Taurus February 2020

Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

Work and money matters dominate as the month begins. The Sun is in Aquarius and your career and vocation sector until the 19th. Plus, this month’s Full Moon on the 9th highlights the foundations of your life as the Full Moon cuts across the Leo/Aquarius axis.

This is about work and home and getting the balance right. If you need to make a significant work decision, choose the Full Moon to do so.

Money Moves

Also, financial ties are well-aspected in the first half of the month as action planet Mars has a free run through Sagittarius and your joint finance sector, up until the 16th. This can be the planetary equivalent of an adrenalin rush. Whether your finances are up or down, you have to be courageous and bold to make the most of money matters.

Engage fully with what’s happening in your financial situation and trust your intuition. You might be seeking funding or a loan for a study or travel project. Keep your options open and consider new ways of raising money or sharing resources. When it comes to work and money, you’re wise to act fast. The first half of February is great for getting ahead.

Venus In The Mix

Venus, your ruling planet, remains in Pisces until the 7th. Venus, the planet of love, is expansive in Pisces, a boundless water sign linked to the sea and the emotions. At its best, this is unconditional love, a sensitive and empathic placing for the planet of relationships.

There’s another strong dynamic that kicks in throughout February for you. This is the focus on the star sign Aries, the sign previous to your own. This will be felt from the 7th, when your ruler Venus changes star sign and moves from the last sign, Pisces, to the first sign, Aries.

Traditionally, when planets are in Aries, this is about being on your own rather than with other people. There’s a solitary feel to Aries, the sign linked to the individual. Sometimes, events conspire against you to bring a period of solitude or alone-ness. You may be feeling under the weather or want more time to yourself to deal with a personal situation.

Other times, you’re looking after people who need you. This brings out the caring side of your nature, your earth mother archetype. In fact, this is very possible in February because of the strong emphasis on Pisces, a caring and sensitive influence. 

You might choose to be there for a friend in need or work alongside other people helping others. See what transpires close to the New Moon in Pisces on the 23rd, potentially a powerful date for friendship, group connections and teamwork. 

Mercury Retrograde

However, there’s another key planetary influence taking place. This is the fact that communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces on the 17th and remains on go slow until March 10th. Mercury retrograde is excellent for preparation and research and working behind the scenes. This fits with Venus in Aries and creating quiet time amidst the busyness of life.

Yet, this can also be a time when things are unclear and you may not understand what other people are thinking or feeling. It’s in your friendship and group sector where there could be overwhelming emotion and sentimentality. 

Plus, there’s a major planetary aspect taking place on the 20th between Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. This is gorgeous for dreams and imagination, inspiration and connection. However, due to Mercury retrograde, this could also feel confusing or elusive if you don’t know where you’re heading and why.

Therefore, you’re wise to go with the flow in the second half of the month and not get too attached to other peoples’ decisions or words. You rarely know the truth of the situation when Mercury is in retreat. Also, you may find your own thoughts and feelings around friends and group activities ebb and flow, chop and change. Keep your options open and don’t take all interactions at face value.

Sometimes, it’s easier to wait until the timing feels right, to be in flow rather than try and force the issue. Get people on your side, ask for support or friendship when you need it and don’t feel that you have to try and achieve the impossible. As a Sun Taurus, you know more than most that happiness comes via contentment and the easy, natural flow of life.

Looking Ahead

There is another planetary dynamic which suggests that even if you’re home-bound or having to proceed slowly, you can still line up new adventures and think about what next. This is because action planet Mars moves into your fellow earth sign Capricorn on the 16th where it remains until late March.

Capricorn rules travel and study in your horoscope, it’s about the bigger picture in life and looking ahead. In fact, you might want to take a step back in the second half of the month so you give yourself space to reassess where you’re heading and why.

Uranus in Taurus is also active in February. Key dates are the 5th, 21st, 22nd and 29th. Uranus in Taurus is something of a mis-match because Uranus rules change and your star sign Taurus is fixed earth. If you don’t want to be moved, you can dig in your heels and remain doggedly determined or stubborn.

Yet, Uranus brings something new to the mix – and then some. In fact, it may be hard to stay put or remain rooted with Uranus in your star sign. It doesn’t mean that you have to leap into something new straightaway. In fact, that wouldn’t be wise while Mercury’s retrograde. 

Instead, use this key astrology to dream and plot and plan. Then, when the stars are aligned in March, you can start your personal process of change and innovation. Uranus in your star sign is encouraging you to embrace what’s new and different.

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