Sagittarius Monthly Stars June 2015

tribe jumping, SagittariusSagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

June is lining up to be an exciting month ahead and there are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, a Full Moon takes place on the 2nd in your sign of Sagittarius. This is a powerful Full Moon when you can trust your intuition, be true to who you are, be guided by your emotions.

Secondly, your ruling planet Jupiter is in dynamic form throughout the month. Jupiter is the biggest planet in astronomy and the best planet in astrology. Your sign at its best reveals a positive attitude, a happy-go-lucky nature, an ability to remain optimistic even in the face of adversity and an uncanny knack of eleventh hour luck and being in the right place at the right time.

All these factors are accelerated now because Jupiter is progressing quickly and making some lovely connections along the way. Jupiter is in your fellow fire sign of Leo and Leo rules all areas of your life which broaden your horizons and enable you to see the bigger picture. This includes travel, study, your philosophy on life, a spiritual path, your ability to be visionary, entrepreneurial and live life to the full.

Plus, on the 22nd of this month, Jupiter makes a stunning trine aspect with Uranus, the planet of change and surprises. This is the third and final connection of these two mighty planets. They came together for the first time in September 2014, they met in March earlier this year and this is their third and most powerful aspect. So look out for new opportunities, a chance to say yes to adventure and new experiences.

Jupiter and Uranus share similarities as they are both planets that favour space and freedom, they’re risk-takers, opportunists, urging you to leap out of bed and get on with life. In mythology, both Jupiter and Uranus were Gods of the Sky so look upward, reach out and expand your horizons. Jupiter rules foreign connections; go global, book your dream holiday or make a decision to emigrate.

Publishing, the media & truth are also Jupiter themes so get your book published, stand up for what you believe in and make a name for yourself. Jupiter was God of Thunder and this is a loud and proud combination especially in the sign of Leo. Bring noise and colour into your life: a fanfare, trumpets blowing, have a ball.

Uranus in Aries is the individual but standing next to Jupiter, there’s an underlying theme that together you’re bigger and better. Align yourself with people of like minds and be true to who you are. This is the combination that helps you make the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. Hop into your hot air balloon and cast off the ropes. Where in life are you ready to break free?

This stunning planetary combination is linked to other people in your chart as Jupiter and Uranus connect with planets in your opposite sign of Gemini. Partnerships are powerful now, both personally and professionally. So look out for other people who inspire you and you them, seek out a role model, someone who can help you move forward in life.

Find a travelling companion, set up a school or business with a strong individual, and look for people who complement your own skills and talents. This is the month when you find the right person who fits the role or job or position perfectly.

If you’re looking for love, this is a stunning month to find someone special. Uranus is in Aries and the sector of your chart ruling new love, children, creativity, entertainment and Gemini is the sign that rules your one-to-one relationships.

Exciting things can happen now and note the following dates which are action-packed and full of joyful surprises. Jupiter, your ruler, teams up with Mars in Gemini on the 5th and the Sun in Gemini on the 8th. Uranus teams up with Mars in Gemini on the 9th, the Sun in Gemini on the 10th and Venus in Leo on the 29th. Use these dates to good effect in your own life.

Venus, the love planet, also enters Leo on the 5th where she remains until early October apart from two weeks in Virgo late July. This is the classic holiday romance, meeting someone from a different cultural or background. Love feels exotic, sexy, passionate.

The key turning point for you this month is the 11th when Mercury, the planet of communication and your partner planet, turns direct in the heavens. This is when you can make a definitive choice about love or partnership. This is when you hear the news you’ve been waiting for or new information comes to light.

Plus, five days later, there’s a New Moon in Gemini and your opposite sign. New Moons symbolise new beginnings, a chance to start afresh and a brilliant date to launch a project and set your intentions. This New Moon falls in your relationship sector so it’s about other people, meeting someone new, key negotiations.

There’s a real buzz to this month’s stars for you and a lot going well. Neptune is still strong down at the base of your chart, so at times you may feel rootless or all at sea. Home or family have sentimental overtones and what takes place in these areas of your life can unsettle you or connect you closely to your deeper emotions. You’re being pulled back to your past in some way.

This is confirmed because Saturn, the planet of time, returns to Scorpio and the most hidden sector of your chart on the 15th. Saturn remains in this sector of your chart until September 18th. This links back to events which took place between October 2012 and December 2014.

This perhaps gives you a breather from your own issues, concerns, problems as it means you no longer have Saturn in your own sign of Sagittarius for the next three months. Saturn will return to your sign in September but right now it’s other people who are your main focus. View this as a chance to resolve an issue from your past, to find closure. Tie up loose ends as new beginnings are most definitely on the horizon.

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