Sagittarius June 2021

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It would be surprising if what’s happening in your life this month isn’t closely connected to your partner, an ex or someone close to you.

This is because the major planetary activity takes place in Gemini, your opposite star sign. Gemini rules your relationships, both personal & professional. The Sun is here until the 21st and communication planet Mercury is in Gemini all month.

Mercury Retrograde/Solar Eclipse

Yet, Mercury is in its trickster phase and retrograde until the 22nd. You and someone close might be talking incessantly, trying to sort out a problem or issue.

Or, perhaps it’s the complete opposite and the one you love has gone awol. Either way, this is rarely a time when a relationship is on track and it’s not the time to make a major decision.

Notice what happens on or around the Solar Eclipse in Gemini on the 10th. This date could be significant and bring with it new insights, revelation or awakening. A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon with extra power. It’s dynamic and other-worldly. 

This is when you could meet someone new or turn around your life to follow someone else. It’s dramatic planetary energy but exciting too.

The 11th is potentially a day of revelation when the Sun/Mercury retrograde conjunction occurs. This is linked to events in your past or your partner’s past.

Neptune’s Call

Romantic Neptune is active this month, specifically on the 5th, 13th & 25th. This could be a wonderful month for falling in love and going wherever your heart leads you. Love is one way of experiencing bliss and transcendence as it takes you away from the humdrum and your routine.

This is fine, as long as you don’t make any big decisions when it comes to love, at least not until the 22nd, when Mercury turns direct.

Up until then, you may find that other people’s behaviour is confusing or mysterious. If anything, it’s wise not to read too much into another person’s actions and not believe everything you hear or read.

The other possibility this month is that you might need to give a lot of your time and energy to another person, perhaps someone close or a business partnership. 

Money & Family

Money matters take centre stage this month. The planet of relating, Venus, is in Cancer and your joint finance sector from the 2nd to the 27th. And, on the day of the Solstice, the 21st, the Sun moves into Cancer highlighting shared resources.

Plus, your ruling plant Jupiter links in to these key planets and Jupiter’s in Pisces and your home and family sector. Put all this together and you may receive an inheritance or be taking out a loan or mortgage.

Some of you may win big this month as large amounts of money through your hands. The most fortuitous dates are the 1st & 3rd, the 23rd & 28th. Jupiter turns retrograde on the 20th, indicating that the period around the Solstice could be positive for you.

One date to avoid for financial transactions is the 5th, when it would be easy to get into an argument or a power game over money.

Money is the theme of the Full Moon on the 24th cutting across the financial axis of your horoscope. This is a strong time to make an important decision that links your home and family, your finances, possessions and assets. Mercury is direct by the time the Full Moon is at its peak.

A Leo Adventure

Finally, you may have your eye on distant horizons from the 11th onwards. This is the date when action planet Mars leaps into fire sign Leo bringing adventure and excitement your way. Mars remains here until the end of July.

You might want to see the world or save the world with this planetary combination. You may be planning a new adventure or be thinking about taking a sabbatical to study and learn something new.

This can be a soul-searching time, as you need something to believe in, when key planets are in this sector of your horoscope.

The planet of relating, Venus, joins Mars in Leo on the 27th. Love could be another reason why you’re ready to expand your world.

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