Stars In Their Thighs: Football Predictions And The FA Cup Final

photo of a footballMy other half is an avid Arsenal fan and has been for years and years. When we met on holiday in Venezuela, I was wearing an Arsenal baseball cap and he thought he’d met his dream woman. It was only when we met up again in London that I told him I’d borrowed the cap because it was hot and that my team is and always has been Manchester United.

To say he was gutted is an understatement (I can still quite vividly remember his hands shaking) but, bless him, he managed to look past this disturbing fact and our relationship survived.

The knowledge that my family were originally from Knutsford near Manchester, my Mum was a Man United fan and my Grandad and Great Uncle used to regularly attend matches on a Saturday afternoon seemed to help. I wasn’t one of the “prawn sandwich” brigade; being a Man United supporter was in my blood.

Years ago when I started learning astrology, it was a natural transition to make sports predictions, mainly for my own entertainment, but when I was the astrologer for the Daily Star newspaper, my football predictions took off. It was a match made in heaven.

Here’s one of my best predictions when I was the astrologer at the Daily Star. In 1999, Manchester United won the Champions League final and famously ‘did the treble’ (they also won the Premiership title and the FA Cup that season).

This is what the Daily Star had to say in an article entitled “Stars in Their Thighs”:

“Our own league-topping astrologer Sally Kirkman – who predicted Saturday’s FA Cup final 2-0 win AND the fact that Keano would leave the pitch – tackles the Old Trafford lads again. Demonstrating some remarkable (crystal) ball control herself, she finds that the Man United lads don’t just have the nation rooting for them”.

Here’s my prediction:

“The Champions League horoscope isn’t as clear cut as the FA Cup Final but I do feel that Manchester United will pip Bayern at the post. There are strong indications, though, that the game will go into extra time with a definite chance of penalties. Whether it does finish at full time or goes all the way to penalties, Man U will win by one goal”.

And the result? Man United 2 Bayern Munich 1. Man U infamously scored a late goal to go 1-1 with Bayern and scored the winning goal in extra time.

As an astrologer, when you start to give sports predictions, something else happens. You tap into a different level of consciousness, perhaps it’s your sixth sense kicking in or a knowingness, and your level of accuracy tends to increase. It may just be that the more you practise, the better you get. This was the case for me when I was using astrology to make predictions for the Daily Star.

Around the same time, I used to predict the scores for Arsenal every week and on one occasion correctly predicted a 5-1 win. My other half’s mates were astounded and they would always ask, “what’s Sal’s prediction for today”.

This little run of successes lasted for a few weeks and then it didn’t “feel” right any more. It was as if my ‘guiding spirit’ or ‘daemon’, call it what you like, had moved on. Personally, I think that’s the way it should be as then you don’t take those moments of pure insight or clarity for granted.

So what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think my previous success with sports predictions is just down to astrology. I think it’s because first and foremost I do enjoy football and once you get in the zone with sports predictions, something else happens.

So, can she do it again or has she lost her touch? If you’re a Chelsea or Liverpool fan and have managed to read this far inundated with stories about Arsenal and Manchester United, well done. And if you’ve skimmed through the article to this point, I understand…

Here’s my prediction for today’s FA Cup Final on Saturday 5th May 2012 between Chelsea and Liverpool.

Prediction: Liverpool to win; score 2-1.

For those of you who are interested in the astrology, I will be writing another article next week that shows the astrology charts of both the FA Cup and Champions League finals and will explain how I make my predictions. I will include my prediction for the Champions League Final on Saturday 19th May 2012 between Bayern Munich and Chelsea.

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Post Match Analysis (added 21st May 2012):

I got the right score, the wrong team (lol). This reminded me of one of my all-time favourite comedy sketches from the Morecambe and Wise show when Eric Morecambe was “playing” Grieg’s Piano Concerto, conducted by Andre Previn, which basically sounds nothing like it.

One of the funniest comedy lines ever is when Andre Previn says to him, “you’re playing the wrong notes” and Eric Morecambe replies, after a long pause, “I’m playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order”. Enjoy the clip below if you’ve never watched it before and I’ll leave you with the thought that, “I’m making all the right predictions but not necessarily in the right order”:

3 thoughts on “Stars In Their Thighs: Football Predictions And The FA Cup Final”

  1. good site!!but here in my site ( i have predicted chelsea to win)
    and Chelsea won the FA Cup.
    I am not sure right now,but Chelsea have a godd chances to win champions league too.

    1. Thank you for your comment and well done on your prediction for Chelsea to win the FA Cup. I will explain why I went for Liverpool in a blog post this week or next. I will also be making a prediction for the Champions League final. Good luck!

  2. good site!!but here in my site ( i have predicted chelsea to win)
    and Chelsea won the FA Cup.
    I am not sure right now,but Chelsea have a godd chances to win champions league too.

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