Scorpio May 2021

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As May begins, love planet Venus is in your opposite star sign Taurus ruling your relationships, both personal and professional. If you’re looking for love, the 2nd and 6th are stand-out dates.

In addition, the 11th when there’s a New Moon in Taurus, a symbol of new beginnings and an ideal date to set your intentions around love & partnership. As you’ll be hearing shortly, there’s more than one reason this month why love could dominate.

The Sun remains in Taurus until the 20th. Sometimes, you find that other people are more prominent in your life while the Sun is here and this moves the emphasis away from you. People count and it’s a good month to ensure you’re on the right side of other people.

There’s more than one reason to be happy in May as there’s more emphasis on the water signs Cancer and Pisces. You are the third water sign and when planets are in your element, there’s a natural flow in your astrology.

Your traditional ruler Mars remains in Cancer and your travel and study sector throughout May.

You might have your eye on the bigger picture, you may want to learn or improve your knowledge, find a religion that suits you or pursue a spiritual path. Do what feels right for you.

Jupiter Enters Pisces

The big news this month, however, is the planet Jupiter on the move. Jupiter is the planet of joy, luck and good fortune and on the 14th, Jupiter enters Pisces, where it remains until July 28th. Jupiter then leaves Pisces but returns here at the end of the year on December 29th.

This is a lovely shift of planetary energy for you. Turn your focus towards what you want out of life. Pisces represents creativity, love affairs, entertainment, fun and children in your horoscope. It’s the playful sector and it’s about doing more of what you love.

Plan some fun events with friends and family and make laughter and socialising high priority where you can. Focus on the positives in your life and veer away from negativity.

Jupiter is the planet of luck so trust your luck when Jupiter is in Pisces and the luckiest sector of your horoscope. Have a flutter, enter a competition or buy a raffle ticket when you’re out and about.

There is a popular saying in the UK, ‘you have to be in to win’ and this can apply to life as well as the lottery, e.g. if you want to meet someone new, join a dating agency or let your friends know you’re keen for an introduction. This will serve you better than sitting at home alone waiting for the phone to ring.

It’s the same if you’ve always wanted to write a book, be an artist or play a musical instrument. While Jupiter’s in Pisces, revisit your childhood dreams and take the first step towards turning a dream into reality. 

Jupiter’s move into Pisces isn’t going to sort out all the nitty-gritty boring stuff of life but it is going to move play and pleasure higher up your life barometer and that’s got to be a good thing.

Gemini Season

This month, there’s also lively planetary activity in air sign Gemini. Talk planet Mercury is here from the 4th and the planet of relating Venus enters Gemini on the 9th. Plus, the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th.

Gemini rules joint finances in your horoscope. This is linked to all financial transactions, such as mortgages, inheritances, taxes, debts and savings. This is where you need to turn your attention throughout May and get things moving sooner rather than later.

Gemini rules the sector of your horoscope that’s about all things taboo, i.e. money, sex, power, death & rebirth. You might be diving deep into some big conversations in the coming month.

Mercury Retrograde/Lunar Eclipse

It is important to get things moving fast because communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini on the 29th and remains on go slow until June 22nd.

Traditionally, this is not the time to make a major purchase or significant financial decision. Sometimes you end up having to play a waiting game where money’s concerned.

Also, on the 26th, there’s a Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac and the money sectors of your horoscope. Eclipses can be game-changers and bring what’s hidden to light. So, get your financial ducks in a row before the end of May.

This eclipse is part of an eclipse cycle which began in June 2020 and completes in December 2021. A lot depends what’s happened already with regard to money, assets, possessions.

Some of you may have done extraordinary well during this period. Others may have experienced a loss. When eclipse energy kicks in, things are rarely stable – be prepared.

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