who is a pale shadow of what he was earlier in the year. In the final, he’s obviously going to face a first time finalist, who stands no chance.

        1. You think Rublev will get past Goffin to reach the QF ?

          My guess is Goffin will beat Rublev in a long match , will run out of gas vs Nadal in the QF and go down in straights. If Rublev makes the QF, it will be interesting, provided he is 100%.

        2. Amado Bustamante

          Rublev is seemingly a dangerous player. He had already beaten Dimitrov & Goffin. Meanwhile, Nadal will have another test when he faces Rublev next . It is comforting to know that he passed a dangerous test today by beating the in-form Dolgopolov convincingly. What a tough draw !!!

  50. Amado Bustamante

    Nadal didn’t look sharp in his last two matches , though he managed to come back after losing the first sets. Next for Nadal is Dolgopolov who is another dangerous player, but Nadal has a winning h2h against him . I just hope that he doesn’t get nervous & play confidently. On the other hand, Federer was so sharp against Lopez. Understandably so because he owns the Spaniard. Lopez never wins against Federer in all their meetings which stand now at 14. The NOW question is: Is Federer back with this win & has now a far better chance of winning the tournament ?

      1. His astrology does not rule success here out – it is just less straightforward than his astrology for the AO and Wimbledon.

  51. Except Roger vs Lopez every challenger had the great opportunity beating Nadal and Federer in the rounds so far.

    These players definitely did have the game leading the match. They simply lack the mentality to follow through as throwing out these top guys implicates huge changes and rising public appearance. Something merely somebody is capable to handle as we human beings crave to stay in our comfort zone with our personality and what we believe of themselves.

    Leo Mayer could have used momentum and go his way after winning first set. He played well attacking Badal constantly. Yet those players are not ready subconsciously and fall as soon the crowd supports the favorite. Juschni becoming real tight as the match developed his way and got cramps.

    If those two favorites keep struggling in their performance the first one with tough head will bring them down.

    1. these two legends are not great champions for nothing. the ability to win when not playing at their best has made them great champions.nadal struggled for a set and a half but managed to stay with mayer and after that raised his game just enough to win. but nadal is far from his best and i think it is mercury retrograde that is making him struggle so much the solar eclipse has a hand in it i am not sure at the moment.

      1. I think Nadal could turn the match due to a mentally blocked Leo Mayer who wasn’t able to follow through his run after winning first set, James. It was NOT the rising performance of Nadal who only heightened his game with the rising confidence of a break on his back and in face of the mental breakdown of his opponent. Before Mayer lost serve Nadal was nervous as well and dependant of Mayer’s unforced errors becoming wobbly with his game. Of course a guy like him knows to keep on trying in face of these mental interrelations and he knows to take leverage from those moments by using the crowd. Players with open self concept are able to transfer performance into results as Shapovalov did at Montreal or Coric with Zverev. We will see how Dolgopolov will manage and how much Rafa can rise his game with the change of astrology to his favour.

        1. Amado Bustamante

          Nadal admitted that he was nervous in all his previous matches. Just hoping that he won’t be against Dolgopolov because Dolgopolov is mentally tough and a very dangerous player , especially now that he is playing so well.

        2. In the Mayer match, I think the time violation warning that Mayer got took Mayer out of the zone and although he held in that game, he lost concentration and the match turned there.

          Of course, it is his fault that he lost concentration but the umpires need to be more consistent and fair in enforcing rules. Nadal is known for consistently going over time between points but he gets away because he is a big name but a Mayer gets punished for a one off incident.

          1. Amado Bustamante

            @MS Please be fair ! Nadal has been warned several times for time violations. It is not only Nadal but a lot of players, even Djokovic. Don’t pick out Nadal in particular for time violation as so many players have done it ,too. If he committed a time violation, he never got away with it. Had you not seen him arguing with umpires about it ?

  52. Mercury currently slowing down and turning forward Tuesday at the Eclipse degree Leo 28′.
    Connecting the astrology with the player’s recent performances from the lower half of draw (+\- for supportive/inhibitive transits). Massive astrology for Kohlschreiber, Mischa Zverev, Carreno-Busta.

    Mischa Zverev
    + Natal Leo Venus/Mercury/Mars conjunct Mercury/Mars on Eclipse degree > Mars-/ Mercury Return, altogether trine Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter
    – Transitting Moon in opposite Sign Aquarius

    Natal Jupiter/Venus involved with the Eclipse
    – Venus square Mercury

    + Mars conjunct Career ruler Mercury (if rectified birth time right) at Eclipse degree trine Uranus

    Lorenzi (nothing obvious)

    + Mars Return conjunct Mercury/Eclipse degree

    + North Node trine natal Sun indicating career high, Chiron conjunct natal Mercury
    – already played Qualification

    + North Node conjunct natal Sun + Sun conjunct natal Venus + Venus conjunct natal Pholus

    Mars/Mercury square natal Pluto and opposite natal Mercury > Grand Water Trine involving eclipse degree

      1. Amado Bustamante

        @ Patrick Three out of 4 already !! Good astrology !! Anything from Juan Cruz ? He has been silent this US Open.

  53. These are my expectations for the upcoming matches of the Upper Half Draw.
    Mercury slowing down, turning forward tomorrow at the Eclipse degree Leo 28′.
    Estimations based on astrology in connection to the player’s recent performance.

    Career planet and retrograde Mercury slowing down
    + Mars conjunct natal Midheaven below 1 degree

    + Sun sextile Pluto > can energize
    + Possibly Jupiter conjunct natal Moon

    + Supertransit ‘Jupiter conjunct Sun’ EXACT today sextile Saturn
    + ‘Moon conjunct natal Moon’ during daytime

    Career ruler Mercury slowing down/standing still
    – Moon square natal Moon/Chiron at morning hours
    – Star Sign Ruler Sun opposite Neptune > can create confusion/weakened state
    + Head-to-Head 11-0

    Del Potro
    + Jupiter approaching natal Mercury (possibly Career Ruler)
    + Repetition of 4th Round US Open 2016: Del Potro won by Thiem’s Give Up, Head-to-Head 2-0
    + Possibly Moon Return
    – Possibly Mars Opposition natal Moon

    Mars precisely conjunct natal Chiron on Eclipse degree conjunct slowing down Mercury
    – Moon conjunct Saturn > damps emotions

    + Jupiter (trine Moon) approaching natal Libra Sun/possibly trine natal Moon
    + Venus trine natal Venus
    + Mars sextile natal Mercury
    – Sun square natal Venus

    – Natal Leo Moon conjunct Eclipse degree opposite transiting Moon Aquarius after match > indicating frustration?

    Players to advance to Quarters: Nadal, Kohlschreiber, Del Potro, Rublev

    1. Brilliant Patrick – but what do you have on Diego Swartzman? He is small of stature and amazingly, getting through. He almost took Djokovic down last year too….!

    2. patrick you got 6 out of 8 predictions for 4th round matches correct. congratulations the 2 that went wrong are zverev and the german losing.

      1. Yes, Patrick’s doing really well. Only one didn’t get through last night. Wonder what will happen in the quarters now??

          1. And What a run! I was watching Delpo vs thiem and thought delpo is going to lose 2 sets down and looking not good at all! Suddenly it bécome the best match of thé tournament! Só congrats Patrick! Well done!

    3. Bang on Patrick !!!

      Awesome prediction. Now that quarter final opponents are known, please let us know who, according to you, will progress further and the probable winner of this slam.

    4. You are doing some great predictions this tournament, Patrick. Well done! I’m sorry I’ve not been around more this time but I’m involved in some major writing commitments and I can only bob in now and again to see what’s happening. Glad to see the forum is still working well even without much input from me 🙂

    1. I can’t agree with you there Sathish! Fed has to face either Thiem or Del Potro and he’s not in the best of shape right now….

      1. Amado Bustamante

        Del Potro has been sick for days now because of virus. His match today went to five sets . Can he recover in due time for his next match against Federer or Kohlschreiber ? Astrology please …

  54. Amado Bustamante

    Federer owns Kohlschreiber as he does Feliciano Lopez; hence, the results are fully expected. The one thing good about his expected wins is the tremendous confidence he gained from them & it will be to his advantage for his match against Del Potro .

  55. Hi james and hi patrick now i think nadal is having good chance to win usa open because mercury turning direct on 5th and nadal is still playing on day of final it will conjuct his midheaven and natal moon in taurus 0 degree is trine to transit mercury in virgo 0 degree midheaven and all this events taking place on nadal midheaven.

    1. Yes, Krishna. Nadal has good astrology the upcoming rounds. In the same time a Surprise Champion is possible I guess as Jupiter square Mars and Mars conjunct MC are gone for Rafa at Sunday.

  56. now that rafa has won his 4th round match he will play his quaterfinal only on 6th that is a day after mercury will turn direct. based upon the form shown so far i cannot say rafa is the favourite federer is the favourite. but rafa is my astrological favourite to win the per sidereal astroliogy jupiter entered sighn libra on 04.09.2017 just a couple of hrs before the days play started in the usopen on far the lower ranked players have done very well and the top seeds have all lost except the no 1 seeds in the mens and womens draw and ofcourse federer.i think from now on the favourites will start doing well.

  57. Even a small kid will tell Nadal will win US open because of opponents he has faced…not even top 50 till semifinal lol.Why do you even need astrology for this..Nadal hasn’t won any titles outside clay since 2013 good for him ,his fans and lucky draw.Anyway US open is the worst slam.

    1. you are forgetting federer is still there and playing at the top of his form. lot of people make the mistake of calling it a tough or easy draw based upon the ranking of the opponents. nadals 2nd and 3rd round opponents played very well far above their ranking. it is true his 4th round opponent dolgo played badly and made it easy for him.his quaterfinal opponent is playing brilliantly and beat all the higher rank opponents he has faced.any way the way the tournament has gone so far it is probably tougher to play a lower ranked opponent than a higher ranked one.

  58. Hey Guys,
    why stop when having a run 🙂 Here are my estimations for the final rounds of the tournament.

    It’s nice to see how the increasing form of Nadal and Federer goes along with the astrology Mercury ending his retrograde phase being the Career planet for both contenders. As both Federer and Nadal enjoy brilliant astrology at Quarters the Dream Semi will happen I expect.

    In the lower half Anderson and Schwartzman are the ones to meet at Friday together reaching their first Grand Slam Semis. Schwartzman with the Sun triggering the natal Mars Venus square and NN conjunct natal Sun. Carreno with Venus conjunct natal Mars (Mars just returned) making him extra competitive. Carreno the player most influenced by the Eclipse conjunct natal Mars and Mercury turning today at his Quarter at same degree Leo 28. Djokovic once had severe problems when Mercury was turning on his Ascendant producing 100 unforced errors against Simon at Melbourne.

    1. In the lower half Anderson and Schwartzman are the ones to meet at Friday – IS WRONG. Carreno Busta first into semis with straight-sets win over Schwartzman – 6-4, 6-4, 6-2

        1. Your prediction on Anderson is so correct, he beats Sam Querrey 7-6 (7-5) 6-7 (9-11) 6-3 7-6 (9-7 to reach semi-finals. Your predictions:

          Semis – Two down (Careno and Anderson) and Two to go (Nadal and Federer)!

          Final Winner – Anderson

  59. I have a feeling that surprise winner is from women’s side.And from men’s Federer will win the tournment.I have 100% faith in my man.

  60. Guys to be quite honest i see carreno busta as the lower half finalist because he is playing big full of confidence and he has tools to face everyone on a given day. I would not be surprised if he wins. Plus being him the most affected guy by the eclipse (misha zverev more affected but Out now) i think hé may go on to be the surprise winner.
    But yes he has to pass nadal or federer (if one of them makes the final)

    1. And those two can capitalise as anyone in the history of the game!

      For me i would love Nadal to add his 16th GS! But is not in Out hands;)

      1. Amado Bustamante

        Wishing , hoping & praying for Nadal to win this US Open. I know that after the French, the US Open offers him an excellent chance to win , despite the astrology predicting otherwise.

  61. My final prediction for the US Open: if it will be a Surprise Champion again, Kevin Anderson is my favorite to lift the trophy.

    Sun Taurus Kevin has progressed ‘limelight’ Venus conjunct natal Sun and nice transits at the final.
    The Sun will be opposite natal Jupiter both for Kevin and his coach Neville Godwin as they are ‘Jupiter-Brothers born according to the 12 year cycle of the ‘Success planet’. Two years ago Flavia Penetta won the US Open with vice versa Jupiter opposite Sun. My rectified birth time 7.30 PM would additionally put natal Moon onto the Sun. The Moon trine Pluto is picking up this conjunction in a Grand Earth Trine building a KITE formation together with the Sun Jupiter Opposition. Possible Career planet Mercury trine natal North Node. Another interesting transit: Saturn exactly conjunct Uranus – Nico Rosberg became F1-World Champion with that transit of personal growth. Kevin has already experience reaching the Quarters 2015 and has the opportunity to do it like Cilic 2014 – another Big Server.

    1. With his current form, Kevin Anderson can be the US Open winner – “Newfound aggression taking Kevin Anderson to new heights”. Anderson looked solid in his 7-6 (5), 6-7 (9), 6-3, 7-6 (7) victory over Querrey,

    2. Anderson has the game to win for sure. He was scary vs Querrey. But does he have the mentality or is he going to get nervous in the final ? He has choked away several matches from winning positions against the big guys before. Will it be different this time ?

    3. hi Patrick, I’m coming in with some last minute predictions. Re. Anderson, I think you mean progressed Sun conjunct natal Venus? It’s separating though and was exact a few months ago so I’m not sure it’s relevant now. Also I much prefer Jupiter opposite Sun to Sun opposite Jupiter – it’s a stronger transit. So actually Anderson is my least favourite (he’ll probably go on and win now lol!). I am intrigued by del Potro’s Jupiter transit because Jupiter is moving so quickly at the moment. It will be exactly conjunct his natal Mercury in only one week’s time, so it may well be strong enough to make an impact at this tournament. I’ve been reading in the comments that he’s not been well? I don’t know whether that’s still the case. Then the fascinating astrology for Carreno Busta and Nadal! Carreno Busta has his Mars at 28 Leo and as mentioned previously this was the eclipse degree and the degree at which Mercury turned direct on September 5th. Plus he has Venus at 0 Virgo 43 which is also Nadal’s Midheaven degree. So they both have Mercury back direct and conjunct their mutual Venus/Midheaven as Mercury is at 0 Virgo 30 on the day of the final. Intriguing! Looking again at the chart for the tournament, Venus conjunct the Midheaven could also be about the big prize money and there’s that mischievous Uranus conjunct the Descendant, springing surprise after surprise. The astrology isn’t entirely convincing, although I do wonder whether the Mercury retrograde theme of the opening chart in the 10th house, success house, could mean it will be a returning champion, i.e. Nadal or Del Potro. Originally I felt Venus conjunct the Midheaven (ruler of the Taurus Descendant) meant we would see a new champion. So I’m going for the winner of the Nadal/Del Potro match to win the tournament and, if fit, I’m leaning towards Del Potro because of the Jupiter transit. Let’s see!

      1. Amado Bustamante

        The men’s finalists are now known : Nadal vs Anderson . Anderson is playing the best tennis of his career . On the other hand, Nadal is raising his level of game every round. His match against Del Potro was very impressive, & as always he got nervous in the opening set. However, I believe that he will raise his game one or two levels up in the finals. When he goes deep in a tournament, especially in a Grand Slam, he becomes a different animal on the court !!

    4. Sorry, I meant to add the birthdates for those who want to check the astrology. Carreno Busta is Sun Cancer – July 12 1991; Del Potro is Sun Libra – September 23 1988; Anderson is Sun Taurus – May 18 1986. No confirmed time of births for any three players. Nadal’s birth data is in the article – Sun Gemini.

      1. Thank you Sally for your prediction! Interesting that you pick Potro, I would be happy for him as he suffered much. What an exciting guy, so cool in his manner and in the same time a great heart (probably Moon Pisces). He did well against Roger, yet he is bestable as Rafa is I think. Nobody plays invincible stuff these weeks in my eyes,

        Do you mean RETROGRADE Mercury (in the Tenth) in terms of going back/returning to an earlyier triumph? Interesting interpretation! Yes, I mixed: it’s progressed Sun conjunct natal Venus for Anderson still under 1 degree. Wawrinka won last year with progressed Sun conjunct Mars 1 degree orb I have seen. I added some observations in a post below. I am looking forward for two exciting Semis!

  62. Dear Ms Sally Kirkman,

    Now that the field has narrowed down, we are eagerly looking forward to your views on the remaining players.


    1. Hi Raman, I’m really sorry but I don’t have time this tournament and I’ve hardly watched any of the tennis. I’ll check in again before the weekend. best, Sally

      1. You are right Mr Patrick !!!

        Now that we have reached the last four stage, we must hear from Astrotennis.

        Also the prediction from Mr Greenstone Lobo must be in the pipeline.

        In view of `public demand’ they must all contribute.

  63. Dear Ms Sally Kirkman,

    Please squeeze some time and reveal to your large number of followers what astrology has in store for the last leg of US Open 2017. You have been brilliant right from the start of the tournament. It has been surprises galore the last about 10 days.

    Thanks-a-tonne in anticipation

  64. Amado Bustamante

    It will be a fierce battle for the last four : Nadal vs Del Potro , Carreno-Busta vs Anderson. Who will come out winners ? Astrology please ….

      1. Thanks everyone. Will take a look at the last four before tomorrow. Back soon… I think it was James who suggested Del Potro from the start? Can’t remember whether that was because of the astrology or because he likes him as a player. Will recheck Patrick’s astrology too before I get back to you all. Will do so before the men’s semis. Exciting tournament!

        1. hi sally i never picked delpotro at any time i do not have his birth time. my pick was if nadal survives till mercury turned direct then he is the champion. i am sticking to it.

          1. Amado Bustamante

            @ James Green I have faith & trust I your prediction. God , let it come true !!! Do you have Anderson’s astrology ? I saw him play against Querry & he was very sharp & impressive . I pick him to be in the finals , an entirely new face. Should he meet Nadal in the finals, it would be a great and possibly epic battle for the title . Come to think of it , could Nadal be the ” other one” as predicted by the tournament’s chart since from the very start of the tournament Federer has always been ” the one “. This is getting to be very exciting !!!

    1. Not that much of a surprise really Patrick. Don’t know about the astrology – but Delpo has won the US Open once before, so maybe it’s his time for a second slam.

      1. Don’t think so Lucy. Sally believes we will have a first time champion and his astrology is not the nost convincing in my eyes. He enjoys Jupiter next to his Mercury which might be his Career Ruler. I miss transits at final as well as progessions.

  65. Nadal vs Del Potro, an exciting match coming up. I believe whoever wins this match, will go on to win the title. Nadal has a great chance to add one more slam to his tally. Though I think he has not maintained the depth in his ground shots, he has the experience to take down the towering Argentine. I reckon it’s a Nadal vs Anderson final with Nadal the last man standing.

  66. Hi all Just to tell you that Sally already posted her last minute prediction is a little up in the comments!

    Just to add delpotro Health does not seem to be a problem anymore and he is playing magnificent tennis!

    Is going to be very hard for nadal to stop delpotro tomorrow ( physicaly speaking) as só far nadal not at his best! Delpo is serving and using his firehand as clean as i have seen from him. For sure Nadal Will struggle!
    But Nadal is Nadal and in magnificent Nadal’s way he enjoys yet mars conjunct his MC within 1 degree plus Jupiter square Mars within 1,5 degrees and mercury conjunct MC. Plus the link with the eclipse in Nadal’s chart makes me believe he Will be the winner of the semi final. And even he looses, well he is the gladiator and he Will give it all!

    Regards to all,

  67. amado bustamante i do not have the birth time of the semifinalists except nadal. so unless any of the other semifinalists have excellent astrology based upon their birth time my pick is nadal to win the tournament.based uopn their date of birth the other 3 semi finalists do not appear to have great astrology in my opinion. patrick has picked anderson to win the tournament.

  68. Amado Bustamante

    @james green Yes, he did & Sally picked Del Potro in her last minute prediction because of his Jupiter transit.

  69. The Grand Eclipse 2017 of the USA one week before tournament start has greatly influenced the US Open 2017. For the US Women it was a gamechanger with an All-American Semis.
    Venus Williams has natal Moon at Eclipse degree 28 Leo sextile natal Gemini Sun, Vandaweghe could have had natal Sagittarius Moon trine the Eclipse. Keys’ natal Aquarius Sun opposite the Eclipse as Stephens with natal Uranus/Saturn both players’ natal planets conjunct the natal chart of the United States (July 4th 1776).

    Also the Men players at Semis are strongly influenced by the Eclipse with Carreno (conjunct Mars), Nadal (conjunct Midheaven), Del Potro (trine Saturn/Uranus) and Anderson (square Sun).
    These players show the awaited influence of the major astrology these weeks with the Eclipse and Mercury turning on same degree as well as Jupiter in his last week’s appearance in Libra sextile Saturn so effective for many players as Rublev (approaching Sun, trine Moon?), Dolgopolov (conjunct Moon?) or Del Potro (approaching Mercury). Mercury turning at Eclipse degree as Career ruler for Nadal and possibly for Anderson and Del Potro (rectified times). Sally, your tip to focus on major astrology first, one year ago, proved right once more. Thanks for that! 😃

    Added to my earlier prediction for Anderson, 7:37 PM as calculated birth time from Kevin’s career highs would give a precise MC Moon conjunction and transitting Sun in his Tenth House conjunct for both the Semis and the final. The Pisces Full Moon would have fallen next to his Midheaven. The Moon opposite natal Sun at the tournament’s opening chart and Sun trine natal House 1 Neptune. Nadal has won none of his 14 Grand Slams playing in Pink so far. Progressed Jupiter precisely sextile natal Mars indicates a successful tournament.

        1. patrick if the time of birth 7.37 pm is correct then sun is his career planet(sidereal astrology) and sun is transiting bang on his mc on the day of the final. this astrology is very powerful for career success.your prediction of anderson winning may well turn out to be correct.

          1. Hi,

            I’ve been reading your predictions since Wimbledon. I found it quite interesting even though I’m not very knowledgeable of astrology.

            I just have to ask this question: If Anderson has such a powerful astrology in career, shouldn’t he have more career success by now? I know astrology changes every day but it does repeat. I would think he would have the same astrology at some points in the past. Why hasn’t he won more? Sorry for the newbie question.

          2. Chipping in here. Not a newbie question at all. Of course, you have to take other factors into account as well. We’ve often seen players with the ‘best’ astrology do well in a tournament but that doesn’t mean they can necessarily beat the more experienced players. It’s a positive time for them, that’s all. That’s why I always look at the tournament chart too. That should give us an idea of what to expect as it’s a symbol of the whole tournament. Then with both sets of astrological information, you can start to make predictions. Hope that helps.

          3. Thanks for the explanation, Sally!

            Your explanation aligns with what I’ve been thinking: I think “success” means different things to different players. For Anderson, reaching a slam final after so many years of trying is an unquestionable “success”. But for Nadal, only winning the title would be considered a “success”. This means “good astrology” is defined by talents. A talented player will reach a far greater height with good astrology than an average player with good astrology. I mean no offense to Anderson fans but his career records are “average” so far.

            Thanks again for your interesting blog! Good luck with your writing project!

    1. I am not an astrologer but having followed you guys on this forum, I have noticed something. Players who are not top 5, excellent astrology in their chart often cannot trump good astrology of the players like Nadal, Federer and Djoker. Maybe Anderson’s good astrology has already manifested and it has taken as far as possible?? Thoughts?

      1. Amado Bustamante

        Hopefully !! Anderson is a very dangerous player & could give Nadal some troubles because of his big serve. But their head-to-head is 4-0 in favor of Nadal. He also might be overwhelmed by the occasion since it’s his very first Grand Slam final & that could affect his game. On the other hand, Nadal is getting better & better with every round.

  70. Well one thing is sure the interprétation from Sally for a new winer Côme true at least in womans tennis as madison Keys and sloane stephens are both in the finals and none of them has yet won a GS. Só congrats Sally!
    Now lets wait on mens tennis!

  71. Astrotennis is on a silent mode. Lets hope Astrotennis will break silence without any further delay.

    Mr Greenstone Lobo who reserves his predictions until the FINALS is expected to come out with his astrology on Sunday morning.

    Lets see if we have any new astrology gurus enter and enliven the blog.

    Hats off to Ms Sally Kirkman !!!

    1. I think that’s an overstatement. Not many players replicate such a performance 2 matches in a row, not even Nadal! Anderson’s huge serve may well disrupt Nadal’s rythm somewhat, so don’t expect it to be such a cakewalk…very disrespectful of you.

      1. @ Lucy Actually, Nadal had repeated his stellar performance not only twice but thrice in a row. It started with his Dolgopolov match, then Rublev & most recently Del Potro. As he goes deeply in the tournament, he gets better & better & a lot stronger. As with his match with Anderson, I expect it to be a fierce battle. As veteran as Nadal is , he still gets nervous. As with Anderson being a first- timer of Grand Slam final, he might get overwhelmed by the occasion which is more huge than his serve. It has been seen and proven time & time again that nerves play a distinct role in the outcome of a final match, especially from a first-timer. Although everything ( H2H, betting sites, number of times in a GS final,etc.)
        points to a Nadal victory, anything can happen under the sun, the planets & the stars .

  72. rafa played his best match on hard courts since beating fed in the 2014 aus open semis. mars had crossed his mc and gone beyond by more than 1 degree. but transit jupiter exactly squares his natal mars during the match.

    1. Thanks James! Yes you are correct! Hé played at his best since a long time on hard courts!
      But transits for the final now weakening a bit… Jupiter square Mars should be within 2 dégrées…andwidening! Lets see how it plays Out!


      1. sam jupiter square mars is widening for nadal but within 1 degree moreover mercury is placed within 1 degree of his mc and approaching mc. if the time of birth given by patrick for anderson is correct sun transiting on mc for anderson as lord of mc is a very good the match will be tough but i expect nadal to finally lift the trophy.

        1. Yes Mercury Hitting MC you are correct and is aproaching not separating! Plus taking in account in western astrology that Mercury is his rulling planet and hitting MC that can be actually good for him! In fact his playing since Mercury turning direct had only get better and better!

          Thanks for tou words 🙂

  73. Amado Bustamante

    When Nadal goes deep in a tournament, especially so in a Grand Slam, HE BECOMES A DIFFERENT ANIMAL on the court !!!

  74. Nadal has s run now – yet the final will be a different match. If Rafa doesn’t like a certain type of player it is an aggressive fast hitter as Anderson. He will give Nadal no rhythm at all while serving and you always play as good as the opponent allows. Del Potro was empty after Set 1 today. Astrology says Mars conjunct Rafa’s MC and Jupiter square Mars will be gone for the final. So there’s a chance for Anderson who might have the Sun conjunct MC himself at final. Anderson is on fire as Nadal is.

    1. Yes Patrick indeed! Anderson is not the kind opponent making it easy to stick to a game plan hé can make nadal loose confidence because of his facility to get free points on serve!

      We Will see how it plays Out!


    2. Great prediction for Anderson, Patrick. It sounds as if it’s going to be a tough shout for him to beat Nadal though. I haven’t watched the matches but it sounds as if Nadal’s getting better and better too. Should hopefully be a great final if Anderson plays to the best of his ability and isn’t affected by the occasion.

      1. Thank you, Sally! Anderson appeared very nervous 1,5 sets after that we could see why he came so far. He works with a mental coach since some time constantly encouraging himself loudly during points. Sure it is a huge challenge for him at Sunday.

        Interestingly the opening chart of Potro’s US Open triumph 2009 and this year’s tournament both had Venus as DC Ruler conjunct MC by 3 degrees orb. We will see if there’s a Surprise Champion once more with Uranus conjunct DC on top. 200 Minutes play time could be decisive when the Moon trine the Sun (possibly conjunct natal Moon) building a trine with Pluto. The Moon is DC Ruler in Cancer in the final chart representing the Underdog.

        Some astrology about Del Potro: I would give Juan a Pisces Moon which suits his heartly actions on court which he’s known for and which describes why people love him so much. Please Compare his US Open Outfit with the typical Pisces colors:

        Roger played with similiar colors and moved out against Potro at the day of Full Moon in Pisces. The spot lights before the match were in Pink and Blue, too.

      2. Utkarsh Singh parihar

        I also guess so… But we are missother members of Big 5 . Madam when we can see all other at their best playing each other.

    3. Utkarsh Singh parihar

      I have been followings. Sally site from long time, and enjoy it a lot. As a moderate commentor I will like to point out you are always negative on Nadal chances. Pls be neutral for every player.

  75. what does this mean for rafa?

    “Mercury, his career planet, will go back and forth over that point and on the day of the final, Mercury is at 0 Virgo 30, very close to the degree of his Midheaven.”

    also, can better astrology prevail over better talent? nadal won 15 slams, kevin hasnt, just wondering if anderson’s better astrology will defeat nadal’s talent and skills.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I’ve just replied to another comment asking exactly the same. You have to take everything into account and the astrology is one factor, is the quick answer. Mercury is the planet most closely associated with tennis; it’s linked to dexterity and quick reactions so to have Mercury exactly on your Midheaven, the success point in your chart, is good news. To put that in context, it will happen approximately once a year.

  76. Sally said the champ will be a surprising man.Nadal has’t won a hard court title for 3 years.
    No one can image Nadal’s winning.
    Nadal will get his 16th title on astrology.

  77. I second Jean. Nobody expects Nadal to win any grandslam other than the French Open, given his bouncy, slow-paced game suitable only on Clay courts. He is very vulnerable on other courts as proven time and again. In fact, I have been watching every Nadal’s match with bated breath that somebody with a fierce forehand and a great serve would beat the heck out of Nadal, who somehow has found his way out somehow. That in itself is a surprise so far. In that sense, the ‘surprise winner’ tag cannot fit anybody else than Nadal:-) at least for me.

    1. That’s far-fetched Chandra. Nadal has won 5 Grand Slams on different surfaces than clay and reaching several more finals, losing to Roger at AO 2017 in a cutting-edge final. The number 1 seed cannot seen as a surprise winner. Even less because Nadal already won twice here. Either the astrology points to Anderson as a first time winner as the Women’s competition reveales or Mercury (r)in 10th House favors Nadal.

      1. Is exactly that Patrick!

        Astrologically speaking there is nothing else to say! If Anderson wins is definilitely Venus /DC transit pointing Out underdog winner or mercury helping Out Nadal!

        As simple as that!

        Well said!

        You are one of best moderator in this forum and far for anyone! No négative about and player at all! True respect!

        Iam a nadal fan but i try to see astrology as it is and get to learn a bit From that!

        And Patrick you are a heck of an astrologer!

        Respect and Regards

  78. Amado Bustamante

    It is really a surprise for most ; but after the French Open, the U.S. Open is the slam Nadal would most likely win, especially now that the court is slower than a year ago. Between Nadal & Anderson, their H2H is 4-0, in favor of Nadal. Furthermore, it is Anderson’s very first Grand Slam Final. A lot of players, especially first timers, had been overwhelmed by the occasion; hence, their plays suffered. I see the finals as a lot of mental game,too.

  79. I’ll be honest and say I haven’t look at any of the astrology this year as Ive been too busy but, as a Nadal fan, I was concerned about Anderson and Querry and was pleased when they had to play each other, therefore getting rid of one of them! Rafa is playing very well but he doesn’t do well against the big tall massive servers. I was hoping Carreno Busta would eliminate Anderson and I was worried about Del Potro. Rafa handled Del Potro well but Anderson has a bigger serve. I await with trepidation for the final and just hope Rafa gets enough serves back into play as he is a better player than Anderson but we shall see. Mercury turning direct is a good sign for Rafa.

  80. What a wild tournament so far! And now, we head into the final. Thanks to our Sally, Patrick, and others for your analyses at various times through the tournament. It is interesting but time-consuming work, and I for one truly appreciate your efforts!

    I don’t have much to add. I just like to look at things and ask some questions of Sally, the planets, whatever!

    It seems that Rafa is absolutely on fire now. Will the recent eclipse lighting up his Midheaven bring victory? An eclipse can be very powerful. And there’s also the Mercury transit adding emphasis.

    I’ll go with the time of birth used here for him and look at some secondary progressions. His progressed Midheaven career factor is making a nice sextile to his progressed Saturn, and this could bring success based upon hard work and mastery of his sport. There is a potentially challenging progression, his progressed Ascendant opposite his Chiron. This could bring “wounding” from or to, an opponent. His progressed Moon is widely conjunct his progressed Chiron. This could bring a “wounding.” However, I think Sally has said she doesn’t find Chiron factors to be very reliable?

    And then there’s the transit of Neptune square Rafa’s Sun. This is still close enough to exact to be strong. This could bring disappointment (Neptune in difficult aspect) to his career ambitions (Sun). But positive factors could be strong enough to make this recede into the background. We may have seen it express already, early in the tournament when he wasn’t playing his best.

    I won’t even attempt to look at factors for Kevin without a positive time of birth. Isn’t it frustrating when a time of birth isn’t available for a player, it just leaves so much potential astrological information missing!

    And then, the tournament chart. Will this final bring a surprise winner? I’d think that would have to be Kevin, since he’s never won a slam. However, sometimes we’ve seen a tournament chart express more for the women than the men, and vice versa. There will definitely be a new champion in the women’s game.

    So, there again, I have no answers, just questions. But I always find it so interesting to see how the planets end up expressing for the individuals and the tournament involved!

    1. Pease, no injury to anyone. I don’t like the sound of “wounding”. I hope both are healthy and compete to their respective ability. May the best one win.

      1. Thank you too Patrick for all your astrology this tournament. It’s been greatly appreciated especially since I’ve been busy with other commitments. You made some great predictions this time around, especially Anderson doing so well. See you next year 🙂

  81. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
    There’s nothing you can’t do
    Now you’re in New York
    These streets will make you feel brand new
    Big lights will inspire you
    Hear it from New York, New York, New York!

    Madison Keys about to get crowned as Queen of New York City. In a Women final of two comebackers from longstanding injuries, Keys has the final’s Midheaven conjunct her natal North Node – point of destiny. The Sun conjunct natal ‘turning point’ Pholus. The Moon trine Mars picks up natal ‘planet of surprise’ Uranus in a Grand trine. The Women’s tournament strongly influenced by the Grand Eclipse mirroring Sally’s prediction as a New Champion to arise. We will see tomorrow if Venus conjunct MC means surprise limited to the ladies as it was two years ago with Venus/Mars conjunct MC (Penetta/Djokovic).

  82. It has been a tournament of surprises. Both in Men’s Singles as well as Women’s Singles. In the Women’s Singles that there would be a surprise winner was known prior to the final itself.

    Is there yet another surprise in store for all of us in Men’s Singles in the form of Kevin Anderson ?

  83. What will 2018 tennis season bring? It should be interesting with all other guys coming back and all points that Nadal and Federer have to defend next year.

  84. James,
    Thank You for sticking to your prediction of Rafa winning from the start of the event! Great job, I believed in you!

    You always tried to find the best astrology in every other player but NOT in Rafa, you tried to justify that everytime in your predictions. And alwys negated Rafa’s. Infact most of your predictions was wrong, ex Zverev, Dimitrov, Roger, Delpo,Madison Keys and even Anderson. I get it you dont like Rafa, but that is very obvious to the regulars here.
    But I have enjoyed reading your predictions.

      1. Hi guys! Dont do that! Patrick is an astrologer! He is not a Guru!

        He interprets the astrology according to What he sees!

        Remember his run in the quarter finals!
        Its not fair to him!

        Thanks to all and specially to Sally, Patrick and James Green.

        See you all soon!

        And also congrats to Rafa!

        Regards to all

      2. My friend Bustamante,
        it turned out this blog didn’t move to the Vatican as many of your fellow fans’ comments suggested during this season. On the one hand you are cheering for your gladiatorial hero and on the other you are lamenting when an opponent gets more attention by laying out his astrological chances…  🙂

        1. @ Patrick I always pray to God so that Nadal may win. I guess a lot of other Nadal fans, too. Just very happy that God heard our prayers. Some day , it may be the other way around and I will gladly take the result. All is fair in God’s eyes . You are right !! I’m a Roman Catholic and have connection to the Vatican. Wishing you success & good luck . MAY GOD BLESS YOU !!!

      3. Thank you Sally and everybody else for sharing your thoughts and analysis. Appreciate your nice comments!

        Congratulation James for predicting Rafa Nadal as Champion and to Sally for predicting surprise champions which proved right for Women and both Doubles competitions as for the wide and early erasure of seeded players for Men’s. You were right in many aspects as so often 👍

        Congrats to Rafa Nadal who could keep up his high level of play of the last rounds. Playing a perfect tactical game tantalizing the Giant Anderson Nadal was also stronger mentally. Most players are not ready to rise to the occasion as Anderson never could level his earlier rounds play what was not only due to his opponent’s play.

        Sally, your tennis blog was a pleasure as always and having had some predictions right myself to a big part is the result of learning through your offered astrology Slam by Slam ☺

        See you all again at AO 2018 !!

        Kind regards,

    1. ana thanks for your nice basis for the prediction was mercury going back and forth on nadals mc jupiter squaring his natal mars and saturn squaring his natal jupiter during the tournament.moreover the tournament charts point ascendent was in an almost exact sextile to nadals mc.and moon signifying the favourite though debilitated had cancellation of debilitation due to the aspect of mars his sighn dispositor meaning the favourite will win.

      1. James, try this

        using Vedic astrology on 3 players.
        ( Nadal, Federer Djokovic, ) try predicting their future now for the next 3 years… that will be an easier exercise as you will not have to look at the tournament charts but their personally transits and months of the transits..

        I tried doing this and results were very very clear..

        Please share the results so that we can compare notes..

        Ps- the results were very clear when I did this but I didn’t want to influence you hence not sharing the result , will await your assessment.

        I then compared the astrology of the benefictoty with other players too and it still stood out..

        1. dr dhairya roy i am using only vedic astrology. but to predict the winner of a particular tournament it is the transits of planets in respect to their natal placements and important points in their horoscope during the tournament coupled with the tournament start chart and how it has a bearing on a particular players chart is more useful in predicting the winner.

          1. Dear James, save this message.

            Rafa has very very favourable astrology from Jan 2017- August 2018. In this period he will at least win 4 slams.( best phase of his career)

            Post that I see good patches in June 2019/ June 2020.

            I see him winning at least 21 slams.

            PS – obviously this is just a preliminary report.. it will need a detailed study.

    2. Utkarsh Singh parihar

      @Ana i completely agree with you on this Mr. Patrick I was trying to point out this last time, even in French open you were trying it.

    3. hi Ana, I’m sorry but I’m going to step in here. Patrick’s astrology was great this tournament and he did really well with his predictions with who would go through, especially Anderson who made it to the final. I don’t agree that he doesn’t go for Nadal because he doesn’t like him but because he didn’t favour the astrology. I too didn’t rave about Nadal this tournament because it was eclipse astrology, which can cause an upset. I really appreciate all the astrologers making their predictions here and both James and Patrick were great this tournament. It’s not easy making predictions because you put yourself out there to be wrong and then to be criticised. I really want all the astrologers to keep making their predictions in the future because that for me is a main part of this forum. best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally,

        Great astrology yet again! Congrats on picking out the surprises theme that ran throughout this tournament! Looking forward to AO 2018.

        Re: Ana’s feedback about Patrick’s “negative bias” towards Rafa, this is your blog, and you have certainly the most objective view of what is going on. I think there is no smoke without fire though, otherwise why view point, no offence intended to anyone.
        no one voices the same criticism of James, your kind self, or other who made predictions that are not 100% correct?

        This is my first posting here, so I just want to state my

    4. @Ana, Sally has already took a stand to your comment. You accuse me of wrong things and far more it is You turning around my successful predictions. What a poor behavior!

  85. James Green HATS OFF TO YOU !!! Spot on again !!! I feel so ecstatic that RAFA won. When you predicted that Nadal would win from the very start & you stick to it , my worries had lessened considerably for I trust & believe you predictions. Congratulations !!!

    1. thanks for your nice comments. we cannot be right all the time as we do not have the horoscopes of all the 128 players who enter a slam. moreover as my grandfather used to say only god can be 100% right.any way i predict rafa will most probably win australian open 2018

      1. Dear Mr James Green,

        Congratulations to you !! Your predictions were highly commendable.

        Could you please share with us a few essential details about Nadal’s chances at Australilan Open 2018 ?

        And also of the season ending ATP Finals ?

        Thank you

  86. Thanks to all.
    It was a wonderful fortnight indeed.
    See you all again during Australian Open 2018.
    Unless of course, Ms Sally Kirkman chooses to write on the astrology for the tour ending ATP World Tour Championship meant for the top 8 !!!
    Have I given some food for thought, Ms Sally Kirkman ?

    Thanks-a-tonne for this wonderful platform.

    1. You are welcome and I think it is highly unlike that I will be looking at the ATP World Tour! However, I do look forward to seeing you all again next year. Thank you everyone for your comments – I didn’t have to remove any this time around and that’s a first 🙂

  87. hi sally your prediction of final winner may not be correct but your prediction of surprise in this usopen is bang on as a surprise winner won the womens title and the mens tournament was full of surprise results with seeds falling left right and centre and a surprise finalist in the mens final. congratulations.

    1. Thank you James and well done too. Brilliant prediction re. Nadal. I’ll be adding my usual updates to the tournament article shortly. best, Sally

  88. Vamos RAFA !!! Congratulations on your 3rd US OPEN WIN..
    Special thanks to sally n all the contributors to this wonderful forum…

  89. Can Nadal supress Federer’s Slam record James Green.Good to know he will win Australian Open.How many Federer will win before he retires??Congratulats on your prediction.

  90. As usual I have written an update for the article looking again at what we know about the tournament and how the astrology played out. Thank you everyone for your comments and for playing so nicely this time around. I look forward to seeing you all again in 2018. Over and out… best wishes, Sally

    1. Dear Ms Sally Kirkman,

      Please consider our request for a quick astrological rundown of the season ending ATP Finals where the top 8 men participate. The tournament will be in November, 2017 – from 12th to 19th at London. The players will be determined somewhere in the last week of October, 2017.


  91. dear raman all i can say is nadal has got good transits during the australian open. i am presuming it will be played from 15th january to 28th january.during that period transit jupiter goes over nadals natal asct degree and exactly trines his natal jupiter. transit mars on the start day is exact sextile to his natal mars and on the day of the final exact square to his mc. we shall take a closer look at the time of the tournament.

  92. I want to share this amusing experience of mine regarding this US Open as an afterthought. When you have questions and can’t find answers , look up in the sky. I was walking home from work & was so interested as to who would win the match between Federer & Del Potro. I looked up in the sky to find a sign . It was sunset & the sky looked so orange bright , almost reddish. I remember I saw that kind of sky in a casino here in my place which has an Aztec theme or South American. Somehow, I believed that Del Potro would win the match & surely he did. Then came the semi-final match between Nadal & Del Potro. Again, I was walking home from work & as I looked at the sunset in the western sky , it was a pale yellow, pale but unmistakably yellow. I immediately thought of Spain’s flag because of its red & yellow colors. But then, I remembered that Nadal always wore yellow shirt on his practice sessions. I had reason to believe that he would win the match & surely he did. Then came the final Sunday. I was so anxious, albeit apprehensive , about the outcome. That late afternoon, the sky was cloudy & gray. When I looked up the sky, I couldn’t find any answer. After a while , the sunset sky was turning pink. After five minutes or so, it became so bright that it was like neon pink. I got goose pimples !!! NADAL WON !!! Nadal had neon pink for his day outfit and black with neon pink Nike logo for night outfit. When I got home & checked the result, he really did win. I don’t how to describe this, but it was amusing & surreal. With this win, the CURSE of pink on Nadal has finally been lifted & reversed. Finally , he is a CHAMPION IN PINK !!!

    1. Dear Mr Amado Bustamante,

      Thanks for sharing your personal experiences. It shows that sometimes we can infer certain practical possibilities by observing certain events and facts.

      It also goes to show that you are man who is ‘ always thinking ‘ !!!

      It made a very good reading.

      Thanks once again

  93. @ Raman , Sally You are most welcome & thank you for reading. This has been a very informative, fun & entertaining fortnight. SALLY , you are the best !!! I’m getting addicted now to your forum & can’t wait for AO 18. Till then …. GOD BLESS EVERYONE !!!

  94. As some of you criticized my comments at the last day I feel to take stand. I have not only put Rafa Nadal into the final right from the start and extensively pointed out his promising astrology on several occasions, Discussing underdog’s chances in various articles is a natural procedure especially when the tournament suggests surprises. If some of you points to Roland Garros and my posts discussing opponents’ chances to beat Nadal more than usual – ASK YOURSELF where this might have come from.

    Many of us long time participants of this blog disliked dismissive comments starting with Melbourne as “when it’s a Rafa Roger final and that too in a grand slam, astrology does not matter”, “now Rafa will defeat him sadistically!” or “Poor guy Anderson will lose 6-0,6-1,6-0”. All those comments and many more in the same tone came from Nadal fans – often accompanied by CAPITAL letters.

    Dishing out overbearing slogans like that, some of you guys start lamenting when other players chances are emphasized. No tolerance and not able to handle other opinions, partly responding with inflammatory slogans. “Nobody is questioning my holy messias”. I remember one so poorly debasing another’s professional astro analysis just because it wasn’t to his Nadal favored liking. This forum has a different culture than tennis chats with sports pub language. Neither this blog was a holy site of Mekka.

    We never had issues like this before the past 12 months. First it was Sally being offended by Djokovic ‘fans’ at NYC 2016, then it was me who dared to take your upset on me. Addressing the complex astrology I predicted Federer to catch the AO title earning early resonance. It surely wasn’t to your liking that “Rafa will destroy Federer’s backhand” proved wrong. So, please study the law of cause and effect and look in the mirror first.